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#1. I may not know what is about him that makes me act this way. The only thing that I am sure of is that I like it.
I love the way he makes me feel with just a simple touch. Also, how safe I feel when I lay my head on his chest. Never in my life have I ever felt so protected.
So wanted, so desired, yet so perfect all at the same time.
As I climbed into his two door black mustang I felt my knees get weak as he held the door open for me - Author: Pamela Moore Scott
P57 Mustang quotes by Pamela Moore Scott
#2. Whatever happened to the dragon?" I mustered my primmest tone. "He has a name, you know." Adrian pulled back and gave me a curious look. "I didn't know, actually. What'd you decide on?" "Hopper" When Adrian laughed, I added "Best rabbit ever. He'd be proud to know his name is being passed on." "Yes, I'm sure he would. Did you name the Mustang too?" "I think you mean the Ivashkinator." He stared at me in wonder. "I told you I loved you, right? "Yes," I assured him. "Many Times - Author: Richelle Mead
P57 Mustang quotes by Richelle Mead
#3. Mrs. Winalski owned a candy-apple-red 1965 Mustang GT convertible, and she drove it like she could die at any minute and needed to get five things done before that happened. - Author: Lish McBride
P57 Mustang quotes by Lish McBride
#4. Welcome back to Mustang, dollface. - Author: Kristen Ashley
P57 Mustang quotes by Kristen Ashley
#5. You are the wolf that howls and bites. i am the mustang that nuzzles the hand People know they can work with me. With you? Hell, kill or be killed. - Author: Pierce Brown
P57 Mustang quotes by Pierce Brown
#6. You can start by wiping that fucking dumb-ass smile off your rosey, fucking, cheeks! Then you can give me a fucking automobile ... a fucking Datsun, a fucking Toyota, a fucking Mustang, a fucking Buick! Four fucking wheels and a seat! And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with fucking keys to a fucking car that isn't fucking there. And I really didn't care to fucking walk down a fucking highway and across a fucking runway to get back here to have you smile at my fucking face. I want a fucking car RIGHT FUCKING NOW! - Author: Steve Martin
P57 Mustang quotes by Steve Martin
#7. Life is funny sometimes. Of course it isn't as funny as smashing your brand new Mustang convertible into your house and having your life flash before your eyes. Sitting here in my car in the middle of my den, I can't help but think that things could have worked out differently - that could have been happier - that could have lived the life that was meant for me. That was, if I didn't have to keep up with the Greenbergs. - Author: Phil Wohl
P57 Mustang quotes by Phil Wohl
#8. Every girl wanna hold my chain when I f#%k their brains out on the Mustang - Author: Simon Rex
P57 Mustang quotes by Simon Rex
#9. There was once a spirited feral mustang broken in by her stern rider. It was a harmonious relationship for the most part but, like any relationship, she tested the boundaries he placed on her and threw him ... Would the rider, having suffered his own wound, retaliate, discipline or forgive? - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
P57 Mustang quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#10. The Mustang growled into reverse, aiming straight for the old lady.
Cassandra would have winced, even if she had been the most evil old woman on the face of the planet. Even if she had been granny-Hitler, she would have winced at the idea of running her down. But the thing standing in the road looked nothing like an old woman anymore. - Author: Kendare Blake
P57 Mustang quotes by Kendare Blake
#11. MUSTANG, n. An indocile horse of the western plains. In English society, the American wife of an English nobleman. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
P57 Mustang quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#12. If Titus raped a little girl who happened to be a Red, how would you feel?"

She doesn't know how to answer. The Law does. Nothing would happen. It isn't rape unless she wears the sigil of an elder House like Augustus. Even then, the crime is against her master.

"Now look around," I say quietly. "There are no Golds here. I'm a Red. You're a Red. We are all Reds till one of us gets enough power. Then we get rights. Then we make our own law." I lean back and raise my voice. "That is the point of all this. To make you terrified of a world where you do not rule. Security and justice aren't given. They are made by the strong."

"You should hope that is not true," Mustang says quietly to me.


"Because there is a boy here like you." Her face takes on a gloomy aspect, as though she regrets what she must say. "My Proctor calls him the Jackal. He is smarter and crueler and stronger than you, and he will win this game and make us his slaves if the rest of us go about acting like animals." Her eyes implore me. "So please, hurry up and evolve. - Author: Pierce Brown
P57 Mustang quotes by Pierce Brown
#13. The sun was so bright outside that for a moment, I couldn't see. But then I could, and there he was, leaning against the red Mustang, hands in his pockets, looking at the ground. He looked up, saw me, froze for a second ... and then his lightning smile flashed, and I realized I was smiling, too. - Author: Kristan Higgins
P57 Mustang quotes by Kristan Higgins
#14. A work in progress quickly becomes feral. It reverts to a wild state overnight. It is barely domesticated, a mustang on which you one day fastened a halter, but which now you cannot catch. It is a lion you cage in your study. As the work grows, it gets harder to control; it is a lion growing in strength. You must visit it every day and reassert your mastery over it. If you skip a day, you are, quite rightly, afraid to open the door to its room. You enter its room with bravura, holding a chair at the thing and shouting, Simba! - Author: Annie Dillard
P57 Mustang quotes by Annie Dillard
#15. No. That's not what I want. You would have to go all in. We would go out to dinner, see movies, call each other, text. I'd work on your car - you know, the Mustang you left at my house earlier this week - install gadgets you don't need 'cause you're my girl. You might come to the Winston place and hang out with us boys. This would be both of us, all in for all twelve months - or less if we find we don't suit. - Author: Penny Reid
P57 Mustang quotes by Penny Reid
#16. Mustang: (snatches puppy) Dog, huh? (pause) I LOVE DOGS!
Fuery: Really? You mean it?!
Mustang: OF COURSE! Dogs embody loyalty! They follow their master's commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Fuery, they're the great servants of man! (sings) LOYAL CANINE, HOW WE SALUTE THEE! - Author: Hiromu Arakawa
P57 Mustang quotes by Hiromu Arakawa
#17. I knew a dude whose entire check was going to his car. He didn't care. This is back when the Mustang 5.0 came out in, like, '82. Between paying the note and insurance, I think he had like $40 left. A lot of people knew people because of their car, and not them. - Author: Ice Cube
P57 Mustang quotes by Ice Cube
#18. It used to be cars had cool names: Dart, Hawk, Fury, Cougar, Firebird, Hornet, Mustang, Barracuda. Now we have Elantra, Altima, Acura, Lumina, Sentra, Corolla, Maxima, Tercel. Further proof that America has lost its edge. - Author: George Carlin
P57 Mustang quotes by George Carlin
#19. Let me tell you a little story. You may have heard it before.
It's a story about a butcher named Barry.
Once upon a time, in central city, there was a butcher named Barry. Barry loved to chop up meat more than anything in the world. But one day, when Barry got tired of just chopping up cows and pigs ...
... He found something NEW to chop up
PEOPLE. And so, he went out night after night in search of fresh meat.
Eventually, Barry was caught, but not before he had slaughtered 23 victims!!! For terrorizing the poor people of central city, Barry was sent straight to the gallows ... And everyone else lived happily ever after! - Author: Hiromu Arakawa
P57 Mustang quotes by Hiromu Arakawa
#20. Now that she'd found her Wild Mustang - Author: Carol Grace
P57 Mustang quotes by Carol Grace
#21. I let my hands fall to the bed. Her mouth crafts a warm path to mine. There we share the taste of my tears as her top lip slides between my own and her tongue warms the inside of my mouth. Her hand slides up my neck, nails grazing the skin, till she finds purchase in my hair, tugging slightly at the tangle. Shivers lance my body.
Gone is any semblance of resistance. All the guilt that kept me from betraying Eo with Mustang is swept away in the chaos inside me. All the guilt I have for knowing she is a Gold and I am a Red vanishes. I'm a man, and she's the woman I want. - Author: Pierce Brown
P57 Mustang quotes by Pierce Brown
#22. There is only silence. A hollow silence for victors and losers all.
I am empty.
What do I do now? There was always a fear, always a concern, always a reason to hoard weapons and food, always a quest or trial. Now, nothing. Just the wind sweeping in over our battlefield. An empty battlefield filled only with echoes of things lost and learned. Friends. Lessons. Soon it will be a memory. I feel like a lover has died. I yearn to cry. Feel hollow. Adrift. I look for Mustang. Will she still care for me? - Author: Pierce Brown
P57 Mustang quotes by Pierce Brown
#23. Legends are very pretty but rarely touch on the important facts of life. Things like whether a 1969 red Mustang powered by a 351 Windsor can outrun a seventy-foot reptilian predator. - Author: Rhys Ford
P57 Mustang quotes by Rhys Ford
#24. Stallions," Frank said, "they're fightin' over a girl. - DANIEL'S ESPERANZA - Author: Veronica Randolph Batterson
P57 Mustang quotes by Veronica Randolph Batterson
#25. Well," he sighed, squeezing my hand back. "I guess we were both running away in different ways."
"What do you mean?"
Dad shook his head. "Your mother took a Mustang. I took a whiskey bottle." He reached up and readjusted his glasses, an unconscious habit-he always did it when he was making a point. "I was so devastated by what your mother did to me that I forgot how horrible drinking is. I forgot to look on the bright side."
"Dad," I said, "I don't think there is a bright side to divorce. It's a pretty sucky thing all around."
He nodded. "Maybe that's true, but there are a lot of bright sides to my life. I have a job I like, a nice house in a good neighborhood, and a wonderful daughter."
I rolled my eyes. "Oh God," I muttered. "Don't go all Lifetime movie on me. Seriously."
"I'm sorry," he said, smiling. "But I mean it. A lot of people would kill for my life, but I didn't even consider that. I took it-and you-for granted. I'm so, so sorry for that, Bumblebee. - Author: Kody Keplinger
P57 Mustang quotes by Kody Keplinger
#26. This is the one time in this book this book that I felt Mustang acted like himself. His thoughts were so "Mustang". A frown furrowed Jenna's brow. "Oh, come on. What possible harm could it do?" "Darlin', I couldn't even begin to list all the harm her meeting you could do." He pictured that cozy introduction. Sage, this is Slade and his girlfriend, Jenna. She's the woman we shared for a week in Tulsa. You should read her book. It tells all about it, right down to the old double P. Yeah, right. He might as well add on, Oh, and by the way, that the name of the porno I starred in to. - Author: Cat Johnson
P57 Mustang quotes by Cat Johnson
#27. Her delicate brows drew together. "As a rancher, surely he knows how to ride a horse."
"He can ride just fine. He took it into his head that he could break this rangy mustang, and it broke him instead."
-Houston and Amelia - Author: Lorraine Heath
P57 Mustang quotes by Lorraine Heath
#28. It was the gift that every girl dreams of, to be dead long enough for your parents to realize how meaningless their lives were without you, how they were suddenly and at once deeply sorrowed at all of the horrible injustices they caused you, how they had truly never appreciated your natural gifts of beauty and grace, being that their beautiful angel would have such a short time on earth and should have spent that time driving the restored 1965 convertible Mustang she had openly AND PUBLICLY desired. But nope, she spent her last, short, fleeting moments driving a 1980 Chevy Citation, every so clearly a GRANDMA car, with fake red-velvet upholstery, a hatchback, and an interior that smelled like spoiled milk and sometimes meat. Being temporarily run over by a car was the best present I had ever received, and I didn't even have to do anything dramatic to get it, like write a note or buy some rope. - Author: Laurie Notaro
P57 Mustang quotes by Laurie Notaro
#29. I felt a tickle on my skin; it took me a moment to realize that Cole was driving his die-cast Mustang up my arm. He was laughing to himself, hushed and infectious, as if there was still any reason to be quite. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
P57 Mustang quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#30. Through Jimi Hendrix's music you can almost see the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and of Martin Luther King Junior, the beginnings of the Berlin Wall, Yuri Gagarin in space, Fidel Castro and Cuba, the debut of Spiderman, Martin Luther King Junior's 'I Have a Dream' speech, Ford Mustang cars, anti-Vietnam protests, Mary Quant designing the mini-skirt, Indira Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister of India, four black students sitting down at a whites-only lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina, President Johnson pushing the Civil Rights Act, flower children growing their hair long and practicing free love, USA-funded IRA blowing up innocent civilians on the streets and in the pubs of Great Britain, Napalm bombs being dropped on the lush and carpeted fields of Vietnam, a youth-driven cultural revolution in Swinging London, police using tear gas and billy-clubs to break up protests in Chicago, Mods and Rockers battling on Brighton Beach, Native Americans given the right to vote in their own country, the United Kingdom abolishing the death penalty, and the charismatic Argentinean Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. It's all in Jimi's absurd and delirious guitar riffs. - Author: Karl Wiggins
P57 Mustang quotes by Karl Wiggins

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