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#1. IF THE TRUE MEASURE OF A BOOK is to be found in the perfume that remains behind when all the words have been forgotten then, for Beyond Recovery, it is this quality of honesty, openness and surrender which communicates itself in the words and between them, administering not just to the mind but to the background of Awareness. - Author: Rupert Spira
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Rupert Spira
#2. I look upon a good physician, not so properly as a servant to nature, as one, that is a counsellor and friendly assistant, who, in his patient's body, furthers those motions and other things, that he judges conducive to the welfare and recovery of it; but as to those, that he perceives likely to be hurtful, either by increasing the disease, or otherwise endangering the patient, he thinks it is his part to oppose or hinder, though nature do manifestly enough seem to endeavour the exercising or carrying on those hurtful motions. - Author: Robert Boyle
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Robert Boyle
#3. The goal of recovery is not to become normal. The goal is to embrace the human vocation of becoming more deeply, more fully human. - Author: Patricia Deegan
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Patricia Deegan
#4. Acceptance is the road to all change. - Author: Bryant H. McGill
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Bryant H. McGill
#5. Where was I? What had been done? I replied that I was in the recovery room and that he had detached the lateral rectus muscle of the right eye and attached the plaque containing radioiodine (I-125, to be precise) to the sclera. I said that I was sorry it was not radioactive ruthenium instead of iodine (I have a thing for the platinum metals) but that 125, at least, was memorable for being the smallest number that was the sum of two squares in two different ways. I startled myself as I said this; I had not thought it out before - it just jumped into my mind. (I realized, a few minutes later, that I was wrong - 65 is the smallest such number.) - Author: Oliver Sacks
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Oliver Sacks
#6. Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is." - Anonymous - Author: Omar J. Dames Sr.
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Omar J. Dames Sr.
#7. Sam groaned. A warmth on her face alerted her to the new morning. She opened one eye and peered at the fuzzy daylight streaming in through the window. Her head throbbed like a bitch. Her mouth felt like a carpet. She pushed herself off the couch and stood up shakily, kicking bottles as she stumbled to her small kitchen. Every movement was painful and slow. She was a sloth tight-roping through time. She held onto the basin for a moment to steady herself. She grabbed a plastic cup and opened the tap, letting it flow as she filled and refilled it, gulping down as much water as she could. She splashed her face, neck and chest with water, then refilled the cup and dumped the contents over her head. She stood there, unaware of the moments passing by, as the water dripped down her body. Willing herself to wake up and feel better. Willing the nausea into oblivion. - Author: Adelheid Manefeldt
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Adelheid Manefeldt
#8. Soul Abuse is the destruction of a victim's awareness of the strength within their soul. It stems from the abuser's intention to corrupt another's understanding of their own significance. - Author: Lorraine Nilon
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Lorraine Nilon
#9. I think we need to educate our doctors about addiction. - Author: Matthew Perry
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Matthew Perry
#10. No. Depression is the unseen, unheard, silent killer. It is the pain that is too much to cope with, too hard to deal with and never understood. It is something that you can't escape, no matter how hard you try it ALWAYS swallows you again. It constantly follows you around, like black smoke choking you from the inside out. Like a lion clawing at your heart and mind, eating pieces of you until there is nothing left. - Author: Astrid Lee Miles
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Astrid Lee Miles
#11. You never do fully recover "You." You will never have another relationship exactly like the one we had. You will become more for the loss of me and you will move forward into a New You. The You I helped you to become. All you can do now is to begin to create the beautiful New You that has been born from your love and from your loss. - Author: Kate McGahan
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Kate McGahan
#12. We lose the fear of making decisions, great and small; as we realize that should our choice prove wrong we can, if we will, learn from the experience. - Author: Bill W.
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Bill W.
#13. A needle, a pill, a shot glass…they'll never fill the void that only love can. - Author: Toni Sorenson
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Toni Sorenson
#14. Like an empty bucket,
my soul rings hollow when empty
vibrates with emptiness …
hollow sound of loneliness.
Every cell in my body does
not want to be alone.
My loneliness is frightening …
an all consuming thought. - Author: David Walton Earle
Overcomers Recovery quotes by David Walton Earle
#15. It follows, therefore, that the church's evangelism ought to be one in which all the counsel of God is made known to men. We need a recovery of belief in the converting and sanctifying power of the living Word of God in the teaching of the pulpit, and its ability to transform the lives of men and produce in them the lineaments and fruits of mature Christian character. - Author: William Still
Overcomers Recovery quotes by William Still
#16. The brain is just another organ, vulnerable to illness and capable of recovery. - Author: Sheila Hamilton
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Sheila Hamilton
#17. In the midst of economic recovery and global upheaval, disasters like this remind us of the common humanity that we share. - Author: Barack Obama
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Barack Obama
#18. There are two ways of thinking. One is living life based on fear. The other is trusting. Letting go and allowing trust to control our lives takes mental gymnastics. - Author: David W. Earle
Overcomers Recovery quotes by David W. Earle
#19. I don't remember when I stopped noticing - stopped noticing every mirror, every window, every scale, every fast-food restaurant, every diet ad, every horrifying model. And I don't remember when I stopped counting, or when I stopped caring what size my pants were, or when I started ordering what I wanted to eat and not what seemed "safe," or when I could sit comfortably reading a book in my kitchen without noticing I was in my kitchen until I got hungry - or when I started just eating when I got hungry, instead of questioning it, obsessing about it, dithering and freaking out, as I'd done for nearly my whole life.

I don't remember exactly when recovery took hold, and went from being something I both fought and wanted, to being simply a way of life. A way of life that is, let me tell you, infinitely more peaceful, infinitely happier, and infinitely more free than life with an eating disorder. And I wouldn't give up this life of freedom for the world.

What I know is this: I chose recovery. It was a conscious decision, and not an easy one. That's the common denominator among people I know who have recovered: they chose recovery, and they worked like hell for it, and they didn't give up. Recovery isn't easy, at first. It takes time. It takes more work, sometimes, than you think you're willing to do. But it is worth every hard day, every tear, every terrified moment. It's worth it, because the trade-off is this: you let go of your eating disorder, and you get - Author: Marya Hornbacher
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#20. Stay strong and stand firm in your resistance. - Author: Patricia Dsouza
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#21. If you care about shorebirds and the habitats they rely on, you can't do better than supporting Manomet's Shorebird Recovery Project. It connects, nurtures, prods, and fertilizes, at a global scale. - Author: Phillip Hoose
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Phillip Hoose
#22. There is nothing more courageous than change, it requires all you've got to give, that's why they say, "Courage to change. - Author: Toni Sorenson
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Toni Sorenson
#23. Though, the type of abuse differs from each individual, all survivors of child abuse deal with a certain extent of trauma, consciously or unconsciously. - Author: Patricia Dsouza
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#24. In ancient Rome, when a victorious general paraded through the streets, legend has it that he was sometimes trailed by a servant whose job it was to repeat to him, " Memento Mori": Remember you will die. A reminder of mortality would help the hero keep things in perspective, instill some humility. Job's memento mori had been delivered by his doctors, but it did not instill humility. Instead he roared back after his recovery with even more passion. The illness reminded him that he had nothing to lose, so he should forge ahead full speed. " He came back on a mission," said Cook. " Even though he was now running a large company, he kept making bold moves that I don't think anybody else would have done. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Walter Isaacson
#25. The road to recovery may be tough,
but I've closed all the doors
that lead to giving up

With only one choice in hand,
I am focused on healing - Author: Vijaya Gowrisankar
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Vijaya Gowrisankar
#26. The fear of the drugs running out is managable-the fear of time running down isn't. - Author: Ann Marlowe
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Ann Marlowe
#27. The problem is that you don't just choose recovery. You have to keep choosing recovery, over and over and over again. You have to make that choice 5-6 times each day. You have to make that choice even when you really don't want to. It's not a single choice, and it's not easy. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#28. Whenever the Psalter is abandoned, an incomparable treasure is lost to the Christian church. With its recovery will come unexpected power. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#29. Putting labels on others creates a black hole of disregard where judgment thrives and schisms deepen. - Author: David W. Earle
Overcomers Recovery quotes by David W. Earle
#30. Mental stories can literally spoil a human life. It took me a long time to become aware of my mental commentary, such as: "Everything always goes wrong", "I won't be accepted", "I'm a failure" or "What's the point?" Those fears were deep-rooted and triggered many upsetting addictive patterns of behaviour - Author: Christopher Dines
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Christopher Dines
#31. In this town you can be a wife-beating, manic-depressive crack-head and everyone opens their arms to you. They say, "Hey, pal, don't worry about it. We'll get you into recovery. It's all part of the journey." But if you become a born-again Christian and love Jesus Christ and want to share that with other people, they say, "You've committed the unpardonable sin. - Author: Kirk Cameron
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Kirk Cameron
#32. What could you do better for your children and your children's children than to record the story of your life, your triumphs over adversity, your recovery after a fall, your progress when all seemed black, your rejoicing when you had finally achieved? Some of what you write may be humdrum dates and places, but there will also be rich passages that will be quoted by your posterity. - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#33. You are a survivor, at times you may not yet experience it, but the fact is that the worst and the cruelest part of your life is over. - Author: Patricia Dsouza
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#34. Scores of high-powered men and women are addicted to substances or destructive addictive patterns of behaviour. As a matter of fact, it is easier to hide one's addiction while maintaining a high-powered position compared to the addicts and alcoholics we see sleeping on street corners. - Author: Christopher Dines
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Christopher Dines
#35. In many situations involving service recovery - the problem itself became the catalyst for the creation of even greater trust as the companies took the issues head-on and worked through the difficult problem in a way that restored confidence. - Author: Stephen Covey
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Stephen Covey
#36. once, there was a lump in my throat. i like to believe it was a metaphor. every feeling i have swallowed. a plain tumour is all it was. - Author: Sabrina Benaim
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Sabrina Benaim
#37. Do you know what it means to be a survivor? It means that not only do you have to live through things, you have to live with them as well. The second part is much harder and sometimes it takes the rest of your life to learn how to do it. But at least you have the rest of your life ... - Author: Josephine Angelini
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Josephine Angelini
#38. The book also includes tools including Website Resources, Baby Feeding/Diaper Schedule, Mom Medicine Schedule, Baby Clothes Size Chart, Baby Sitter Sheet, Short Hospital Bag Checklist, After Recovery Kit, Baby Medicine Basket Items, and 10 Things to Know When Traveling with a baby. - Author: Lisa M. Rusczyk
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Lisa M. Rusczyk
#39. The New Testament called it salvation or enlightenment, the Twelve Step Program called it recovery. The trouble is that most Christians pushed this great liberation off into the next world, and many Twelve Steppers settled for mere sobriety from a substance instead of a real transformation of the self. We have all been the losers, as a result - waiting around for "enlightenment at gunpoint" (death) instead of enjoying God's banquet much earlier in life. - Author: Richard Rohr
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Richard Rohr
#40. There is no recovery for anyone without lifting the lid on the pain of the past and letting in the light. - Author: Rob Lowe
Overcomers Recovery quotes by Rob Lowe

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