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#1. Every portfolio benefits from bonds; they provide a cushion when the stock market hits a rough patch. But avoiding stocks completely could mean your investment won't grow any faster than the rate of inflation. - Author: Suze Orman
Otc Stocks quotes by Suze Orman
#2. The best way to own common stocks is through an index fund. - Author: Warren Buffett
Otc Stocks quotes by Warren Buffett
#3. Unlike stocks, where in our country, you go to sleep, everyone tells you everything is wonderful, you wake up and everything is gone. - Author: Michael Franzese
Otc Stocks quotes by Michael Franzese
#4. It could have been quite worse," he agreed magnanimously.
"And those two guys who felt up your butt while the maintenance dude was working on that hinge were kicked out because they violated the 'must have fondler's consent' rule, or so that pink-haired woman who spoke English said, so at least they won't do that to the next guy trapped in the stocks."
"I will sleep easier knowing that. - Author: Katie MacAlister
Otc Stocks quotes by Katie MacAlister
#5. Do not buy the hype from Wall St. and the press that stocks always go up. There are long periods when stocks do nothing and other investments are better. - Author: Jim Rogers
Otc Stocks quotes by Jim Rogers
#6. The United States, a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, destroyed the last of its stocks of VX and other chemical agents on the Johnston Atoll, 825 miles southwest of Hawaii, in November 2000. - Author: Barton Gellman
Otc Stocks quotes by Barton Gellman
#7. For sure, they don't teach you this in history class, but in colonial times, the person who got left in the stocks overnight was nothing less than fair game for everybody to nail. Men or women, anybody bent over had no way of knowing who was doing the ram job, and this was the real reason you never wanted to end up here unless you had a family member or a friend who'd stand with you the whole time. To protect you. To watch your ass, for real. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Otc Stocks quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#8. Less volatile stocks tend to have negative abnormal profits; more volatile stocks tend to have positive abnormal profits. - Author: Robert Haugen
Otc Stocks quotes by Robert Haugen
#9. To superficial observers his chin had too vanishing an aspect, looking as if it were being gradually reabsorbed. And it did indeed cause him some difficulty about the fit of his satin stocks, for which chins were at that time useful. - Author: George Eliot
Otc Stocks quotes by George Eliot
#10. Bonds are even worse, since their returns do not mean revert - a series of bad years is likely to be followed by even more bad ones, as happened during the 1970s. This is the point made by Jeremy Siegel in his superb treatise, Stocks For The Long Run. Professor Siegel pointed out that stocks outperformed bonds in only 61% of the years after 1802, but that they bested bonds in 80% of ten-year periods and in 99% of 30-year periods. Looked - Author: William J. Bernstein
Otc Stocks quotes by William J. Bernstein
#11. Hold no more stocks than you can remain informed on. - Author: Peter Lynch
Otc Stocks quotes by Peter Lynch
#12. We have been getting rich by depleting all our natural stocks - water, hydrocarbons, forests, rivers, fish and arable land - and not by generating renewable flows. - Author: Joseph J. Romm
Otc Stocks quotes by Joseph J. Romm
#13. Of course, the discounting of future earnings should hurt all stocks. But it should hurt technology stocks more than others, because so many of them are valued at extremely high levels relative to their current earnings. - Author: Alex Berenson
Otc Stocks quotes by Alex Berenson
#14. Here's one truth that perhaps your typical investment counselor would disagree with: if you're comfortably rich and someone else is getting richer faster than you by, for example, investing in risky stocks, so what?! Someone will always be getting richer faster than you. This is not a tragedy. - Author: Charlie Munger
Otc Stocks quotes by Charlie Munger
#15. I'm a stockholder. I own a lot of stocks. - Author: Kenneth Langone
Otc Stocks quotes by Kenneth Langone
#16. Possession properly has two faces, two aspects: we all have a right to private property, but this is accompanied by our responsibility for its righteous use. These two things (which should be inseparable) are frequently divided today. Everyone admits that the farmer who own a horse is obligated to feed and care for it, but in the case of stocks and bonds, we often forget that the same principle should prevail. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Otc Stocks quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#17. Sal and Henry return with a gust of warm garden air and I settle down to create miniature roses from sugarpaste using tiny ivory spatulas and crimpers. I will have no antique tester bed crowning my cake, only a posy of flowers: symbols of beauty and growth, each year new-blossoming. I let Henry paint the broken pieces with spinach juice, while I tint my flowers with cochineal and yellow gum. As a pretty device I paint a ladybird on a rose, and think it finer than Sèvres porcelain.
At ten o'clock tomorrow, I will marry John Francis at St. Mark's Church, across the square. As Sal and I rehearse our plans for the day, pleasurable anticipation bubbles inside me like fizzing wine. We will return from church for this bride cake in the parlor, then take a simple wedding breakfast of hot buttered rolls, ham, cold chicken, and fruit, on the silver in the dining room. Nan has sent me a Yorkshire Game Pie, so crusted with wedding figures of wheatsheafs and blossoms it truly looks too good to eat. We have invited few guests, for I want no great show, and instead will have bread and beef sent to feed the poor. And at two o'clock, we will leave with Henry for a much anticipated holiday by the sea, at Sandhills, on the southern coast. John Francis has promised Henry he might try sea-bathing, while I have bought stocks of cerulean blue and burnt umber to attempt to catch the sea and sky in watercolor. - Author: Martine Bailey
Otc Stocks quotes by Martine Bailey
#18. It's not always easy to do what's not popular, but that's where you make your money. Buy stocks that look bad to less careful investors and hang on until their real value is recognized. - Author: John Neff
Otc Stocks quotes by John Neff
#19. I love working with big flavors like chiles and smoke. Honey is perfect for softening the edges, mellowing them out a bit. I put it in everything - vinaigrettes, soups, stocks, salsas, so I'm always on the hunt for great honey. - Author: Bobby Flay
Otc Stocks quotes by Bobby Flay
#20. No one has yet demonstrated Iraq's compliance with its disarmament obligations, nor has anyone ever accounted for its missing weapons stocks, much less disputed that they are missing. Nor has anyone conclusively explained why a nation under sanctions for failing to comply with its disarmament obligations was for twelve years incapable of documenting its supposed compliance after claiming to comply. And yet somehow, in a truly Orwellian inversion, the burden for finding Iraqi WMDs has become ours, not Iraq's, to discharge. - Author: Irfan Khawaja
Otc Stocks quotes by Irfan Khawaja
#21. On Cape Cod, great white shark stocks have been growing, or at least becoming more concentrated, because of the multiplying numbers of seals around Monomoy Island. We are fortunate to have such abundance of these sharks in our own waters. Around the globe, we are killing in excess of 100 million sharks each year. - Author: Brian Skerry
Otc Stocks quotes by Brian Skerry
#22. There is no reason to feel any shame in hiring someone to pick stocks or mutual funds for you. But there's one responsibility that you must never delegate. You, and no one but you, must investigate whether an adviser is trustworthy and charges reasonable fees. - Author: Benjamin Graham
Otc Stocks quotes by Benjamin Graham
#23. We invest in undervalued companies that exhibit strong fundamentals, above-market dividend yields and historic earnings growth, which our analysis indicates will persist. Our strategy is to own strong, fundamentally sound companies and to avoid speculative stocks or potential bankruptcies. - Author: David Dreman
Otc Stocks quotes by David Dreman
#24. To some extent, stocks are like Rembrandts. They sell based on what they've sold in the past. Bonds are much more rational. No-one thinks a bond's value will soar to the moon. - Author: Charlie Munger
Otc Stocks quotes by Charlie Munger
#25. For all of us who have been involved in the recovery efforts to bring back and strengthen wild salmon runs, we fear that this change in policy could lead to further declines in these wild stocks. - Author: Norm Dicks
Otc Stocks quotes by Norm Dicks
#26. The thing about a mom is that she's always there. She's the one who rubs your back when you have the flu, who manages to notice you have no clean underwear and does your wash for you, who stocks the refrigerator with all the foods you love without having to ask. The thing about a mom is that you never imagine taking care of her, instead of the other way around. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Otc Stocks quotes by Jodi Picoult
#27. One of the earliest institutions in every New England community was a pair of stocks. The first public building was a meeting-house, but often before any house of God was builded, the devil got his restraining engine. - Author: Alice Morse Earle
Otc Stocks quotes by Alice Morse Earle
#28. Mutual Funds do not allow for your intellectual growth, Stocks do. And in life, wealth always catches up with your intellect - Author: Manoj Arora
Otc Stocks quotes by Manoj Arora
#29. A stock market index helps investors track the performance of a group of stocks. NRDC worked with FTSE to develop comprehensive and transparent methodologies that screen out companies linked to owning, exploring, or extracting fossil fuels. - Author: Frances Beinecke
Otc Stocks quotes by Frances Beinecke
#30. Stocks are the only thing that people are happy to buy when the price goes up. - Author: Warren Buffett
Otc Stocks quotes by Warren Buffett
#31. You had a lot of novice investors who got into the market looking for easy money, without any regard to the fundamentals. These stocks were running on fumes. - Author: Bernard Madoff
Otc Stocks quotes by Bernard Madoff
#32. Credit expansion and money printing hasn't filtered much to ordinary people. It's boosted asset markets, real estate and stocks. So well-to-do-people have done very well. - Author: Marc Faber
Otc Stocks quotes by Marc Faber
#33. Once I got to the OTC they knew more about the physical aspects of shooting, and knew which muscles were more important to have trained and geared us a program around that. - Author: Nancy Johnson
Otc Stocks quotes by Nancy Johnson
#34. In early October 2008, after the U.S. government had stepped in to say it would, in effect, absorb all the losses in the financial system and prevent any big Wall Street firm from failing, Burry had started to buy stocks with enthusiasm, for the first time in years. - Author: Michael Lewis
Otc Stocks quotes by Michael Lewis
#35. The word passive does a disservice to investors considering their options. Indexing provides an effective means of owning the market and allows investors to participate in the returns of a basket of stocks. The basket of stocks changes over time as stocks are added or removed based on its rules. - Author: Charles R. Schwab
Otc Stocks quotes by Charles R. Schwab

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