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I don't like taking physical risks at all. I take a lot of emotional risks, and I don't feel like I need to get on a bike or a horse or jump off of anything ever. ~ Jenny Slate
Pentolone Bike quotes by Jenny Slate
Someone once told me to always
live for the little things
in life.
Live for 5am sunrises and 5pm sunsets
where you'll see colours in the sky that
don't usually belong.
Live for road trips and bike rides
with music in your ears and
the wind in your hair.
Live for days when you're surrounded
by your favourite people who make you realise
that the world is not a
cold, harsh place.
Live for the little things because
they will make you realise that
this is what life is about,
this is what it means to be
alive. ~ A.Y.
Pentolone Bike quotes by A.Y.
Guess what?" Maggie said as soon as I walked into Celmentine's.
She clapped her hands. "I have a date to the prom!"
"Guess what?" I replied.
"I don't." Her mouth dropped open. "Oh, and," I added, "I bought a bike."
.... "Okay, let's just slow down." She held up her hands, palms facing me. "First things first. What do you mean, you don't have a date?"
"Just that," I said, sitting down at the desk. "Jason bailed on me."
I nodded.
"About twenty minutes ago."
"Oh, my God." She put her hand over her mouth: her expression was so horrified, like someone had died. "That's the worst thing ever."
"No," I said, swallowing. "It's actually not."
I shook my head. "The worst thing is that right afterward, I marched right into the bike shop and asked Eli to go with me, and he said no."
She threw up her other hand, clapping it over the one already covering her mouth. "Holy crap," she said, her voice muffled. "Where does the bike come in?"
"I don't know," I said, waving my hand. "That part's kind of a blur. ~ Sarah Dessen
Pentolone Bike quotes by Sarah Dessen
I like being able to walk or ride my bike to restaurants and do different things. ~ Andrew Luck
Pentolone Bike quotes by Andrew Luck
A memory from my youth comes back to me. You go into the woods on a bike, with a girl. There is the smell of heather, you can hear the wind in the fir trees, you don't dare tell her about your love, but you feel happy, as if you were floating above the ground. Then you look at the clouds beyond the trees and they are fleeting. And you know that within an hour you'll have to go home, that tomorrow will be a working day. You wish you could stop that moment forever, but you can't, it is bound to end. So you take a photo, as if to challenge time. ~ Robert Doisneau
Pentolone Bike quotes by Robert Doisneau
I've been doin' drive-bys all of my life. Except the bullets are newspapers, the car is my bike. ~ Bo Burnham
Pentolone Bike quotes by Bo Burnham
You know, once I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and won the Tour de France five times in a row. But I'm sure you have a good reason to quit. ~ Lance Armstrong
Pentolone Bike quotes by Lance Armstrong
When the sun is a bike ride away, I will hear it. It will sound like wind in treetops. I will awaken. ~ Jerry Spinelli
Pentolone Bike quotes by Jerry Spinelli
After my training wheels, my first real bike was a Schwinn, and my first time out, I rode down a hill, didn't know how to stop, and ran right into a tree. So, that was a nice experience ... like realizing, oh, there are brakes! ~ Robin Williams
Pentolone Bike quotes by Robin Williams
So you went bike riding, then," she said. "Just around town? Out on the forest trails somewhere?"
"Yes," I said, "we went out to Forman's place."
Her face twisted, eyes widening, eyebrows curling, nostrils flaring. It was her "shocked" face, with a dash of "confused." "Really?"
"Of course not," I said, "but the face you just made almost makes this conversation worth it. ~ Dan Wells
Pentolone Bike quotes by Dan Wells
She spoke into his ear. "You just mugged a guy. Stole his motorcycle." "Not how I see it." "How do you see it?" "Colonel Dai just bought a used dirt bike in Vietnam. I was kind of the middleman." "Tell yourself whatever works, Violator. ~ Mark Greaney
Pentolone Bike quotes by Mark Greaney
The first bike that I bought was a Triumph 650. I really like the Triumph 650. I mean, of course, I've driven Harleys, and I think in 'Savage Seven' I drove an Indian, but - I really love Triumph. ~ Larry Bishop
Pentolone Bike quotes by Larry Bishop
I get fit taking my bike out in the woods. ~ Juan Pablo Montoya
Pentolone Bike quotes by Juan Pablo Montoya
I walked a block on rubbery knees, feeling the way I did the time a van clipped my bike and sent me reeling into a line of parked cars. Ella had dropped her cigarette and jumped on the fallen bike, screaming at the top of her lungs as she sped after the car. Bleeding in three places, I watched her go, glad she knew I'd rather have retribution than comfort. ~ Melissa Albert
Pentolone Bike quotes by Melissa Albert
Nolan crossed his arms; he had his gorgeous frowny face on. "Don't you trust me?"
Raina looked at him incredulously. "Of course I trust you...undoubtedly." She felt her spine stiffen in defiance of her friend's assumption. She'd like to prove her wrong!
A slow sexy grin tugged at his lips. "Then take a ride on my bike, Aelan. ~ Sarah Brocious
Pentolone Bike quotes by Sarah Brocious
How do you know your boss is a lesbian?
It's when she always park her bike in a dike ~ Stephan Attia
Pentolone Bike quotes by Stephan Attia
Beckett, would you do me a favor? For my wedding?" Livia asked suddenly.
He nodded. "You know I'll do whatever you ask."
She looked over her shoulder and back to his face. "In a minute I'm going to faint away from lack of food. When I wake up, I would appreciate it if you were miles away on Eve's bike."
"You're going to crack your fucking head trying to pull a stunt like that." He ran his hand through his hair. "And I gave your dad my word. I don't want him to think that was all a ploy."
"You said anything. Come on, big guy, give me what I want." She looked at him hopefully. "I'll explain it all to my dad later. I promise."
Beckett leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Fine. You take good care of my brother. Tell them both I said goodbye. I can't do it. I'm a pussy. ~ Debra Anastasia
Pentolone Bike quotes by Debra Anastasia
Never in my life had I been so happy. Nothing could go wrong, everything was happening my way, all the doors were clicking open one by one, and life couldn't have been more radiant: it was shining right at me, and when I turned my bike left or right, or tried to move away from its light, it followed me as limelight follows an actor onstage. I craved him but I could just as easily live without him, and either way was fine. ~ Andre Aciman
Pentolone Bike quotes by Andre Aciman
I let myself out and climb onto my bike, putting on my helmet. As soon as it's clipped tight I push up the kickstand and I'm pedaling hard down Jake's driveway. Once my heart finds a comfortable pounding rhythm, I remember how it almost beat out of my chest when I confessed to cheating on Jake. I'd never felt so trapped in my life. I thought I'd feel the same way in his living room today, waiting for him to tell me again I'm not good enough.

But I didn't, and I don't. For the first time in a long time, I feel free. ~ Karen M. McManus
Pentolone Bike quotes by Karen M. McManus
I wasn't very good at the bike thing. Really, it was just dangerous to trust two skinny little wheels and spindly brakes with the considerably uncoordinated woman that is me. ~ Kathryn Smith
Pentolone Bike quotes by Kathryn Smith
You don't suffer, kill yourself and take the risks I take just for money. I love bike racing. ~ Greg LeMond
Pentolone Bike quotes by Greg LeMond
We gauge risk literally hundreds of times per day, usually well and often subconsciously. We start assessing risk before the disaster even happens. We are doing is right now. We decide where to live and what kind of insurance to buy, just like we process all kinds of everyday risks: we wear bike helmets, or not. We buckle our seatbelts, smoke cigarettes, and let our kids stay out until midnight. Or not. ~ Amanda Ripley
Pentolone Bike quotes by Amanda Ripley
I have yet to meet a filmmaker who upon seeing her footage for the first time, didn't want to simultaneously bust open a bottle of Champagne, and move to another country to take a job as a bike courier. This is normal. ~ Roberta Marie Munroe
Pentolone Bike quotes by Roberta Marie Munroe
This is human nature: to find a morality that is comfortable and convenient and let it suffice for holiness. But it is not. So you ride your bike to work, or drive a hybrid car - but ~ John Eldredge
Pentolone Bike quotes by John Eldredge
Tell me how much you love me."
"More than my bike, less than my dick," he answered with a straight face. ~ Nicole Jacquelyn
Pentolone Bike quotes by Nicole Jacquelyn
I'm surrounded by the beach, so I love to fish and to dive and to swim. I walk a lot, and I bike around. I hang out at the beach, really, and muck around. ~ Lorde
Pentolone Bike quotes by Lorde
I ride my bike, I work out, I do a bit of, er, dancey things. ~ Stella McCartney
Pentolone Bike quotes by Stella McCartney
Bike is the most democratic transport vehicle. Bike is the most daring, challenging as it gives its owner the tempting feeling of freedom, that is why one can say without any exaggeration, bike is a symbol of freedom, Putin said. ~ Vladimir Putin
Pentolone Bike quotes by Vladimir Putin
My husband and I make physical activity a priority in our lives, and our daughters love being active as well. And while we each have sports and activities we enjoy, we try to go for hikes or bike rides together whenever we get the chance. We've found that the best way to help our girls be active is to find activities they truly enjoy. ~ Michelle Obama
Pentolone Bike quotes by Michelle Obama
Sometimes I ride my bike to see the kids after a matinee and then ride back to do the show. That's the hard part, but I wouldn't have it any other way. ~ Marcia Gay Harden
Pentolone Bike quotes by Marcia Gay Harden
How do I stack up?" I asked. "Against what?" He stared at the ceiling. "Your bike." "Not even in the same league, darlin'. Your pipes rumble so loud, Harleys should just play you on speakers. ~ Paige Notaro
Pentolone Bike quotes by Paige Notaro
On my tenth birthday a bicycle and an atlas coincided as gifts, and a few days later I decided to cycle to India ... However, I was a cunning child so I kept my ambition to myself, thus avoiding the tolerant amusement it would have provoked among my elders. ~ Dervla Murphy
Pentolone Bike quotes by Dervla Murphy
I talked late, swam late, did not learn to ride a bike until college - and might never have walked or learned to drive a car if my parents hadn't overruled my lack of motivation and virtually forced me to embrace both forms of transportation. I suspect I was happy to sit in a corner with a book. ~ Julia Glass
Pentolone Bike quotes by Julia Glass
I don't think that when you love somebody, it ever
really goes away,' Earth said, looking out the window.
'It's like riding a bike. You can decide you don't like bike
riding any more, and do soccer for a while, but then when
you get back on a bike, it's like your body remembers how
to do it without you even having to think about it.' She
looked up at me. 'I think love is like that. ~ Jocelyn Davies
Pentolone Bike quotes by Jocelyn Davies
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