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#1. The first encounter was when the Vikings came across 10 Indians taking naps under their overturned canoes - and the Vikings killed them. That did not set up a very good mutual relationship. - Author: Russell Freedman
Pequot Indians quotes by Russell Freedman
#2. When it comes to English stand-up comedy, Indians have only seen the best - Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby and the like. So, when someone claims to be an English stand-up comedian in India, he'd better be very good if he's going to make a life of it. - Author: Vir Das
Pequot Indians quotes by Vir Das
#3. Now, of course, the great thing about the solar system as a frontier is that there are no Indians, so you can have all the glory of the myth of the American westward expansion without any of the guilt. - Author: Sarah Zettel
Pequot Indians quotes by Sarah Zettel
#4. In addition to the dread of Indians, Texas held out no inducements for Mexican emigrants. - Author: William H. Wharton
Pequot Indians quotes by William H. Wharton
#5. As we were coming up again, we met with some Indians of strange aspects, that is, of a larger size, and other sort of features, than those of our country. Our Indian slaves, that rowed us, asked them some questions, but they could not understand us, but showed us a long cotton string, with several knots on it, and told us, they had been coming from the mountains so many moons as there were knots. - Author: Aphra Behn
Pequot Indians quotes by Aphra Behn
#6. Exchanging Hats

Unfunny uncles who insist
in trying on a lady's hat,
--oh, even if the joke falls flat,
we share your slight transvestite twist

in spite of our embarrassment.
Costume and custom are complex.
The headgear of the other sex
inspires us to experiment.

Anandrous aunts, who, at the beach
with paper plates upon your laps,
keep putting on the yachtsmen's caps
with exhibitionistic screech,

the visors hanging o'er the ear
so that the golden anchors drag,
--the tides of fashion never lag.
Such caps may not be worn next year.

Or you who don the paper plate
itself, and put some grapes upon it,
or sport the Indian's feather bonnet,
--perversities may aggravate

the natural madness of the hatter.
And if the opera hats collapse
and crowns grow draughty, then, perhaps,
he thinks what might a miter matter?

Unfunny uncle, you who wore a
hat too big, or one too many,
tell us, can't you, are there any
stars inside your black fedora?

Aunt exemplary and slim,
with avernal eyes, we wonder
what slow changes they see under
their vast, shady, turned-down brim. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
Pequot Indians quotes by Elizabeth Bishop
#7. Throughout history, every great warrior-the Greeks, the Samurais, the American Indians, the Mongolians, you name it-had long hair and would dress it before battle. - Author: Troy Polamalu
Pequot Indians quotes by Troy Polamalu
#8. We had a notion to get out and join the sixty soldiers, but upon reflecting that there were four hundred of the Indians, we concluded to go on and join the Indians. - Author: Mark Twain
Pequot Indians quotes by Mark Twain
#9. When my friends and I played cowboys and Indians, I was always the Chinese railroad worker. - Author: Robin Williams
Pequot Indians quotes by Robin Williams
#10. And when the relics of humanity left among the Spaniards induced them to forbid their lawyers to set foot in America, what must they have thought of jurisprudence? May it not be said that they thought, by this single expedient, to make reparation for all the outrages they had committed against the unhappy Indians? - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Pequot Indians quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#11. We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. - Author: Albert Einstein
Pequot Indians quotes by Albert Einstein
#12. Back in the buffalo days, the Cheyenne prophet Sweet Medicine had seen a vision of men with hair on their faces who would come bringing a white sand that was poison to Indians. The prophecy had come true, the white sand was sugar, and Adeline blamed the white man for poisoning her right up to two hundred pounds. - Author: Christopher Moore
Pequot Indians quotes by Christopher Moore
#13. Great numbers of the Indians pass our camp on their hunting excursions: the day was clear and pleasant, but last night was very cold and there was a white frost. - Author: Meriwether Lewis
Pequot Indians quotes by Meriwether Lewis
#14. Among the languages of American Indians there is no word for 'art,' because for Indians everything is art. - Author: Huston Smith
Pequot Indians quotes by Huston Smith
#15. At least half the country thinks the mascot issue is insignificant. But I think it's indicative of the ways in which Indians have no cultural power. We're still placed in the past. So we're either in the past or we're only viewed through casinos. I know a lot more about being white than you know about being Indian. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Pequot Indians quotes by Sherman Alexie
#16. The trouble is Indians aren't used to being prosperous. We are more comfortable dealing with poverty- after all, poverty has been the staple here, and has been for many centuries. - Author: Shobhaa De
Pequot Indians quotes by Shobhaa De
#17. Peace and beauty? You think Indians are so worried about peace and beauty? ... If Wovoka came back to life, he'd be so pissed off. If the real Pocahontas came back, you think she'd be happy about being a cartoon? If Crazy Horse, or Geronimo, or Sitting Bull came back, they'd see what you white people have done to Indians, and they'd start a war. They'd see the homeless Indians staggering around downtown. They'd see fetal-alcohol-syndrome babies. They'd see the sorry-ass reservations. They'd learn about Indian suicides and infant mortality rates. They'd listen to some dumb-ass Disney song and feel like hurting somebody. They'd read books by assholes like Wilson, and they would start killing themselves some white people, and then kill some asshole Indians too.

Dr. Mather, if the Ghost Dance worked, there would be no exceptions. All you white people would disappear. All of you. If those dead Indians came back to life ,they wouldn't crawl into a sweathouse with you. They wouldn't smoke the pipe with you. They wouldn't go to the movies and munch popcorn with you. They'd kill you. They'd gut you and eat your heart. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Pequot Indians quotes by Sherman Alexie
#18. Do not the figures make it clear that not the English, but the Indians, have enslaved themselves?' One - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Pequot Indians quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#19. Again, if there are really no fairies, why do people believe in them, all over the world? The ancient Greeks believed, so did the old Egyptians, and the Hindoos, and the Red Indians, and is it likely, if there are no fairies, that so many different peoples would have seen and heard them? - Author: Andrew Lang
Pequot Indians quotes by Andrew Lang
#20. The pilgrims were kicked out of England, quarreled with the Dutch, alienated the Indians, and had an evil reputation among the turkeys. - Author: Dave Beard
Pequot Indians quotes by Dave Beard
#21. Good storytelling is one thing rural whites and Indians have in common. But native Americans have learned through harsh necessity that people who survive encroachment by another culture need story to survive. And a storytelling tradition is something Plains people share with both ancient and contemporary monks; we learn our ways of being and reinforce our values by telling tales about each other. - Author: Kathleen Norris
Pequot Indians quotes by Kathleen Norris
#22. These Indians are fierce, they wear feathers and grunt. Most of us dont fit this idealized figure since we grunt only when overeating - Author: Vine Deloria Jr.
Pequot Indians quotes by Vine Deloria Jr.
#23. The white people should go back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States. - Author: Bobby Fischer
Pequot Indians quotes by Bobby Fischer
#24. Fate determines your caste. You must accept it and live according to the rules."
You can't really believe that!"
I do believe it. That man's misfortune is that he cannot accept his caste, his fate."
I know that the Indians wear their caste as a mark upon their foreheads for all to see. I know that in England, we have our own unacknowledged caste system. A laborer will never hold a seat in Parliament. Neither will a woman. I don't think I've ever questioned such things until this moment.
But what about will and desire? What if someone wants to change things."
Kartik keeps his eyes on the room "You cannot change your caste. You cannot go against fate."
That means there is no hope of a better life. It is a trap."
That is how you see it," he says softly.
What do you mean?"
It can be a relief to follow the path that has been laid oud for you, to know your course and play your part in it."
But how can you be sure that you are following the right course? What if there is no such thing as destiny, only choice?"
Then I do not choose to live without destiny," he says with a slight smile. - Author: Libba Bray
Pequot Indians quotes by Libba Bray
#25. In the John Wayne movies, the Indians were savages that were trying to scalp you. That culture has really suffered because of the stereotype you see in those westerns. - Author: Ricky Schroder
Pequot Indians quotes by Ricky Schroder
#26. I want a big 25-foot pink statue that holds my grave. Or I also might like the way the Indians did it. They hang you up on the top of a tree and the birds eat you. No, really I would probably choose cremating. - Author: Jack Nicholson
Pequot Indians quotes by Jack Nicholson
#27. You'd never know it from reading the rest of the Native writers, but Indians actually grew up with American pop culture. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Pequot Indians quotes by Sherman Alexie
#28. They want the Indians eliminated, and the lands opened up to white settlers, but they don't want anybody to get hurt in the process. That just ain't possible. - Author: Michael Crichton
Pequot Indians quotes by Michael Crichton
#29. It comes as a great shock ... to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance ... has not pledged allegiance to you. It comes as a great shock to see Gary Cooper killing off the Indians, and although you are rooting for Gary Cooper, that the Indians are you. - Author: James Baldwin
Pequot Indians quotes by James Baldwin
#30. All that remains of the garden city in our own day are traffic-free enclaves, islands in a sea of traffic where the pedestrian leads a legally protected by languishing existence, comparable to that of the North American Indians on their reservations ... In reality the modern urbanist regards the city as a gigantic centre of production, geared to the efficient transport of workers and goods, to the accommodation of people and the storage of wares, to industrial and commercial activity. The rest, that is to say creativity, life, is optional and comes under the heading of recreation and leisure activities. - Author: Tom McDonough
Pequot Indians quotes by Tom McDonough
#31. An hour later, Amina stood at a pay phone in a mall hallway, where poop and perfume and the grease from the food court formed the kind of atmosphere you might find in Jupiter's red spot - Author: Mira Jacob
Pequot Indians quotes by Mira Jacob
#32. I do not want that our loyalty as Indians should be in the slightest way affected by any competitive loyalty whether that loyalty arises out of our religion, out of our culture or out of our language.
I want all people to be Indians first, Indian last and nothing else but Indians. - Author: B.R. Ambedkar
Pequot Indians quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
#33. The sad truth is that, within the public sphere, within the collective consciousness of the general populace, most of the history of Indians in North America has been forgotten, and what we are left with is a series of historical artifacts and, more importantly, a series of entertainments. As a series of artifacts, Native history is somewhat akin to a fossil hunt in which we find a skull in Almo, Idaho, a thigh bone on the Montana plains, a tooth near the site of Powhatan's village in Virginia, and then, assuming that all the parts are from the same animal, we guess at the size and shape of the beast. As a series of entertainments, Native history is an imaginative cobbling together of fears and loathings, romances and reverences, facts and fantasies into a cycle of creative performances, in Technicolor and 3-D, with accompanying soft drinks, candy, and popcorn.
In the end, who really needs the whole of Native history when we can watch the movie? - Author: Thomas King
Pequot Indians quotes by Thomas King
#34. I was so tired of the parts I had to play. There seems little for me in Hollywood, because, rather than real Chinese, producers prefer Hungarians, Mexicans, American Indians for Chinese roles. - Author: Anna May Wong
Pequot Indians quotes by Anna May Wong
#35. The fact is, the primary way that Ottawa and Washington deal with Native people is to ignore us. They know that the court system favors the powerful and the wealthy and the influential, and that, if we buy into the notion of an impartial justice system, tribes and bands can be forced through a long, convoluted, and expensive process designed to wear us down and bankrupt our economies.
Be good. Play by our rules. Don't cause a disturbance. - Author: Thomas King
Pequot Indians quotes by Thomas King
#36. Hindu fundamentalism," because Hinduism is a religion without fundamentals: no organized church, no compulsory beliefs or rites of worship, no single sacred book. The name itself denotes something less, and more, than a set of theological beliefs. In many languages - French and Persian amongst them - the word for "Indian" is "Hindu." Originally "Hindu" simply meant the people beyond the river Sindhu, or Indus. But the Indus is now in Islamic Pakistan; and to make matters worse, the word "Hindu" did not exist in any Indian language till its use by foreigners gave Indians a term for self-definition. - Author: Shashi Tharoor
Pequot Indians quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#37. Both the Hopi and Zuni Indians, who have used the venom in purification rituals, assert that it effectively reduces the human soul to its rarest elements, stripping away all that is false, illusory, or fearful. - Author: Nicholas Christopher
Pequot Indians quotes by Nicholas Christopher

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