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#1. Over-eating is the addiction choice of carers, and that's why it's come to be regarded as the lowest-ranking of all the addictions. - Author: Caitlin Moran
Over Eating quotes by Caitlin Moran
#2. US officials have now approved the first anti-obesity drug for dogs. I'm no a veterinarian, but if your dog is over eating, try putting a little less food in the bowl. Do we really need to give him a pill? Is the dog taking your car keys and driving to McDonalds? - Author: Jay Leno
Over Eating quotes by Jay Leno
#3. I went through the fields, and sat for an hour afraid to pass a cow. The cow looked at me, and I looked at the cow, and whenever I stirred the cow gave over eating. - Author: Dorothy Wordsworth
Over Eating quotes by Dorothy Wordsworth
#4. The only ache people have nowadays is ache in the stomach due to over eating and lack of exercise! - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
Over Eating quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#5. Sugar is so toxic and potentially deadly that scientists are now advising that there should be health warnings on products containing it. Sugar is highly addictive, it is an anti-nutrient, it disturbs blood sugar levels, it depresses immunity, it depletes magnesium, it creates disease-promoting acid conditions, it stresses the adrenal glands, it promotes candida, and it feeds cancer cells. It also raises levels of ghrelin, the 'hunger hormone', leading to over-eating and excess weight. - Author: Sally Beare
Over Eating quotes by Sally Beare
#6. We think we can escape down half-deserted streets but all the things we use to defend ourselves - overworking, over-drinking, over-eating, under-eating, smoking etc, - are all well-worn pathways. The really frightening thing about the abyss is not that it exists, but that there is always a road in, and we take it. - Author: Anna Raverat
Over Eating quotes by Anna Raverat
#7. You are likely to vomit your dreams if you take too much at a time. Take it one after the other and don't over-eat the dreams you have! Dream big, but start small! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Over Eating quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#8. The evidence of grave emotional and mental suffering is clear to see in the growing number of mental health units, "re-habs" and overflowing psychiatric wards as people try to find relief in compulsive drinking, drug abuse, gambling, over-eating, under-eating, chasing prestige, hoarding money, "retail therapy" and over-indulging in pornography and sex. - Author: Christopher Dines
Over Eating quotes by Christopher Dines
#9. I have strong doubts that the first Thanksgiving even remotely resembled the 'history' I was told in second grade. But considering that (when it comes to holidays) mainstream America's traditions tend to be over-eating, shopping, or getting drunk, I suppose it's a miracle that the concept of giving thanks even surfaces at all. - Author: Ellen Orleans
Over Eating quotes by Ellen Orleans
#10. Reasons for cancellation order: 1. Baby-eating aquatic faerie equines do not exist. - Author: Charles Stross
Over Eating quotes by Charles Stross
#11. You deserve the place you have in this world. Do not let the eating disorder take that from you. - Author: Rae Smith
Over Eating quotes by Rae Smith
#12. As a Bolling in Feliciana Parish, I became accustomed to sitting on the porch in the dark and talking of the size of the universe and the treachery of men; as a Smith on the Gulf Coast I have become accustomed to eating crabs and drinking beer under a hundred and fifty watt bulb - and one is as pleasant a way as the other in passing a summer night. - Author: Walker Percy
Over Eating quotes by Walker Percy
#13. Saying "Oh, I've already ruined my good eating for today. I'll just eat crap." is like saying "Oh, I dropped my phone on the floor. I'll just smash it till it breaks. - Author: Mike Moreno
Over Eating quotes by Mike Moreno
#14. You are all desperate for purpose, even though you don't have one. You're animals, and animals don't have a purpose. Animals just are. And there are a lot of intelligent - sentient, maybe - animals out there who don't have a problem with that. They just go on breathing and mating and eating each other without a second thought. But the animals like you - the ones who make tools and build cities and itch to explore, you all share a need for purpose. For reason . That thinking worked well for you, once. - Author: Becky Chambers
Over Eating quotes by Becky Chambers
#15. But I know that if I don't at least try, I'll stay the way I am till it kills me. Till I kill me, I mean. I never really accept that that's what I'm doing - I say it, but I don't believe it. - Author: Deborah Hautzig
Over Eating quotes by Deborah Hautzig
#16. When I am in trouble, eating is the only thing that consoles me. Indeed, as any one who knows me intimately will tell you, I refuse everything except food and drink. At the present moment I am eating muffins because I am unhappy. Besides, I am particularly fond of muffins. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Over Eating quotes by Oscar Wilde
#17. Trying a case a second time is like eating yesterday morning's oatmeal. - Author: Lloyd Paul Stryker
Over Eating quotes by Lloyd Paul Stryker
#18. I view cats as more like wild animals. We feed it, but a lot of times it's not eating the food because it's murdering other animals outside and eating their meat. - Author: Jake M. Johnson
Over Eating quotes by Jake M. Johnson
#19. What about you, Mr. Shaw?" she asked. "Are your affections engaged by someone back home?"
He shook his head at once. "I'm afraid that I share McKenna's rather skeptical view of the benefits of marriage."
"I think you will fall in love someday."
"Doubtful. I'm afraid that particular emotion is unknown to me..." Suddenly his voice faded into silence. He set his cup down as he stared off into the distance with sudden alertness.
"Mr. Shaw?" As Aline followed his gaze, she realized what he had seen- Livia, wearing a pastel flower-printed walking dress as she headed to one of the forest trails leading away from the manor. A straw bonnet adorned with a sprig of fresh daisies swung from her fingers as she held it by the ribbons.
Gideon Shaw stood so quickly that his chair threatened to topple backward. "Pardon," he said to Aline, tossing his napkin to the table. "The figment of my imagination has reappeared- and I'm going to catch her."
"Of course," Aline said, struggling not to laugh. "Good luck, Mr. Shaw."
"Thanks." He was gone in a flash, descending one side of the U-shaped stone staircase with the ease of a cat. Once he reached the terraced gardens, he cut across the lawn with long, ground-eating strides, just short of breaking into a run.
Standing to better her view of his progress, Aline couldn't suppress a mocking grin. "Why, Mr. Shaw... I thought there was nothing in life you wanted badly enough to chase after it. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Over Eating quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#20. What is with these guys?
Where's the thrill in watching snakes eat?
I certainly didn't thrill in watching humans eat. - Author: Patrick Jennings
Over Eating quotes by Patrick Jennings
#21. Maybe I should have cut him some slack. With his broken wing and lifetime of eating roadkill, he probably had a lot to be ungrateful about. Too much hard luck can create a permanent meanness of spirit in any creature. - Author: Jeannette Walls
Over Eating quotes by Jeannette Walls
#22. Now, my dear Cap, if you don't look sharp your hour is come! Nothing on earth will save you, Cap, but your own wits! For if ever I saw mischief in any one's face, it is in that fellow's that is eating you up with his great eyes at the same time that he is laughing at you with his big mouth! Now Cap, my little man, be a woman! - Author: E.D.E.N. Southworth
Over Eating quotes by E.D.E.N. Southworth
#23. And any time you feed your ego, it's a one-way street ... There were so many things I had to deal with that erased the positives I got from playing the game that it wasn't worth it. It's like eating a Big Mac and drinking a Diet Coke. - Author: Ricky Williams
Over Eating quotes by Ricky Williams
#24. I'd entered the bliss of Washington, physically and emotionally: eating huckleberries, feeling beautiful and finally in control of my self. Feeling the changing season, my self changed. - Author: Aspen Matis
Over Eating quotes by Aspen Matis
#25. From eating meat arrogance is born, from arrogance erroneous imaginations issue, and from imagination is born greed; and for this reason refrain from eating meat. - Author: Gautama Buddha
Over Eating quotes by Gautama Buddha
#26. You know what made us the biggest, meanest, Big Mac eating, calorie-counting, world-dominating kick-ass powerhouse country in the history of the human race? The pursuit of happiness. Not happiness. The pursuit. - Author: Will Ferguson
Over Eating quotes by Will Ferguson
#27. July 4th, (ie, time to celebrate our freedoms as Americans by eating hormone-laden farm animals and blowing shit up)
-Geena (Triple Shot Betty) - Author: Jody Gehrman
Over Eating quotes by Jody Gehrman
#28. I don't know which is worse - your parents forgetting about you or having a parent who knows you exist, but doesn't want you. - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Over Eating quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#29. We took a bowl each and started eating. He went back into the little room, and by the time he returned to the table with his own bowl of food to eat with us, we had already finished. He was shocked and looked around to see if we had done something else with the food. - Author: Ishmael Beah
Over Eating quotes by Ishmael Beah
#30. I told Caliane that trying to civilize me is like trying to civilize a jungle cat," Naasir said with a shrug. "We pretend to like people until we get hungry and want fresh meat." A glance around, a glint in his eye. "I honestly do like you all. I haven't thought about eating you for at least two centuries. - Author: Nalini Singh
Over Eating quotes by Nalini Singh
#31. You are mighty and strong! You made it against all odds. - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Over Eating quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#32. We're human beings we are - all of us - and that's what people are liable to forget. Human beings don't like peace and goodwill and everybody loving everybody else. However much they may think they do, they don't really because they're not made like that. Human beings love eating and drinking and loving and hating. They also like showing off, grabbing all they can, fighting for their rights and bossing anybody who'll give them half a chance. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Over Eating quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#33. You're not better than anyone," she said, "when you hang up your own coat and take your plate to the trash. I've been those girls helping out tonight. I fucking am those girls helping out tonight, and you're not making anything easier by giving them less to do. It's like eating everything on your plate 'cause you think someone else won't go hungry if you don't. You're not helping anyone but yourself. - Author: Kiley Reid
Over Eating quotes by Kiley Reid
#34. I am loved. I am healthy. I am focused. I am strong. - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Over Eating quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#35. I return to the sprinklers and sit down. George plunks down next to me. "Did you know that a bird-eating tarantula is as big as your hand?"
"Jase doesn't have one of those, does he?"
George gives me his sunniest smile. "No. He useta have a reg'lar tarantula named Agnes, but she" - his voice drops mournfully - "died."
"I'm sure she's in tarantula heaven now," I assure him hastily, shuddering to think what that might look like.
Mrs. Garret's van pulls in behind the motorcycle, disgorging what I assume are Duff and Andy, both red-faced and windblown. Judging by their life jackets, they've been at sailing camp.
George and Harry, my loyal fans, rave to their mother about my accomplishments, while Patsy immediately bursts into tears, points an accusing finger at her mother, and wails, "Boob."
"It was her first word." Mrs. Garret takes her from me, heedless of Patsy's damp swimsuit. "There's one for the baby book. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Over Eating quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#36. It was darker than a pitch-black panther, covered in tar, eating black licorice at the very bottom of the deepest part of the Black Sea. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Over Eating quotes by Lemony Snicket
#37. Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transportation in the world combined; it is the number one cause of climate change. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Over Eating quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#38. It was about men, the kind who caused women to fall. I did not ascribe any intentions to these men. They were like the weather, they didn't have a mind. They merely drenched you or struck you like lightning and moved on, mindless as blizzards. Or they were like rocks, a line of sharp slippery rocks with jagged edges. You could walk with care along between the rocks, picking your steps, and if you slipped you'd fall and cut yourself, but it was no use blaming the rocks.
That must be what was meant by fallen women. Fallen women were women who had fallen onto men and hurt themselves. There was some suggestion of downward motion, against one's will and not with the will of anyone else. Fallen women were not pulled-down women or pushed women, merely fallen. Of course there was Eve and the Fall; but there was nothing about falling in that story, which was only about eating, like most children's stories. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Over Eating quotes by Margaret Atwood
#39. The real model for health, however, is more complicated. The real model goes like this: eating low-quality foods leads to overeating and metabolic brokenness, which makes you overweight and sick. - Author: Stefani Ruper
Over Eating quotes by Stefani Ruper
#40. The careless, the lukewarm Catholics should, above all, dread hell, for he is continually walking on the brink of the infernal abyss. He makes little of the precepts of hearing Mass, of the prescribed abstinence from flesh meat, he scruples not neglecting the religious training of his children, he associates with persons and frequents places that are to him an occasion of sin, he yields to impure thoughts, commits sins of impurity without remorse, gives way to his vindictive feelings against his neighbor, indulges in excess in eating and drinking, neglects prayer and the sacraments. Now is the time for him to be aroused from his life of sin, now is the time for him to give up sin and change his life, for if he defers doing so, it may soon be to late. This may, indeed, be the last warning that God gives him. - Author: Fr. Martin Von Cochem
Over Eating quotes by Fr. Martin Von Cochem
#41. One bit of advice someone gave me - which I haven't yet tried - is that if you go to an area where you might pick up a tummy bug, you should seek out the local probiotic yogurt. Eating it will introduce you to the local gut flora, apparently. - Author: Anthony Head
Over Eating quotes by Anthony Head
#42. Eating is an absolute, repetitive activity. The same as love. Once you start you can't stop. So if you can't eat when you're hungry, it's worse than being stricken with the gravest illness. - Author: Kyung-ran Jo
Over Eating quotes by Kyung-ran Jo
#43. The reason why Broken Men only became Untouchables was because in addition to being Buddhists, they retained their habit of beef-eating, which gave additional ground for offence to the Brahmins to carry their new-found love and reverence to the cow to its logical conclusion. - Author: B.R. Ambedkar
Over Eating quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
#44. If you are interested in preventing animal suffering, the first thing you should give up is eggs and milk because the animals who produce those foods lead the most unhappy lives. You would do better to eat meat and stop eating eggs and dairy products. - Author: Cesar Chavez
Over Eating quotes by Cesar Chavez
#45. Every ego so far from being a unity is in the highest degree a manifold world, a constellated heaven, a chaos of forms, of states and stages, of inheritances and potentialities. It appears to be a necessity as imperative as eating and breathing for everyone to be forced to regard this chaos as a unity and to speak of his ego as though is was a one-fold and clearly detached and fixed phenomenon. Even the best of us shares this delusion. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Over Eating quotes by Hermann Hesse
#46. I have more pet peeves than anybody: people talking in the movie theater, people eating in the movie theater loudly, people being rude, people making noise when you're supposed to be asleep, like drilling noises outside. I could be here all day. - Author: Kate Beckinsale
Over Eating quotes by Kate Beckinsale
#47. I try to focus on eating seasonally and organic whenever possible. It can be a challenge, but it has a huge effect on my weight, my health, and the environment. - Author: Elle Macpherson
Over Eating quotes by Elle Macpherson
#48. I'm eating breakfast with half the royal family, Golden Guard, and a Western noble, at the siege of Soricium," Vhalla wheezed. "And it feels perfectly normal. - Author: Elise Kova
Over Eating quotes by Elise Kova
#49. (Rather in the way that the Roman Empire continued in a certain fashion to run itself even when there was no one left to run it and the reason behind it was entirely gone, much of this routine remained intact even during the terrible days after Bunny's death. Up until the very end there was always, always, Sunday-night dinner at Charles and Camilla's, except on the evening of the murder itself, when no one felt much like eating and it was postponed until Monday.) I - Author: Donna Tartt
Over Eating quotes by Donna Tartt
#50. I realized that I couldn't knowingly look to food for a way out when it had so clearly led me here. It wasn't hunger that beckoned me to eat more. It wasn't my stomach that needed to be reconciled. It was shame. It was guilt. And food can't remedy such things - Author: Andie Mitchell
Over Eating quotes by Andie Mitchell
#51. There is no turning back. It is all or nothing. - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Over Eating quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#52. I hate you. I hate you like the girl who hates cake because it makes her fat and she can't stop eating it. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Over Eating quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#53. The core of the consulting business is going in and essentially making yourself indispensible by eating the brain of the organization, meaning that the consultants go in and assume key functions in the organization. - Author: Matthew Stewart
Over Eating quotes by Matthew Stewart
#54. At Babbo, each dish grew out of a conversation, trying to put something forth that was new and different. It was a combination of culinary adventurism and the dining-room experience with respect for the classic but with an eye toward innovation. And it was about eating locally, whether produce or fish or meat. - Author: Joe Bastianich
Over Eating quotes by Joe Bastianich
#55. I always thought eating what you wanted was one of those aspects of adulthood to be looked forward to when you were a child. - Author: Graydon Carter
Over Eating quotes by Graydon Carter
#56. The Domino Effect could stand for anything. It could be just the simple game of the domino rocks falling off one after another, all kinds of decision we make that come back to our face. For example take an anorexic model that stops eating until she dies, or the bombs that a are thrown in a war and the effect they have on people, or even something simple as listening to a record that you like until you get bored of it and leave it in your shelf. - Author: Leo Lionni
Over Eating quotes by Leo Lionni
#57. I'll call if I break a leg or get eaten by a bear."
"Play like a rock."
"No, if a bear starts eating you."
I thought for a moment before replying. "Do they have screaming, sobbing rocks, 'cause that's probably what I'll be doing if a bear is gnawing my arm off."
"It would be difficult to just lay there and be eaten alive, huh?"
"Ya think? - Author: Darynda Jones
Over Eating quotes by Darynda Jones
#58. And you should never befriend something if there's a possibility it may take a fancy to eating you in your sleep. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Over Eating quotes by Fredrik Backman

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