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I would rather people not smoke. I certainly appreciate the fact that smoking is not legal in restaurants and bars. That used to stop me from going out at night because you'd go someplace and your clothes would reek and you wouldn't enjoy the experience and that affects your rights. It's always a question. ~ Ian Bremmer
Party Enjoy quotes by Ian Bremmer
Hitting. That's what I enjoy most. Realistically, it's probably the hardest thing to do in all of sport. Think about it. You've got a round ball, a round bat, and the object is to hit it square. ~ Pete Rose
Party Enjoy quotes by Pete Rose
I love working with male actors, and I think there's a tendency to write really interesting characters that would work solely alongside men where they would be in a man's world and have to deal with that, and it creates a lot of interesting storylines. For me, it's kind of circumstantial, but I definitely enjoy it. ~ Elisabeth Moss
Party Enjoy quotes by Elisabeth Moss
It would be difficult to tell," Wulf said. "I've always been a romantic. I've seen Casablanca twice, and I sat through the entire ordeal of Titanic".
"Didn't you enjoy Titanic?"
"I was relieved when the ship went down". ~ Janet Evanovich
Party Enjoy quotes by Janet Evanovich
The Tea Party has very close affinities with independent third-party movements like the George Wallace movement. The Tea Party is still inchoate, still trying to figure out what it's going to become. ~ Hampton Sides
Party Enjoy quotes by Hampton Sides
The religious and economic alliance represented in the Tea {arty remains misunderstood and out of the public eye. The Tea Party movement was formed primarily as an antitax movement, and that limiting government spending and reducing taxes, drawing on the symbols of the Boston Tea Party. As important as these initial catalysts were, the power for the movement came from its adoption of white evangelical conservatives. ~ Gerardo Marti
Party Enjoy quotes by Gerardo Marti
I always had hopes of being a big star. But as you get older, you aim a little lower. Everybody wants to make an impression, some mark upon the world. Then you think, you've made a mark on the world if you just get through it, and a few people remember your name. Then you've left a mark. You don't have to bend the whole world. I think it's better to just enjoy it. Pay your dues, and just enjoy it. If you shoot a arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you. ~ Dorian Corey
Party Enjoy quotes by Dorian Corey
The reality is that we are safe and we have the capacity to enjoy the wonders of life in the present moment. When we recognize that our suffering is based on images instead of current reality, then living happily in the present moment becomes possible right away. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Party Enjoy quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
I often wonder if I have fulfilled my purpose. I believe the key to living life to the fullest is to always be recognizing opportunities and following your own path. To enjoy every minute, whether it's writing a novel, giving a speech, or petting the kitties, it's your life. ~ David Mezzapelle
Party Enjoy quotes by David Mezzapelle
I could not possibly have been placed in circumstances more highly favorable for study and exploration than those which I now enjoy. I am free from the distractions constantly arising in civilized life from social claims. Nature offers unceasingly the most novel and fascinating objects for learning. The only drawbacks to this solitude are the want of information on the progress of scientific discovery in Europe and the lack of all the advantages arising from an interchange of ideas. ~ Alexander Von Humboldt
Party Enjoy quotes by Alexander Von Humboldt
It should be noted, as with so many legends and popularly accepted truths created out of political motivation: There, in fact, is no evidence that the hundreds of murders historically attributed to the werewolves of Gévaudan were actually caused by wolves. As with all witchhunts, the endless battle against ignorance requires one to always keep an open mind and sharp wits when considering such rumors - especially the rumors we choose to enjoy. ~ Zeena Schreck
Party Enjoy quotes by Zeena Schreck
The lower caste people were killed as part of a conspiracy to dismiss my party's government. ~ Lalu Prasad Yadav
Party Enjoy quotes by Lalu Prasad Yadav
A good man: body serves his will and enjoys hard work, clear intellect that understands the truths of nature, full of passion for life but controlled by his will, well-developed conscience, loves beauty in art and nature, despises inferior morality, respects himself and others. ~ Thomas Huxley
Party Enjoy quotes by Thomas Huxley
There's no artist in this world that doesn't enjoy the dream that if they have bad reviews now, the story of Keats can redeem them, in their fantasy or imagination, in the future. I think Keats' poem 'Endymion' is a really difficult poem, and I'm not surprised that a lot of people pulled it apart in a way. ~ Jane Campion
Party Enjoy quotes by Jane Campion
You only walk this path once. Make sure you take time to stop and enjoy the nice things. You can't smell last years roses. ~ Jury Nel
Party Enjoy quotes by Jury Nel
Greg had been nearly out the door, on his way next door to Shari's birthday party, when the phone rang.
"Hi, Greg. Why aren't you on your way to my party?" Shari had asked when he'd run to pick up the receiver.
"Because I'm on the phone with you," Greg had replied dryly. ~ R.L. Stine
Party Enjoy quotes by R.L. Stine
It would have been really unfair had we not been gifted the next precious months. [...] Don't you see a bigger picture for us both here, Rune? You came back to Blossom Grove only a few weeks after I had been sent home to live out the rest of my life. To enjoy the limited few months granted by medication. [...] For you, it's unfair. I believe the opposite. We came back together for a reason. Perhaps it's a lesson we may struggle to learn until it's learned. ~ Tillie Cole
Party Enjoy quotes by Tillie Cole
What makes a good book? Simply put, a good book is one that you enjoy reading. ~ Carmela Dutra
Party Enjoy quotes by Carmela Dutra
In the final years of his life, when former Communist Party Chief Zhao Ziyang lived under house arrest, in Beijing, his aging friends resorted to donning white doctors' coats in order to slip past the guards stationed outside his home. ~ Evan Osnos
Party Enjoy quotes by Evan Osnos
Don't forget, when you refuse to make right choices, you have already chosen to live the wrong way! Indecision is a decision to live wrongly! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Party Enjoy quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
You are complete. Completion has taken place in you eons ago. Accept yourself. Enjoy yourself. This time will never be again, so fulfill the moment with your own self-joy. ~ Frederick Lenz
Party Enjoy quotes by Frederick Lenz
The radical philosophy offered, for many African Americans, the most promise. It was predicated on a searing critique of large corporations, particularly railroads, and the wealthy elite in the North and South. The radicals of the late nineteenth century, who later formed the Populist Party, viewed the privileged classes as conspiring to keep poor whites and blacks locked into a subordinate political and economic position. For many African American voters, the Populist approach was preferable to the paternalism of liberals. ~ Michelle Alexander
Party Enjoy quotes by Michelle Alexander
People say you have to know when to retire, which is a dumb thing to say. If you want to go out on top, yeah, it becomes important when you quit. But I wasn't afraid of that. And I wasn't worried about getting fired. I knew the risk. To me, it's not an ego thing. I enjoy coaching. I enjoy helping people achieve something. ~ Tom Landry
Party Enjoy quotes by Tom Landry
The flowing movements and relaxing music softens the sense and release the soul. This way my students not only enjoy moving their bodies with ease, but they also have the satisfaction of knowing that they can benefit from this Art for as long as they shall live (that I presume will be much longer than the expected if they continue on their routine of practicing my "BalletTao") At my primary school, a colleague was reading a text out loud when he kicked this word: Ballet, which is pronounced with a soundless T. He hesitated and then read: Ballet accentuating the T in the end. It sounded like: Ballet-Chi. Who would guess that one day I would accept this as the correct way to use this word?"
The Dao Workbook Illustrated ~ Ana Claudia Antunes
Party Enjoy quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
She looked at me – I was crying, though she was not – and she took on a tone of gentle reprimand. 'Don't think you're paying me some kind of tribute if you let my death become the great event of your life,' she said to me. 'The best tribute you can pay to me as a mother is to go on and have a good and fulfilling life. Enjoy what you have. ~ Andrew Solomon
Party Enjoy quotes by Andrew Solomon
The Super Bowl is really exciting. The parties are always fun. The whole thing is a big party. ~ Fran Drescher
Party Enjoy quotes by Fran Drescher
There's a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he's a reformer. ~ Hillary Clinton
Party Enjoy quotes by Hillary Clinton
The Prologue

When the autumn breeze blows and stirs up a sense of adventure, I find myself wishing that I could embark on a grand quest full of danger, a journey to an unknown world. A quest of epic proportions that ends in a glorious blaze of heroics before I return home to resume the life that I had left behind for a time. This is only the wishful musings of a normal girl bored with the way things are. Then again, it might not be.

My story begins much like any other, but don't be deceived! This story is nothing like any other you have ever read - or heard, as the case may be. At least, I don't think it is. But who am I to say such a thing? You must read it and decide for yourself.

So. Here it is. I hope you enjoy the ride - or the read, rather. ~ Annie Riley
Party Enjoy quotes by Annie Riley
I wanted to write about women and their work, and about valuing the work we, as women, choose to do. Too many women I knew disparaged their work. Many working mothers thought they ought to be home with their children instead, so they carried around too much guilt to enjoy much job satisfaction. ~ Jennifer Chiaverini
Party Enjoy quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
Do you like being teased?" I whispered.
"I enjoy previews," he said, the words confident, but his voice rough with arousal.
-Merit and Ethan ~ Chloe Neill
Party Enjoy quotes by Chloe Neill
In all "benedictions", be they expressing plea or thanksgiving, we affirm that God is the "source" of every bounty we enjoy and of every favour we seek. ~ Immanuel Jakobovits, Baron Jakobovits
Party Enjoy quotes by Immanuel Jakobovits, Baron Jakobovits
I generally enjoy the rehearsal process because that's where you can share your ideas, get your thoughts and feelings out and see whether or not they're going to land, whether or not people are going to agree with them, particularly the director. So you can sort out in that process any elements that need to be sorted out before you're on the set, and of course that saves time and it also makes everyone more comfortable working together. ~ Nicolas Cage
Party Enjoy quotes by Nicolas Cage
One afternoon I was sitting on a veranda at a party with about six women and the information that was exchanged, commonly called gossip, was enough to run the world for months. Suddenly a hush fell over the women and I looked around and there was a man. The women slid masks over their faces, the subject changed, the man said, "What are all you girls doing out here? Come in and join the party." And the summit conference was over. ~ Eve Babitz
Party Enjoy quotes by Eve Babitz
It has been said that the historian is the avenger, and that standing as a judge between the parties and rivalries and causes of bygone generations he can lift up the fallen and beat down the proud, and by his exposures and his verdicts, his satire and his moral indignation, can punish unrighteousness, avenge the injured or reward the innocent. ~ Herbert Butterfield
Party Enjoy quotes by Herbert Butterfield
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