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Years may go by, and the wheel in the river Wheel as it wheels for us, children, to-day, Wheel and keep roaring and foaming for ever Long after all of the boys are away. Home for the Indies and home from the ocean, Heroes and soldiers we all will come home; Still we shall find the old mill wheel in motion, Turning and churning that river to foam. You with the bean that I gave when we quarrelled, I with your marble of Saturday last, Honoured and old and all gaily apparelled, Here we shall meet and remember the past. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Old Mill quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
Nigerians don't buy houses because they're old. A renovated two-hundred-year-old mill granary, you know, the kind of thing Europeans like. It doesn't work here at all. But of course it makes sense because we are Third Worlders and Third Worlders are forward-looking, we like things to be new, because our best is still ahead, while in the West their best is already past and so they have to make a fetish of that past. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Old Mill quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Week by week my orders grew, and the flat of the old mill soon assumed a very busy aspect. ~ James Nasmyth
Old Mill quotes by James Nasmyth
Since it is likely that, being men, they would sin every day, St. Paul consoles his hearers by saying 'renew yourselves' from day to day. This is what we do with houses: we keep constantly repairing them as they wear old. You should do the same thing to yourself. Have you sinned today? Have you made your soul old? Do not despair, do not despond, but renew your soul by repentance, and tears, and Confession, and by doing good things. And never cease doing this. ~ John Chrysostom
Old Mill quotes by John Chrysostom
So what's the big picture about our lust for sex?
We're not trying to acquire something. We want to feel something: Alive. Electrically, intensely, blazingly alive. Good. Bad. Pleasure. Pain. Bring it on
all of it.
For people who live small, I guess enough of that can be found in sex.
But for those of us who live large, the most alive we ever feel is when we're punching air with a fist, uncurling our middle finger with a cool smile, and flipping Death the big old bird. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Old Mill quotes by Karen Marie Moning
The merry year is born Like the bright berry from the naked thorn. ~ Hartley Coleridge
Old Mill quotes by Hartley Coleridge
My dog is so old, she now has a lot of cats. ~ Dana Gould
Old Mill quotes by Dana Gould
Intensity of belief is diluted with age. But perhaps wisdom is in seeing our own failures, how we misdirected our energies? Nothing is entirely pure or sacred or certain as we grow older. ~ Adib Khan
Old Mill quotes by Adib Khan
There I was, an 18-year-old mimic rooming with a blind whistler. ~ Arthur Hailey
Old Mill quotes by Arthur Hailey
My parents say you're no good, Elijah." I exhaled and killed the cigarette in the grass.
Laughing, Eli's eyes went to my lips and his hands touched my bare midriff. "Really? And what do you say?"
He had brought his lips so close to mine that it became hard to think about my next words when all I wanted to do was crush my mouth to his. I wanted him to completely consume me. "I think you're broken," I finally got out, and Eli arched a brow. "But I think I'm broken too. I just don't know it yet. ~ Nadege Richards
Old Mill quotes by Nadege Richards
The old adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish has been updated by a reader: Give a man a fish and he will ask for tartar sauce and French fries! Moreover, some politician who wants his vote will declare all these things to be among his 'basic rights.' ~ Thomas Sowell
Old Mill quotes by Thomas Sowell
Hear the leaves applauding
Hear the wind hurrahing
Hear the surf guffawing
The ways of old are dead
The queen has lost her head ~ Shannon Hale
Old Mill quotes by Shannon Hale
Art has been hijacked by nonartists. It's been taken over by bookkeeping. The whole thing is so corrupt. But I suppose that's okay. For artists, everything is grist for the mill. Artists are like cockroaches; we can't be stamped out. ~ Elaine De Kooning
Old Mill quotes by Elaine De Kooning
Ji-li's deeply moving story should be on the shelf of every person's library. Her courage in the face of adversity and her steadfast loyalty and love for her family are truly inspirational for young and old alike. ~ Nien Cheng
Old Mill quotes by Nien Cheng
I'm just a simple man standing alone with my old brushes, asking God for inspiration. ~ Peter Paul Rubens
Old Mill quotes by Peter Paul Rubens
Sorry to burst your bubble, lass, but the truth is important. Unfortunately, wisdom and happiness are old enemies, and where one can be found, the other seldom lingers. ~ Joseph R. Lallo
Old Mill quotes by Joseph R. Lallo
The post-Reagan vacuum is doubly curious because Reagan was himself a vacuum (or seems so to this European outsider), an empty stage-set of a personality across which moved cut-out cartoon figures, dragon ladies or demons of the evil empire, manipulated by others far more ambitious than himself. Many people have commented on his complete lack of ideas and his blurring of fiction and reality in his stumbling recall of old movies. But Reagan's real threat is the compelling example he offers to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions, all too clearly defined ideas and every intention of producing a thousand-year movie out of them. ~ J.G. Ballard
Old Mill quotes by J.G. Ballard
You ask yourself: where are your dreams now? And you shake your head and say how swiftly the years fly by! And you ask yourself again: what have you done with your best years, then? Where have you buried the best days of your life? Have you lived or not? Look, you tell yourself, look how cold the world is becoming. The years will pass and after them will come grim loneliness, and old age, quaking on its stick, and after them misery and despair. Your fantasy world will grow pale, your dreams will fade and die, falling away like the yellow leaves from the trees ... Ah, Nastenka! Will it not be miserable to be left alone, utterly alone, and have nothing even to regret - nothing, not a single thing ... because everything I have lost was nothing, stupid, a round zero, all dreaming and no more! ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Old Mill quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Strive from the outset to express yourself with such clarity that a bright twelve-year-old would understand you. Any fool can make it complicated: it takes focus to make it simple. ~ Keith Evans
Old Mill quotes by Keith Evans
When I came to men, then found I them resting on an old infatuation: all of them thought they had long known what was good and bad for men. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Old Mill quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
I was born 10 years old. ~ Drew Barrymore
Old Mill quotes by Drew Barrymore
There will be always something old in the New Year! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Old Mill quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Habits are learned. You can cultivate good habits to replace old ones. Keep working on these habits until they become second nature to you. ~ Amanda Hopkins
Old Mill quotes by Amanda Hopkins
The Sublime. The almost tangible, entirely believable, mathematically verifiable nirvana just a few right-angle turns away from dear boring old reality: a vast, infinite, better-than-virtual ultra-existence with no Off switch, to which species and civilizations had been hauling their sorry tired-with-it-all behinds off to since - the story went - the galaxy had still been in metaphorical knee socks. ~ Iain M. Banks
Old Mill quotes by Iain M. Banks
The trick is growing up without growing old. ~ Casey Stengel
Old Mill quotes by Casey Stengel
I shared my office on 57th Street with Dr Jacob Ecstein, young (thirty-three), dynamic (two books published), intelligent (he and I usually agreed), personable (everyone liked him), unattractive (no one loved him), anal (he plays the stock market compulsively), oral (he smokes heavily), non-genital (doesn't seem to notice women), and Jewish (he knows two Yiddish slang words). Our mutual secretary was a Miss Reingold. Mary Jane Reingold, old (thirty-six), undynamic (she worked for us), unintelligent (she prefers Ecstein to me), personable (everyone felt sorry for her), unattractive (tall, skinny, glasses, no one loved her), anal (obsessively neat), oral (always eating), genital (trying hard), and non-Jewish (finds use of two Yiddish slang words very intellectual). Miss Reingold greeted me efficiently. ~ Luke Rhinehart
Old Mill quotes by Luke Rhinehart
While no man in his right mind would advocate sending our ground forces into continental China, and such was never given a thought, the new situation did urgently demand a drastic revision of strategic planning if our political aim was to defeat this new enemy as we had defeated the old. ~ Douglas MacArthur
Old Mill quotes by Douglas MacArthur
Low oil prices played a part in a major move by Congress voting to end the 40-year-old ban on exporting American crude oil. ~ Ari Shapiro
Old Mill quotes by Ari Shapiro
It may be old hat, but I see no reason to close off what is for me a fruitful subject of inquiry, especially so for one, like me, who is very much interested in creating stories and novels of ideas. ~ Norman Lock
Old Mill quotes by Norman Lock
The day you stop getting excited about Christmas is the day you become officially old. ~ Stewart Stafford
Old Mill quotes by Stewart Stafford
But the world itself is only a speck of dust. And man is tiny--helpless! How long has he been in existence? For millions of years the earth was uninhabited.'
'Nonsense. The earth is as old as we are, no older. How could it be older? Nothing exists except through human consciousness.'
'But the rocks are full of the bones of extinct animals--mammoths and mastodons and enormous reptiles which lived here long before man was ever heard of.'
'Have you ever seen those bones, Winston? Of course not. Nineteenth-century biologists invented them. Before man there was nothing. After man, if he could come to an end, there would be nothing. Outside man there is nothing. ~ George Orwell
Old Mill quotes by George Orwell
In my light-headedness and fatigue, which made me feel drastically cut off from myself and as if I were observing it all at a remove, I walked past candy shops and coffee shops and shops with antique toys and Delft tiles from the 1800s, old mirrors and silver glinting in the rich, cognac-colored light, inlaid French cabinets and tables in the French court style with garlanded carvings and veneerwork that would have made Hobie gasp with admiration - in fact the entire foggy, friendly, cultivated city with its florists and bakeries and antiekhandels reminded me of Hobie, not just for its antique-crowded richness but because there was a Hobie-like wholesomeness to the place, like a children's picture book where aproned tradespeople swept the floors and tabby cats napped in sunny windows. But there was much too much to see, and ~ Donna Tartt
Old Mill quotes by Donna Tartt
I've just been thinking it would be a lot of fun to live in a defunct shopping mall!
Totally abandoned,
Yet still frozen in time,
Bright white lights shining,
Artificial turquoise fountains spewing out clear water,
Eerie eighties elevator music drifting by…
Dancing erratically, shouting to the top,
Because it's sad to see these places die.
They're a testament to the hubris of modern America, which is dying in and of itself.
Let's face it. We know we can't compete with
Online shopping
Made-in-China products

Those of us who spent our
High school
And college days
Being wage slaves to these dying malls,
We'll be old and nostalgic someday,
Telling our grandkids about these wonderful buildings!
They housed sets of trendy clothes
Which nobody was rich enough to afford
Or thin enough to fit in.
We'll tell them about the first time
We were almost trampled in a
Black Friday stampede.
The first time we saw a kid
Vomit in the ugly rainbow ball pit
At the children's play area,
Dumped by babysitters to grow up there,
Spending their childhood draped in neon.
The first time eating greasy pad-thai
And hamburgers
At the food court.
The first time falling in love
In the dark movie theatre
That charges too much for stale popcorn.
Holdi ~ Rebecca McNutt
Old Mill quotes by Rebecca McNutt
There's the most extraordinary, unheard of poetry buried in America, but none of the conventional means known to culture can even begin to extract it...the agony is too deep, the disorder too big for art enterprises undertaken in the old way. ~ Saul Bellow
Old Mill quotes by Saul Bellow
This universe an old enchantment guards; Its objects are carved cups of World-Delight Whose charmed wine is some deep soul's rapture-drink: The All-Wonderful has packed heaven with his dreams, He has made blank ancient Space his marvel-house; He spilled his spirit into Matter's signs: His fires of grandeur burn in the great sun, He glides through heaven shimmering in the moon; He is beauty carolling in the fields of sound; He chants the stanzas of the odes of Wind; He is silence watching in the stars at night; He wakes at dawn and calls from every bough, Lies stunned in the stone and dreams in flower and tree. ~ Sri Aurobindo
Old Mill quotes by Sri Aurobindo
The old Irish when immersing a babe at baptism left out the right arm so that it would remain pagan for good fighting ~ Mark Twain
Old Mill quotes by Mark Twain
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