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Young people don't have a fantasy life anymore, not the way we did. All they've got is Kojak and Dirty Harry. There's all these kids running around wanting to be killer cops. ~ George Lucas
Orges Fantasy quotes by George Lucas
She's going to change the world, remake it in a better image than the one it's made in now, and no one's going to stop her. Not her parents and not her teachers and certainly not the Alchemical Congress ~ Seanan McGuire
Orges Fantasy quotes by Seanan McGuire
There is nothing so nice as supposing. It's almost like being a fairy. If you suppose anything hard enough it seems as if it were real. ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett
Orges Fantasy quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
So fair a victor, how can I help but be conquered. ~ Alice Borchardt
Orges Fantasy quotes by Alice Borchardt
New things always have to experience difficulties and setbacks as they grow. It is sheer fantasy to imagine that the cause of socialism is all plain sailing and easy success, without difficulties and setbacks or the exertion of tremendous efforts. ~ Mao Zedong
Orges Fantasy quotes by Mao Zedong
Faeries are not fantasy, but a connection to reality. Faeries are irrational, poetic, absurd, and very, very wise. Faeries say there is nonsense in dogma, and sense in nonsense. Faeries express themselves with high seriousness and low humour. Faeries are resistant to all definitions. ~ Brian Froud
Orges Fantasy quotes by Brian Froud
A true leader must be able to command with an iron fist, not just a humble heart. ~ Evan Meekins
Orges Fantasy quotes by Evan Meekins
We'll always face hardships, that's just how things are, but you have to pick yourself up no matter how hard the fall. ~ J.E. Reed
Orges Fantasy quotes by J.E. Reed
How may a mortal, face and defeat the Kraken ~ Beverley Cross
Orges Fantasy quotes by Beverley Cross
The stuff you bring back from dreams is free. ~ Neil Gaiman
Orges Fantasy quotes by Neil Gaiman
You lost the ability to see beauty in others because your vision got clouded by someone who sold you a fantasy that no one could live up to. ~ Karishma Magvani
Orges Fantasy quotes by Karishma Magvani
Reality must prove itself again and again to questioners ... it is the fantasy which goes on without contradiction, without having to prove itself. ~ Samuel R. Delany
Orges Fantasy quotes by Samuel R. Delany
A fantasy film is often improved by some kind of human reality. ~ James Mangold
Orges Fantasy quotes by James Mangold
But life is beautiful, Sariel!' Gabriel said, trying to convince him. 'Watch the sunrise sometime lying in the scented flowers of the field, or the shooting stars at the end of summer! Read a couple of really exciting books or lose yourself in the unselfconscious smiles of children. Have a swim in a clear mountain lake or take a run among trees clothed in autumn colours. If you can see the good in Earth, your own existence will become the richer for it!'
'That all sounds very well and good, but you haven't convinced me,' the deep-voiced angel murmured and Ariel laughed.
'My friend, Gabriel was very gently trying to suggest that you should fall in love and that will better dispose you to the world! ~ A.O. Esther
Orges Fantasy quotes by A.O. Esther
What I want to know is when does Lily get off her butt and do some chores?" Tristan said, panting, as he dragged a gnarly stump of bleached wood up the beach. "I feel like I've been stacking wood and stoking fire all damn day while she just sits there."
Rowan gave Tristan a disapproving look. "It's a mechanic's privilege to serve his witch. ~ Josephine Angelini
Orges Fantasy quotes by Josephine Angelini
I fear I am beyond your comprehension. - Gandalf the White ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Orges Fantasy quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
I count too heavily on birthdays, though I know I shouldn't. Inevitably I begin to assess my life by them, figure out how I'm doing by how many people remember; it's like the old fantasy of attending your own funeral: You get to see who your friends are, get to see who shows up. ~ Lorrie Moore
Orges Fantasy quotes by Lorrie Moore
Not a wonder you are out camping with us princess," Rizz said dryly.
Falita gave a clearing snort of her opposite nostril and looked up. "Why's that?"
"One can't go snorting and blowing snot all over a castle. It would ruin the décor!"
Falita ignored the comment. "A bath would certainly freshen things up."
"You've bathed three times in five days. How many more baths do you need?" Artamos asked.
"Enough to stay clean, and I don't recall either of you bathing on this trip."
"I don't need to Princess," Rizz replied. "I have my own naturally sweet odor."
Falita scrunched up her nose, "I'm aware of that, and it is not pleasing in camp. ~ M.L. Hall
Orges Fantasy quotes by M.L. Hall
Unsuccessful people carry their goals around in their head like marbles rattling around in a can, and we say a goal that is not in writing is merely a fantasy. ~ Darren Hardy
Orges Fantasy quotes by Darren Hardy
John had written that normal fantasy ("normal" in the T.S. Kuhn sense) was written for the moderately educated class from suffering ennui. It was for folks stuck doing dull, repetitive work, growing old while not getting laid half often or variously enough, watching other, less deserving people (the privileged and the crooks) scoop up your share of fun. So then the fantasy generates the exciting world where you're given a heroic purpose and an opportunity to use those very powers you have suspected that you had but never have been able to locate and use, except in destructive ways when shit-faced. ~ Don Webb
Orges Fantasy quotes by Don Webb
I never really wanted to die. But I followed through anyway. The pain in my heart was excruciating, and death was beautiful. ~ Rae Hachton
Orges Fantasy quotes by Rae Hachton
The trouble with the dead, as I see it, is they don't stay that way. ~ Tom Cook
Orges Fantasy quotes by Tom Cook
He understood her affinity to the water, inspiring as it was beautiful, and soothing to the soul. Standing there that morning, he realized he would never be able to look at the ocean again without thinking of her, and somehow he was still comforted by that thought. ~ D.A. Henneman
Orges Fantasy quotes by D.A. Henneman
Regret is a painful thing. Few people understand that there are three important things that leave us and can never return. Words. Time. Opportunity. These are things we can never get back. ~ Kathryn Perez
Orges Fantasy quotes by Kathryn Perez
He chuckled. "I plan to have you well rested, but not before we have some quality time together. ~ Amanda Carlson
Orges Fantasy quotes by Amanda Carlson
The decision of their fates lay elsewhere, and the thought of that alone was utterly terrifying. ~ Ross Turner
Orges Fantasy quotes by Ross Turner
I think this goat must have been fed on old boots,' Stubble complained as he chewed the last scraps of flesh from the bones littering his stew. ~ Carl Sargent
Orges Fantasy quotes by Carl Sargent
I will rise again, and it will not be by Your blessings but by my own mastery! I will fly with my own wings. ~ Danielle Orsino
Orges Fantasy quotes by Danielle Orsino
Oh my God, cheese burn! ~ Susan Bischoff
Orges Fantasy quotes by Susan Bischoff
No, not my spirit, just my ego, and my arms, and my chest, and my back, but luckily they are just bruised." Squanto responded, "I fear you may not be so lucky. ~ Stacy Buck
Orges Fantasy quotes by Stacy Buck
Don't even try to make this into something weird, Lori. We grew up in the same place, so get over your complex. Unless, of course, this is part of your fantasy. The asshole rich boy and the noble girl from the poor family."

"F*ck off," she growled. ~ Victoria Dahl
Orges Fantasy quotes by Victoria Dahl
Do you have a thing against knights?"

"Pretty boys who run around slaying dragons to save the fair maiden?" He let the sarcasm dangle for a moment. "Nah. I'm just not one. ~ Abigail Owen
Orges Fantasy quotes by Abigail Owen
We need to feel that life is important; we need that fantasy so we can live a little better. ~ Oscar Niemeyer
Orges Fantasy quotes by Oscar Niemeyer
Facts are more mundane than fantasies, but a better basis for conclusions. ~ Amory Lovins
Orges Fantasy quotes by Amory Lovins
Imagine fantasy and pretend as neither fantastical nor pretended ... and then believe it. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Orges Fantasy quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Where there is no bitterness there is serenity.
Where there is no compassion there is cruelty.
Where there is no anger there is comaradie.
Where there is no wrath there is harmony.
Where there is no truth there is dishonesty.
Where there is no arrogance there is humility.
Where there is no faith there is apathy.
Where there is no hope there is misery.
Where there is no doubt there is certainty.
Where there is no understanding there is enmity.
Where there is no intelligence there is idiocy.
Where there is no sense there is lunacy.
Where there is no wisdom there is absurdity.
Where there is no sin there is liberty.
Where there is no God there is vanity.
Where there is no imagination there is reality.
Where there is no proof there is fantasy.
Where there is no limit there is infinity.
Where there is no time there is eternity.
Where there is no chance there is destiny. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Orges Fantasy quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Dear, he do have a problem. ~ Taylor Ann Bunker
Orges Fantasy quotes by Taylor Ann Bunker
Religion is doing; a man does not merely think his religion or feel it, he lives his religion as much as he is able, otherwise it is not religion but fantasy or philosophy. ~ George Gurdjieff
Orges Fantasy quotes by George Gurdjieff
How did you get hired?" "I checked the box on the application that said "descendant" by mistake. I'm dyslexic and I thought it said something else."
"Okay," I said, thinking that was the worst employment application mistake ever. "And they all believe him to be the true ruler of Fallen?"
"All the Mei-Bettys do. They're, like, obsessed with it. It's a little like restaurant-of-the-body-snatchers, you know?"
"Then why do you work there?" I asked. "Clearly, you figured out something was wrong with them."
"Duh, but it pays well and they provide room and board. I sorta needed the job and a place to stay. It's got free wifi," she said, as if that explained everything. ~ H.D. Smith
Orges Fantasy quotes by H.D. Smith
I just want to matter,' he said unsmiling.

It was like pulling a curtain back, peering behind a mask made of smiles and quips. This was the real James, this young, bright, desperate thing. There was a burning intensity to his eyes, and she saw for the first time a boy who would sell his heart--not for some hobby, but because he thought it was the only way to life the life he wanted.

They had that in common. ~ Emily Lloyd-Jones
Orges Fantasy quotes by Emily Lloyd-Jones
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