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I live again the days and evenings of my long career. I dream at night of operas and concerts in which I have had my share of success. Now like the old Irish minstrel, I have hung up my harp because my songs are all sung. ~ John McCormack
Paraguayan Harp quotes by John McCormack
I harp always on the 'idea' of life as I dwell perpetually on the existence of the moment. ~ Marsden Hartley
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Marsden Hartley
To-day, when the crisis calls you, will you go off and display your recitation and harp on, 'How cleverly I compose dialogues'? Nay, fellow man, make this your object, 'Look how I fail not to get what I will. Look how I escape what I will to avoid. Let death come and you shall know; bring me pains, prison, dishonour, condemnation.' This is the true field of display for a young man come from school. Leave those other trifles to other men; let no one ever hear you say a word on them, do not tolerate any compliments upon them; assume the air of being no one and of knowing nothing. Show that you know this only, how not to fail and how not to fall. ~ Epictetus
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Epictetus
I play as many different things - piano, sax and harp parts - as I can at once. Whatever I can fit, whenever I need to. ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Afternoons, when the fossil sea was warm and motionless, and the wine trees stood stiff in the yard, and the little distant Martian bone town was all enclosed, and no one drifted out their doors, you could see Mr. K himself in his room, reading from a metal book with raised hieroglyphs over which he brushed his hand, as one might play a harp. And from the book, as his fingers stroked, a voice sang, a soft ancient voice, which told tales of when the sea was red steam on the shore and ancient men had carried clouds of metal insects and electric spiders into battle. ~ Ray Bradbury
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Ray Bradbury
Men know how to read printed books; they do not know how to read the unprinted ones. They can play on a stringed harp, but not on a stringless one. Applying themselves to the superficial instead of the profound, how should they understand music or poetry?From the Saikontan, by Kojisei (circa 1600) cited in Haiku by Robert Blyth, circa 1947 Tokyo, p. 73. ~ Kojisei
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Kojisei
The heaven of stars bends over me in silence, a harp through which the wind of time still whispers music some hand has hushed but left there trembling-- where time has made such music! ~ John Hall Wheelock
Paraguayan Harp quotes by John Hall Wheelock
My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise. Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early. I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations. ~ David
Paraguayan Harp quotes by David
Rain is a lullaby heard through a thick, isolating blanket of clouds. It is the tinkling harp of water droplets; a moist breath whistling through willow reeds; a pattering beat background to the mourner's melody. Rain is a soft song of compassion for the brokenhearted. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
There existed very long saxophones from years ago. The player sat on their chair like a cellist; that same sort of feeling to it as well - unlike for example the way a harpist would be: the whole act differing in a very fundamental sense. Although harpists are fine. There is nothing to be said against harpists by any means whatsoever. ~ James Kelman
Paraguayan Harp quotes by James Kelman
I always said I would have gone in to psychology, or maybe the FBI. I'm really in to and interested in humans and their minds and emotions. I think that's another reason I like songwriting. It's amazing the stories you can tell about someone, just from a little people watching ~ Jessica Harp
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Jessica Harp
I am fascinated by the places that music comes from, like fife-and-drum blues from southern Mississippi or Cajun music out of Lafayette, Louisiana, shape-note singing, old harp singing from the mountains - I love that stuff. It's like the beginning of rock and roll: something comes down from the hills, and something comes up from the delta. ~ Robbie Robertson
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Robbie Robertson
It was a tender and heart-dissolving prayer, full of sorrow, yet so imbued with celestial hopes, that the music of a heavenly harp, swept by the fingers of the dead, seemed faintly to be heard among the saddest accents of the minister. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dear friend now in the dusty clockless hours of the town when the streets lie black and steaming in the wake of the watertrucks and now when the drunk and the homeless have washed up in the lee of walls in alleys or abandoned lots and cats go forth highshouldered and lean in the grim perimeters about, now in these sootblacked brick or cobbled corridors where lightwire shadows make a gothic harp of cellar doors no soul shall walk save you. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Cormac McCarthy
I flipped through a book on harp seals in the late 1970s and saw images of them swimming in emerald green pools of water surrounded by huge sheets of ice. Right then I was hooked, and I knew this was a story I wanted to do. ~ Brian Skerry
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Brian Skerry
Go ye, who rest so placidly upon the sacred Bard who had been young, and when he strung his harp was old, and had never seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging their bread; go, Teachers of content and honest pride, into the mine, the mill, the forge, the squalid depths of deepest ignorance, and uttermost abyss of man's neglect, and say can any hopeful plant spring up in air so foul that it extinguishes the soul's bright torch as fast as it is kindled! ~ Charles Dickens
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Charles Dickens
Arcitc Harp seal pup populations are declining as they are commercially hunted for oil and fur and global warming causes the ice where pups are born to break up and melt. Now these sweet and adorable pups face yet another human threat: oil spills. ~ Zoe Helene
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Zoe Helene
Every hidden cell is throbbing with music and life, every fiber thrilling like harp strings. ~ John Muir
Paraguayan Harp quotes by John Muir
Not all who own a harp are harpers. ~ Marcus Terentius Varro
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Marcus Terentius Varro
May my lips be a well-tuned harp to sound Thy praise. Let ~ Anonymous
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Anonymous
Part of a moon was falling down the west,
Dragging the whole sky with it to the hills.
Its light poured softly in her lap. She saw
And spread her apron to it. She put out her hand
Among the harp-like morning-glory strings,
Taut with the dew from garden bed to eaves,
As if she played unheard the tenderness
That wrought on him beside her in the night. ~ Robert Frost
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Robert Frost
I know her by her angry air,
Her brightblack eyes, her brightblack hair,
Her rapid laughters wild and shrill,
As laughter of the woodpecker
From the bosom of a hill.
'Tis Kate--she sayeth what she will;
For Kate hath an unbridled tongue,
Clear as the twanging of a harp.
Her heart is like a throbbing star.
Kate hath a spirit ever strung
Like a new bow, and bright and sharp
As edges of the scymetar.
Whence shall she take a fitting mate?
For Kate no common love will feel;
My woman-soldier, gallant Kate,
As pure and true as blades of steel.
Kate saith "the world is void of might".
Kate saith "the men are gilded flies".
Kate snaps her fingers at my vows;
Kate will not hear of lover's sighs.
I would I were an armèd knight,
Far famed for wellwon enterprise,
And wearing on my swarthy brows
The garland of new-wreathed emprise:
For in a moment I would pierce
The blackest files of clanging fight,
And strongly strike to left and right,
In dreaming of my lady's eyes.
Oh! Kate loves well the bold and fierce;
But none are bold enough for Kate,
She cannot find a fitting mate. ~ Alfred Tennyson
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Alfred Tennyson
Lighthearted boys and girls
were harvesting the grapes in woven baskets,
while on a resonant harp a boy among them
played a tune of longing, singing low
with delicate voice a summer dirge. The others,
breaking out in song for the joy of it,
kept time together as they skipped along. ~ Homer
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Homer
I didn't sing for years and years, but I started playing harp when I was maybe 9 or 10. I had actually wanted to play for years leading up to that, but no teacher in our little town would take me on as a student, because I was too young. ~ Joanna Newsom
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Joanna Newsom
She played a great deal better than either of the Miss Musgroves; but having no voice, no knowledge of the harp, and no fond parents to sit by and fancy themselves delighted, her performance was little thought of, only out of civility, or to refresh the others, as she was well aware. She knew that when she played she was giving pleasure only to herself; but this was no new sensation: excepting one short period of her life, she had never, since the age of fourteen, never since the loss of her dear mother, know the happiness of being listened to, or encouraged by any just appreciation or real taste. In music she had been always used to feel alone in the world; and Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove's fond partiality for their own daughters' performance, and total indifference to any other person's, gave her much more pleasure for their sakes, than mortification for her own. ~ Jane Austen
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Jane Austen
If your self-respect's for sale, don't complain when someone tries to bargain. ~ K.D. Harp
Paraguayan Harp quotes by K.D. Harp
That break comes for all of us, at different times and in different ways. The nourishment of food, the bonds of friendship, the occasions for celebration, and the delights of legitimate pleasure end in a matter of a moment for each life and each relationship. It is to this vulnerability of living that Jesus points His finger. The poet puts it in these words: Our life contains a thousand springs and dies if one be gone; Strange that a harp of a thousand strings can stay in tune so long. There is an old adage that says you can give a hungry man a fish, or better still, you can teach him how to fish. Jesus would add that you can teach a person how to fish, but the most successful fisherman has hungers fish will not satisfy. G ~ Ravi Zacharias
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Ravi Zacharias
And Satan sighed and shook his head, played harp amongst the flames. 'It's Hell up there in Heaven too, for all that that is worth. Heaven is just a lie of mine to make it Hell on Earth. ~ Nick Cave
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Nick Cave
It is a miserable thing to be a backslider. Of all unhappy things that can befall a man, I suppose it is the worst. A stranded ship, a broken-winged eagle, a garden overrun with weeds, a harp without strings, a church in ruins, - all these are sad sights; but a backslider is a sadder sight still. That true grace shall never be extinguished, and true union with Christ never be broken off, I feel no doubt. But I do believe that a man may fall away so far that he shall lose sight of his own grace, and despair of his own salvation. And if this is not hell, it is certainly the next thing to it! A wounded conscience, a mind sick of itself, a memory full of self-reproach, a heart pierced through with the Lord's arrows, a spirit broken with a load of inward accusation, - all this is a taste of hell. It is a hell on earth. ~ J.C. Ryle
Paraguayan Harp quotes by J.C. Ryle
Tomo: You see, it's only the boobcage that I'm lacking. My only flaw. That's why I harp on you.

Kagura: Huh? Lacking to be what?

Tomo: To be my ideal woman.

Kagura: Ideal? Who's your ideal woman?,

Tomo: ... Fujiko Mine from "Lupin III".

Kagura: WHAT!? ~ Kiyohiko Azuma
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Kiyohiko Azuma
…everything has a past. Everything – a person, an object, a word, everything. If you don't know the past, you can't understand the present and plan properly for the future. ~ Chaim Potok
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Chaim Potok
Well having a partner in crime helps a lot! But honestly it doesn't take much to get me psyched. The stage is where I'm most at home, and that has been the case since I was very young. It's where I feel most myself and at ease. ~ Jessica Harp
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Jessica Harp
Park hated football. He cried when his dad took him pheasant hunting. Nobody in the neighbourhood could ever tell who he was dressed as on Halloween. ('I'm Doctor Who.' 'I'm Harp Marx.' 'I'm Count Floyd.') And he kind of wanted his mom to give him blond highlights. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Rainbow Rowell
The marvels of God are not brought forth from one's self. Rather, it is more like a chord, a sound that is played. The tone does not come out of the chord itself, but rather, through the touch of the musician. I am, of course, the lyre and harp of God's kindness. ~ Hildegard Of Bingen
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Hildegard Of Bingen
This is what they all come to who exclusively harp on experience. They do not stop to consider that experience is only one half of experience. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
A girl wearing a wicker chicken and playing the harp bopped me with a book about buns and then stuffed me under a piano. ~ Gail Carriger
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Gail Carriger
From every enjoyment I was, of course, excluded: my share of the gaiety consisted […] in listening to the sound of the piano or the harp played below, to the passing to and fro of the butler and footman, to the jingling of glass and china as refreshments were handed, to the broken hum of conversation as the drawing-room door opened and closed. When tired of this occupation, I would retire from the stairhead to the solitary and silent nursery […]. I then sat with my doll on my knee, till the fire got low, glancing round occasionally to make sure that nothing worse than myself haunted the shadowy room; and when the embers sank to a dull red, I undressed hastily, tugging at knots and strings as I best might, and sought shelter from cold and darkness in my crib. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Charlotte Bronte
One looks down from the Brooklyn Bridge on a spot of foam or a little lake of gasoline or a broken splinter or an empty scow; the world goes by upside down with pain and light devouring the innards, the sides of flesh bursting, the spears pressing in against the cartilage, the very armature of the body floating off into nothingness ... One walks the street at night with the bridge against the sky like a harp and the festered eyes of sleep burn into the shanties, deflower the walls; the stairs collapse in a smudge and the rats scamper across the ceiling; a voice is nailed against the door and long creepy things with furry antennae and thousand legs drop from the pipes like beads of sweat. ~ Henry Miller
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Henry Miller
It's not going to be that hard to be in Heaven, or the Heavenly City or the Millennium, but you're going to have something to do and something to keep you busy, and you'd be unhappy if you didn't. Wouldn't it be ridiculous after being so busy here if you wound up in Heaven with nothing to do but sit on a cloud playing a harp for a thousand years?-Much less all eternity! I think you'd really get bored. ~ David Berg
Paraguayan Harp quotes by David Berg
I can pass days
Stretch'd in the shade of those old cedar trees,
Watching the sunshine like a blessing fall,
The breeze like music wandering o'er the boughs,
Each tree a natural harp,
each different leaf
A different note, blent in one vast thanksgiving. ~ Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
If a man cannot learn well a melody on pipe or harp, unless he in every way strain his attention; how shall one, who sits as a listener to sounds mystical, be able to hear with a careless soul? ~ John Chrysostom
Paraguayan Harp quotes by John Chrysostom
She wants you to tell her she is just going to be displeased, David. She knows you can't fix everything and it frustrates her when you try. Just tell her it isn't anything you can fix but you will get through it together. ~ Wilson Harp
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Wilson Harp
Palo's three older brothers had died in the Paraguayan War, conscripted by the Argentinian government, taken off by force along with all the black men of their generation, because, Palo told young Santiago, they needed a way to not only win their war but also rid this country of us in the process, two birds with one stone. Buenos Aires was too black for them, one third of the population, that's enough blackness to swallow you up! to get strong on you! and so they sent our fathers off to war and opened floodgates to European steamships so that white men would pour into the city to replace us, and their plan worked, the bastarda, look at our city now. ~ Carolina De Robertis
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Carolina De Robertis
Am I a harp that the hand of the mighty may touch me, or a flute that his breath may pass through me? ~ Kahlil Gibran
Paraguayan Harp quotes by Kahlil Gibran
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