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#1. Struggles make us a man or a woman! Stay raw, work hard and party harder! - Author: Avijeet Das
Party Harder quotes by Avijeet Das
#2. You've got to work hard to pay for life, party harder to enjoy life, and love hardest to live life, - Author: Mia Asher
Party Harder quotes by Mia Asher
#3. Work hard and party harder... - Author: Aman
Party Harder quotes by Aman
#4. Study hard, but party harder. - Author: Nicole Polizzi
Party Harder quotes by Nicole Polizzi
#5. It's weird - the cab driver is playing very loud dance music and yet it doesn't really feel like a party. - Author: Eugene Mirman
Party Harder quotes by Eugene Mirman
#6. [The Democratic Party]it's a party with an incredible century-and-a-half history of institutional racism. - Author: Sean Hannity
Party Harder quotes by Sean Hannity
#7. Work harder, work longer, and earn less because the mafia needs your money. - Author: Gerald Celente
Party Harder quotes by Gerald Celente
#8. One should find wholeness in marriage, Gabriel, but it should not be a prison for either party, said Rabbi Loew. - Author: Deborah Harkness
Party Harder quotes by Deborah Harkness
#9. While Diana finds the monarchy as presently organized a crumbling institution, she has a deep respect for the manner in which the Queen has conducted herself for the last forty years. Indeed, much as she would like to leave her husband, Diana has emphasized to her: "I will never let you down." Before she attended a garden party on a stifling July afternoon last year, a friend offered Diana a fan to take with her. She refused saying: "I can't do that. My mother-in-law is going to be standing there with her handbag, gloves, stockings and shoes." It was a sentiment expressed in admiring tones for the Sovereign's complete self-control in every circumstance, however trying. - Author: Andrew Morton
Party Harder quotes by Andrew Morton
#10. When I did big things, some large corporations like the Pennsylvania Railroad Company were behind me and responsible party. - Author: Andrew Carnegie
Party Harder quotes by Andrew Carnegie
#11. Our stand is that of the proletariat and of the masses. For members of the Communist Party, this means keeping to the stand of the Party, keeping to Party spirit and Party policy. - Author: Mao Zedong
Party Harder quotes by Mao Zedong
#12. I always think of my sins when I weed. They grow apace in the same way and are harder still to get rid of. - Author: Helena Rutherfurd Ely
Party Harder quotes by Helena Rutherfurd Ely
#13. One of the supreme paradoxes of baseball, and all sports, is that the harder you try to throw a pitch or hit a ball or accomplish something, the smaller your chances are for success. You get the best results not when you apply superhuman effort but when you let the game flow organically and allow yourself to be fully present. You'll often hear scouts say of a great prospect, "The game comes slow to him." It mean the prospect is skilled and poised enough to let the game unfold in its own time, paying no attention to the angst or urgency or doubt, funnelling all awareness to the athletic task at hand. - Author: R.A. Dickey
Party Harder quotes by R.A. Dickey
#14. But chiefly Thou, Whom soft-eyed Pity once led down from Heaven To bleed for man, to teach him how to live, And, oh! still harder lesson! how to die. - Author: Beilby Porteus
Party Harder quotes by Beilby Porteus
#15. In the meantime, though, the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination sure seems funny. The event known around the world as hashtagGOPClownCar is improbable, colossal, spectacular and shocking; epic, monumental, heinous and disgusting. It's like watching 17 platypuses try to mount the queen of England. You can't tear your eyes away from it. It - Author: Matt Taibbi
Party Harder quotes by Matt Taibbi
#16. I feel her hips push forward against mine.
And any blood left in my body descends, making me harder than I've ever been in my life.
Weeks of want and frustration are coursing through me. I've brushed with Colgate for far too
long - and it's tasted like shit. - Author: Emma Chase
Party Harder quotes by Emma Chase
#17. Third parties are like bees: once they have stung, they die. - Author: Richard Hofstadter
Party Harder quotes by Richard Hofstadter
#18. After one party loses two elections in a row, there's sort of blood in the water. - Author: Robert Dallek
Party Harder quotes by Robert Dallek
#19. The truth will set you free, but it's only slightly less scary than hell and a whole lot harder to get there. - Author: Jon Foreman
Party Harder quotes by Jon Foreman
#20. When the clowns of British politics - arch-Brexiteer cartoon characters 'Boorish Johnson' and 'JackOff Grease-Smug' advocate ad infinitum that Britain should leave the EU in order to be free to sign her own trade deals; they seem to have overlooked the towering elephant in the room, namely the current occupant of the White House (another clown) - who appears hell-bent on destabilising world trade via crude protectionist policies. Both Tories, despite receiving the best British education money can buy, would do well to revisit their post war history books and be reminded of one of the key objectives of the European Project and in due course the European Union - specifically to promote peace and prosperity amongst previously warring neighbours by forming a unified trading bloc which in time, due to its effective size, also acted as a useful counterweight to US hegemony. Go find another circus for your buffoonery and leave the deadly serious business of politics to principled individuals with the true national interest at heart ! - Author: Alex Morritt
Party Harder quotes by Alex Morritt
#21. Secretly, I'm a real big nerd. I'd rather stay home and play Scrabble than go to a Hollywood party, any day of the week. And I love reading about history and watching the Discovery Channel. - Author: Sprague Grayden
Party Harder quotes by Sprague Grayden
#22. Jordan has to show the Arab world that there's another way of doing things. We're a monarchy, yes, but if we can show democracy that leads to a two-, three-, four-party system - left, right and center - in a couple of years' time, then the Muslim Brotherhood will no longer be something to contend with. - Author: Abdallah II Of Jordan
Party Harder quotes by Abdallah II Of Jordan
#23. The harder you grip the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball, and the farther the ball will go. - Author: George Herman
Party Harder quotes by George Herman
#24. Bank of America is to sweetheart loans and Democratic Party payoffs as Paula Deen is to sugar and bacon grease. - Author: Michelle Malkin
Party Harder quotes by Michelle Malkin
#25. How much courage does it take for Dean to throw red meat to the party faithful? - Author: Howard Dean
Party Harder quotes by Howard Dean
#26. If you decide on having an alcoholic at your party, make sure it's a large gathering. This way, until the alcoholic begins removing their clothes or dangling the cat out the window, they can sort of blend in. An alcoholic at a small gathering is called an intervention. - Author: Amy Sedaris
Party Harder quotes by Amy Sedaris
#27. This was one of those non-glamorous parts about college that people never tell you about - worrying that the dilapidated apartment hosting a party would fall apart with you in it. - Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Party Harder quotes by Alyssa Rose Ivy
#28. It was easy to know the doctrine. It's much harder to help a billion people live it. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Party Harder quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#29. From our first day alive on this planet, they began teaching society everything it knows and experiences. It was all brainwashing bullshit. Their trio of holy catechisms is: faith is more important than reason; inputs are more important than outcomes; hope is more important than reality. It was designed to choke your independent thinking and acting - to bring out the lowest common denominator in people - so that vast amounts of the general public would literally buy into sponsorship and preservation of their hegemonic nation. Their greatest achievement was the creation of the two-party political system; it gave only the illusion of choice, but never offered any change; it promised freedom, but only delivered more limits. In the end, you got stuck with two leading loser parties and not just one. It completed their trap of underhanded domination, and it worked masterfully. Look anywhere you go. America is a nation of submissive, dumbed-down, codependent, faith-minded zombies obsessed with celebrity gossip, buying unnecessary goods, and socializing without purpose on their electronic gadgets. The crazy thing is that people don't even know it; they still think they're free. Everywhere, people have been made into silent accomplices in the government's twisted control game. In the end, there is no way out for anyone. - Author: Zoltan Istvan
Party Harder quotes by Zoltan Istvan
#30. I'm not ruling. I never ruled. I have one vote and I'm the leader of the party. I've always had a vote on the central committee. I always had more influence than that one vote. I'll admit that. - Author: Huey Newton
Party Harder quotes by Huey Newton
#31. The novelist must look on humanity without partiality or prejudice. His sympathy, like that of the historian, must be unbounded, and untainted by sect or party. - Author: Goldwin Smith
Party Harder quotes by Goldwin Smith
#32. The party at its best has always been a modern party. - Author: Francis Maude
Party Harder quotes by Francis Maude
#33. The Communist Party apparatus was the most gigantic mafia the world has ever known. - Author: David Remnick
Party Harder quotes by David Remnick
#34. Four hundred thousand South Africans are dying of AIDS every year. This makes the war on Iraq look like a birthday party. - Author: Jeremy Cronin
Party Harder quotes by Jeremy Cronin
#35. Natsu: This is my personal Fairy Tail style send-off party. People who leave Fairy Tail must understand three rules. One: Never release information that gives a disadvantage to Fairy Tail to anyone. Two: What was it again?
Mystgun: Never meet a previous costumer for personal gain.
Natsu: Right, right. Three: even if our paths differ, you must live life, as long as you are still strong. Never look at your life as something insignificant, never forget ...
Mystgun: Those friends of yours that you loved ...
Natsu: Did it reach you? If you have the spirit of the guild with you, there's nothing you can't do! I hope we can meet again, Mystgun. - Author: Hiro Mashima
Party Harder quotes by Hiro Mashima
#36. The two-party system is a bad joke on the American people; when it comes to Republicans and Democrats remember they are two sides of the same coin. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil and not an answer to our problems. A vote for a Republican or a Democrat will not fix anything and is a wasted vote. - Author: Aaron Russo
Party Harder quotes by Aaron Russo
#37. I know it sounds strange to say, but the very technologies that have made traveling easier for most people - GPS, automated ticket machines, online schedules and ticketing, boarding passes you can print out at home - have actually made things harder for me. - Author: Philip Schultz
Party Harder quotes by Philip Schultz
#38. But there was a feeling building in me now that I hadn't felt since I'd shown up at this stupid party: I was excited. Something was going to happen. Either this would work, or it wouldn't. Either I would be spared, or I would die. Either death was something that could be fooled, outwitted, outplayed, or it was not. However things ended, I would learn something about the world in which, for the moment, I continued to live. - Author: Alexandra Kleeman
Party Harder quotes by Alexandra Kleeman
#39. It is the dissenter, the theorist, the aspirant, who is quitting this ancient domain to embark on seas of adventure, who engages our interest. Omitting then for the present all notice of the stationary class, we shall find that the movement party divides itself into two classes, the actors, and the students. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Party Harder quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#40. If I walk into a place, a party, say, and there's a bookshelf, I immediately gravitate toward it. Unless there's a bar. But even then, it's only a matter of a few rounds before I make my way to the bookshelf. If there are good books on it, I may never leave the spot all night. Anybody I really want to talk to is going to make his or her way to that bookshelf sooner or later, anyway, right? Books are a nexus. They start conversations, and they continue conversations, and they make people better conversationalists. I have not found this to be the case with Iron Chef, or even alcohol. - Author: Jonathan Evison
Party Harder quotes by Jonathan Evison
#41. When life gets tough, just love it a bit harder. - Author: Mounia Bagha
Party Harder quotes by Mounia Bagha
#42. I'm undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I'm in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform. - Author: Rachel Maddow
Party Harder quotes by Rachel Maddow
#43. I made a big mistake with him the first day I shot. We're shooting the scene where I come back from the party, the dance, in the sleigh with Julie Christie and we turn the corner and go past the camera and the camera follows us just a little bit and we disappear. - Author: Rod Steiger
Party Harder quotes by Rod Steiger
#44. New York is a fun town to go out in. During my twenties and into my thirties I had a good time partying, yes. But nothing where I woke up and I thought that I had a problem. - Author: Will Ferrell
Party Harder quotes by Will Ferrell
#45. The other skeletal hand held small cubes of cheese and pineapple on a stick. "WELL?" said Death, in a voice with all the warmth and color of an iceberg. He caught the wizards' gaze, and glanced down at the stick. I WAS AT A PARTY, he added, a shade reproachfully. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Party Harder quotes by Terry Pratchett
#46. We are violating every aspect of life by turning everything into a ripoff because we have adopted the view that insatiable individualistic greed must run the world. We are living in a very dangerous age in which insatiably greedy men are prepared to sacrifice anybody's health and tranquility to satisfy their own insatiable greed for money and power. I am aghast at what selfishness, and the drive for power have done to our society. I worry as I find the world so increasingly horrible that I do not see how anything as wonderful as your life can escape. The best thing you can do is to keep some enclaves of satisfying decent life. I am fed up with everything but God and nature and human beings (whom I love and pity, as I always did). I feel glad I am a Christian, glad that I am without allegiance to any bloc, party, or groups, except to our Judeo-Christian tradition (modified by science and common sense). God keep you all and help you to grow. - Author: Carroll Quigley
Party Harder quotes by Carroll Quigley
#47. In the very next election, the American people elected 63 new Republicans to the House of Representatives - the largest sweep of Congress for any party since 1948. Even liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican senator solely because of his vow to vote against Obamacare. - Author: Ann Coulter
Party Harder quotes by Ann Coulter
#48. You've got the Democratic Party that now depends on more government spending and actual building the dependence on government in order to increase their political party. - Author: Jim DeMint
Party Harder quotes by Jim DeMint

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