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Farewell, Timothy Riley's Bar," Lane said softly. "Home of the nickel beer. Snooker emporium. Repository of Bluebird records, three for a dime. We honor you and your passing. Farewell. Farewell, Timothy Riley - and terraplanes and rumbleseats and saddle shoes and Helen Forrest and the Triple-C camps and Andy Hardy and Lum 'n' Abner and the world-champion New York Yankees! Rest in peace, you age of innocence - you beautiful, serene, carefree, pre-Pearl Harbor, long summer night. We'll never see your likes again. ~ Rod Serling
Pakorn Lum quotes by Rod Serling
I like sunrises, Mondays, and new seasons. God seems to be saying,"with me you can always start afresh. ~ Ada Lum
Pakorn Lum quotes by Ada Lum
A real friend would have given you a drink by now."
"Looks like an old friend just did. ~ Debbie K. Lum
Pakorn Lum quotes by Debbie K. Lum
Simply thinking creatively is not the same as being innovative, and only those who risk breaking out of their comfort zone by putting thought into action will discover the profusion of opportunity that exists. ~ Michael Lum
Pakorn Lum quotes by Michael Lum
The plea agreement negotiated by Janet Reno's Justice Department with Nora, Gene and Trisha Lum is a hoax. It allows two key players in the campaign finance scandal to plead to lesser offenses and effectively concludes a serious investigation that, if taken to a conclusion, could have seriously affected the Clinton Administration's claim that it committed no illegalities in the campaign finance scandal. Nora Lum was a close confidant of Ron Brown and remains close to John Huang. Trisha Lum, her daughter, worked for Brown at the Commerce Department and worked on trade missions. ~ Larry Klayman
Pakorn Lum quotes by Larry Klayman
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