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#1. Written with grace and thoroughly researched, One People, One Blood is an ethnography with a lot of heart that also sheds new light on a fascinating and fraught chapter in recent Jewish history. - Author: Ruth Behar
One Blood quotes by Ruth Behar
#2. We be of one blood, thou and I - - Author: Rudyard Kipling
One Blood quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#3. Every friend whom not thy fantastic will but the great and tender heart in thee craveth, shall lock thee in his embrace. And this because the heart in thee is the heart of all; not a valve, not a wall, not an intersection is there anywhere in nature, but one blood rolls uninterruptedly in endless circulation through all men, as the water of the globe is all one sea, and, truly seen, its tide is one. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
One Blood quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#4. The sun had long set, but one blood-red gash like an open wound lay low in the distant west. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
One Blood quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#5. If we have been silent and have chosen to ignore the mistreatment of others in the past, we should begin to speak up and challenge injustices. If we were racist and bigoted in our speech and actions, there should be a radical change that is observable. If we have been angry and spiteful toward the other, there should be a radical change that is observable. And, yes, if we have an abundance of wealth and we have the opportunity to use this blessing to encourage those we have previously been prejudiced against, we should open our hands in Christian love and brotherhood. We should tear down the walls that have separated us for so long. - Author: John M. Perkins
One Blood quotes by John M. Perkins
#6. At one blood labors to beget,
Spirits as like as it can,
Because such figures need to knit,
that subtle knot which makes us man. - Author: John Donne
One Blood quotes by John Donne
#7. The psalms of lament were meant to be tools in the community worship experience to bring the worshipers into the presence of our God. The lament is His gift to us, His church. They urge us to come and be healed together. - Author: John M. Perkins
One Blood quotes by John M. Perkins
#8. We be of one blood, ye and I - Author: Rudyard Kipling
One Blood quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#9. Only God can break through the variegated walls of skin to capture the one and only hue of the heart. One Blood. - Author: Katelyne Parker
One Blood quotes by Katelyne Parker
#10. In the tale, in the telling, we are all one blood. Take the tale in your teeth, then, and bite till the blood runs, hoping it's not poison; and we will all come to the end together, and even to the beginning: living, as we do, in the middle. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
One Blood quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#11. The great discovery of the nineteenth century, that we are of one blood with the lower animals, has created new ethical obligations which have not yet penetrated the public conscience. The clerical profession has been lamentably remiss in preaching this obvious duty. - Author: William Ralph Inge
One Blood quotes by William Ralph Inge
#12. We all shed salty tears and shed red blood. All is one. - Author: Thich Thien-An
One Blood quotes by Thich Thien-An
#13. In our Western world we don't do well with grief and suffering. Our rugged individualism has trumped the call to shared grief. And many of us believe that it shows a lack of faith to lament. We want to move too quickly to our claims of victory in Jesus. We neglect the need within our souls to cry out. - Author: John M. Perkins
One Blood quotes by John M. Perkins
#14. ONE BLOOD is a richly detailed, intricately woven tale rendered in lush, evocative prose. This memorable debut heralds Qwantu Amaru as a talent well worth watching. - Author: Brandon Massey
One Blood quotes by Brandon Massey
#15. It is often said that the first sound we hear in the womb is our mother's heartbeat. Actually, the first sound to vibrate our newly developed hearing apparatus is the pulse of our mother's blood through her veins and arteries. We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear. Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother's ovary. All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmother's womb and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother. We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother's blood before she herself is born. And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother. We all share the blood of the first mother. We are truly children of one blood. - Author: Layne Redmond
One Blood quotes by Layne Redmond
#16. I believe in God, who made of one blood all nations that on earth do dwell. I believe that all men, black and brown and white, are brothers, varying through time and opportunity, in form and gift and feature, but differing in no essential particular, and alike in soul and the possibility of infinite development. - Author: W.E.B. Du Bois
One Blood quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#17. We've been looking in all of the wrong places for help in fighting this battle for reconciliation. We've sought help from social service agencies and government programs. But this is something that requires divine power. - Author: John M. Perkins
One Blood quotes by John M. Perkins
#18. We are all citizens of one world, we are all of one blood. To hate people because they were born in another country, because they speak a different language, or because they take a different view on this subject or that, is a great folly. Desist, I implore you, for we are all equally human ... Let us have but one end in view: the welfare of humanity. - Author: John Amos Comenius
One Blood quotes by John Amos Comenius
#19. Every virus you've ever had, seen in one blood test - Author: Anonymous
One Blood quotes by Anonymous
#20. Mark but this flea, and mark in this,
How little that which thou deniest me is;
Me it sucked first, and now sucks thee,
And in this flea our two bloods mingled be;
Thou know'st that this cannot be said
A sin, or shame, or loss of maidenhead,
Yet this enjoys before it woo,
And pampered swells with one blood made of two,
And this, alas, is more than we would do.

Oh stay, three lives in one flea spare,
Where we almost, nay more than married are.
This flea is you and I, and this
Our mariage bed and mariage temple is;
Though parents grudge, and you, we are met,
And cloisterd in these living walls of jet.
Though use make you apt to kill me,
Let not to that, self-murder added be,
And sacrilege, three sins in killing three.

Cruel and sudden, hast thou since
Purpled thy nail in blood of innocence?
Wherein could this flea guilty be,
Except in that drop which it sucked from thee?
Yet thou triumph'st, and say'st that thou
Find'st not thy self, nor me the weaker now;
'Tis true; then learn how false, fears be:
Just so much honor, when thou yield'st to me,
Will waste, as this flea's death took life from thee. - Author: John Donne
One Blood quotes by John Donne
#21. Jesus intentionally brought together disciples who were very different - fishermen, tax collectors - not people who would naturally love one another. But he did this to show us what love looks like in practice. We have the privilege of putting this same kind of love on display as we love those in the body of Christ who don't look like us. - Author: John M. Perkins
One Blood quotes by John M. Perkins
#22. You couldn't pretend you had lost nothing ... you had to begin there, not let your blood freeze over. If your heart turned away at this, it would turn away at something greater, then more and more until your heart stayed averted, immobile, your imagination redistributed away from the world and back only toward the bad maps of yourself, the sour pools of your own pulse, your own tiny, mean, and pointless wants. - Author: Lorrie Moore
One Blood quotes by Lorrie Moore
#23. If we journey outside your city boundaries, are there creatures lurking in wait for us?'
`Only traffic cops, I suppose.'
`Are they a threat? Do they cluster in large numbers? - Author: Cheryse Durrant The Blood She Betrayed
One Blood quotes by Cheryse Durrant The Blood She Betrayed
#24. Blood was shed that you three might breathe the good air of life, and if that means you have to miss out on a Zibzy game, then so be it. Part of being a man is putting others' needs before your own. - Author: Andrew Peterson
One Blood quotes by Andrew Peterson
#25. War and peace. There are blurred lines in the realities of both. A separation anxiety as the paradigm shifts from the air that a sniper wears on his face (real life, entertainment for the masses or the propaganda machine you decide), to the blueprint of an assassination in a driveway (Chris Hani lying in a pool of his own blood). You know that we cannot eat stones but we can burn, butcher, necklace, murder, forcibly remove and displace entire families, races of different faiths in the name of apartheid. Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Chris Hani instruments of change, war, tolerance or peace. The Romantics got it right before anyone else did. Truth is beauty. The truth is South Africa is not cool anymore. - Author: Abigail George
One Blood quotes by Abigail George
#26. I don't give a shit, Dad!"
"Well I do! I absolutely give a shit! This will completely exhaust you."
"It's my body. I can do what I like!"
"So you don't care about your body now?"
"No, I'm sick of it! I'm sick of doctors and needles and blood tests and transfusions. I'm sick of being stuck in a bed day after day while the rest of you get on with your lives. I hate it! I hate all of you! Adam's gone for a university interview, did you know that? He's going to be here for years doing whatever he likes and I'm going to be under the ground in a couple of weeks! - Author: Jenny Downham
One Blood quotes by Jenny Downham
#27. I have that working-class show-business blood coursing through my veins. - Author: Jenny Lewis
One Blood quotes by Jenny Lewis
#28. Emerson abandoned irony for blunt and passionate speech.
'This war has been a monumental blunder from the start! Britain is not solely responsible, but by God, gentlemen, she must share the blame, and she will pay a heavy price: the best of her young men, future scholars and scientists and statesmen, and ordinary, decent men who might have led ordinary, decent lives. And how will it end, when you tire of your game of soldiers? A few boundaries redrawn, a few transitory political advantages, in exchange for an entire continent laid waste and a million graves! What I do may be of minor importance in the total accumulation of knowledge, but at least I don't have blood on my hands. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
One Blood quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#29. What is going to happen to the Aurorans?"
"They are prisoners of war," Albion said. "I should imagine they will be set to work at the base of the Spire."
Grimm tightened his jaw. "No, sir."
"No, sir," Grimm said. "I've seen that place. You might as well tie a noose around their necks and stand them on blocks of ice, if you want them to die a slow death. It will be cleaner."
"I'm not sure why this concerns you, Captain," Albion said.
"Because they surrendered to me," Grimm said. "They gave me their parole, sir. They could have fought on with no real chance of victory, and it would have been bloody. But that surrender saved blood and lives of Albions and Aurorans alike. I will not see Captain Castillo repaid with such churlish treatment. - Author: Jim Butcher
One Blood quotes by Jim Butcher
#30. Sometimes when you're treated unfairly it makes you stronger and more determined. I admire that kind of strength. People who have it take a stand and put their blood and soul into what they believe. - Author: Michael Jackson
One Blood quotes by Michael Jackson
#31. If you take 12 waters from the coconut - not the ones you buy in the store, although that's good - but the fresh coconuts, the little brown ones with the three eyes, if you take 12 of those within 24 hours, your blood will go back to the way it was when you were born. - Author: Dick Gregory
One Blood quotes by Dick Gregory
#32. You can see the proof in an MRI scan of someone presented with political opinions that conflict with her own. The brain scans of a person shown statements that oppose her political stance show that the highest areas of the cortex, the portions responsible for providing rational thought, get less blood until another statement is presented that confirms her beliefs. Your brain literally begins to shut down when you feel your ideology is threatened. Try it yourself. Watch a pundit you hate for fifteen minutes. Resist the urge to change the channel. Don't complain to the person next to you. Don't get online and rant. Try to let it go. You will find this is excruciatingly difficult. - Author: David McRaney
One Blood quotes by David McRaney
#33. Don't expect me to be sane anymore. Don't let's be sensible. It was a marriage at Louveciennes - you can't dispute it. I came away with pieces of you sticking to me; I am walking about, swimming, in an ocean of blood, your Andalusian blood, distilled and poisonous ... I can't see how I can go on living away from you - these intermissions are death. How did it seem to you when Hugo came back? Was I still there? I can't picture you moving about with him as you did with me. Legs closed. Frailty. Sweet, treacherous acquiescence. Bird docility. You became a woman with me. I was almost terrified by it. You are not just thirty years old - you are a thousand years old.
Here I am back and still smouldering with passion, like wine smoking. Not a passion any longer for flesh, but a complete hunger for you, a devouring hunger. - Author: Henry Miller
One Blood quotes by Henry Miller
#34. But you didn't even know me. I was nobody to you!" "Not true." He laughed. "Not true at all, Elle. From the moment I saw you on my library steps, I felt something down deep in my stomach. Something pounding through my blood that told me I needed you. I want to die the day before you do, because I don't want to live a single day on this earth without you on it. - Author: Aria Cole
One Blood quotes by Aria Cole
#35. The fact is that our Union rests upon public opinion and can never be cemented by the blood of its citizens...If it can not live in the affections of its people, it must die. - Author: James Buchanan
One Blood quotes by James Buchanan
#36. I am beginning with the young. We older ones are used up. Yes, we are old already. We are rotten to the marrow. We have no unrestrained instincts left. We are cowardly and sentimental. We are bearing the burden of a humiliating past, and have in our blood the dull recollection of serfdom and servility. But my magnificent youngsters! Are there finer ones anywhere in the world? Look at these young men and boys! What material! With them, I can make a new world. - Author: Adolf Hitler
One Blood quotes by Adolf Hitler
#37. Those human groups that
entertain a subjective belief in
their common descent because of similarities of physical type or of customs or both, or because of memories of colonization
and migration; this belief must be important for group
formation; furthermore it does not matter whether an objective blood relationship exists. - Author: Max Weber
One Blood quotes by Max Weber
#38. When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They're in everything you do. They're in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because their nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don't think they're perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don't frighten you away; in fact you love them more for it, because you don't want perfect. You want them. You want - "
He broke off then, as if realizing everyone was looking at him again.
"You want what?" said Dru with enormous eyes.
"Nothing," Julian said. "I'm just talking. - Author: Cassandra Clare
One Blood quotes by Cassandra Clare
#39. The time for princes and tsars and grand duchesses and especially holy madmen was gone. In its place came a world of war and revolution, of tanks and telephones, of murder and assassination. The bear had already become what it had been waiting to be, and the men who set it on its journey changed too. Lev became Trotsky, Vladimir took the name Lenin, and they stepped into a bright and furious modern world; blood red, and snow white. - Author: Marcus Sedgwick
One Blood quotes by Marcus Sedgwick
#40. I really like you, Cameron."
I grin. "Yeah?"
"Yeah," she says dreamily.
And then my heart begins to race.
My palms begin to sweat.
And all I can hear is the blood pumping in my ears.
"Good," I respond, and then inhale a huge breath. "Because I'm kind of in love with you, Lucy. - Author: Jay McLean
One Blood quotes by Jay McLean
#41. He thrashed like a freshly caught fish as the sucking sounds of draining water gurgled from the pooling blood in his mouth. - Author: Michiko Katsu
One Blood quotes by Michiko Katsu
#42. I've always loved the fans in Scotland and have a little Scottish blood of my own. - Author: Dolly Parton
One Blood quotes by Dolly Parton
#43. We'll be all right. Somehow, we will. Trust it is the truth. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
One Blood quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#44. I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred, and this is the tale of a blood feud. It is a tale of how I will take from my enemy what the law says is mine. And it is the tale of a woman and of her father, a king.
He was my king and all that I have I owe to him. The food that I eat, the hall where I live, and the swords of my men, all came from Alfred, my king, who hated me. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
One Blood quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#45. I was always shocked when I went to the doctor's office and they did my X-ray and didn't find that I had eight more ribs than I should have or that my blood was the color green. - Author: Nicolas Cage
One Blood quotes by Nicolas Cage
#46. And I tell you that you should open yourselves to hearing an authentic poet, of the kind whose bodily senses were shaped in a world that is not our own and that few people are able to perceive. A poet closer to death than to philosophy, closer to pain than to intelligence, closer to blood than to ink. - Author: Federico Garcia Lorca
One Blood quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#47. Same blood, different mud. - Author: Marcus Luttrell
One Blood quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#48. Isabelle!" he called again. "Let down your raven hair!'
"Oh my God," Clary muttered. "There was something in that blood Raphael gave you, wasn't there? I'm going to kill him. - Author: Cassandra Clare
One Blood quotes by Cassandra Clare
#49. It occurred to me then that maybe Wil Hines didn't have blood in his veins like everyone else. Maybe he was made of Florida things: grains of bleached sand, sea foam, and salt. Wind and sun. Maybe he was made of the things he loved best. - Author: Meg Haston
One Blood quotes by Meg Haston
#50. Because we are not wrestling against basar vadahm (flesh and blood), but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the choshech (darkness) of the Olam Hazeh (physical world), against the kokhot ruchaniyim ra'im (evil spiritual forces) in Shomayim (The Heavens)." ~ Ephesus 6:12 - Author: Rachel A. Marks
One Blood quotes by Rachel A. Marks
#51. The first time he consulted me, I caught a glimpse of my salvation. He made a gift to me of the very thing that I - too corrupted by my bourgeoise blood to renounce it- could not be, merely by tacitly agreeing to be my client, simply by frequenting my waiting room on a regular basis, with his ordinary docile manner of a patient who makes no fuss. Later he gave me another gift, magnanimously, that of his conversation. Worlds hitherto unknown to me suddenly appeared, and the very thing that my flame had always coveted so ardently, and had despaired of ever obtaining, was suddenly mine, thanks to him, vicariously. - Author: Muriel Barbery
One Blood quotes by Muriel Barbery
#52. The chaos in my head spun itself into a silk of silence. I had distilled myself to the immediacy of hand, blade, blood, flesh. - Author: Caroline Kettlewell
One Blood quotes by Caroline Kettlewell
#53. Auguries of Innocence
..A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage.
A dove-house fill'd with doves and pigeons
Shudders hell thro' all its regions.
A dog starv'd at his master's gate
Predicts the ruin of the state.
A horse misused upon the road
Calls to heaven for human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted hare
A fibre from the brain does tear.
A skylark wounded in the wing,
A cherubim does cease to sing.
The game-cock clipt and arm'd for fight
Does the rising sun affright.
Every wolf's and lion's howl
Raises from hell a human soul. - Author: William Blake
One Blood quotes by William Blake
#54. My arms are up to the elbows in blood. That is the most terrible thing that lies in my soul. - Author: Nikita Khrushchev
One Blood quotes by Nikita Khrushchev
#55. Never make a blood drinker of a greater age, said Eudoxia. For a greater mortal age can only lead to misery later on from habits learned in mortal life. - Author: Anne Rice
One Blood quotes by Anne Rice
#56. Despite his cynical exterior, he had a good heart-and Lissa owned most of it. - Author: Richelle Mead
One Blood quotes by Richelle Mead
#57. Somewhere beneath the surface of this body, a fire, maybe even several fires, are burning. The flames within me are licking away the moisture, feeding on my blood so that my body resembles a land struck by drought. I no longer possess that fine solid sheet which used to conceal my veins and other inner parts as efficiently as anyone else's skin. - Author: Jinat Rehana Begum
One Blood quotes by Jinat Rehana Begum
#58. My Dear Lord, please help me. Place me in the Center of Your Perfect Will.
Adoro te devote, latens Deitas.
Bread of Life by bread concealed, speaking heart to heart.
Tibi se cor meum totum subjicit.
Let Your presence draw me in here my senses fail.
Visus cactus, gustus in te falliti.
This is truth enough for me.
Peto quod petivit latro paenitens.
Seeing You upon the Cross, flesh and blood, I find.
Plagas, sicut Thomas, non intueor.
I see not but name You still God and Prince of Life.
O memoriale mortis Domini.
How I thirst to meet Your gaze gloriously revealed. After life's obscurity, let me wake to see. Beauty shining from Your Face for eternity.
Amen. - Author: Gina Marinello-Sweeney
One Blood quotes by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
#59. We've been here before, haven't we? Last time you were starving, I gave you my blood. It was a little homoerotic, maybe, but I'm secure in my sexuality. - Author: Cassandra Clare
One Blood quotes by Cassandra Clare
#60. Calmly, deliberately, he moved his hands down to her breasts and molded his fingers over them. Jay inhaled sharply, and he said, "Easy, easy," as he stroked the soft mounds.
"Steve, no." But her eyes were closing as warm pleasure built in her, her blood beating slowly and powerfully through her veins. His thumbs rubbed over her nipples and she quivered, her breasts beginning to tighten.
"You're so soft." His voice roughened even more. "God, how I've wanted to touch you. Come here, sweetheart. - Author: Linda Howard
One Blood quotes by Linda Howard
#61. It's in our nature, Julian would say. We destroy. It's the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall.
I didn't understand that lesson a few days ago, but now, with Cal's hands in mine, guiding me with the lightest touch, I'm beginning to see what he meant.
I can feel myself falling. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
One Blood quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#62. During the Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans, drunk and drugged and sleepless for sex-driven nights and days, I saw leering clowns on gaudy floats tossing cheap necklaces to grasping hands that clutched and grabbed and tore them, spilling beads; and revelers crawled on littered streets, wrestling for them, bleeding for them on sidewalks; and beads fell on spattered blood like dirty tears - and I saw costumed revelers turn into angels, angels into demons, demons into clowning angels; and in a flashing moment the night split open into a deeper, darker chasm out of which soared demonic clowning angels laughing. - Author: John Rechy
One Blood quotes by John Rechy
#63. I don't know if I saw blood before turning into Mother's arms or if I daubed it on later, in my memory, with a brush (Life of Pi 36) - Author: Yann Martel
One Blood quotes by Yann Martel
#64. Myocardial oxygen consumption is determined by the work of the heart and is a function of arterial blood pressure and heart rate. - Author: James Black
One Blood quotes by James Black
#65. And What Good Will Your Vanity Be When The Rapture Comes"

says the man with a cart of empty bottles at the corner of church
and lincoln while I stare into my phone and I say
I know oh I know while trying to find the specific
filter that will make the sun's near-flawless descent look

the way I might describe it in a poem and the man
says the moment is already right in front of you and I
say I know but everyone I love is not here and I mean
here like on this street corner with me while I turn

the sky a darker shade of red on my phone and I mean
here like everyone I love who I can still touch and not
pass my fingers through like the wind in a dream
but I look up at the man and he is a kaleidoscope

of shadows I mean his shadows have shadows
and they are small and trailing behind him and I know
then that everyone he loves is also not here and the man doesn't ask
but I still say hey man I've got nothing I've got nothing even though I have plenty

to go home to and the sun is still hot even in its
endless flirt with submission and the man's palm has a small
river inside I mean he has taken my hand now and here we are
tethered and unmoving and the man says what color are you making

the sky and I say what I might say in a poem I say all surrender
ends in blood and he says what color are you making the sky and
I say something bright enoug - Author: Hanif Abdurraqib
One Blood quotes by Hanif Abdurraqib
#66. Blood is mentioned 460 times in the Bible. Fourteen times in the New Testament Jesus spoke of His own blood. Why? Because by the shedding of His blood, He accomplished the possibility of our salvation. - Author: Billy Graham
One Blood quotes by Billy Graham

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