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#1. At least when it comes to light pollution what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. - Author: Paul Bogard
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bogard
#2. My feeling is that an observer needs to see four hundred and fifty stars to get that feeling of infinitude, and be swept away ... and I didn't make that number up arbitrarily, that's the number of stars that are available once you get dimmer than third magnitude. So in the city, you see a dozen stars, a handful, and it's attractive to no one. And if there's a hundred stars in the sky it still doesn't do it. There's a certain tipping point where people will look and there will be that planetarium view. And now you're touching that ancient core, whether it's collective memories or genetic memories, or something else form way back before we were even human ... astronomer Bob Berman quoted in The End of Night - Author: Paul Bogard
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bogard
#3. To speak of sparing anything because it is beautiful is to waste one's breath and incur ridicule in the bargain. The aesthetic sense- the power to enjoy through the eye, and the ear, and the imagination- is just as important a factor in the scheme of human happiness as the corporeal sense of eating and drinking; but there has never been a time when the world would admit it. - Author: John Van Dyke
Paul Bogard quotes by John Van Dyke
#4. When I lie back and close my eyes, this farthest lip of beach right next to the end of the ocean feels like being up close to an enormous breathing being, the bass drum surf thump reverberating through the sand. Living out here with no lights, alone, you would indeed become sensitive to seasons, rhythms, weather, sounds- right up next to the sea, right up under the sky, like lying close to a lover's skin to hear blood and breath and heartbeat. - Author: Paul Bogard
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bogard
#5. Most days I live awed by the world we have still, rather than mourning the worlds we have lost. The bandit mask of a cedar waxwing on a bare branch a few feet away; the clear bright sun of a frozen winter noon; the rise of Orion in the eastern evening sky-every day, every night, I give thanks for another chance to notice. I see beauty everywhere; so much beauty I often speak it aloud. So much beauty I often laugh, and my day is made.
Still if you wanted to, I think, you could feel sadness without end. I'm not even talking about hungry children or domestic violence or endless wars between supposedly grown men…but 'you mustn't be frightened if a sadness rises in front of you, larger than any you even seen,' said Rilke, 'you must realize that something is happening to you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in it hand and will not let you fall. - Author: Paul Bogard
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bogard
#6. I linger near Galileo's telescopes, then round the corner and stand transfixed: I did not expect this- a dark, cool room full of globes of the night sky from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Globo celeste, they are called in Italian: 'celestial globe,' maps of the night sky… I imagine him making another globo celeste, this one smaller, yet still exquisitely painted, still breathtaking in detail. It's a map of the earth still flowing with creation, one you can spin and when you stop it with your finger, there is some tiny detail…some miraculous beauty, some wonderful example from each location at night. The white flower of a night blooming saguaro cactus, the feathers from a great-horned owl, the crunched, smiling face of a particular bat- here, I'm spinning it, I stop it at in the north, where I want there to be something still- he's painted the black-and-white feathers of a loon…or a globe of night sounds, so that by touching your location you hear the night there- the cricket song, the ocean surf, the frog mating calls. - Author: Paul Bogard
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bogard
#7. You are a steward of every moment, of every talent, of every gift, of every resource that God has given you. Chose wisely what you do today! - Author: Paul Washer
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Washer
#8. Hi." Paul said from her couch, flooding her system with adrenaline. He'd kicked off his shoes and was lounging there as if he had the right to be in her home. "I let myself in. You left the balcony door open." Andrea stopped in her tracks and it took a few seconds to find her tongue. "I never leave my doors unlocked or open." she paused, "and we are three stories up. - Author: Shannon K. Butcher
Paul Bogard quotes by Shannon K. Butcher
#9. In short, what the living wage is really about is not living standards, or even economics, but morality. Its advocates are basically opposed to the idea that wages are a market price-determined by supply and demand, the same as the price of apples or coal. And it is for that reason, rather than the practical details, that the broader political movement of which the demand for a living wage is the leading edge is ultimately doomed to failure: For the amorality of the market economy is part of its essence, and cannot be legislated away. - Author: Paul Krugman
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Krugman
#10. These things I wish for you-tough times and disappointment, hard work and happiness. To me, it's the only way to appreciate life. - Author: Paul Harvey
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Harvey
#11. * She said, why don't we both just sleep on it tonight
And I believe, in the morning you'll begin to see the light
And then she kissed me and I realized she probably was right
There must be fifty ways to leave your lover, fifty ways to leave your lover
Paul Simon, Still Crazy After All These Years (1975), 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
First thing I remember when you came into my life
I said I wanna get that girl, no matter what I do
Well I guess I've been in love before and once or twice have been on the floor
But I've never loved no-one the way that I love you. - Author: Paul Simon
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Simon
#12. Church must lead all other spheres of influence.We find people from all the mountains there.The church leaders must be able to mentor them - Author: Paul Gitwaza
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Gitwaza
#13. Likewise, in any social hierarchy, people unsure of their own position will try to emphasize it by maltreating those they think rank below. I've read that this is why poor whites in the United States are the group most hostile to blacks. - Author: Paul Graham
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Graham
#14. My father would say, The forgotten songs we never really knew, only think we remember knowing, when what we really do is understand at the same time how we have never really know them at all and how glorious they must really be. - Author: Paul Harding
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Harding
#15. High creativity is responding to situations without critical thought.' - John Cleese - Author: Paul Arden
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Arden
#16. Most ardent reformers are accompanied by but equal portion of dullness . John Quincy Adams - Author: Paul C. Nagel
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#17. I know nothing more stupid and indeed vulgar than wanting to be right. - Author: Paul Valery
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Valery
#18. To penetrate one's being, one must go armed to the teeth. - Author: Paul Valery
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Valery
#19. Sen. Rand Paul is a Different Kind of Republican. He will drag the party, kicking and screaming, toward a new kind of conservatism that appeals more to today's youth, who embrace liberty and are skeptical of foreign intervention. - Author: Alex Pareene
Paul Bogard quotes by Alex Pareene
#20. Though we cannot see the heart, we can see the life. - Author: David Paul Kirkpatrick
Paul Bogard quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
#21. Yesterday was a dark day in the history of humanity, a terrible affront to human dignity. After receiving the news, I followed with intense concern the developing situation, with heartfelt prayers to the Lord. How is it possible to commit acts of such savage cruelty? The human heart has depths from which schemes of unheard-of ferocity sometimes emerge, capable of destroying in a moment the normal daily life of a people. But faith comes to our aid at these times when words seem to fail. Christ's word is the only one that can give a response to the questions which trouble our spirit. Even if the forces of darkness appear to prevail, those who believe in God know that evil and death do not have the final say. Christian hope is based on this truth; at this time our prayerful trust draws strength from it.

~General Audience, September 12, 2001. - Author: Pope John Paul II
Paul Bogard quotes by Pope John Paul II
#22. (Phillipians 3:14) No Lots wife here. No looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah here. Paul knows it is out there in the future, up ahead wherever heaven is taking us, that we will win "the prize" of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
Paul Bogard quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#23. This distinction between form and experience is not pedantic, but fundamental: a form can express the Transcendent, an experience cannot. A form can express the common ground in which all things share. An experience can only express one man's reaction to that common ground. - Author: Paul Schrader
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Schrader
#24. Master of beauty, craftsman of the snowflake,
inimitable contriver,
endower of Earth so gorgeous & different from the boring Moon,
thank you for such as it is my gift.

I have made up a morning prayer to you
containing with precision everything that most matters.
'According to Thy will' the thing begins.
It took me off & on two days. It does not aim at eloquence.

You have come to my rescue again & again
in my impassable, sometimes despairing years.
You have allowed my brilliant friends to destroy themselves
and I am still here, severely damaged, but functioning.

Unknowable, as I am unknown to my guinea pigs:
how can I 'love' you?
I only as far as gratitude & awe
confidently & absolutely go.

I have no idea whether we live again.
It doesn't seem likely
from either the scientific or the philosophical point of view
but certainly all things are possible to you,
and I believe as fixedly in the Resurrection-appearances to Peter and

to Paul

as I believe I sit in this blue chair.
Only that may have been a special case
to establish their initiatory faith.

Whatever your end may be, accept my amazement.
May I stand until death forever at attention
for any your least instruction or enlightenment.
I even feel sure you will assist me again, Master of insight & beauty. - Author: John Berryman
Paul Bogard quotes by John Berryman
#25. At home in bed a few weeks before he died, I asked him, "Can you breathe okay with my head on your chest like this?" His answer was "It's the only way I know how to breathe. - Author: Paul Kalanithi
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#26. The environment itself was culturally a vacuum, in that there was simply nothing that would inspire me in the arts. But my parents were always very supportive of anything that I explored or wanted to do. - Author: Paul Smith
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Smith
#27. A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization. - Author: Paul Farmer
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Farmer
#28. A couple degrees warmer would be good for humanity and planet, especially with more plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide in the air. [ ... ] But a couple degrees colder would bring serious adverse consequences for habitats, wildlife, agriculture and humanity. - Author: Paul Driessen
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Driessen
#29. A good stack of examples, as large as possible, is indispensable for a thorough understanding of any concept,and when I want to learn something new, I make it my first job to build one. - Author: Paul Halmos
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Halmos
#30. If you force legislators to balance, at the end of the day, if it has to be balanced, then they step up and they become legislators and can find out where to cut. - Author: Rand Paul
Paul Bogard quotes by Rand Paul
#31. Ability to persevere begins with you, the individual. However, change is rarely easy. In fact, sometimes it is downright formidable. - Author: Paul G. Stoltz
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul G. Stoltz
#32. I am never going to write about dogs again. You can write about Islam, you can write about sexuality, but no, not dogs. - Author: Paul Bloom
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bloom
#33. The future belongs to the one most fully alive in the present. - Author: Paul Palnik
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Palnik
#34. Newman's first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you're upside down. - Author: Paul Newman
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Newman
#35. The ground swell is what's going to sink you as well as being what buoys you up. These are cliches also, of course, and I'm sometimes interested in how much one can get away with. - Author: Paul Muldoon
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Muldoon
#36. [Insurgents] pose no strategic threat to the United States or to the Coalition Forces. - Author: Paul Bremer
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bremer
#37. I must've gone out for dinner with Al and Bernice, and I must've been full of reassurance and interstitial data. All the blood work was normal so far, but I don't recall if an actual T-cell test was taken, or if we knew the results before the verdict. The T cells are a subset of the white blood count. Infection with the - Author: Paul Monette
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Monette
#38. I love seeing the light go on in aspiring writers' eyes when you point out ways to improve their prose or their story - when they get it. - Author: F. Paul Wilson
Paul Bogard quotes by F. Paul Wilson
#39. It is almost axiomatic that the worst trains take you through magical places. - Author: Paul Theroux
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Theroux
#40. Every day you preach to yourself a gospel of your loneliness, inability, and lack of resources or you faithfully preach to yourself the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. - Author: Paul David Tripp
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul David Tripp
#41. The job of the politician is to speak for all people; not just for parties with vested interests, or organisations with the biggest wallets. The first people a politician should protect are those that cannot protect themselves: Those weakest and most vulnerable among us. This is, to most of us, something that seems to be an obvious statement of fact, and that may be so, but it's also a forgotten fact. Now, today, the opposite is true. It should shame us all. It shames me. The very fact that the most poor and the most vulnerable in our society are those that are victimised and stamped upon, whereas the most wealthy and the most influential are making more profits and acquiring more assets and wealth than ever before in history, is a damning indictment of what our society has become - Author: Paul Howsley
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Howsley
#42. Aggression and forced redistribution of wealth has nothing to do with the teachings of the world's great religions. - Author: Ron Paul
Paul Bogard quotes by Ron Paul
#43. I'm singing 'English Tea' from my new album 'Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.' I have a cup of tea in the morning, so it's something good to wake up to. - Author: Paul McCartney
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul McCartney
#44. I think a lot about the editing of the films when we're making them, partly because I studied that, and partly because if you think about being in love while you're supposed to be acting in love, there's nowhere to go. You have to focus on something else and then do what's being asked, and you might get some semblance of something interesting. - Author: Paul Schneider
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Schneider
#45. There are two kinds of existentialist; first, those who are Christian ... and on the other hand the atheistic existentialists, among whom ... I class myself. What they have in common is that they think that existence precedes essence, or, if you prefer, that subjectivity must be the turning point. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Paul Bogard quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#46. This momentary bridge. The wonder of a shared memory, returned. Of a place once theirs and a life that had already been lived. - Author: Paul Yoon
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Yoon
#47. There is such a thing as food and such a thing as poison. But the damage done by those who pass off poison as food is far less than that done by those who generation after generation convince people that food is poison. - Author: Paul Goodman
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Goodman
#48. At least you can say you were in on the last days of Morocco," he told her. "How's your tea? Finished? I think we ought to be going. - Author: Paul Bowles
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Bowles
#49. You can say what you want about me, but don't mess with my wife. - Author: Paul Henderson
Paul Bogard quotes by Paul Henderson

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