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#1. Your last name may not be Kardashian but I can guarantee someone is keeping up with you. - Author: Germany Kent
Online Etiquette quotes by Germany Kent
#2. Would you mind if that post, pic, comment or content was seen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year? If the answer is yes, then don't post it today. - Author: Loren Weisman
Online Etiquette quotes by Loren Weisman
#3. A smiley face brightens cyber space. Smiling pics and emoticons are good netiquette. - Author: David Chiles
Online Etiquette quotes by David Chiles
#4. It's good netiquette to be yourself online. That is who people like. - Author: David Chiles
Online Etiquette quotes by David Chiles
#5. It's proper fitness netiquette to use a mobile/wearable heart rate monitor when you work out. - Author: David Chiles
Online Etiquette quotes by David Chiles
#6. I've always shied away from online data storage. I don't even use my employers' network drives for anything sensitive. I want to control access myself. - Author: Barton Gellman
Online Etiquette quotes by Barton Gellman
#7. People are different in different situations and people are different online than they are in real life. - Author: Joel Stein
Online Etiquette quotes by Joel Stein
#8. Whether you're online or out in the real world, treat every person you meet as a possible future resource. - Author: Erik Deckers
Online Etiquette quotes by Erik Deckers
#9. Do you guys even realize that you're not really playing ultimate?" Megan asked. "I looked it up online and you're doing it entirely wrong."
"We're doing it McGowan style," Doug replied with a knowing nod.
"What does that mean?" Megan asked.
"It's football with a Frisbee," Finn told her. "And at the end of the game we like to high five a lot and make barking noises. No one knows why or when we started it; we just did. - Author: Kate Brian
Online Etiquette quotes by Kate Brian
#10. A midst deceit I found the truth;
there in the rough I found a diamond.
And from the moment we met,
I think of no one else
Today I choose to be, to live and breathe;
to dream, to weep, and to sing in free verse.
And you, the object of my delight:
a like-minded opposite I am myself with,
a mind-fuck times six, seven, eight thousand and three.
I know that you love me with every inch of your deep. - Author: Donato DiCristino
Online Etiquette quotes by Donato DiCristino
#11. The real threat to reading isn't the time we spend hanging out, it's the time we spend online. - Author: Lorin Stein
Online Etiquette quotes by Lorin Stein
#12. any individual can create a word class online store for less than the cost of their cable bill. - Author: Brian Patrick
Online Etiquette quotes by Brian Patrick
#13. I found the people find difficulties to get their perfect sex companion online. Local online dating sites area the easiest and fastest way to date. Join or to find girls near your area for casual hookups or to meet get laid in your area, Best of luck dating online. - Author: Leon Davis
Online Etiquette quotes by Leon Davis
#14. Before Google, and long before Facebook, Bezos had realized that the greatest value of an online company lay in the consumer data it collected. - Author: George Packer
Online Etiquette quotes by George Packer
#15. these are now commonly available through specialist gaming shops and online. There can be no logical objection to their use, and indeed many sets of wargames rules, and particularly role-playing games, prescribe their use in a variety of circumstances. - Author: Henry Hyde
Online Etiquette quotes by Henry Hyde
#16. Those who have mastered etiquette, who are entirely, impeccably right, would seem to arrive at a point of exquisite dullness. - Author: Dorothy Parker
Online Etiquette quotes by Dorothy Parker
#17. If there are to be rules, they must be articulable and defensible, like etiquette. I do not do anything simply because my family did it. I do things because they make sense, and because they are elegant. - Author: Kathleen Rooney
Online Etiquette quotes by Kathleen Rooney
#18. Because there's no accountability on line in the same way there is in real life, all of a sudden you can say like, yeah, I hate women; I want to kill women. And you can say that online, and not only will you find a place to say it, but you'll find a place to say it where people are like, yeah, me too. - Author: Jessica Valenti
Online Etiquette quotes by Jessica Valenti
#19. In proceeding to the dining-room, the gentleman gives one arm to the lady he escorts - it is unusual to offer both. In proceeding to the dining-room, the gentleman gives one arm to the lady he escorts - it is unusual to offer both. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Online Etiquette quotes by Lewis Carroll
#20. Hard as it is to imagine, there's a move afoot in Congress to take away the public's free online access to tax-funded medical research findings. That would be bad for medical discovery, bad for patients looking for the latest research results, and another rip-off of the American taxpayer. - Author: Richard J. Roberts
Online Etiquette quotes by Richard J. Roberts
#21. Etiquette teaches the distinct elegance of demeanor - Author: P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
Online Etiquette quotes by P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
#22. My plan for the online version of 'Famous Monsters' is to become an online 'uncle' to an entire group of people who have never read or heard of 'Famous Monsters of Filmland.' The site will not be written in a scholarly fashion. It will be written in a playful, 'Hey, check this out!' kind of way. - Author: Harry Knowles
Online Etiquette quotes by Harry Knowles
#23. MISSION ONE ACCOMPLISHED. The next challenge was bringing in online gamers to join him on his crusade. How was he going to convince online gamers to leave the privacy of their virtual world to work with others in the real world?
Harry Doubt - Author: Anne-Rae Vasquez
Online Etiquette quotes by Anne-Rae Vasquez
#24. Laws and mechanisms originally meant to enforce copyright, protect children and fight online crime are abused to silence or intimidate political critics. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
Online Etiquette quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#25. We should differentiate between criminals who make violent threats online, and trolls who are just arseholes - Author: Bonnie Greer
Online Etiquette quotes by Bonnie Greer
#26. Look, I don't have a Facebook page because I have little interest in hearing myself talk about myself any further than I already do in interviews or putting any more about myself online than there already is. But if I wasn't in this position, I'm sure I would use it every day. - Author: Jesse Eisenberg
Online Etiquette quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
#27. Its one of the traditional multiplayer game which indians have played from a long time. You can learn Indian rummy game in very short time period. - Author: Indian Rummy
Online Etiquette quotes by Indian Rummy
#28. More and more, job listings are exclusively available online and as technology evolves nearly every occupation now requires a basic level of digital literacy with web navigation, email access and participation in social media. - Author: Michael K. Powell
Online Etiquette quotes by Michael K. Powell
#29. Google has the informal corporate motto of "don't be evil", but they make money when anything happens online, even the bad stuff.' In - Author: Jon Ronson
Online Etiquette quotes by Jon Ronson
#30. Concepts like edX and online learning will transform education. This will completely change the world. I believe that people will move to online learning, both on campuses and worldwide. We have a real opportunity to be able to bring people around the world into our fold. - Author: Anant Agarwal
Online Etiquette quotes by Anant Agarwal
#31. Okay, I cannot say this without being very direct. If you are looking for a spouse or even a romance through social media, you are looking for trouble. - Author: John Patrick Hickey
Online Etiquette quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#32. Your filter bubble is your own personal, unique universe of information that you live in online. What's in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But you don't decide what gets in - and more importantly, you don't see what gets edited out. - Author: Eli Pariser
Online Etiquette quotes by Eli Pariser
#33. 'Words and Music' on Radio 3 is always a treat. Actors read passages of poetry and prose interspersed with music, and nobody tells you what it is. Later you can look it up online, but at the time you can't cheat. - Author: Claire Tomalin
Online Etiquette quotes by Claire Tomalin
#34. In 1979 Susan Sontag wrote, "Today, everything exists to end in a photograph." Today, does everything exist to end online? - Author: Sherry Turkle
Online Etiquette quotes by Sherry Turkle
#35. IT SEEMS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE, but there was once a time when human beings did not feel the need to share their every waking moment with hundreds of millions, even billions, of complete and utter strangers. If one went to a shopping mall to purchase an article of clothing, one did not post minute-by-minute details on a social networking site; and if one made a fool of oneself at a party, one did not leave a photographic record of the sorry episode in a digital scrapbook that would survive for all eternity. But now, in the era of lost inhibition, it seemed no detail of life was too mundane or humiliating to share. In the online age, it was more important to live out loud than to live with dignity. Internet followers were more treasured than flesh-and-blood friends, for they held the illusive promise of celebrity, even immortality. Were Descartes alive today, he might have written: I tweet, therefore I am. - Author: Daniel Silva
Online Etiquette quotes by Daniel Silva
#36. 'Our Dream Playground' is a new online project planner designed to help you build the playground of your dreams. It's a free resource, brought to you 'KaBOOM!,' offering step-by-step instructions to help you bring play to the kids in your community. - Author: Darell Hammond
Online Etiquette quotes by Darell Hammond
#37. Web banking lets you monitor your spending, tweak your budget, schedule payments, and more, particularly if you marry your online bank with the personal-finance management tools available online. - Author: Jean Chatzky
Online Etiquette quotes by Jean Chatzky
#38. Why would you turn right on a red light when we can all just sit here behind you waiting to die ... #AHOLE - Author: A.O. Storm
Online Etiquette quotes by A.O. Storm
#39. I think that the online world has actually brought books back. People are reading because they're reading the damn screen. That's more reading than people used to do. - Author: Bill Murray
Online Etiquette quotes by Bill Murray
#40. Google chrome is not safe. The browser is prone to hacks at Starbucks. - Author: David Chiles
Online Etiquette quotes by David Chiles
#41. Contradictions, in any communication, are the first stepping stones of mistrust - Author: Paul Babicki
Online Etiquette quotes by Paul Babicki
#42. I want to talk about the internet, the impact it is having on the innocence of our children, how online pornography is corroding childhood and how, in the darkest corners of the internet, there are things going on that are a direct danger to our children, and that must be stamped out. - Author: David Cameron
Online Etiquette quotes by David Cameron
#43. Oh, I think there are a lot of people who would be buying and selling online today that go up there and they get the information, but then when it comes time to type in their credit card they think twice because they're not sure about how that might get out and what that might mean for them. - Author: Bill Gates
Online Etiquette quotes by Bill Gates
#44. I've spent a lot of time in tiny venues in the way that I got my record deal and got my name out there just performing live. I was literally performing my songs in all kinds of different ways with different guitarists, and I didn't have an album up online or anything. It's been a lot of work; it definitely hasn't been a sudden explosion into fame. - Author: Florence Welch
Online Etiquette quotes by Florence Welch
#45. Today, planning has become collaborative and interactive, using software and tools that will allow clients to "play" with different scenarios, becoming invested in the results. Our delivery is online, and the focus is on the process of planning, not the product (the plan). We engage as many other professionals as we need to (accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents) to complete the implementation. - Author: Deena B. Katz
Online Etiquette quotes by Deena B. Katz
#46. It was a lot of hard work, but everyone loved my Amy Childs' Collection, so I decided to have a boutique as well as my salon. I love designing my own dresses, and everyone is loving the collection. I can't believe how well the boutique and the clothing online is going. - Author: Amy Childs
Online Etiquette quotes by Amy Childs
#47. Kids should speak to each other. They're horrid to each other online, they bully each other - they should shut up and stop it. The problem with social media is there is too much freedom. It's too much, too young. - Author: Cara Delevingne
Online Etiquette quotes by Cara Delevingne
#48. A year earlier, no company had been accorded more faith than Enron; by late November, none was trusted less. And so, a gasping gurgle, a desperate SOS: Enron, the emblem of free markets, the champion of deregulation, reached into its depleted treasury and forked over $100,000 to each of the major political parties' campaign war chests. Then, it shuttered its online trading unit - its erstwhile gem. On November 28, Standard & Poor's downgraded Enron to junk-bond level - which triggered provisions in Enron's debt requiring it to immediately repay billions of its obligations. This it could not do. Its stock was seventy cents and falling, and, now, no gatekeepers and no credit remained. Accordingly, in the first week of December, Enron, the archetype of shareholder value, availed itself of the time-honored protection for those who have lost their credit: bankruptcy. - Author: Roger Lowenstein
Online Etiquette quotes by Roger Lowenstein
#49. Ahem",she says. "I figured you were the only kid in the building, so it had to be you."
It's too easy
I can't resist.
"Excuse me" I say somewhat abruptly.
"It's you, right?"
I make George look as confused as possible. "Do I know you?"
Now she starts to doubt herself. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just, uh, am supposed to meet somebody."
"What does he look like?"
"I don't, um, know. It's, like, an online thing."
I grunt. "Shouldnt you be in school?"
"Shouldnt you be in school?"
"I can't. There's this amazing girl I'm supposed to meet."
She looks me hard. "You jerk. - Author: David Levithan
Online Etiquette quotes by David Levithan

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