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#1. What I like so much about Corot is that he can say everything with a bit of tree; and it was Corot himself that I found in the museum of Naples - in the simplicity of the work of Pompeii and the Egyptians. These priestesses in their silver-grey tunics are just like Corot's nymphs. - Author: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#2. On the whole, the modern palette is the same as the one used by the artists of Pompeii ... I mean it has not been enriched. The ancients used earths, ochres, and ivory-black - you can do anything with that palette. - Author: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
#3. Which of us that is thirty years old has not had its Pompeii? Deep under ashes lies the life of youth
the careless sport, the pleasure and the passion, the darling joy. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#4. I never got my Pompeii," I said, low and even. "And you know I deserved every bit of it. But I'm not going to erupt all over you like I'm owed. Because I've already won. She's not fucking you tonight. - Author: S. Walden
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by S. Walden
#5. But then in middle school science, Mr. Martinez asked who among us had ever fantasized about living in the clouds, and everyone raised their hand. Then Mr. Martinez told us that up in the clouds the wind blew one hundred and fifty miles an hour and the temperature was thirty below zero and there was no oxygen and we'd all die within seconds."
"Sounds like a nice guy."
"He specialized in the murder of dreams, Hazel Grace.let me tell you. You think volcanoes are awesome? Tell that to the ten thousand screaming corpses at Pompeii. You still secretly believe that there is an element of magic to this world? It's all just soulless molecules bouncing against each other randomly. Do you worry about who will take care of you if your parents die? As well you should, because they will be worm food in the fullness of time. - Author: John Green
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by John Green
#6. We were trying, as I irrelevantly analyzed it, to avoid what might be termed a historic mistake. We were trying to understand, that is, whether we were in a preapocalyptic situation, like the European Jews in the thirties or the last citizens of Pompeii, or whether our situation was merely near-apocalyptic, like that of the Cold War inhabitants of New York, London, Washington - Author: Joseph O'Neill
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Joseph O'Neill
#7. (E)ach generation thinks it invented sex; each generation is totally mistaken. Anything along that line today was commonplace both in Pompeii and in Victorian England; the differences lie only in the degree of coverup
if any. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#8. If there was a volcano under their feet, a Vesuvius that could erupt and bury this modern-day Pompeii at any moment, the best thing to do was dance on it. - Author: Deborah Davis
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Deborah Davis
#9. We mixed the sounds ourselves. If they were going to put the sound back onto our film [Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii.], we wanted to mix it ourselves. - Author: David Gilmour
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by David Gilmour
#10. Laurel: Hello, ever hear of the Olympics?
Holly: Or the Panathenaia?
Laurel: Sand courts were everywhere back then. Ancient Greeks wrestled and boxed in them.
Holly: Called them palaestrae. Singular: palaestra
Laurel: After Palaestra, the goddess who invented wrestling.
Holly: Hear that, boys? The goddess of wrestling.
Laurel: Girl power!
Holly: They wrestled naked.
Laurel: So no place to hide weapons.
Holly: Palaestra ruled the ring
Laurel: Like we ruled the court. - Author: Rick Riordan
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Rick Riordan
#11. ... that eternally restless, eternally unquenched desire for naked paganism, that love that is the supreme joy, that is divine serenity itself- those things are useless for you moderns, you children of reflection. That sort of love wreaks havoc on you. As soon as you wish to be natural you become normal. To you Nature seems hostile, you have turned us laughing Greek deities into demons and me into a devil. All you can do is exorcise me and curse me or else sacrifice yourselves, slaughter yourselves in bacchanalian madness at my alter. And if you ever has the courage to kiss my red lips, he then goes on a pilgrimage to Rome, barefoot and in a penitent's shirt, and expects flowers to blossom from his withered staff, while roses, violets, and myrtles sprout constantly under my feet- but their fragrance doesn't agree with you, So just stay in your northern fog and Christian incense. Let us pagans rest under the rubble, under lava. Do not dig us up. Pompeii, our villas, our baths, our temples were not built for you people! You need no gods! We freeze in your world! - Author: Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
#12. You entered,
Abrupt like "Take it!",
Mauling suede gloves, you tarried,
And said:
"You know,-
I'm soon getting married."

Get married then.
It's all right,
I can handle it.
You see - I'm calm, of course!
Like the pulse
Of a corpse.

You used to say:
"Jack London,
Love and ardour,"--
I saw one thing only:
You were La Gioconda,
Which had to be stolen!

And someone stole you.

Again in love, I shall start gambling,
With fire illuminating the arch of my eyebrows.
And why not?
Sometimes, the homeless ramblers
Will seek to find shelter in a burnt down house!

You're mocking me?
"You've fewer emeralds of madness
than a beggar kopecks, there's no disproving this!"
But remember
Pompeii came to end thus
When somebody teased Vesuvius!

You care for
And war.
But have you seen
The frightening terror
Of my face
Perfectly calm?

And I feel-
Is too small to fit me.
Someone inside me is getting smothered. - Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Vladimir Mayakovsky
#13. But perhaps the most poetical thing Pompeii has yielded to modern research, was that grand figure of a Roman soldier, clad in complete armor; who, true to his duty, true to his proud name of a soldier of Rome, and full of the stern courage which had given to that name its glory, stood to his post by the city gate, erect and unflinching, till the hell that raged around him burned out the dauntless spirit it could not conquer. We never read of Pompeii but we think of that soldier; we can not write of Pompeii without the natural impulse to grant to him the mention he so well deserves. Let us remember that he was a soldier
not a policeman
and so, praise him. Being a soldier, he staid,
because the warrior instinct forbade him to fly. Had he been a policeman he would have staid, also
because he would have been asleep. - Author: Mark Twain
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Mark Twain
#14. POMPEII Note the ruts in roadway worn by chariot wheels. - Author: H.G.Wells
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by H.G.Wells
#15. But if you close your eyes,does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? - Author: Bastille Pompeii
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Bastille Pompeii
#16. Isn't this history, and aren't we a couple of ruins?
Is Carthage Pompeii? is the pillow the bed? is the sun
What glues our heads together? O midnight! O midnight! - Author: Kenneth Koch
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Kenneth Koch
#17. Pompeii has nothing to teach us,
we know crack of volcanic fissure,
slow flow of terrible lava,
pressure on heart, lungs, the brain
about to burst its brittle case
(what the skull can endure!) - Author: H.D.
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by H.D.
#18. He'd unbuttoned his shirt so the night breeze would soothe him; his body always ran too hot. The blood. Too hot. The large, gold crucifix on his neck, dangling to his thick chest hairs, caught there, and winked in the candlelight. His childhood prayers. For food. Warmth. His beloved mother. That the cruelty of his father. Stop. No more. Beatings. He never. Stopped. Beating her. Mama. [...] Pompeii remembered - like tuning into a clear TV channel - his mother's gentle face. Her fingertips on his boy's face, calming him to sleep. The sound of his father's drunken entrance, when she would hold her breath, stop stroking his boy face. - Author: Alma Luz Villanueva
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Alma Luz Villanueva
#19. Brazil is living the last hours of Pompeii. - Author: Antonio Ermirio De Moraes
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Antonio Ermirio De Moraes
#20. When we're really old, people in the future will interview us, because we lived through one of the biggest events in human history. Like the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed over 50 million people. Or the great depression. Or Pompeii. Or the Titanic. - Author: Oliver Markus Malloy
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#21. Don't let yourself forget how many doctors have died, furrowing their brows over how many deathbeds. How many astrologers, after pompous forecasts about others' ends. How many philosophers, after endless disquisitions on death and immortality. How many warriors, after inflicting thousands of casualties themselves. How many tyrants, after abusing the power of life and death atrociously, as if they were themselves immortal.
How many whole cities have met their end: Helike, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and countless others.

And all the ones you know yourself, one after another. One who laid out another for burial, and was buried himself, and then the man who buried him - all in the same short space of time.

In short, know this: Human lives are brief and trivial. Yesterday a blob of semen; tomorrow embalming fluid, ash.

To pass through this brief life as nature demands. To give it up without complaint.

Like an olive that ripens and falls.

Praising its mother, thanking the tree it grew on. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#22. These trenches are like Pompeii, sir. - Author: Ford Madox Ford
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Ford Madox Ford
#23. We are not good at recognizing distant threats even if their probability is 100%. Society ignoring [peak oil] is like the people of Pompeii ignoring the rumblings below Vesuvius. - Author: James R. Schlesinger
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by James R. Schlesinger
#24. The features of our face are hardly more than gestures which force of habit made permanent. Nature, like the destruction of Pompeii, like the metamorphosis of a nymph into a tree, has arrested us in an accustomed movement. - Author: Marcel Proust
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Marcel Proust
#25. Goddammit! How does the world keep spinning with women on the planet?
Ian St. John in THE POMPEII SCROLL - Author: Jacqueline LaTourrette
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Jacqueline LaTourrette
#26. We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man. - Author: Oswald Spengler
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Oswald Spengler
#27. We will always be black, you and I, even if it means different things in different places. France is built on its own dream, on its collection of bodies, and recall that your very name is drawn from a man who opposed France and its national project of theft by colonization. It is true that our color was not our distinguishing feature there, so much as the Americanness represented in our poor handle on French. And it is true that there is something particular about how the Americans who think they are white regard us - something sexual and obscene. We were not enslaved in France. We are not their particular "problem," nor their national guilt. We are not their niggers. If there is any comfort in this, it is not the kind that I would encourage you to indulge. Remember your name. Remember that you and I are brothers, are the children of trans-Atlantic rape. Remember the broader consciousness that comes with that. Remember that this consciousness can never ultimately be racial; it must be cosmic. Remember the Roma you saw begging with their children in the street, and the venom with which they were addressed. Remember the Algerian cab driver, speaking openly of his hatred of Paris, then looking at your mother and me and insisting that we were all united under Africa. Remember the rumbling we all felt under the beauty of Paris, as though the city had been built in abeyance of Pompeii. Remember the feeling that the great public gardens, the long lunches, might all be undone by a ph - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#28. What they say is, life goes on, and that is mostly true. The mail is delivered and the Christmas lights go up and the ladders get put away and you open yet another box of cereal. In time, the volume of my feelings would be turned down in gentle increments to a near quiet, and yet the record would still spin, always spin. There was a place for Rose so deeply within myself that it was another country, another world, with its own light and time and its own language. A lost world. Yet its foundations and edges were permanent-the ruins of Pompeii, the glorious remnants or the Forum. A world that endured, even as it retreated into the past. A world visited, imagined, ever waiting, yet asleep - Author: Deb Caletti
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Deb Caletti
#29. There was, apparently, a nuclear reactor at a place called Indian Point, just thirty miles away in Westchester County. If something bad happened there, we were constantly being informed, the 'radioactive debris', whatever this might be, was liable to rain down on us. (Indian Point: the earliest, most incurable apprehensions stirred in its very name.) Then there was the question of dirty bombs. Apparently any fool could build a dirty bomb and explode it in Manhattan. How likely was this? Nobody knew. Very little about anything seemed intelligible or certain, and New York itself - that ideal source of the metropolitan diversion that serves as a response to the largest futilities - took on a fearsome, monstrous nature whose reality might have befuddled Plato himself. We were trying, as I irreverently analysed it, to avoid what might be termed a historic mistake. We were trying to understand, that is, whether we were in a pre-apocalyptic situation, like the European Jews in the thirties or the last citizens of Pompeii, or whether our situation was merely near-apocalyptic, like that of the Cold War inhabitants of New York, London, Washington and, for that matter, Moscow. In my anxiety I phoned Rachel's father, Charles Bolton, and asked him how he'd dealt with the threat of nuclear annihilation. I wanted to believe that this episode of history, like those old cataclysms that deposit a geologically telling layer of dust on the floors of seas, had sooted its survivors with special in - Author: Joseph O'Neill
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Joseph O'Neill
#30. Adrian Maben came to us with the idea. And we just thought, "Well, why not?" I don't think any of us thought it would be as well received and last in people's minds for as long as it did. All credit to him. It's his idea [Pink Floyd at Pompeii] and it was great. - Author: David Gilmour
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by David Gilmour
#31. Unless companies change these rules, any superficial re-organizations they perform will be no more effective than dusting the furniture in Pompeii. - Author: Michael Martin Hammer
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Michael Martin Hammer
#32. Prisoner One: I'm sick of it here. I have dreams, man. I wanna travel up the coast, fall in love with a Babylonian woman and stone her to death when she menstruates.

Prisoner 2: That does sound nice. But I think I prefer to serve out my time here and live a relaxing life in Pompeii. Maybe teach Latin to at-risk youth. You know, give back a little. - Author: Jesse Eisenberg
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
#33. There are other special problems connected with the discovery of ancient cities. Alexandria was ravaged by fires and street fighting, and its ancient waterfront is underwater. Some discoveries at Pompeii were not revealed for many decades, because the wall paintings are so pornographic. - Author: Norman F. Cantor
Palaestra Pompeii quotes by Norman F. Cantor

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