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O, lawdy, seems you don't got good radar when it comes to pickin' 'em," Elvira muttered.
"No, her radar is beyond not good. Her radar is also not malfunctioning. It's straight out broke," Martha agreed and I was wondering if perhaps Elvira and Martha were not such a good match. Denver was relatively peaceful. I'd never heard of riots or sieges or militant hostile takeovers of land and I was foreseeing this if these two got together and rallied the female population of the Denver Metropolitan Area as a protest to shelter all women against dickhead assholes. ~ Kristen Ashley
Pickin quotes by Kristen Ashley
I want to say to all you Scribes, Pharisees, heresy hunters, all of you that are going around pickin' little bits of doctrinal error out of everybody's eyes and dividin' the Body of Christ ... get out of God's way, stop blockin' God's bridges, or God's goin' to shoot you if I don't ... let Him sort out all this doctrinal doodoo! ... I refuse to argue any longer with any of you out there! Don't even call me if you want to argue ... Get out of my life! I don't want to talk to you ... I don't want to see your ugly face! ~ Paul Crouch
Pickin quotes by Paul Crouch
So, I was thinkin' of pickin' up a job as a male stripper . It would be a way to meet women and earn money. Thoughts?" That should refocus his brother if no other way but him pausing to consider it. Quinn had undiagnosed ADHD, Chance was sure of it, and on occasion you had to refocus him. The same worked when Quinn went off on a tangent, you had to flash something bright to get him off the tangent, and in this case, the shiny was Chance becoming a stripper. ~ Alex Morgan
Pickin quotes by Alex Morgan
If on'y they didn' tell me I got to get off, why, I'd prob'y be in California right now a-eatin' grapes an a-pickin' an orange when I wanted. But them sons-a-bitches says I got to get off-an', Jesus Christ, a man can't, when he's tol' to! ~ John Steinbeck
Pickin quotes by John Steinbeck
I was so glad to get out of the cotton patch and stop pickin' cotton, I wouldn't of cared who come by and said, 'I'll take you to Chicago.' ~ Koko Taylor
Pickin quotes by Koko Taylor
Oops! We thought he had a gun!' So you shot me in the back three times 'cause you thought I had a gun? I was gonna sue, but they said they was gonna kill me. I was 18 years old, I didn't have nobody, I didn't have all this. They kept pickin' me up, kept lockin' my ass up, beating me, until I dropped the lawsuit. When I dropped the lawsuit, that's when everything stopped. That's what the fuck happened to me. I was terrorized by some terrorists. ~ Jeff Smith
Pickin quotes by Jeff Smith
I opened my mouth, mad enough to spit, and said loudly, "I don't eat iceberg lettuce!" Really? I asked myself. That's what you're going to throw down with? "I don't care what you eat, just don't be pickin' in there! ~ Piper Kerman
Pickin quotes by Piper Kerman
Every little boy wanna pick up the mic,
And try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype.
But that's like pickin up a ball, playin with Mike,
Swingin at Ken Griffey or challengin' Roy to a fight. ~ LL Cool J
Pickin quotes by LL Cool J
Well I thought my pickin' would set them on fire, but nobody wanted to hire a guitar man. ~ Jerry Reed
Pickin quotes by Jerry Reed
It's like me, I wouldn' take the good ol' gospel that was just layin' there to my hand. I got to be pickin' at it until I got it all tore down. ~ John Steinbeck
Pickin quotes by John Steinbeck
A lotta good things about you, honey. One of them is that Ethan's pickin' up your vocabulary. Swear to Christ, before Conner took him to school today, he said he was vexed about something and if I got it right, he used it right seein' as he was annoyed. ~ Kristen Ashley
Pickin quotes by Kristen Ashley
Rosasharn, you're jest one person, an' they's a lot of other folks. You git to your proper place. I knowed people built theirself up with sin till they figgered they was big mean shucks in the sight a the Lord.
But, Ma
No. Jes' shut up an' git to work. You ain't big enough or mean enough to worry God much. An' I'm gonna give you the back a my han' if you don' stop this pickin' at yourself. ~ John Steinbeck
Pickin quotes by John Steinbeck
I'll hire blacks as long as they can do the cotton-pickin' job. ~ Evan Mecham
Pickin quotes by Evan Mecham
All I'm focusing on is pickin' 'em up and layin' 'em down. ~ Stephen King
Pickin quotes by Stephen King
I developed my style by pickin' a lot of cotton, plowin' that ole mule every day. I just got the rhythm, and any rhythm I need I know where it is; I know where to find it. ~ John Hunter
Pickin quotes by John Hunter
I like playing on this team. We actually been doin' real good. Got a different mix here. Most important thing is you gotta keep pickin' up in paces. That's why we're playing contentious play. We got top names, guys can still hit in the majors, guys been out of the game hittin' the ball, shockin' it. Don't have no old, old guys. Not sayin' they don't get a good job done. Fact is, they've been vice versa. So that's incentive right there. It's been a plus. ~ Mickey Rivers
Pickin quotes by Mickey Rivers
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