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Gluppit the prawling strangles, there! ~ Patrick O'Brian
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick O'Brian
Every endeavor of importance in life, whether it is creative, athletic, interpersonal, or academic, brings with it a measure of discomfort, ~ Patrick Lencioni
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Lencioni
While I was explaining to my own doctor that I was planning to undertake some serious exercise, I happened to mention that I thought I had lost quite a bit of weight since my last physical. "You didn't lose it," he said. "It just slipped around to your rear where you can't see it. ~ Patrick F. McManus
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick F. McManus
Usually, when I came home by myself at night, I would get to the corner or Rue Coustou and suddenly feel like I was leaving the present and sliding into a zone where time had stopped. And I was terrified of never being able to cross back, to return to Place Blanche, where life was being lived. I though I would remain forever a prisoner of that little street and that room, like Sleeping Beauty. ~ Patrick Modiano
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Modiano
A foolish German had said that man thought in words. It was totally false; a pernicious doctrine; the thoughts flashed into being in a hundred simultaneous forms, with a thousand associations, and the speaking mind selected one, forming it grossly into the inadequate symbols of words, inadequate because common to disparate situations - admitted to be inadequate for vast regions of expression, since for them there were the parallel languages of music and painting. Words were not called for in many or indeed most forms of thought: Mozart certainly thought in terms of music. He himself at this moment was thinking in terms of scent. ~ Patrick O'Brian
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick O'Brian
It is today that tells you if you learned from yesterday, and if tomorrow is possible. ~ John Patrick Hickey
Patrick Mahomes quotes by John Patrick Hickey
It is better to have had your wish than to have wish you had. ~ Patrick Cranshaw
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Cranshaw
Diana held Patrick's hand and settled him on the sofa between herself and her husband. I sat facing them and the closed door to the hallway beyond. We all had a cool drink and continued to talk.
I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched Patrick nestled on the sofa between the most famous couple in the world. As I carried on my conversation with the royal pair, I kept thinking, "I can't believe this! I simply can't believe this! ~ Mary Robertson
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Mary Robertson
Unlike Confucius, Madison maintained that people have a limited capacity to control their passions themselves and act virtuously when their individual interests conflict with others. ~ Patrick Mendis
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Mendis
Even if I hadn't been cast as Doctor Who, my acting would probably have been influenced by William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and all of the other guys. Because those were the actors that I really watched every moment of, as opposed to Laurence Olivier. ~ Peter Capaldi
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Peter Capaldi
One of the masters at the University once told me that there were seven words that would make a woman love you." I made a deliberately casual shrug. "I was just wondering what they were." "Is that why you talk so much? Hoping to come on them by accident?" I ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
I can't stand it anymore!" he cried out as the fire raged around him. "I can't stand knowing that she'll go! I just want it to be over! I want it to be finished!" And ~ Patrick Ness
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Ness
The world can get a bit ugly sometimes. ~ Patrick Wolf
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Wolf
Why keep in touch with them? That's what I want to know,' asked Larry despairingly. 'What satisfaction does it give you? They're all either fossilized or mental.'
'Indeed, they're not mental,' said Mother indignantly.
'Nonsense, Mother ... Look at Aunt Bertha, keeping flocks of imaginary cats ... and there's Great-Uncle Patrick, who wanders about nude and tells complete strangers how he killed whales with a penknife ... They're all bats. ~ Gerald Durrell
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Gerald Durrell
When luck ain't with you, it's against you. ~ Patrick Ness
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Ness
I can't hear what Jeremy says because my ears are blocked with my two Stanley Cup Rings. ~ Patrick Roy
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Roy
You can't be gone. I need you here, with me. What am I going to do without you? ~ Patrick Carman
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Carman
Your wife gonna disagree, and sometime you gonna disagree with her on what a child need to hear to be raised up right, but it's important that your baby hear both sides. You got a wife who agree with you all the time, then you choose the wrong one. ~ Sean Patrick Flanery
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Sean Patrick Flanery
I like the varying rhythm of being a writer that you have a period of being in complete isolation where it's just you and the book and your screenplay and no-one can read it. ~ Patrick Marber
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Marber
Oaths," Kail said, "are for people who are wealthy enough to afford them. ~ Patrick Weekes
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Weekes
The sweet smile of a young woman. There is nothing better in the world. It is worth more than salt. Something in us sickens and dies without it. I am sure of this. Such a simple thing. How strange. How wonderful and strange. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
It's amazing how much easier it is to think productively when your belly is full. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
It occurred to me then that it was in times of struggle that I found the best parts of myself - courage, loyalty, an unexpected peace - and I always discovered what I needed to break through and go on. ~ Patrick Carman
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Carman
Often, half in a bay of the mountains and half on a headland, a small and nearly amphibian Schloss mouldered in the failing light among the geese and the elder-bushes and the apple trees. Dank walls rose between towers that were topped with cones of moulting shingle. Weeds throve in every cranny. Moss mottled the walls. Fissures branched like forked lightning across damp masonry which the rusting iron clamps tried to hold together, and buttresses of brick shored up the perilously leaning walls. The mountains, delaying sunrise and hastening dusk, must have halved again the short winter days. Those buildings looked too forlorn for habitation. But, in tiny, creeper-smothered windows, a faint light would show at dusk. Who lived in those stone-flagged rooms where the sun never came? Immured in those six-foot-thick walls, overgrown outside with the conquering ivy and within by genealogical trees all moulting with mildew? My thoughts flew at once to solitary figures…a windowed descendant of a lady-in-waiting at the court of Charlemagne, alone with the Sacred Heart and her beads, or a family of wax-pale barons, recklessly inbred; bachelors with walrus moustaches, bent double with rheumatism, shuddering from room to room and coughing among their lurchers, while their cleft palates called to each other down corridors that were all but pitch dark. ~ Patrick Leigh Fermor
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Leigh Fermor
I'll find you
Keep calling for me, Viola
Cuz here I come. ~ Patrick Ness
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Ness
Basically, when I look at my life, I think I'm lucky to be given the opportunities I've had. ~ Michael Patrick Jann
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Michael Patrick Jann
He's easily the most well-adjusted former child star in the room, please welcome ... Jason Bateman ~ Neil Patrick Harris
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Neil Patrick Harris
I am sorry to tell you this thing. You are a good man, and a pretty thing. But still, you are only a man. All you have to offer the world is your anger. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
Well, it is a hunt for him, isn't it? Hunting, capturing. Power. I watch the telly. I know how these serial killers work.' He tapped his chest. 'Just call me Patrick Jane.'

Jacquie looked at him fondly. His eyes were either side of his nose and that was where his similarity to Simon Baker ended. 'No, darling,' she said gently. 'You're mental, please try and remember. He's the Mentalist. ~ M.J. Trow
Patrick Mahomes quotes by M.J. Trow
Severe mental illness has been likened to drug addiction, prostitution, and criminality (37,38). Unlike physical disabilities, persons with mental illness are perceived by the public to be in control of their disabilities and responsible for causing them (34,36). Furthermore, research respondents are less likely to pity persons with mental illness, instead reacting to psychiatric disability with anger and believing that help is not deserved (35,36,39).
Understanding the impact of stigma on people with mental illness. World Psychiatry. Feb 2002; 1(1): 16–20.
PMCID: PMC1489832
PATRICK W. CORRIGAN and AMY C. WATSON ~ Matthew W. Corrigan
Patrick Mahomes quotes by Matthew W. Corrigan
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