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Then it came to her. She did not deserve to die. And she was not alone. She never would be. Not while her land was beneath her boots. Her land. The land of the Achings.
She was Tiffany Aching. Not Granny Weatherwax, but a witch in her own right. A witch who knew exactly who she was and how she wanted to do things. Her way. And she had not failed, because she had barely begun ... ~ Terry Pratchett
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Terry Pratchett
Cowboy boots with a suit? You're a rough, tough businessman. Chaps with a bow tie? You're in the rough, tough man business. ~ Dana Gould
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Dana Gould
The next day, a dead turtle was left on my doorstep as a warning. I couldn't figure out as a warning for what, and I guess whoever was watching me picked up on that, because the next morning there was another dead turtle, but this one had several sheets of paper glued to it's back leg. The pieces of paper contained a long footnoted explanation of all the symbolism involved. It didn't make a lot of sense to me. The turtle was the "turtle of inquisitiveness" and the cheese smeared on it's shell meant something, and the little cowboy boots on its feet meant something. Everything about this animal meant something apparently to whoever sent it. I still didn't get what it was all about. The next morning there was no turtle. Somebody just shot at me from the bushes. ~ John Swartzwelder
Paratroopers Boots quotes by John Swartzwelder
On rainy afternoons, embroidering with a group of friends on the begonia porch, she would lose the thread of the conversation and a tear of nostalgia would salt her palate when she saw the strips of damp earth and the piles of mud that the earthworms had pushed up in the garden. Those secret tastes, defeated in the past by oranges and rhubarb, broke out into an irrepressible urge when she began to weep. She went back to eating earth. The first time she did it almost out of curiosity, sure that the bad taste would be the best cure for the temptation. And, in fact, she could not bear the earth in her mouth. But she persevered, overcome by the growing anxiety, and little by little she was getting back her ancestral appetite, the taste of primary minerals, the unbridled satisfaction of what was the original food. She would put handfuls of earth in her pockets, and ate them in small bits without being seen, with a confused feeling of pleasure and rage, as she instructed her girl friends in the most difficult needlepoint and spoke about other men, who did not deserve the sacrifice of having one eat the whitewash on the walls because of them. The handfuls of earth made the only man who deserved that show of degradation less remote and more certain, as if the ground that he walked on with his fine patent leather boots in another part of the world were transmitting to her the weight and the temperature of his blood in a mineral savor that left a harsh aftertaste in her mouth and a sed ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I think bare legs in winter are idiotic. Unless your naked pins are toned, tanned and veinless, it's best to cover up. There is nothing more elegant in winter than dark tights worn with matching knee-length boots and a belted trench coat. ~ Joan Collins
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Joan Collins
The dull rhythmic tramp of the soldiers' boots formed the background to Goldstein's bleating voice. ~ George Orwell
Paratroopers Boots quotes by George Orwell
The big men are all deaf; they don't want to hear the little squeaking as they walk across the street on cleated boots. ~ Sylvia Plath
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Sylvia Plath
I garden a lot in LA, so fashion consists of boots, work pants and T-shirts, unless I'm going out. ~ Kyle MacLachlan
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
Astrid Dane. . . Her long colorless hair was woven back into a braid, and her porcelain skin bled straight into the edges of her tunic. Her entire outfit was fitted to her like armor; the collar of her shirt was high and rigid, guarding her throat, and the tunic itself ran from chin to wrist to waist, less out of a sense of modesty, Kell was sure, than protection. Below a gleaming silver belt, she wore fitted pants that tapered into tall boots (rumor had it that a man once spat at her for refusing to wear a dress; she'd cut off his lips). The only bits of color were the pale blue of her eyes and the greens and reds of the talismans that hung from her neck and wrists and were threaded through her hair. . .
"I smell something sweet," she said. She'd been gazing up at the ceiling. Now her eyes wandered
down and landed on Kell. "Hello, flower boy. ~ V.E Schwab
Paratroopers Boots quotes by V.E Schwab
That was when I remembered rules 1 and 2.
"Search often for opiates and dispose of as needed."
"Begin with the hollowed-out heels of Holmes's boots. ~ Brittany Cavallaro
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
He'd had to fold his long legs into his desk. His boots had seen better days, and his jeans unraveled in a curiously irresistible way at the bottom. He didn't look like anyone I'd ever seen before. He reminded me of an actor in an old Western - Rock Hudson in Giant - all dark intensity. ~ Laura Anderson Kurk
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
When we heard at first [John Brown] was dead, one of my townsmen observed that "he died as the fool dieth"; which, pardon me, for an instant suggested a likeness in him dying to my neighbor living. Others, craven-hearted, said disparagingly, that "he threw his life away" because he resisted the government. Which ways have they thrown their lives, pray? ---such would praise a man for attacking singly an ordinary band of thieves and murderers. I hear another ask, Yankee-like, "What will he gain by it?" as if he expected to fill his pockets by their enterprise. Such a one has no idea of gain but in this worldly sense. If it does not lead to a "surprise" party, if he does not gain a new pair of boots, or a vote of thanks, it must be a failure. "But he won't gain anything by it." Well, no, I don;t suppose he could get four-and-sixpence a day for being hung, take the year round; but he stands a chance to save a considerable part of his soul- and what a soul!- when you do not. No doubt you can get more in your market for a quart of milk than a quart of blood, but that is not the market heroes carry their blood to. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Maybe there wasn't, after all, a clear motivation for any of the things that people did. Maybe they just did them for no reason at all or because of stupidity or selfishness or cowardice or anger or for reasons that made no rational sense - because the clouds happened to be a particularly gloomy shade of gray that day, because the barking of an old dog chained to a sycamore tree just happened to sound exactly like the crunch of soldiers' boots on gravel or the hum of bees like an engine in the head driving you mad. ~ John Gregory Brown
Paratroopers Boots quotes by John Gregory Brown
He expressed unconditional agreement with the uselessness and absurdity of the word 'fatherland'; he agreed with the idea that religion was harmful;33 but he loudly and firmly asserted that boots were inferior to Pushkin,34 ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Some men will not shave on Sunday, and yet they spend all the week in shaving their fellow-men; and many folks think it very wicked to black their boots on Sunday morning, yet they do not hesitate to black their neighbor's reputation on week-days. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
My father's boots went ahead. His boots were to me as unique and familiar, as much an index to himself, as his face was. When he had taken them off they stood in a corner of the kitchen, giving off a complicated smell of manure, machine oil, caked black mud, and the ripe disintegrating material that lined their soles. They were a part of himself, temporarily discarded, waiting. They had an expression that was dogged and uncompromising, even brutal, and I thought of that as part of my father's look, the counterpart of his face, with its readiness for jokes and courtesies. Nor did that brutality surprise me; my father came back to us always, to my mother and me from places where our judgment could not follow. ~ Alice Munro
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Alice Munro
Like a child in new boots leaping from puddle to puddle, this view sees history as leapfrogging from one bloodbath to the next, from World War One to World War Two to the Cold War, from the Armenian genocide to the Jewish genocide to the Rwandan genocide, from Robespierre to Lenin to Hitler. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
But it was always shocking how many guys weren't that great at knocking boots. Which was just baffling. Wasn't sex their number one job? Even above actually having a job? ~ Rachel Gibson
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Rachel Gibson
So if anybody wants to get me something, get me 60 crabs - one for each year. I don't want no diamonds, I don't want no shoes, I don't want no party. I want some crabs. ~ Patti LaBelle
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Patti LaBelle
She sometimes takes her little brother for a walk round this way," explained Bingo. "I thought we would meet her and bow, and you could see her, you know, and then we would walk on."
"Of course," I said, "that's enough excitement for anyone, and undoubtedly a corking reward for tramping three miles out of one's way over ploughed fields with tight boots, but don't we do anything else? Don't we tack on to the girl and buzz along with her?"
"Good Lord!" said Bingo, honestly amazed. "You don't suppose I've got nerve enough for that, do you? I just look at her from afar off and all that sort of thing. Quick! Here she comes! No, I'm wrong!"
It was like that song of Harry Lauder's where he's waiting for the girl and says, "This is her-r-r. No, it's a rabbut." Young Bingo made me stand there in the teeth of a nor'-east half-gale for ten minutes, keeping me on my toes with a series of false alarms, and I was just thinking of suggesting that we should lay off and give the rest of the proceedings a miss, when round the corner there came a fox-terrier, and Bingo quivered like an aspen. Then there hove in sight a small boy, and he shook like a jelly. Finally, like a star whose entrance has been worked up by the personnel of the ensemble, a girl appeared, and his emotion was painful to witness. His face got so red that, what with his white collar and the fact that the wind had turned his nose blue, he looked more like a French flag than anything else. He sagged from the wais ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Paratroopers Boots quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
Darlin'," he drawled, "go when you are invited. Bring good boots, drive slow, take blankets, carry your own salt, but by all means... go where the light is.
That's not bad advice, wherever you live. Darlin'. ~ Ellen Stimson
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Ellen Stimson
Nick swore he'd die with this boots on, on some exotic safari, but he found his Kilimanjaro in a hospital on Earth, where they'd cured everything that was bothering him, except for the galloping pneumonia he'd picked up in the hospital. That had been, roughly, two hundred and fifty years ago. I'd been a pallbearer. ~ Roger Zelazny
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Roger Zelazny
Key, crown, child," he muttered. "Well, fuck you, Patience. Three things must you kiss before I let you spook me for good. My boots, my balls, and my ass. ~ Scott Lynch
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Scott Lynch
The heels of military boots, striking marble floors, made a sound like thrown stones. ~ Gregory Maguire
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Gregory Maguire
The straw-coated floor crunched beneath her boots, a cool breeze sweeping in from where the roof had been ripped half off thanks to Sorrel's bull. To keep the wyverns from feeling less caged - and so Abraxos could watch the stars, as he liked to do. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Sarah J. Maas
This was the best and worst thing about my wife: she felt sorry for me. When I put my work boots on the mantel or fell asleep on her side of the bed, she'd groan and clench her teeth. She'd kiss me, long and deep, a sigh of disappointment. ~ Emily Fridlund
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Emily Fridlund
Long past the moment when her neck begins to stiffen and ache, she continues to stare into the darkness, even though none of the human secrets she needs to know are to be found in the stars but rather closer to the earth her boots stand upon. ~ Larry Watson
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Larry Watson
All you need to get to heaven is a good pair of boots. ~ Shelton Johnson
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Shelton Johnson
The story [for the western genre] is everything. Whether it's a book or a screenplay, the story drives everything. And if you just go out and try to make one by putting on boots and jumping on a horse and riding off ... If you don't have the material, the characters and the things to overcome and conflicts that give life to drama, you don't have it. ~ Clint Eastwood
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Clint Eastwood
She wears high tech Devo suit, she changed her name to Xerox, she hides quaaludes in her boots. ~ Alice Cooper
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Alice Cooper
In a world of twelve-years-olds in sexy boots and nans in sparkly mini-dresses, the surest way to tell the prostitute walking into a hotel at Heathrow is to look for the lady in the designer suit. ~ Belle De Jour
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Belle De Jour
Winter had stripped the garden and grounds to their bones. Dead grass crunched beneath Michael's boots as he and Ada walked toward the ruin. Easy to see why Christmas would be necessary at this time of year. Warmth and green seemed like far memories. But the holiday could provide a welcome break from the relentless gray and chill. ~ Zoe Archer
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Zoe Archer
A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. ~ Terry Pratchett
Paratroopers Boots quotes by Terry Pratchett
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