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#1. Some months earlier one of his oldest friends, Junto charter member Hugh Roberts, had written with news of the club and how the political quarreling in Philadelphia had continued to divide the membership. Franklin expressed hope that the squabbles would not keep Roberts from the meetings. "'tis now perhaps one of the oldest clubs, as I think it was formerly one of the best, in the King's dominions; it wants but about two years of forty since it was established." Few men were so lucky as to belong to such a group. "We loved and still love one another; we are grown grey together and yet it is too early to part. Let us sit till the evening of life is spent; the last hours were always the most joyous. When we can stay no longer 'tis time enough then to bid each other good night, separate, and go quietly to bed." And - Author: H.W. Brands
Olesons Hours quotes by H.W. Brands
#2. I brought him down one evening and just set him in a chair, and never touched him afterwards. In two hours, I called Joseph to carry him up again; and, since then, my presence is as potent on his nerves as a ghost; and I fancy he sees me often, though I am not near. - Author: Emily Bronte
Olesons Hours quotes by Emily Bronte
#3. For what are in reality the things we call 'Wisdom,' 'Virtue,' 'Heroism,' 'sublime hours,' and 'great moments of life,' but the moments when we have more or less issued forth from ourselves, and have been able to halt, be it only for an instant, on the step of one of the eternal gates whence we see that the faintest cry, the most colourless thought, and most nerveless gestures do not drop into nothingness; … - Author: Maurice Maeterlinck
Olesons Hours quotes by Maurice Maeterlinck
#4. Time. There seems to be vast quantities of the stuff spooling around me in all directions, everywhere i look. Days and hours. Weeks and minutes. Years. The hard part, ive discovered, is filling it. - Author: Melissa Bank
Olesons Hours quotes by Melissa Bank
#5. I hate couples sitting together for hours and waiting for each other to kiss. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
Olesons Hours quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#6. Those hours given over to basking in the glow of an imagined
future, of being carried away in streams of promise by a love or
a passion so strong that one felt altered forever and convinced
that even the smallest particle of the surrounding world was
charged with purpose of impossible grandeur; ah, yes, and
one would look up into the trees and be thrilled by the wind-
loosened river of pale, gold foliage cascading down and by the
high, melodious singing of countless birds; those moments, so
many and so long ago, still come back, but briefly, like fireflies
in the perfumed heat of summer night. - Author: Mark Strand
Olesons Hours quotes by Mark Strand
#7. For every hour of brains, you will be charged three hours. The other two hours go to management and project management, which is to say they are wasted. - Author: Robert X. Cringely
Olesons Hours quotes by Robert X. Cringely
#8. Some people would call me a workaholic. I don't consider this time: I just love my work so much, so it's my real hobby, OK? And, yeah, getting some play during working hours for which you are paid is the best job I can recommend for anyone around! - Author: Andre Geim
Olesons Hours quotes by Andre Geim
#9. The best time to leave a party is when the party's just beginning. There's no drink that kills except the drink that you didn't want to take, as the saying goes, and there's no hour that kills except the hour you stayed after you wanted to go home. - Author: Diana Vreeland
Olesons Hours quotes by Diana Vreeland
#10. The rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, small farmers were being squeezed out, workingmen were working twelve hours a day for a bare living; profits were for the rich, the law was for the rich, the cops were for the rich; - Author: John Dos Passos
Olesons Hours quotes by John Dos Passos
#11. If you drink O'Douls, you don't drink; but if you drink 20 O'Douls in a half hour, then you're a non-alcoholic. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Olesons Hours quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#12. We go for what feels like hours and also feels like no time at all. - Author: David Levithan
Olesons Hours quotes by David Levithan
#13. I've always loved shows like '48 Hours' and 'Dateline,' and I've always been passionate about getting to the truth, and journalism. - Author: Regina Hall
Olesons Hours quotes by Regina Hall
#14. There is an association between the number of hours that the television is on at home and early childhood aggression. - Author: Catherine Taylor
Olesons Hours quotes by Catherine Taylor
#15. Fain would I turn back the clock and devote to French or some other language the hours I spent upon algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, of which not one principle remains with me. Stay! There is one theorem painfully drummed into my head which seems to have inhabited some corner of my brain since that early time: "The square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides!" There it sticks, but what of it, ye gods, what of it? - Author: Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
Olesons Hours quotes by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
#16. There is a premium on conformity, and on silence. Enthusiasm is frowned upon, since it is likely to be noisy. The Admiral had caught a few kids who came to school before class, eager to practice on the typewriters. He issued a manifesto forbidding any students in the building before 8:20 or after 3:00 - outside of school hours, students are "unauthorized." They are not allowed to remain in a classroom unsupervised by a teacher. They are not allowed to linger in the corridors. They are not allowed to speak without raising a hand. They are not allowed to feel too strongly or to laugh too loudly.
Yesterday, for example, we were discussing "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars/ But in ourselves that we are underlings." I had been trying to relate Julius Caesar to their own experiences. Is this true? I asked. Are we really masters of our fate? Is there such a thing as luck? A small boy in the first row, waving his hand frantically: "Oh, call on me, please, please call on me!" was propelled by the momentum of his exuberant arm smack out of his seat and fell on the floor. Wild laughter. Enter McHabe. That afternoon, in my letter-box, it had come to his attention that my "control of the class lacked control. - Author: Bel Kaufman
Olesons Hours quotes by Bel Kaufman
#17. I spent four hours last night on the Internet, reading accounts of women who suffer from their moods in ways that feel so familiar - they want to run away from their life half the month, and the other half, life feels fine. - Author: Sheila Heti
Olesons Hours quotes by Sheila Heti
#18. O! useful may it be to have shewn, that, though the vicious can sometimes pour affliction upon the good, their power is transient and their punishment certain; and that innocence, though oppressed by injustice, shall, supported by patience, finally triumph over misfortune!And, if the weak hand, that has recorded this tale, has, by its scenes, beguiled the mourner of one hour of sorrow, or, by its moral, taught him to sustain it - the effort, however humble, has not been vain, nor is the writer unrewarded. - Author: Ann Radcliffe
Olesons Hours quotes by Ann Radcliffe
#19. And so I would like to thank you. You taught me, again and again again and again and again, not to dream of you. And I listened. I am silent. These words are not words of love, but of the silence that will remain when I walk away when this letter is done. I have listened and I do not continue to imagine our love, for it was not love. You were too busy walking a flowered path, and it was my misstep that I thought we had something more than an hour's fun for you.

Thank you, for clarifying for me what love is not.

Love is no thing, and nothing is a gift, space is a playground, and time and distance are merely peaks and valleys in the topography of real love.

And I would remind you: I am not one of your fans. For I know what I deserve, and it is one who is not afraid of fear. Love does not require this map: it makes its way across the miles. Love does not heed the time; it is not rooted in the months of one or two moons. Love is not bothered by obstacles - they form the high sides to the left and right of this rocky path. This path does not depend upon external signs: love will find its own way. - Author: Waylon H. Lewis
Olesons Hours quotes by Waylon H. Lewis
#20. Vincent knew he was dying. A horrendous fever overwhelmed him with intolerable pain throughout many sleepless hours. It came as a result of a malaria epidemic that erupted in his hometown during early nineteenth century Europe. The disease spread so fast, physicians had to ration their stocks of quinine only to use it on patients who weren't declared "hopeless". Vincent was one of the unlucky ones. Speculating his time on Earth may be short, he requested spiritual guidance, even if he wasn't a faithful man, nor did he believe in forgiveness. He appealed to the Church as a "just in case" like many other petrified atheists. - Author: Don Luis Zavala
Olesons Hours quotes by Don Luis Zavala
#21. Catastrophe! Of course! Last judgement! Horseshit! It's you that are the catastrophe, you're the bloody last judgement, your feet don't even touch the ground, you bunch of sleepwalkers. I wish you were dead, the lot of you. Let's make a bet,' and here he shook Nadaban by the shoulders, 'that you don't even know what I'm talking about!! Because you don't talk, you "whisper" or "expostulate"; you don't walk down the street but "proceed feverishly"; you don't enter a place but "cross its threshold", you don't feel cold or hot, but "find yourselves shivering" or "feeling the sweat pour down you"! I haven't heard a straight word for hours, you can only mew and caterwaul; because if a hooligan throws a brick through your window you invoke the last judgement, because your brains are addled and filled up with steam, because if someone sticks your nose in shit all you do is sniff, stare and cry "sorcery! - Author: Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Olesons Hours quotes by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
#22. The captive had broken off the stalagmite, and upon the stump had placed a stone, wherein he had scooped a shallow hollow to catch the precious drop that fell once in every three minutes with the dreary regularity of a clock- tick
a dessertspoonful once in four and twenty hours. That drop was falling when the Pyramids were new; when Troy fell; when the foundations of Rome were laid when Christ was crucified; when the Conqueror created the British empire; when Columbus sailed; when the massacre at Lexington was "news." It is falling now; it will still be falling when all these things shall have sunk down the afternoon of history, and the twilight of tradition, and been swallowed up in the thick night of oblivion. Has everything a purpose and a mission? Did this drop fall patiently during five thousand years to be ready for this flitting human insect's need? - Author: Mark Twain
Olesons Hours quotes by Mark Twain
#23. Time, it seemed, was not our enemy after all. It was just air and space and hours. Anything worth having was able to withstand it. - Author: Courtney Cole
Olesons Hours quotes by Courtney Cole
#24. No ordinary work done by a man is either as hard or as responsible as the work of a woman who is bringing up a family of small children; for upon her time and strength demands are made not only every hour of the day but often every hour of the night. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Olesons Hours quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#25. We've rewritten entire scenes and had them animated twelve hours before the show goes on the air. It's not fun. - Author: Matt Stone
Olesons Hours quotes by Matt Stone
#26. Seek for a fresh invoice of grace. Unbelief can scoff or growl; faith is the nightingale that sings in the darkest hour. Faith can draw honey out of the rock and oil out of the flint. With Christ in possession and heaven in reversion, it marches to the time of the One-hundred-and-third Psalm over the roughest road, and against the most cutting blast. - Author: Theodore L. Cuyler
Olesons Hours quotes by Theodore L. Cuyler
#27. MR. DOMBEY'S offices were in a court where there was an old-established stall of choice fruit at the corner: where perambulating merchants, of both sexes, offered for sale at any time between the hours of ten and five, slippers, pocket-books, sponges, dogs' collars, and Windsor soap; and sometimes a pointer or an oil painting. - Author: Charles Dickens
Olesons Hours quotes by Charles Dickens
#28. We are here for what amounts to a few/hours,/a day at most./We feel around making sense of the terrain,/our own new limbs,/Bumping up against a herd of bodies/until one becomes home./Moments sweep past. The grass bends/then learns again to stand. - Author: Tracy K. Smith
Olesons Hours quotes by Tracy K. Smith
#29. As soon as I entered the house, my wife took me in her arms, and kissed me; at which, having not been used to the touch of that odious animal for so many years, I fell into a swoon for almost an hour. At the time I am writing, it is five years since my last return to England. During the first year, I could not endure my wife or children in my presence; the very smell of them was intolerable; much less could I suffer them to eat in the same room. To this hour they dare not presume to touch my bread, or drink out of the same cup, neither was I ever able to let one of them take me by the hand. The first money I laid out was to buy two young stone-horses, which I keep in a good stable; and next to them, the groom is my greatest favourite, for I feel my spirits revived by the smell he contracts in the stable. My horses understand me tolerably well; I converse with them at least four hours every day. They are strangers to bridle or saddle; they live in great amity with me and friendship to each other. - Author: Jonathan Swift
Olesons Hours quotes by Jonathan Swift
#30. I have come to understand that when we enter this world, we all do so with two wings. One is the Wing of Infinite Power. This is your connection with the Universe, and whether you know it or not, that wing is flapping by your side supporting you twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year from now to eternity. The other wing is that which you have consciously activated. This is the Wing of Self-Action. This wing has to fly equally as hard as the Wing of Infinite Power. When it does, you will have flight into the world of unlimited possibilities where anything and everything is possible for you. Then and only then will you understand how truly powerful you are and that you have all it takes within you to create what you desire. - Author: Robert Anthony
Olesons Hours quotes by Robert Anthony
#31. [M]any females would, even assuming complete economic equality between the sexes, prefer residing with males or peddling their asses on the street, thereby having most of their time for themselves, to spending many hours of their days doing boring, stultifying, non-creative work for somebody else, functioning as less than animals, as machines, or, at best - if able to get a "good" job - co-managing the shitpile. What will liberate women, therefore, from male control is the total elimination of the money-work system, not the attainment of economic equality with men within it. - Author: Valerie Solanas
Olesons Hours quotes by Valerie Solanas
#32. The Grateful Dead played for three hours on a given night, plus sound check. - Author: Bob Weir
Olesons Hours quotes by Bob Weir
#33. They just needed someone to hate. Someone to fill the endless hours of their empty lives. A villain to make them feel like heroes. - Author: Whitney Gardner
Olesons Hours quotes by Whitney Gardner
#34. Rick Kogan comments regarding book, "1968-A Story As Relevant Today As It Was Then" on website After Hours with Rick Kogan. - Author: William Natale
Olesons Hours quotes by William Natale
#35. Look. I know why you gave me that speech earlier today. I know you have an obligation to protect your vampires. But irrespective of the way that I was made, I have done everything that you've asked of me. I've taken training, I gave up my dissertation, I moved into the House, I got you in to see my father, I got you into the Breckenridge house, and I've dated the man you asked me to." I pointed at the house behind us. "And even though I was supposed to get a few hours free from the drama of Cadogan House tonight with said man, I followed you here because you requested it. At some point, Ethan, you might consider giving me a little credit." I didn't wait for him to answer, but turned on my heel and went to the car. I opened the back door, climbed inside, and slammed it shut behind me. Catcher caught my gaze in the rearview mirror. "Feel better?" "Is he still standing there with that dumbstruck expression on his face?" There was a pause while he checked, then a chuckle. "Yes, he is." "Then, yes, I feel better. - Author: Chloe Neill
Olesons Hours quotes by Chloe Neill
#36. Nothing is more to mastery than practice and skills. Studies have shown that practicing five minutes daily is better than practicing once a week for three hours. And if you want to create a genuine culture of improvement, you must create those habits. - Author: George Spafford
Olesons Hours quotes by George Spafford
#37. Aedion rubbed at his face. "Do you understand what it was like to sit on my ass while you were gone? You said two hours. What was I supposed to think?"
"Aedion," she said as calmly as she could, and pulled off her filthy gloves before taking his broad, callused hand. "I get it. I do. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Olesons Hours quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#38. There are those fortunate hours when the world consents to be made into a poem. - Author: Mark Doty
Olesons Hours quotes by Mark Doty
#39. The tearoom lady called me love. All the shop ladies called me love and most of the men called me mate. I hadn't been here twelve hours and already they loved me. - Author: Bill Bryson
Olesons Hours quotes by Bill Bryson
#40. The day succeeding this remarkable Midsummer night, proved no common day. I do not mean that it brought signs in heaven above, or portents on the earth beneath; nor do I allude to meteorological phenomena, to storm, flood, or whirlwind. On the contrary: the sun rose jocund, with a July face. Morning decked her beauty with rubies, and so filled her lap with roses, that they fell from her in showers, making her path blush: the Hours woke fresh as nymphs, and emptying on the early hills their dew-vials, they stepped out dismantled of vapour: shadowless, azure, and glorious, they led the sun's steeds on a burning and unclouded course. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Olesons Hours quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#41. The realization of the perfect riposte three hours after the argument: hindser, stairwit, retrotort, afterism. - Author: Steven Pinker
Olesons Hours quotes by Steven Pinker
#42. As we lay in the semi-dark hours later, we faced each other, sharing his pillow. I'd never felt more connected to anyone. - Author: Tammara Webber
Olesons Hours quotes by Tammara Webber
#43. Christ was only crucified once and for a few hours. Think of the hundreds of thousands whom Christ has been crucifying in a quiet way ever since. - Author: Samuel Butler
Olesons Hours quotes by Samuel Butler
#44. I know that when I attached my sense of identity a little too closely to my work that I might be distracting myself from feelings of unworthiness. It wasn't the number of hours I worked or how bloodshot my eyes were that defined the difference. It was something internal. - Author: Chip Conley
Olesons Hours quotes by Chip Conley
#45. Our life is made up of time; our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. We grab a few quick minutes in our busy day to have a coffee break. We rush back to our desks, we watch the clock, we live by appointments. And yet your time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could. In other words, if you could change anything, would you? - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Olesons Hours quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#46. This is the first great problem of modern democracy ... how to get a fair living by reasonable hours of work leaving enough leisure for both childhood and manhood. - Author: John R. Commons
Olesons Hours quotes by John R. Commons

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