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#1. We offered her flowers and signalled to her with our penises, but she did not respond with joy.'
'The men with the extra skins didn't look happy. They looked angry.'
'We went towards them to greet them, but they ran away.'
Snowman can imagine. The sight of these preternaturally calm, well-muscled men advancing en masse, singing their unusual music, green eyes glowing, blue penises waving in unison, both hands outstretched like extras in a zombie film, would have to have been alarming. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Phoques En quotes by Margaret Atwood
#2. The problem with religion, because it's been sheltered from criticism, is that it allows people to believe en masse what only idiots or lunatics could believe in isolation. - Author: Sam Harris
Phoques En quotes by Sam Harris
#3. ¡No metáis en la cabeza lo que os quepa en el bolsillo! ¡No metáis en el bolsillo lo que os quepa en la cabeza!"

"No ye may thrust your head in what I fit in your pocket! No ye may thrust in his pocket that you fit on the head!"

"Cebinize sığanı kafanıza sokmayın! Kafanıza sığanı cebinize tıkmayın! - Author: Miguel De Unamuno
Phoques En quotes by Miguel De Unamuno
#4. The gods were bored and so they created man. Adam was bored because he was alone, so Eve was created. Thus boredom entered the world, and increased in proportion to the increase in population. Adam was bored alone, then Adam and Eve were bored together; them Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel were bored en famille; then the population of the world increased, and the people were bored en masse. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
Phoques En quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#5. Tell me something from Spanish literature," Schiele said.
"I'll give you a line from my favorite novel. 'Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el dia en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a si mismos una y otra vez.'"
("Humans are not born forever on the day their mothers have them; life necessitates giving birth to themselves over and over again.") - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Phoques En quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#6. New York, forever the port of em- and de-barkation en route to Adventure. - Author: Cornelia Parker
Phoques En quotes by Cornelia Parker
#7. The narration, in fact, doubles the drama with a commentary without which no mise en scene would be possible. - Author: Jacques Lacan
Phoques En quotes by Jacques Lacan
#8. No surprise that, as companies have adopted social media en masse, demand for software and applications to manage and monitor social use has exploded. - Author: Ryan Holmes
Phoques En quotes by Ryan Holmes
#9. Those only are happy (I thought) who have their minds fixed on some object other than their own happiness; on the happiness of others, on the improvement of mankind, even on some art or pursuit, followed not as a means, but as itself an ideal end. Aiming thus at something else, they find happiness by the way. The enjoyments of life (such was now my theory) are sufficient to make it a pleasant thing, when they are taken en passant, without being made a principal object. Once make them so, and they are immediately felt to be insufficient. They will not bear a scrutinizing examination. Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so. The only chance is to treat, not happiness, but some end external to it, as the purpose of life. Let your self-consciousness, your scrutiny, your self-interrogation, exhaust themselves on that; and if otherwise fortunately circumstanced you will inhale happiness with the air you breathe, without dwelling on it or thinking about it, without either forestalling it in imagination, or putting it to flight by fatal questioning. - Author: John Stuart Mill
Phoques En quotes by John Stuart Mill
#10. Recuerdo que algún día yo le hablé de mi río
y una como tormenta se agitó en sus estrañas.
No sé si fue mi pecho que tembló de recuerdo
o si fueron mis ojos que asomaron nostalgias."

"I remember a day when I spoke of my river
and something like a storm stirred in his being.
Was it my breast that trembled with the memory
Was it nostalgia that showed through my eyes - Author: Julia De Burgos
Phoques En quotes by Julia De Burgos
#11. When love has left us in the lurch and nothing ever strikes a chord anymore, we may come to realize a vacuum of the lost vibrations of happiness and an absence of the ethereal and exalting feel of harmony that we only become aware of, after time passes by and everything has expired. ("Amour en friche") - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Phoques En quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#12. En voiture, Monsieur,' said the Wagon Lit conductor. - Author: Agatha Christie
Phoques En quotes by Agatha Christie
#13. If I Am murdered en route it will have been well worth while! - Author: Dervla Murphy
Phoques En quotes by Dervla Murphy
#14. We don't need a law against McDonald's or a law against slaughterhouse abuse
we ask for too much salvation by legislation. All we need to do is empower individuals with the right philosophy and the right information to opt out en masse. - Author: Joel Salatin
Phoques En quotes by Joel Salatin
#15. The landscape is a reflection of the inner life. Since I can't shoot the inner life, all I can shoot is the exterior but I know that when I'm filming outside, I'm filming inside. I can only really touch the inside through the mise-en-scene. So through the mise-en-scene of the outside we can explore the inside - Author: Bruno Dumont
Phoques En quotes by Bruno Dumont
#16. Por que en las epocas oscuras
se escribe con tinta invisible?
Why in the darkest ages
do they write with invisible ink? - Author: Pablo Neruda
Phoques En quotes by Pablo Neruda
#17. Without lies, humanity would perish of despair and boredom - Author: Anatole France
Phoques En quotes by Anatole France
#18. I'm Popeye the sailor man dum dum I live in a cara-van dum dum I op-en the door And fall-on the floor I'm Popeye the sailor man dum dum - Author: Arundhati Roy
Phoques En quotes by Arundhati Roy
#19. There followed three years in which I became a semi-respectable commuter, rising with everybody else and frequently being stranded on a Central Line train with revolting strangers due to signalling problems. It was difficult because doing anything en masse just goes against my nature. - Author: James Maker
Phoques En quotes by James Maker
#20. For over a decade,
She stood there once a while,
Gazing at the Infinite sea,
On-call to engulf whoever jumps,
And then, a day,
She dived into it,
With fragmented emotions,
And worn-out soul,
To a novel desire,
To an unseasoned growth,
En route a superior essence. - Author: Irfa Rahat
Phoques En quotes by Irfa Rahat
#21. Buchner proposed that fermentation was carried out by biological catalysts that he named enzymes (from the Greek en zyme, meaning in yeast). He concluded that living cells are chemical factories, in which enzymes manufacture the various products. - Author: Nick Lane
Phoques En quotes by Nick Lane
#22. People en masse have always been wonderful to me. I truly have a great love for an audience ... I want to give them two hours of just pow. - Author: Judy Garland
Phoques En quotes by Judy Garland
#23. One's-Self I Sing
One's-self I sing, a simple separate person,
Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse.
Of physiology from top to toe I sing,
Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the Muse, I say
the Form complete is worthier far,
The Female equally with the Male I sing.
Of Life immense in passion, pulse, and power,
Cheerful, for freest action form'd under the laws divine,
The Modern Man I sing. - Author: Walt Whitman
Phoques En quotes by Walt Whitman
#24. Oh yes, technique has definitely advanced. But you never advance without losing something en passant, and you lose it because you're paying so much attention to the new thing. - Author: Ninette De Valois
Phoques En quotes by Ninette De Valois
#25. Your name is Do Kyungsoo. You have short-term memory loss, antesomething amnesia, so you won't remember what happened last night. But let me help you out.

Last night I put my head on this pillow and my arms around your waist. My name's Kim Jongin. I call you hyung. Yesterday you loved me. Today you'll love me again.

This is where you undressed me.

This is where I undressed you.

And here I pushed you up against the wall and kissed you really hard (approximately, it was kind of dark) and we thought we should have sex.

Here you sat, dangling your legs. I put my palm on your kneecap and you bent forward and kissed me first.

We talked about ballet. You hummed a tune and my fingers did an arabresque here, grand jeté onto the floor, fouetté en tourant and then sissonne on the back of your hand. Pas de valse fast up your arm and you smiled.

I leaned on this and read your green sticky notes while you went around cleaning up invisible messes. It came to me that all the green looks like grass, and grass is boring without daisies. So I hope you like yellow?

And here's Kim Jongin. Say hello to me? - Author: Changdictator
Phoques En quotes by Changdictator
#26. Vivo sin vivir en mí... muero porque no muero. (I live without really being alive... I die because I am not dying.) - Author: Teresa Of Avila
Phoques En quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#27. I remember seeing a photograph of myself en pointe with my hand over my head and the other hand turned in under my breast curtseying. I took dance lessons at Miss Debbie's Dance Studio, and she put this picture of me in the storefront window. I was so unbelievably humiliated by the sight of myself. - Author: Lisa Yuskavage
Phoques En quotes by Lisa Yuskavage
#28. Eres es la explosión de rosas en un cuarto oscuro.
O el sabor inesperado y dulce en el té que tomamos en Starbucks
You are the moon that gives midnight its meaning.
And the explanation of water for all living things.
You are my compass,
A sapphire,
A bookmark,
A rare coin,
Un trompo,
Un canica,
De mi juventud.
Eres miel y canela
chocolate y jamoncillo.
You are rare spices
lost from a boat
That was once sailed by Cortez.
Eres un rosa, prensado en un libro
un anillo de perla de herencia
y un frasco de perfume rojo
que se encuentran cerca de las orillas del Nilo.

You are an old soul from an ancient place,
A thousand years and centuries and milleniums ago.
And you have traveld all this way…
Just so that I could love you…
I do. - Author: Jose N Harris
Phoques En quotes by Jose N Harris
#29. The killer feels invulnerable. In this, he is vulnerable. (Le tueur se croit invulnérable. - En cela, il est vulnérable) - Author: Charles De Leusse
Phoques En quotes by Charles De Leusse
#30. I am not a fool. I a[] wise. I will run from my fear, I w[]ll out distance my f[ ]r, then I will hide fr[ ] my fear, I w[]ll wait f[]r my fear, I will let m[] fear run past me[] then I will follow my fear, I will track [ ] fear until I c[]n approach m[ ]ear in complete silence[] th[]n I will strike at m[] fear, I will charge my fe[ ], I will grab h[]ld of my fear, I will sink my f[]ngers into my [ ]ar, t[]en I will bite my fear, I w[]ll tear the thro[]t of my fear, I will bre[]k the neck of my fear, I wi[ ] drink the blood of my fear, I [ ]ll gulp the flesh o[ ]my fear[]I will crush th[] bones of my f[]ar[ ]and I will savor m[] fear, I will sw[]llow my fear, all []f it, and then I will digest []y fear unt[]l I can do not[]ing else but shit out my fear. In this w[]y will I be mad[] stronger[ ] - Author: Mark Z. Danielewski
Phoques En quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#31. Of all the species on this planet, of which there are many (hundreds of thousands counting insects and microorganisms alone), Homo Sapiens - the so-called "wise ape" - is the only one that bothers to cover its ass. It is also the only species that purposefully poisons its environment and murders its own kind en masse. Meditate on that one for moment. - Author: Arthur Graham
Phoques En quotes by Arthur Graham
#32. Sometimes parties of men went spud-gathering in no-man's-land. About a mile to the right of us, where the lines were closer together, there was a patch of potatoes that was frequented both by the Fascists and ourselves. We went there in the daytime, they only at night, as it was commanded by our machine-guns. One night to our annoyance they turned out en masse and cleared up the whole patch. We discovered another patch further on, where there was practically no cover and you had to lift the potatoes lying on your belly - a fatiguing job. If their machine-gunners spotted you, you had to flatten yourself out like a rat when it squirms under a door, with the bullets cutting up the clods a few yards behind you. It seemed worth it at the time. Potatoes were getting very scarce. If you got a sackful you could take them down to the cook-house and swap them for a water-bottleful of coffee. And - Author: George Orwell
Phoques En quotes by George Orwell

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