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It was rather a cessation of war than a beginning of peace.
[Lat., Bellum magis desierat, quam pax coeperat.] ~ Tacitus
Pax quotes by Tacitus
I'm counting on that," Mila murmurs as she steps away. "I just need some time Pax; time for you to show that you are serious about this, about putting the work in. That's all I need. ~ Courtney Cole
Pax quotes by Courtney Cole
I've thrilled and shouted with patriotic pride, like everyone. Music and flags and men marching in step have bewitched me, as they do all of us. And then I've gone home and sworn to root this evil instinct out of my soul. God help us - let's love the world, love humanity - not just our own country! That's why I'm so keen about the part we're going to play at the Peace Conference. Our motto over there will be America Last! Hurrah for us, I say, for we shall be the only nation over there with absolutely no axe to grind. Nothing but a pax to grind! ~ Christopher Morley
Pax quotes by Christopher Morley
He uncovered the boat, his hands working the knots like he'd been doing it his whole life. Under the tarp was an old steel rowboat with no oars. The boat had been painted dark blue at one point, but the hull was so crusted with tar and salt it looked like one massive nautical bruise.
On the bow, the name Pax was still readable, lettered in gold. Painted eyes drooped sadly at the water level, as if the boat were about to fall asleep. On board were two benches, some steel wool, an old cooler, and a mound of frayed rope with one end tied to the mooring. At the bottom of the boat, a plastic bag and two empty Coke cans floated in several inches of scummy water.
"Behold," Frank said. "The mighty Roman navy. ~ Rick Riordan
Pax quotes by Rick Riordan
War," Pax said, "either dulls the mind to despair or sharpens it toward intuitive truths. ~ Dean Koontz
Pax quotes by Dean Koontz
Paradoxically, the few eras of peace were times when men of war had high influence. The Pax Romana was enforced by Caesar's Legions. The Pax Brittanica was enforced by the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Forces. ~ Jerry Pournelle
Pax quotes by Jerry Pournelle
I love you, too, Pax. I hope you know that. ~ Courtney Cole
Pax quotes by Courtney Cole
Pax? That's his name? It means 'peace,' you know." Peter knew that - lots of people had told him. "But ~ Sara Pennypacker
Pax quotes by Sara Pennypacker
You can take a flyin' leap off a space dock. ~ M. Pax
Pax quotes by M. Pax
So I decide to overshoot his estimation of my insanity and show him how little he really understands the psychology of Reds. Today I lead the Pax on a suicide mission into the heart of his fleet. ~ Pierce Brown
Pax quotes by Pierce Brown
My army cries in protest. They don't understand. Golds don't do this. Golds don't sacrifice for one another. Leaders take; they do not give. My army cries out again. I ask them, how is this worse than the rape they were all so comfortable with? Is not Nyla now one of us? Is she not part of the body?

Like Reds are. Like Obsidians are. Like all the Colors are.

Pax tries to go light. But it's Pax, so when he's done, my back looks like chewed goatmeat. I stand up. Do everything I can to prevent myself from wobbling. I'm seeing stars. I want to wail. Want to cry. Instead, I tell them that anyone who does anything vile - they know what I mean - will have to whip me like this in front of the entire army. I see how they look at Tactus now, how they look at Pax, how they look at my back.

"You do not follow me because I am the strongest. Pax is. You do not follow me because I am the brightest. Mustang is. You follow me because you do not know where you are going. I do."

I motion Tactus to come toward me. He wavers, pale, confused as a newborn lamb. Fear marks his face. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the pain I willingly bore. Fear when he realizes how different he is from me.

"Don't be afraid," I tell him. I pull him forward into a hug. "We are blood brothers, you little shit. Blood brothers."

I'm learning. ~ Pierce Brown
Pax quotes by Pierce Brown
The motto was 'Pax', but the word was set in a circle of thorns. ~ Rumer Godden
Pax quotes by Rumer Godden
I began asking myself just what my high was about. What did I do when I was high that I didn't do when I was sober? What was wrong that heroin fixed? ~ Pax Prentiss
Pax quotes by Pax Prentiss

I. One day, your father and mother were hugging, and they began to have special feelings. Warm feelings that tingled in their private places. It is likely they weren't wearing any clothes. At any rate, they began to rub against each other like two sticks trying to start a fire, and nine months later, you were born. If this is news to you, please put this book down now. There may well be big bad wolves and evil witches and fairies in the pages that follow, but I promise you, this isn't a children's story. ~ Elliott James
Pax quotes by Elliott James
Let war be so carried on that no other object may seem to be sought but the acquisition of peace.
[Lat., Bellum autem ita suscipiatur, ut nihil aliud, nisi pax, quaesita videatur.] ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pax quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
I don't want to start over again," she says slowly. "I like what we had. I don't want to re-do it. I love you, Pax. But I don't know if I can handle it if you leave me like that again. You shut me out and i couldn't help you. That's not what people do when they love someone. You ripped my heart out and stomped on it. ~ Courtney Cole
Pax quotes by Courtney Cole
As an Auyana man living in New Guinea under the Pax Australiana put it, "Life was better since the government came" because "a man could now eat without looking over his shoulder and could leave his house in the morning to urinate without fear of being shot. ~ Steven Pinker
Pax quotes by Steven Pinker
On the job there was nothing but the job. You left the shit outside the door. You could always pick it up on your way back out. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Pax quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
We know that you don't want to be a drunk and you don't want to be hooked on addictive drugs. You do it because you can't cope with your life without some sort of support, even if that support is damaging. ~ Chris Prentiss
Pax quotes by Chris Prentiss
Son, you were your mother's peace. You brought her so much peace and joy from the very first time she held you, that she knew she had to name you Pax. Your mother loved you more than anything in the world. She would have gladly given her life a hundred times over to keep you safe. Whatever you do, just live a good life for her. She had so many hopes for you. But when it boils down to it, all she would want is for you to be happy. ~ Courtney Cole
Pax quotes by Courtney Cole
Mr. Herriton, don't – please, Mr. Herriton – a dentist. His father's a dentist."
Philip gave a cry of personal disgust and pain. He shuddered all over, and edged away from his companion. A dentist! A dentist at Monteriano. A dentist in fairyland! False teeth and laughing gas and the tilting chair at a place which knew the Etruscan League, and the Pax Romana, and Alaric himself, and the Countess Matilda, and the Middle Ages, all fighting and holiness, and the Renaissance, all fighting and beauty! He thought of Lilia no longer. He was anxious for himself: he feared that Romance might die. ~ E.M. Forster
Pax quotes by E.M. Forster
Matthew held out his hands. "Pax," he said, wheedlingly. "Let it be peace between us. You can pour the rest of the port on my head."
James' mouth curved up into a smile. It was impossible to stay angry with Matthew. It was almost impossible to get angry at Matthew. ~ Cassandra Clare
Pax quotes by Cassandra Clare
The new joy of speed, the urgency of coming night, the hope of reunion with his boy – these things transformed him into something that shot like liquid fire between the trees. Something gravity couldn't touched. Pax could have run forever. ~ Sara Pennypacker
Pax quotes by Sara Pennypacker
He feared what getting involved with her might mean, but he wanted this deal involving chocolate and would risk lying with something not entirely female to get it. ~ M. Pax
Pax quotes by M. Pax
I'm still having trouble convincing Pax that underwear and pants go together – underwear is not pants! ~ Angelina Jolie
Pax quotes by Angelina Jolie
And it is awful here, there is no other way to say it. But I believe that Detroit is America's city. It was the vanguard of our way up, just as it is the vanguard of our way down. And one hopes the vanguard of our way up again. Detroit is Pax Americana ... America's way of life was built here. ~ Charlie LeDuff
Pax quotes by Charlie LeDuff
When the church takes affairs of the state more seriously than they do Jesus, Pax Romana becomes its gospel and the president becomes the Son of God.
~ Shane Claiborne
Pax quotes by Shane Claiborne
You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. ~ Cindy Sheehan
Pax quotes by Cindy Sheehan
Scarcely is there any peace so unjust that it is better than even the fairest war. -Vix ulla tam iniqua pax, quin bello vel aequissimo sit potior ~ Desiderius Erasmus
Pax quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
She's the reason I came to your house, remember? She called me or I wouldn't have known that things were so bad. She loves you, Pax. And if there's anything that you should take away from this is that you need to live for today. Tomorrow is not promised to you. ~ Courtney Cole
Pax quotes by Courtney Cole
If I were to create a word that more accurately describes alcoholism and addiction, I would say it was dependencyism. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet it's no sillier than the word alcoholism. The reason alcoholism no longer sounds silly to you is because you're used to hearing it, reading it, and thinking about it. ~ Chris Prentiss
Pax quotes by Chris Prentiss
Alcohol is the drug ethanol. They are one and the same. Alcohol is also called ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol. It is a chemical compound. Ethanol is often added to the gasoline we use to run our cars. ~ Chris Prentiss
Pax quotes by Chris Prentiss
Increasingly economic historians can draw analogies between the development of the present crisis and the period between the two world wars, as well as the crisis of a century ago, which was associated with the so-called great depression of 1873-1895. The latter crisis resulted in the rise of monopoly capitalism and imperialism, but also the end of Pax Britannica, as Britain began its decline from world leadership in the face of challenges from Germany and the United States. The present world crisis seems to be spelling the beginning of the end of Pax Americana and may hold untold other major readjustments in the international division of labor and world power in store for the future. ~ Andre Gunder Frank
Pax quotes by Andre Gunder Frank
It is always the Germans who cause the trouble, what is it about Germans that they must molest and oppress?..." "They have never been civilized," said Sosthene..."They were never conquered by Roman. They remain barbarians." Phoebe stared at him. It was a viewpoint... "One is perhaps inclined to forget that even here in Britain that were four hundred years of the Pax Romana," he said gently. "In Germany, no -- only the Vandals and the Goths. Every so often they burst out. It is in the breed. ~ Elswyth Thane
Pax quotes by Elswyth Thane
Guess who's fifteen minutes early to pick up Pax? This guy. I'm kinda proud of myself. ~ Kim Holden
Pax quotes by Kim Holden
The debate over the inherent benefits of Pax Americana should have been settled long ago. But history only settles great debates for as long as people can remember the history. ~ Bret Stephens
Pax quotes by Bret Stephens
We wouldn't have much need of a war if people stopped using drugs. It's like taking up a fight against the use of headache remedies; it will never work until the condition causing people's headache pain is healed. ~ Chris Prentiss
Pax quotes by Chris Prentiss
The strength of our economy allows us to maintain the mightiest military in the world, effectively enforcing a Pax Americana. ~ Ted Cruz
Pax quotes by Ted Cruz
Might be dead and buried. V. well, there is more to E.'s & my pax ~ David Mitchell
Pax quotes by David Mitchell
Barabbas ("Son of the Father") is a kind of Messianic figure. Two interpretations of Messianic hope are juxtaposed here in the offer of the Passover amnesty. In terms of Roman law, it is a case of two criminals convicted of the same offense - two rebels against the Pax Romana. It is clear that Pilate prefers the nonviolent "fanatic" that he sees in Jesus. Yet the crowd and the Temple authorities have different categories. If the Temple aristocracy felt constrained to declare: "We have no king but Caesar" (Jn 19:15), this only appears to be a renunciation of Israel's Messianic hope: "We do not want this king" is what they mean. They would like to see a different solution to the problem. Again and again, mankind will be faced with this same choice: to say yes to the God who works only through the power of truth and love, or to build on something tangible and concrete - on violence. Jesus ~ Pope Benedict XVI
Pax quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
It takes a strong person to stand up to his or her fate and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of freedom and success, but I believe in you. ~ Pax Prentiss
Pax quotes by Pax Prentiss
My heart rebels against any foreigner imposing on my country the peace which is here called Pax-Britannica. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Pax quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Victra stands to the side listening to enemy chatter. "Response teams inbound. More than two thousand mixed units." She's also patched to the strategic command on Orion's ship, so she can gather battle data from the huge sensor arrays on the flagship. Looks like Roque launched more than fifteen thousand men at us in his leechCraft. Most will be in the Pax by now. Burrowed through to find me. Silly bastards. Roque gambled big, bet wrong. And I've just brought three thousand crazed Obsidian berserkers to a mostly empty warship. The Poet is going to be pissed. ~ Pierce Brown
Pax quotes by Pierce Brown
I'm said, I think. I frown into space for a minute. No. I'm lonely.
It's a sensation that Pax used to drive away. Now he makes the feeling worse than ever. Because nothing makes you feel lonelier than someone being with you... but not. ~ Karole Cozzo
Pax quotes by Karole Cozzo
You traumatized Pax, by the way. He's crying. Good work. ~ Pierce Brown
Pax quotes by Pierce Brown
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