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#1. "Humanism" is to be human, to think, to analyze, and to probe. To respond and to be stimulated by all living things - beasts, fowl, and fishes. To respond through touch, sight, smell, and sound to all things in nature - both organic and inorganic-to colors, shapes, and textures - to not only look at a blade of grass but to really see a blade of grass. These things, to me, are what life and living are all about. I would call it "Humanism." - Author: Jacob Lawrence
Parajanov Color quotes by Jacob Lawrence
#2. Precisely because white denial has long trumped claims of racism, people of color tend to underreport their experiences with racial bias rather than exaggerate them. - Author: Tim Wise
Parajanov Color quotes by Tim Wise
#3. it's like you're drowning and all they're worrying about is the color of your bathing suit - Author: Anonymous
Parajanov Color quotes by Anonymous
#4. Our religion does not discriminate according to color, sex or anything else. What counts is piety and faith. - Author: King Hussein I
Parajanov Color quotes by King Hussein I
#5. A rain-tight roof, frugal living, a box of colors, and God's sunlight through clear windows keep the soul attuned and the body vigorous for one's daily work. - Author: Albert Pinkham Ryder
Parajanov Color quotes by Albert Pinkham Ryder
#6. Ethics based on this faultily quoted verse have changed nothing in post-Gandhi India, save the color of its administration. From a hungry man's point of view, though, it's all the same who makes him hungry. I submit that he may even prefer a white man to be responsible for his sorry state if only because this way social evil may appear to come from elsewhere and may perhaps be less efficient than the suffering at the hand of his own kind. With an alien in charge, there is still room for hope, for fantasy.
Similarly in post-Tolstoy Russia, ethics based on this misquoted verse undermined a great deal of the nation's resolve in confronting the police state. What has followed is known all too well: six decades of turning the other cheek transformed the face of the nation into one big bruise, so that the state today, weary of its violence, simply spits at that face. As well as at the face of the world. - Author: Joseph Brodsky
Parajanov Color quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#7. In the quiet of an early morning, honesty finds me. It calls to me through a crack in my soul and invites the real me to come out, come out, wherever you are. Not the carefully edited edition of the me I am this year. No, honesty wants to speak to the least tidy version of the woman I've become. The one I can't make look more alive with a few swipes of mascara and a little color on my lips. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
Parajanov Color quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#8. I sat on a bench and my mother stood in front of me, looking down the track. Her hair was cut short, and because it had all turned gray when she was twenty-three, she always had it dyed a deep chestnut brown. It was that color all over except for a super thin stripe at the top of her head, where the gray showed through. Sometimes I wanted to touch that place on my mother's head, that thin crack where her real self had forced its way through. - Author: Carol Rifka Brunt
Parajanov Color quotes by Carol Rifka Brunt
#9. To her, there was only one shade to every color. She was happy with the one shade. - Author: Susan Meissner
Parajanov Color quotes by Susan Meissner
#10. Only ur karma is imp. Not ur birth. Not ur sex. And certainly not the color of ur throat
Shiva Trilogy
The Mortals of Meluha pg 86 - Author: Amish Tripathi
Parajanov Color quotes by Amish Tripathi
#11. We all have one idea of what the color blue is, but pressed to describe it specifically, there are so many ways: the ocean, lapis lazuli, the sky, someone's eyes. Our definitions are as different as we are ourselves. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Parajanov Color quotes by Sarah Dessen
#12. Because of how rarely our privilege is examined, even our social justice movements will tend to focus on the most privileged and most well represented people within those groups. Anti-racism groups will often tend to prioritize the needs of straight men of color, feminist groups will tend to prioritize the needs of white women, LGBTQ groups will tend to prioritize the needs of white gay cisgender men, disability rights groups will tend to prioritize the needs of disabled white men...Because the needs of the most privileged are usually the ones prioritized, they are often the only ones considered when discussing solutions to oppression and inequality. These solutions, not surprisingly, often leave the underprivileged populations in our movements behind. - Author: Ijeoma Oluo
Parajanov Color quotes by Ijeoma Oluo
#13. I don't start with a color order, but find the colors as I go. - Author: Helen Frankenthaler
Parajanov Color quotes by Helen Frankenthaler
#14. I don't have the educated knowledge of what textures, colors, shapes and spaces need to be put together to make something just right. I'm learning it by trial and error, which is something that's slow going. - Author: Evangeline Lilly
Parajanov Color quotes by Evangeline Lilly
#15. I always hated when people told me not to aspire to certain things because I was a woman. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be told this simply because of my skin color. One of the many things I've learned is that when you've been holed up in a safe house with someone who doesn't look like you or speak the same language, but who was ready to break bread with you and even fight by your side - you quickly realized that there were a lot more important things to gripe about. At the end of the day, people were just people - blood, sweat and tears, heart and soul. - Author: Alesha Escobar
Parajanov Color quotes by Alesha Escobar
#16. You can have any color you want, as long as it's black - Author: Henry Ford
Parajanov Color quotes by Henry Ford
#17. Teeth gritted, he gazed down at me. "Now that I come to think about it. I'm not real keen on your eye color, either. What do you call that shade of green? Fungus? - Author: Kylie Scott
Parajanov Color quotes by Kylie Scott
#18. Because of barriers of knowledge, barriers of state, and barriers of action, seeing your own buddha nature is like seeing color at night. - Author: Thomas Cleary
Parajanov Color quotes by Thomas Cleary
#19. What I want to write about today is the sea. It contains so many colors. Silver at dawn, green at noon, dark blue in the evening. Sometimes it looks almost red. Or it will turn the color of old coins. Right now the shadows of clouds are dragging across it, and patches of sunlight are touching down everywhere. White strings of gulls drag over it like beads. It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Parajanov Color quotes by Anthony Doerr
#20. Some have said that if you take a great picture in color and take away the color, you'll have a great black-and-white picture. But if you're shooting something about color and you take away the color, you'll have nothing. - Author: Jay Maisel
Parajanov Color quotes by Jay Maisel
#21. She could, at this stage of things, recognize signals like that, as the epileptic is said to - an odor, color, pure piercing grace note announcing his seizure. Afterward it is only this signal, really dross, this secular announcement, and never what is revealed during the attack, that he remembers. Oedipa wondered whether, at the end of this (if it were supposed to end), she too might not be left with only compiled memories of clues, announcements, intimations, but never the central truth itself, which must somehow each time be too bright for her memory to hold; which must always blaze out, destroying its own message irreversibly, leaving an overexposed blank when the ordinary world came back. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Parajanov Color quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#22. SOULS WITHIN Black or white we are all the same, When circumstances go wrong, Why does color have to take the blame, Knowing right from wrong has nothing to do with our skin, It's about our conscience, our heart and soul within, We all have the same emotions scream, laugh, cry, Strip us from the outside, look passed it, Please try! We are just people, Black and white, Look into our souls within, Please end this fight! - Author: Marci Arguin
Parajanov Color quotes by Marci Arguin
#23. To be a woman is to be more than our parts.
It is to be more than the length of our lashes or the plumpness and color of our lips. - Author: Leah Darrow
Parajanov Color quotes by Leah Darrow
#24. It sometimes seems to me like we're not supposed to notice that Shug's colored, or that saying anything about it would be bad manners. That puzzles me because Shug's being colored strikes me as real obvious. And usually anybody's difference gets pounced on and picked at. This silence is a lie peculiar to a man's skin color, which makes it extra serious and extra puzzling. Daddy - Author: Mary Karr
Parajanov Color quotes by Mary Karr
#25. I did some pastels and I did other pieces in which there was just basically one color per square, and then they would get bigger and I could get 2 or 3 colors into the square, and ultimately I just started making oil paintings. - Author: Chuck Close
Parajanov Color quotes by Chuck Close
#26. The sky was the color of Edgar Allan Poe's pajamas. - Author: Tom Robbins
Parajanov Color quotes by Tom Robbins
#27. It all depends on the directors. Working closely with a director is the main job of a film composer. Interpreting what he perceives as a color, an emotion or mood is very abstract. A director tells you something he wants and then you have to run back. - Author: Danny Elfman
Parajanov Color quotes by Danny Elfman
#28. Some parts of the genome with a high frequency of Neanderthal variants shape hair and skin color and likely made the first Eurasians lighter-skinned than their African ancestors. - Author: Christine Kenneally
Parajanov Color quotes by Christine Kenneally
#29. He lifted his eyes. They were the color of the deepest heart of hurricane clouds, deeper blue than the sky behind him. - Author: Laura Kinsale
Parajanov Color quotes by Laura Kinsale
#30. Antigay activists have historically maintained that same-sex sexuality is a lifestyle choice that should be discouraged, deemed illegitimate, and even punished by the culture at large. In other words, if lesbian/gay/bisexual people to not have to be gay but are simply choosing a path of decadence and deviance, then the government should have no obligation to protect their civil rights or honor their relationships; to the contrary, the state should actively condemn same-sex sexuality and deny it legal and social recognition in order to discourage others from following that path.
Not surprisingly, advocates for gay/lesbian/bisexual rights see things differently. They counter that sexual orientation is not a matter of choice but an inborn trait that is much beyond an individual's control as skin or eye color. Accordingly, since gay/lesbian/bisexual individuals cannot choose to be heterosexual, it is unethical to discriminate against them and to deny legal recognition to same-sex relationships.
Perhaps instead of arguing that gay/lesbian/bisexual individuals deserve civil rights because they are powerless to change their behavior, we should affirm the fundamental rights of all people to determine their own emotional and sexual lives. - Author: Lisa Diamond
Parajanov Color quotes by Lisa Diamond
#31. I turned my focus to clothes, immediately endeavoring to find just the right dress for the occasion. This was huge--my debut as the girlfriend of Marlboro Man--and I shopped with that in mind. Should I go for a sleek, sexy suit? That might seem too confident and brazen. A floral silk skirt? Too obvious for a wedding. A little black dress? Too conservative and safe. The options pummeled my brain as I browsed the choices on the racks. I tried on dress after dress, suit after suit, outfit after outfit, my frustration growing more acute with each zip of the zipper. I wanted to be a man. Men don't agonize over what to wear to a wedding. They don't spend seven hours trying on clothes. They don't think of wardrobe choices as life-or-death decisions.
That's when I found it: a drop-dead gorgeous fitted suit the exact color of a stick of butter. It was snug, with just a slight hint of sexy, but the lovely, pure color made up for it. The fabric was a lightweight wool, but since the wedding would be at night, I knew it would be just fine. I loved the suit--not only would I feel pretty for Marlboro Man, but I'd also appear moderately, but not overly, confident to all his cousins, and appropriate and proper to his elderly grandmothers. - Author: Ree Drummond
Parajanov Color quotes by Ree Drummond
#32. Everything took on the color of blood. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Parajanov Color quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#33. Smart'n'Civ'lize ain't nothin' to do with the color o' the skin, nay. - Author: David Mitchell
Parajanov Color quotes by David Mitchell
#34. I think it's beautiful to be able to cover yourself in metal. I love the color and the way it reflects. But it is also a protection. - Author: Daphne Guinness
Parajanov Color quotes by Daphne Guinness

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