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By now I have come to feel that the fact of being a 'child', of being wholly
subservient and dependent, of being seen by older people as a mixture of expensive nuisance, slave and super-pet, does most young people more harm than good ~ John Holt
Pet Memorials quotes by John Holt
When Rin Tin Tin first became famous, most dogs in the world would not sit down when asked. Dogs performed duties: they herded sheep, they barked at strangers, they did what dogs do naturally, and people learned to interpret and make use of how they behaved. The idea of a dog's being obedient for the sake of good manners was unheard of. When dogs lived outside, as they usually did on farms and ranches, the etiquette required of them was minimal. But by the 1930s, Americans were leaving farms and moving into urban and suburban areas, bringing dogs along as pets and sharing living quarters with them. At the time, the principles of behavior were still mostly a mystery -- Ivan Pavlov's explication of conditional reflexes, on which much training is based, wasn't even published in an English translation until 1927. If dogs needed to be taught how to behave, people had to be trained to train their dogs. The idea that an ordinary person -- not a dog professional -- could train his own pet was a new idea, which is partly why Rin Tin Tin's performances in movies and onstage were looked upon as extraordinary. ~ Susan Orlean
Pet Memorials quotes by Susan Orlean
Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street. ~ Jordan B. Peterson
Pet Memorials quotes by Jordan B. Peterson
Though I knew I had the potential to do this locked in me like a poisonous pet snake, I knew I didn't have the part of a person you must have to turn that potential kinetic, to be the kind of person who can let their awful plow. ~ Catherine Lacey
Pet Memorials quotes by Catherine Lacey
I'm a fan of the old 'Creature Features' like 'Critters,' and 'Gremlins' and 'Tremors.' 'Jaws' is classic. It's funny that I still like those films because I remember my mom would tease me about getting a pet Critter to keep under my bed. ~ Brooke Nevin
Pet Memorials quotes by Brooke Nevin
In the West today public places are no longer named after military victories. Our war memorials depict not proud commanders on horseback but weeping mothers, weary soldiers, or exhaustive lists of names of the dead. ~ Steven Pinker
Pet Memorials quotes by Steven Pinker
Don't look at his groin. Don't look at his groin. Don't mention that he doesn't have a vagina, so 'we' is bullshit. This is not the time to mention your pet peeve about expectant fathers talking how 'we' are having a baby. Don't. Don't. ~ MaryJanice Davidson
Pet Memorials quotes by MaryJanice Davidson
I think all kids understand from a very tender age that dinosaurs were real. They really walked around. That instantly sets them apart from monsters. And it instantly makes them safe. Because you can love 'em, and they're never going to bite you. They're not like a dog. They're safer than a pet, in a weird way. ~ Stephen R. Bissette
Pet Memorials quotes by Stephen R. Bissette
I don't even have a dog. I tell people I'm allergic so they won't think less of me. Instead I have a cat, the pet that ranks just above a throw pillow in terms of responsibility required. ~ Anna Quindlen
Pet Memorials quotes by Anna Quindlen
I honestly think that the perfect love we search for throughout our lives has always existed, and shines like a star, in the face of man's best friend, your dog. ~ Maria Bradley
Pet Memorials quotes by Maria Bradley
So you're telling me that right now I'm responsible for Acheron's beloved pet and the favorite sister of the Fates? (Zarek)
Tell Fang-boy I'm not a pet. If he doesn't take a nicer tone to me, he's going to be really sorry. (Simi) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Pet Memorials quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
A pact must be kept and a secret must never be revealed ...
Pact of witches ~ Pet Torres
Pet Memorials quotes by Pet Torres
Your life is beautiful.

I see nothing especially lovely about it. [He looks at his watch] Excuse me, I must go at once, and begin writing again. I am in a hurry. [He laughs] You have stepped on my pet corn, as they say, and I am getting excited, and a little cross. Let us discuss this bright and beautiful life of mine, though. [After a few moments' thought] Violent obsessions sometimes lay hold of a man: he may, for instance, think day and night of nothing but the moon. I have such a moon. Day and night I am held in the grip of one besetting thought, to write, write, write! Hardly have I finished one book than something urges me to write another, and then a third, and then a fourth--I write ceaselessly. I am, as it were, on a treadmill. I hurry for ever from one story to another, and can't help myself. Do you see anything bright and beautiful in that? Oh, it is a wild life! Even now, thrilled as I am by talking to you, I do not forget for an instant that an unfinished story is awaiting me. My eye falls on that cloud there, which has the shape of a grand piano; I instantly make a mental note that I must remember to mention in my story a cloud floating by that looked like a grand piano. I smell heliotrope; I mutter to myself: a sickly smell, the colour worn by widows; I must remember that in writing my next description of a summer evening. I catch an idea in every sentence of yours or of my own, and hasten to lock all these treasures in my lit ~ Anton Chekhov
Pet Memorials quotes by Anton Chekhov
She liked anything orange: leaves; some moons; marigolds; chrysanthemums; cheese; pumpkin, both in pie and out; orange juice; marmalade. Orange is bright and demanding. You can't ignore orange things. She once saw an orange parrot in the pet store and had never wanted anything so much in her life. She would have named it Halloween and fed it butterscotch. Her mother said butterscotch would make a bird sick and, besides, the dog would certainly eat it up. September never spoke to the dog again - on principle. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Pet Memorials quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Vola: So which is it? You going back for your home or for your pet?
Peter: They're the same thing. ~ Sara Pennypacker
Pet Memorials quotes by Sara Pennypacker
Be the person your pet rat thinks you are! ~ Diana Hockley
Pet Memorials quotes by Diana Hockley
The creation of man is evidence for the love of God, the preservation of man is evidence for the patience of God, and Christ is evidence for the forgiveness of God. It is when we are wrapped up in our own little peeves that we begin to displace His benevolence with malevolence. ~ Criss Jami
Pet Memorials quotes by Criss Jami
It would take 2,000 Vietnam Memorials to list the [Twentieth] century's war dead. ~ Kim Stanley Robinson
Pet Memorials quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
It may be a cat, a bird, a ferret, or a guinea pig, but the chances are high that when someone close to you dies, a pet will be there to pick up the slack. Pets devour the loneliness. They give us purpose, responsibility, a reason for getting up in the morning, and a reason to look to the future. They ground us, help us escape the grief, make us laugh, and take full advantage of our weakness by exploiting our furniture, our beds, and our refrigerator. We wouldn't have it any other way. Pets are our seat belts on the emotional roller coaster of life
they can be trusted, they keep us safe, and they sure do smooth out the ride. ~ Nick Trout
Pet Memorials quotes by Nick Trout
Government restrictions are attractive to people who want to impose their pet notions without having to count the costs. ~ Thomas Sowell
Pet Memorials quotes by Thomas Sowell
Truth, not a pet, is man's best friend. ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer
Pet Memorials quotes by J. Robert Oppenheimer
When a man touches a woman's body, he is not just touching her body. It goes MUCH DEEPER than that for a woman. He is touching parts of her soul-parts as diverse as how she feels about being a grandmother some day, to what is her favorite ice cream, to how much she loves her pet, and to her opinion of how the current President is governing. The man wants a sexual encounter and love is far from his mind; she desires permanence, commitment, safety, and security. ~ Jim Anderson
Pet Memorials quotes by Jim Anderson
I needed to make myself sure that many people in this world suffer because of their own diseases and possibly they have some force to follow in front with their dreams, their desires, and their strong wills to get to triumph on their infirmities someday."

Accidentally Angels 2 - Pet TorreS ~ Pet Torres
Pet Memorials quotes by Pet Torres
A home without a cat - and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat - may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title? ~ Mark Twain
Pet Memorials quotes by Mark Twain
The pet food recall, which was after all just about pets, and treated as if it were an inconsequential matter, was an absolute forerunner of what's going on in China, where 50,000 infants have been sickened because of a contaminated infant formula. So these things are all closely related. You cannot separate the food supply for pets, farm animals, and people, and you cannot separate problems in one area of a country from problems in another area. ~ Marion Nestle
Pet Memorials quotes by Marion Nestle
We were impelled to remain loyal for a while to the memory of Penny. It was a form of the old fashioned custom of going into mourning. It is not a question of going around with a long face. It is just a question of having a pause between the old and the new. No haste to find a substitute for the one who has given you love for years. Wait, and let fate provide the answer. ~ Derek Tangye
Pet Memorials quotes by Derek Tangye
I like animals because they are not consciously cruel and don't betray each other. ~ Taylor Caldwell
Pet Memorials quotes by Taylor Caldwell
I do have the most adorable little Chihuahua mix. I adopted him about 3 1/2 years ago from Much Love pet adoption, and he has been the love of my life ever since. His name is Beau, or as my sister and I like to call him ' mushy mush' because he truly is just a pile of loving mush that just melts in your arms. ~ Torrey DeVitto
Pet Memorials quotes by Torrey DeVitto
If the baser instinct of rampant self-preservation adamantly refuses to surrender itself to the infinitely greater call of self-sacrifice, in attempting to save our lives we will have in reality completely destroyed our lives. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Pet Memorials quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Why would you want to do anything else but rescue a pet? ~ Paul Shaffer
Pet Memorials quotes by Paul Shaffer
A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character. ~ Federico Tesio
Pet Memorials quotes by Federico Tesio
One of my pet peeves about biblical epics was that the characters' costumes always looked like they're just out of the dry cleaners. ~ Roma Downey
Pet Memorials quotes by Roma Downey
Then a homeless man with a dog approached us and put his hand out. This happens to be something that I have a real problem with: homeless people with pets who approach you for food when they have a perfectly delicious dog standing right there? ~ Chelsea Handler
Pet Memorials quotes by Chelsea Handler
It's fundamental that what we do only exists in our own universe. When you like Pet Shop Boys, you are in our world. ~ Neil Tennant
Pet Memorials quotes by Neil Tennant
One day" she told them, "when you have retired, you will go to live with a family who will love you for your beauty and nothing more, and if you're very lucky there will be children, and the children will pet you and pet you and pet you. Ossin has a list, I think, of such children; he sends his hunting-staff out during the months they are not needed for that work, to look for them, and add names to the list." The fleethounds stared back at her with their enormous dark liquid eyes, and believed every word. ~ Robin McKinley
Pet Memorials quotes by Robin McKinley
Knowledge can do that to a person, Pet replied. I've seen it with you humans. The unseen can tear your eyes open when it comes into sight, and sometimes the mind behind that tears as well." -Pet ~ Akwaeke Emezi
Pet Memorials quotes by Akwaeke Emezi
My math is so fuzzy you should pet it. Four minus two isn't two, because between two and four minus two is an infinite number of numbers. ~ Jarod Kintz
Pet Memorials quotes by Jarod Kintz
Since the law prohibits the keeping of wild animals and I get no enjoyment from pets, I prefer to remain unmarried. ~ Karl Kraus
Pet Memorials quotes by Karl Kraus
My cat stood still like a furry statue. I wanted to go pet it, but I ended up petting a painting instead. Ah, but that's life, no? ~ Jarod Kintz
Pet Memorials quotes by Jarod Kintz
When you buy a pet-store puppy, you know nothing about the health or temperament of the parents. You have no connection to the breeder of the dog, no resource to go to if you have questions or problems a few months or years from now. But perhaps most important, when you buy a pet-store puppy, you contribute to the demand for puppy-mill-bred puppies, and add to the cycle of misery of mill-owned breeding dogs. ~ Denise Flaim
Pet Memorials quotes by Denise Flaim
I made myself a snowball As perfect as can be. I thought I'd keep it as a pet, And let it sleep with me. I made it some pajamas And a pillow for it's head. Then last night it ran away, But first - It wet the bed. ~ Shel Silverstein
Pet Memorials quotes by Shel Silverstein
Curt, my husband, is a writer, and he'll never write again. That's our funeral, as they say down south. Now in your case, my pet, you're married to a phenomenon of our own special epoch, a man who couldn't in a thousand years be a writer in the only meaning of the term, but who can and probably will write a book. ~ James Purdy
Pet Memorials quotes by James Purdy
I hate when people say that they have something to tell you and they don't just say it. ~ Jenny Han
Pet Memorials quotes by Jenny Han
Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life. ~ James Cromwell
Pet Memorials quotes by James Cromwell
To this day I don't ever remember seeing a pet inside Moscow, I never saw anyone carrying a dog, or leading a dog. Err I finally saw a, a pet some years later in Kiev, so I thought that life must have been, different. ~ Ralph Boston
Pet Memorials quotes by Ralph Boston
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