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It can be a bit of a hindrance when you walk into a restaurant for a quiet meal and one or two launch into 'psycho, psycho'! ~ Stuart Pearce
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Stuart Pearce
A man who goes into a restaurant and blatantly disrespects the servers shows a strong discontent with his own being. Deep down he knows that restaurant service is the closest thing he will ever experience to being served like a king. ~ Criss Jami
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Criss Jami
You thought you knew what food was, you thought it was elemental. You forgot how much restaurant there was in restaurant food and how much home was in homemade. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Jonathan Franzen
I think it is over-rated. Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I never get the tiramisu. ~ Rob Reiner
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Rob Reiner
He kissed her again, pulling her up against him and running his hands up and down her back. As he deepened the kiss, he became aware of clapping, cheers and catcalls. No doubt Chase had gone into the restaurant and rounded up the whole Fool's Gold crowd to come watch the show. Zane figured they might as well get their money's worth.
He pulled back slightly and took her hand in his as he lowered himself to one knee. He took off his hat and said, "Phoebe, will you marry me?"
Her eyes widened, then filled with tears. "Yes, I will."
Contentment filled him, blending with the love already in his heart.
He pulled the small box from his jacket pocket. While Maya had been busy running to the meeting, Zane had spent some time on Rodeo Drive. The Tiffany's store had a nice collection of engagement rings. He'd chosen a perfect round diamond set on a platinum band that looked like braided rope.
He slipped the ring on her finger, and she gasped.
"It's so beautiful."
"I'm glad you like it. Now keep it away from the raccoons."
"I'll never take it off. Ever." She stared at him. "I really love you, Zane."
He didn't doubt her for a second and knew that he never would. He and Phoebe would be together for the rest of their lives. It was going to be a hell of a ride, and he couldn't wait to see what happened next. ~ Susan Mallery
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Susan   Mallery
If an American, because his skin is dark, cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the public, if he cannot send his children to the best public school available, if he cannot vote for the public officials who represent him, if, in short, he cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place? Who among us would then be content with the counsels of patience and delay? ~ John F. Kennedy
Pecks Restaurant quotes by John F. Kennedy
This is the Propylon." He waved toward a stone path lined with crumbling columns. "One of the main gates into the Olympic valley."
"Rubble!" said Leo
"And over there - " Frank pointed to a square foundation that looked like the patio for a Mexican restaurant - "is the Temple of Hera, one of the oldest structures here."
"More rubble!" Leo said.
"And that round bandstand-looking thing - that's the Philipeon, dedicated to Philip of Macedonia."
"Even more rubble! First rate rubble! ~ Rick Riordan
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Rick Riordan
You know when Sharpton and I walked in, it was like ... big commotion and everything. But everybody was very nice. And I couldn't get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia's restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it's run by blacks, primarily black patronship. ~ Bill O'Reilly
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Bill O'Reilly
She'd been in the hotel's lobby at least a dozen times a day while working in its restaurant as the head chef. She'd taken her simple life for granted. She'd taken Vern for granted. Now everything had changed. ~ Gerri Russell
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Gerri Russell
In the restaurant kitchen, August meant lobsters, blackberries, silver queen corn, and tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. In honor of the last year of the restaurant, Fiona was creating a different tomato special for each day of the month. The first of August (two hundred and fifty covers on the book, eleven reservation wait list) was a roasted yellow tomato soup. The second of August (two hundred and fifty covers, seven reservation wait list) was tomato pie with a Gruyère crust. On the third of August, Ernie Otemeyer came in with his wife to celebrate his birthday and since Ernie liked food that went with his Bud Light, Fiona made a Sicilian pizza- a thick, doughy crust, a layer of fresh buffalo mozzarella, topped with a voluptuous tomato-basil sauce. One morning when she was working the phone, Adrienne stepped into the kitchen hoping to get a few minutes with Mario, and she found Fiona taking a bite out of red ripe tomato like it was an apple. Fiona held the tomato out.
"I'd put this on the menu," she said. "But few would understand. ~ Elin Hilderbrand
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Elin Hilderbrand
We closed the restaurant in New Orleans and brought the entire staff to San Francisco. But we had to go home. ~ Paul Prudhomme
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Paul Prudhomme
I'd love to open a restaurant that changes every month. One month it would be a mom and bar spaghetti-and-meatball, Red Sox place, and the next it would be a British pub, and everyone gets in a fight. ~ Graham Elliot
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Graham Elliot
Red rolls on the sand until her shoulder bumps into mine. She is laughing hysterically, and even though I keep a stoic face, I'm anything but. God, I fucking love this girl.

"So…" She nuzzles into the crook of my neck, her arms flung over me. "Are you taking me to that fancy restaurant you booked for us last time we were in Miami?"

"Hell no," I snort. "That was before I realized you're a McMeal kind of girl. I can treat you to a hot, sexy dinner date at Wendy's if you're up for it."

"Make it IHOP and you're on. They have pancakes and hot chocolate."

"Classy girl. And I bet you'll still put out afterwards."

"Damn right I will. I'm only using you for your body, Mr. Brennan."

"And for the cash. Don't forget the cash."

"Nah, I make my own money, thank you very much." She plants a kiss on my jaw, and I beam like an idiot, because she's right. ~ L.J. Shen
Pecks Restaurant quotes by L.J. Shen
A young man and woman walked past - a handsome young man and pretty young woman, the man in a seersucker suit and the woman in an old-fashioned summer dress - and they were walking a bit apart from one another with a space between them, and the man was looking straight ahead and the woman had her arms crossed against her chest, hugging herself, looking down at her feet, at her toes that peeked out the open fronts of her shoes, and they both had the same gleefully suppressed smile on their faces, and I knew that they were freshly in love, perhaps they had fallen in love having dinner in some restaurant with a garden or tables on the sidewalk, perhaps they had not even kissed yet, and they walked apart because they thought they had their whole lives to walk close together, touching, and wanted to anticipate the moment they touched for as long as possible, and they passed my without noticing me and Miro. Something about watching them made me sad. I think it was too lovely: the summer night, the open-toed shoes, their faces rapt with momentarily ramped-down joy. I felt I had witnessed their happiest moment, the pinnacle, and they were already walking away from it, but they did not know it. ~ Peter Cameron
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Peter    Cameron
I had no idea the Monkey Bar meat loaf was going to have my name on it, but when the restaurant opened, there it was, on the menu, Nora's Meat Loaf. I felt that I had to order it, out of loyalty to myself, and it was exactly as good as it had been at the tasting. I was delighted. What's more, I had the oddest sense of accomplishment. I somehow felt I'd created this meat loaf, even though I'd had nothing to do with it. I'd always envied Nellie Melba for her peach, Princess Margherita for her pizza, and Reuben for his sandwich, and now I was sort of one of them. Nora's Meat Loaf. It was something to remember me by. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking of back in the day when we used to play a game called "If you could have something named after you, what would it be?" In that period, I'd hoped for a dance step, or a pair of pants. But I was older now, and I was willing to settle for a meat loaf. ~ Nora Ephron
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Nora Ephron
So he is putting down junk and coming on with tea. I take three drags, Jane looked at him and her flesh crystallized. I leaped up screaming "I got the fear!" and ran out of the house. Drank a beer in a little restaurant - mosaic bar and soccer scores and bullfight posters - and waited for the bus to town.

A year later in Tangier I heard she was dead. ~ William S. Burroughs
Pecks Restaurant quotes by William S. Burroughs
I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people's plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant. ~ Wentworth Miller
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Wentworth Miller
I used to do my Nelson Mandela voice to blag restaurant tables in Cape Town. It rarely worked. Now what a great city that is. ~ Rory Bremner
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Rory Bremner
When I go to a restaurant and they say, 'We're fully booked,' I say, 'It's Roberto Cavalli,' and they say, 'I will check'. I love it! ~ Roberto Cavalli
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Roberto Cavalli
Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays. ~ Henny Youngman
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Henny Youngman
The fact that nobody played tennis in my family and you'd say by chance they make three tennis courts in front of the restaurant that my family owned when I was 4, I think that's a destiny. That's kind of life circumstances that kind of come together for you to become who you want to become. ~ Novak Djokovic
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Novak Djokovic
The house smells like an Italian restaurant when I walk through the door. I turn to Logan, who shoots me a WTF look, and I shrug as if to say fuck if I know, because I honestly don't know. I bend down to unlace my scuffed black boots, then follow the mouthwatering aroma to the kitchen. When I reach the doorway, I blink like I've just stumbled upon a desert mirage.

Hannah's sexy ass greets my eyes. She's angled over the oven door, wearing Tuck's pink oven mitts as she pulls a steaming pan of lasagna off the middle shelf. At the sound of my footsteps, she glances over her shoulder and smiles. "Oh, hey. Perfect timing. ~ Elle Kennedy
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Elle Kennedy
Friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant. ~ Stephen King
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Stephen King
Even if you can't afford to travel the world, you can take your children to the museum, zoo or local park. And don't be afraid to take them to grown-up spots. Eating out in a restaurant teaches children how to be quiet and polite and gives them the pleasure of knowing you trust them to behave. ~ Kimora Lee Simmons
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Kimora Lee Simmons
My earliest memory is making peach cobbler with my grandmother. A wonderful memory. I grew up in a restaurant family - B.B.Q. restaurant. ~ Rick Bayless
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Rick Bayless
Playwrights are like men who have been dining for a month in an Indian restaurant. After eating curry night after night, they deny the existence of asparagus. ~ Peter Ustinov
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Peter Ustinov
Fortunately, many people also enjoy a stand-alone as a sample of something new, like trying the special at a favourite restaurant one night instead of going for the usual. ~ Sarah Zettel
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Sarah Zettel
...People stop, stare. No one stop and stare if one of your own beggars drop dead in street. No just step over him like he is a stone, or a dog turd and go away quickly. But when they see a white man with golden hair lying on the street, everyone stop, everyone cry, "Hai - hai, - poor boy, call doctor, call ambulance. What has happen, Farrokh-bhai?"..."

- Farrokh said to Baumgartner when he wanted to get rid of the reluctant, overly drugged homeless foreigner out of his restaurant. (Page 167) ~ Anita Desai
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Anita Desai
Chekhov said: let's put God - and all these grand progressive ideas - to one side. Let's begin with man; let's be kind and attentive to the individual man - whether he's a bishop, a peasant, an industrial magnate, a convict in the Sakhalin Islands, or a waiter in a restaurant. Let's begin with respect, compassion, and love for the individual - or we'll never get anywhere. ~ Vasily Grossman
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Vasily Grossman
Numbers written on restaurant checks within the confines of restaurants do not follow the same mathematical laws as numbers written on any other pieces of paper in any other parts of the Universe. ~ Douglas Adams
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Douglas Adams
Cooking is the great divide between good eating and bad. The gains are quantifiable. Cooking and eating at home - even with quality ingredients - costs pennies on the dollar compared with meals prepared by a restaurant or factory. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
I got dumped at Taco Bill's today; fell down, split my pants, and generally humiliated myself in front of a complete stranger; went to dinner at a snooty restaurant, found out said stranger is my future step brother; got called a stripper, hooker, and virgin by my mother ... did I leave anything out? ~ Nicole Christie
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Nicole Christie
I would not take a girl to a club on a Thursday. I would not take her to a really noisy, swanky restaurant. ~ Paul Dano
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Paul Dano
When I am up in Paris then the restaurant which has remained my favourite for the past decade is Guy Savoy. The menu is huge, sophisticated and very creative but I keep to simple choices. ~ Jean Reno
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Jean Reno
I have always had the capacity to go within myself and to discover the silence within, the inner meditative quality, the inner source of love and truth – the inner language of silence.
Now I also notice that this silence is going deeper, and that I go beyond the ego and disappear into the silence.
First this brought up fear, but now I am enjoying this meditation of disappering into the silence and to be nobody. I have started experimenting with this phenomenon to understand how to consciously go beyond the ego: yesterday when I took a cofee at a restaurant, I consciously turned my attention within and disappeared into the silence, which was like finding an inner source of bliss.
In aloneness, I experiment with being consciously alone as a door to be egoless. In conscious aloneness, the ego can not function. In aloneness, your are not. When I am walking, I consciously experiment with being with Existence without having the mind constantly commenting. I try to just be wordlessly with the people and situations that I meet on my walk.
When I can just be with Existence, it opens the door to be one with the Whole. ~ Swami Dhyan Giten
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
My partner and I are looking at several locations on Park Avenue South and Midtown for a new restaurant space. ~ Bobby Flay
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Bobby Flay
I'm like a menu at an expensive restaurant; you can look at me, but you can't afford me. ~ Anna Kournikova
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Anna Kournikova
So men and women were born into workers
Because ideas like
Right and wrong
Get outweighed by need
Anytime you've got mouths to feed. ~ Shane Koyczan
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Shane Koyczan
New York is a city of conversations overheard, of people at the next restaurant table (micrometers away) checking your watch, of people reading the stories in your newspaper on the subway train. ~ Bill Geist
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Bill Geist
I've never met a bread basket that I didn't love. At the same time, it can make me tired. If I have too much wine, it's too much sugar. If I overindulge on tortilla chips in a Mexican restaurant, I can really feel it. I think sometimes just watching it and not doing things in excess can really help with whether you feel good or not. ~ Molly Sims
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Molly Sims
First thing you do, room, bar, restaurant, town or crib, is check and memorize the ways out. ~ James Sallis
Pecks Restaurant quotes by James Sallis
I didn't go to college, but if I did, I would've taken all my tests at a restaurant, 'cause 'The customer is always right.' ~ Mitch Hedberg
Pecks Restaurant quotes by Mitch Hedberg
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