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#1. At present, however, science, spurred on by its powerful delusion, is hurrying unstoppably to its limits, where the optimism hidden in the essence oflogic will founder and break up. For there is an infinite number ofpoints on the periphery ofthe circle ofscience, and while we have no way of foreseeing how the circle could ever be completed, a noble and gifted man inevitably encounters, before the mid-point of his existence, boundary points on the periphery like this, where he stares into that which cannot be illuminated. When, to his horror, he sees how logic curls up around itself at these limits and finally bites its own tail, then a new form ofknowledge breaks through, tragic knowledge, which, simply to be endured, needs art for protection and as medicine."
Friedrich Nietzsche, "Foreword to Richard Wagner" in The Birth of Tragedy, ed. R. Geuss & R. Speirs, Cambridge, 2007, 163. (p.114) - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
P 114 quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#2. Hey? We playin, or screwing the girls?" Kellan and I separated as we both looked over at Griffin grinning mischievously. Grabbing his pants, Griffin shook his head. "I'm cool either way. I just need to know which instrument to pull out."
Stephens, S.C. (2012-08-16). Effortless (Thoughtless Book 2) (p. 114). Gallery Books. Kindle Edition. - Author: S.C. Stephens
P 114 quotes by S.C. Stephens
#3. Well, well," answered a cool, amused voice from somewhere above us. "And here you are again. Ethan Chase, your family does have a knack for getting into trouble. - Author: Julie Kagawa
P 114 quotes by Julie Kagawa
#4. Vinayak chakra and the atharvha chakra are the two vital chakras for longevity and immunity. They strengthen the B cells of the immune system. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#5. The flowers inside your body are more beautiful than the flowers outside - full with fragrance and love. They are the sunshine and the medicine of your soul. Oh, the lost one come back to the source. You will be happier than ever before. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#6. We're doing a lot of inspection on the leading edge of our wing on 114 and 121, the first two flights. - Author: Mark Kelly
P 114 quotes by Mark Kelly
#7. I jumped up in the bubble, yo kid where are you? (114 between Manhattan and Morningside Avenue) This happened just right out the blue - Author: Big Noyd
P 114 quotes by Big Noyd
#8. an Over-value of our selves, gives us but a dangerous Security in many Respects. 113. We expect more than belongs to us; take all that's given us though never meant us; and fall out with those that are not as full of us as we are of our selves. 114. In short, 'tis a Passion that abuses our Judgment, and makes us both Unsafe and Ridiculous. - Author: Various
P 114 quotes by Various
#9. I hate to interrupt such a touching scene but those hellhounds are not going to wait for you two to play kissey face. So, unless you intend to nail a chunk of roast beef to my butt and have me run around as a distraction, I would suggest we prepare for battle. Pg. 113-114 - Author: Alexandra Ivy
P 114 quotes by Alexandra Ivy
#10. NirVana chakra is the chakra of neuroplasticity. It allows the brain to continuously change and adapt, and build new neural connections as needed, and abandoning the pathways that drags people down. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#11. How can you claim infallibility and claim that in these 114 [drone] strikes there was just one mistake
one person killed that was a civilian
and at the same time say, 'Well, we don't really know how many people were killed or who they were, but we know they weren't civilians'? I don't know how you can do that. - Author: Richard Engel
P 114 quotes by Richard Engel
#12. emotions were far from linear. They were circles and waves and dots and triangles. But they were rarely a straight line."
Chapter 13 · Page 114 · Location 2031 - Author: Louise Penny
P 114 quotes by Louise Penny
#13. It is quite simple really. Being always transcends appearance-that which only seems to be. Once you begin to know the being behind the very pretty or very ugly face, as determined by your bias, the surface appearances fade away util they simply no longer matter. -pg. 114. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
P 114 quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#14. Probably a good idea, let me know how it ends"
"I already know how it ends"
"You read the ending first?"
"I always read the ending before I commit to the whole book."
"If you know how it ends, why read the book?"
"I don't read for the ending. I read for the story". - Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
P 114 quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#15. Chakras are not the nerve centers of the body but subtler than that. Chakras are mostly behave like quantum quasi particles - they control the collective behavior of the body, mind and soul at various levels. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#16. I was on the Johnny Carson show, I believe 114 or 104 times. And aside from those times on the air, I never spoke to him. I never met him. - Author: Tony Randall
P 114 quotes by Tony Randall
#17. Sanjivani chakra and the ayush chakra are the two key chakras for enhancing immunity and longevity. They strengthen the T cells of the immune system. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#18. All that remains of the garden city in our own day are traffic-free enclaves, islands in a sea of traffic where the pedestrian leads a legally protected by languishing existence, comparable to that of the North American Indians on their reservations ... In reality the modern urbanist regards the city as a gigantic centre of production, geared to the efficient transport of workers and goods, to the accommodation of people and the storage of wares, to industrial and commercial activity. The rest, that is to say creativity, life, is optional and comes under the heading of recreation and leisure activities. - Author: Tom McDonough
P 114 quotes by Tom McDonough
#19. He wanted suddenly to stand up and shout, telling them that he had killed a rich white girl, a girl whose family was known to all of them. Yes; if he did that a look of startled horror would come over their faces. But, no. He would not do that, even though the satisfaction would be keen. He was so greatly outnumbered that he would be arrested, tried, and executed. He wanted the keen thrill of startling them, but felt that the cost was too great. He wished that he had the power to say what he had done without fear of being arrested; he wished that he could be an idea in their minds; that his black face and the image of smothering Mary and cutting off her head and burning her could hover before their eyes as a terrible picture of reality which they could see and feel and yet not destroy. He was not satisfied with the way things stood now; he was a man who had come in sight of a goal, then had won it, and in winning it had seen just within his grasp another goal, higher, greater. He had learned to shout and had shouted and no ear had heard him (114). - Author: Richard Wright
P 114 quotes by Richard Wright
#20. To be sure, there are hunter-gatherer societies that don't exhibit the elaborately organized violence denoted by the term "war." But often what turns out to be lacking is the organization, not the violence. The warless !Kung San were billed in the title of one book as The Harmless People, yet during the 1950s and 1960s, their homicide rate was between 20 and 80 times as high as that found in industrialized nations.114 Eskimos, to judge by popular accounts, are all cuddliness and generosity. Yet early this century, after westerners first made contact with a fifteen-family Eskimo village, they found that every adult male had been involved in a homicide. One reason the !Kung and most Eskimo haven't waged war is their habitat.115 With population sparse, friction is low. But when densely settled along fertile ground, hunter-gatherers have warred lavishly. The Ainu of Japan built hilltop fortresses and, when raiding a neighboring - Author: Robert Wright
P 114 quotes by Robert Wright
#21. You don't win 114 games by being lucky. - Author: Mike Hargrove
P 114 quotes by Mike Hargrove
#22. Writing with one pencil in hand is so much easier than the choosing of 114 buttons to press in series for an extended period of time. - Author: Robert N. Franz
P 114 quotes by Robert N. Franz
#23. Ajna chakra, Kurma Chakra, Padma Chakars, MahaPadma chakra and the Shiva-Shakti Chakras are associated with Lord Shiva along with the Vishuddhi Chakra and the Muladhara chakra. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#24. The stability of the life and all that is centered around it depends on the firmness of the kurma chakra. Inside, there had been an ongoing war between the demonic forces and the divine forces. In this war Kurma chakra with Om chanting gives the stability of mind and, thereby, stability of life. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#25. The second ceremony, are the musical instruments, which began to be used in the service of the church, in the time of Pope Vitalian, about the year 600 as Platina relates out of the Pontifical; or as Aimonius rather thinks in book iv. chapter 114, after the year 820, in the time of Lewis the Pious. - Author: Robert Bellarmine
P 114 quotes by Robert Bellarmine
#26. I'm no military expert, and these figures might not be exactly right. But as best as I can tell, we've launched 114 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Afghanistan so far. Now take the cost of one of those missiles tipped with a Raytheon guidance system, which I think is about $840,000. For that much money, you could build dozens of schools that could provide tens of thousands of students with a balanced nonextremist education over the course of a generation. Which do you think will make us more secure? (295) - Author: Greg Mortenson
P 114 quotes by Greg Mortenson
#27. 114 isn't as old as it used to be they say its the new 104. - Author: Craig Ferguson
P 114 quotes by Craig Ferguson
#28. The Gospel of Thomas claims to be the secret sayings of Jesus. There are 114 of them, so it says many things, but the central message is that Jesus is the one who reveals the divine light that brought the universe into being, and that you and I also reveal that light. - Author: Elaine Pagels
P 114 quotes by Elaine Pagels
#29. In Baxter's view the care for external goods should only lie on the shoulders of the "saint like a light cloak, which can be thrown aside at any moment".114 But fate decreed that the cloak should become an iron cage. - Author: Max Weber
P 114 quotes by Max Weber
#30. The key function of the Sanjivani chakra is to restore the life energy in the body cells. It enhances the power of the T Cells and the Natural killer cells in the body. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#31. We have always had dogs, and they have faithfully performed many valuable services for us, such as: 1. Peeing on everything. 2. When we're driving in our car, alerting us that we have passed another dog by barking real loud in our ears for the next 114 miles. 3. Trying to kill the Avon lady. - Author: Dave Barry
P 114 quotes by Dave Barry
#32. Cooper's art has some defects. In one place in 'Deerslayer,' and in the restricted space of two-thirds of a page, Cooper has scored 114 offences against literary art out of a possible 115. It breaks the record. - Author: Mark Twain
P 114 quotes by Mark Twain
#33. There is a 114% increase in happiness when receiving rewards via mobile marketing. - Author: Brian Wong
P 114 quotes by Brian Wong
#34. The primary role of the Atharva chakra is to block the cytokine storm or immunity turmoils in the body. It stops the overproduction of immune cells. This chakra is activated by the herbs like Peperomia pellucida and inhibits excess ACE activities. - Author: Amit Ray
P 114 quotes by Amit Ray
#35. Guillaume Belibaste, the last Cathar recorded to have burned at the stake in 1321, is said to have prophesied that "at the end of seven hundred years the laurel would again turn green,"114 implying that the principles of "the true Christianity" would return to the world's attention. - Author: Marnia Robinson
P 114 quotes by Marnia Robinson

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