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It's the people y'gotta watch out for. You never know who y'might meet, or what Ol' Man Fate has in store for yah. ~ J.A. Redmerski
Ol Man quotes by J.A. Redmerski
When I was a kid my ol' man give me a haltered heifer an' says take her down an git her serviced. An' the fella says, I done it, an' ever' time since then when I hear a business man talkin' about service, I wonder who's gettin' screwed. ~ John Steinbeck
Ol Man quotes by John Steinbeck
Little kid comes in late ta school. Teacher says, "Why ya late?" Kid says, "Had a take a heifer down - get 'er bred." Teacher says, "Couldn't your ol' man do it?" Kid says, "Sure he could, but not as good as the bull. ~ John Steinbeck
Ol Man quotes by John Steinbeck
They say ol' man Beach is crazy. And maybe he is. But he goes ahead anyways. He's the sort of man who knows the only things worth doing are the things might break your heart. ~ Colum McCann
Ol Man quotes by Colum McCann
Ain't nothin' an ol' man can do but bring me a message from a young one. ~ Moms Mabley
Ol Man quotes by Moms Mabley
Ol' man Simon, planted a diamond. Grew hisself a garden the likes of none. Sprouts all growin' comin' up glowin' Fruit of jewels all shinin' in the sun. Colors of the rainbow. See the sun and the rain grow sapphires and rubies on ivory vines, Grapes of jade, just ripenin' in the shade, just ready for the squeezin' into green jade wine. Pure gold corn there, Blowin' in the warm air. Ol' crow nibblin' on the amnythyst seeds. In between the diamonds, Ol' man Simon crawls about pullin' out platinum weeds. Pink pearl berries, all you can carry, put 'em in a bushel and haul 'em into town. Up in the tree there's opal nuts and gold pears- Hurry quick, grab a stick and shake some down. Take a silver tater, emerald tomater, fresh plump coral melons. Hangin' in reach. Ol' man Simon, diggin' in his diamonds, stops and rests and dreams about one ... real ... peach. ~ Shel Silverstein
Ol Man quotes by Shel Silverstein
Pa said, "Won't you say a few words? Ain't none of our folks ever been buried without a few words."
Connie led Rose of Sharon to the graveside, she reluctant. "You got to," Connie said. "It ain't decent not to. It'll jus' be a little.
The firelight fell on the grouped people, showing their faces and their eyes, dwindling on their dark clothes.All the hats were off now. The light danced, jerking over the people.
Casy said, It'll be a short one." He bowed his head, and the others followed his lead. Casy said solemnly, "This here ol' man jus' lived a life an' just died out of it. I don't know whether he was good or bad, but that don't matter much. He was alive, an' that's what matters. An' now his dead, an' that don't matter. Heard a fella tell a poem one time, an' he says 'All that lives is holy.' Got to thinkin', an' purty soon it means more than the words says. An' I woundn' pray for a ol' fella that's dead. He's awright. He got a job to do, but it's all laid out for'im an' there's on'y one way to do it. But us, we got a job to do, an' they's a thousan' ways, an' we don' know which one to take. An' if I was to pray, it'd be for the folks that don' know which way to turn. Grampa here, he got the easy straight. An' now cover 'im up and let'im get to his work." He raised his head. ~ John Steinbeck
Ol Man quotes by John Steinbeck
This here ol' man jus' lived a life an' just died out of it. I don' know whether he was good or bad, but that don't matter much. He was alive, an' that's what matters. ~ John Steinbeck
Ol Man quotes by John Steinbeck
When I was a kid, I never went to Disneyland. My ol' man told me Mickey Mouse died in a cancer experiment. ~ Rodney Dangerfield
Ol Man quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
What a childhood I had. Once on my birthday my ol' man gave me a bat. The first day I played with it, it flew away. ~ Rodney Dangerfield
Ol Man quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
Busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. ~ Stephen King
Ol Man quotes by Stephen King
I believe that answers your questions," Sheriff Heath said, returning to his seat.
A brawny Italian man in the back of the room said, "No, sir, I didn't get an answer to my question about marriage proposals."
I jumped up before Sheriff Heath could. These reporters needed to see that I could speak for myself. "The presence or absence of suitors in the lives of the Kopp sisters has no bearing on this matter," I told them, "and I see no men here today who would stand a chance with any one of us. ~ Amy Stewart
Ol Man quotes by Amy Stewart
There is no client as scary as an innocent man.
J. Michael Haller, Criminal Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, 1962. ~ Michael Connelly
Ol Man quotes by Michael Connelly
I'm the man that made wrestling famous. ~ Hulk Hogan
Ol Man quotes by Hulk Hogan
In other words, you'll pretend to be someone else in order to snag a husband."
"Oh, for heaven's sake," she said defensively, "it's no different than what half the women in society do to catch a man. I don't want to waste my time in pointless flirtation when a little knowledge will improve my aim on the targets."
He flashed her a condescending smile.
"What is it?" she snapped.
"Only you would approach courtship as a marksman approaches a shooting match." He licked the tip of his pencil. "So who are these hapless targets?"
"The Earl of Devonmont, the Duke of Lyons, and Fernandez Valdez, the Viscount de Basto."
His jaw dropped. "Are you insane?"
"I know they're rather beyond my reach, but they seem to like my company-"
"I daresay they do!" He strode up to her, strangely angry. "The earl is a rakehell with a notorious reputation for trying to get beneath the skirts of every woman he meets. The duke's father was mad, and it's said to run in his family, which is why most women steer clear of him. And Basto is a Portuguese idiot who's too old for you and clearly trawling for some sweet young thing to nurse him in his declining years."
"How can you say such things? The only one you know personally is Lord Devonmont, and you barely know even him."
"I don't have to. Their reputations tell me they're utterly unacceptable."
Unacceptable? Three of the most eligible bachelors in London? Mr. Pinter was mad, not her. "Lord Devonmont is ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Ol Man quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
What young people didn't know, she thought, lying down beside this man, his hand on her shoulder, her arm; oh, what young people did not know. They did not know that lumpy, aged, and wrinkled bodies were as needy as their own young, firm ones, that love was not to be tossed away carelessly ... No, if love was available, one chose it, or didn't chose it. And if her platter had been full with the goodness of Henry and she had found it burdensome, had flicked it off crumbs at a time, it was because she had not know what one should know: that day after day was unconsciously squandered ... But here they were, and Olive pictured two slices of Swiss cheese pressed together, such holes they brought to this union
what pieces life took out of you. ~ Elizabeth Strout
Ol Man quotes by Elizabeth Strout
Are you going to let that four-armed teenie-bopper play dollies with you til you grow and die?" Sai shuddered, "No, that I will not do. I am praying to The Seven for the courage to find a way out. An honorable man would rather die than submit to such indignities." I squeezed his shoulder, "That's the spirit! ~ Nathan Long
Ol Man quotes by Nathan Long
Rest in peace'. That's not the way these accounts are kept. We don't rest in peace. The life of a good man who has died belongs to the people who cared about him, and ought to, and maybe itself is as much comfort as ought to be asked or offered. And surely the talk of a reunion in Heaven is thin comfort to people who need each other here as much as we do. I ain't saying I don't believe there's a Heaven. I surely hope there is. That surely would pay off a lot of mortgages. But I do say it ain't easy to believe. And even while I hope for it, I've got to admit I'd rather go to Port William. ~ Wendell Berry
Ol Man quotes by Wendell Berry
Anyone who's read all of Proust plus The Man withour Qualities is bound t be missing out on a few other titles. ~ Lorrie Moore
Ol Man quotes by Lorrie Moore
I eventually realized that direct experience is the most valuable experience I can have. Western man is so surrounded by ideas, so bombarded with opinions, concepts, and information structures of all sorts, that it becomes difficult to experience anything without the intervening filter of these structures. ~ Michael Crichton
Ol Man quotes by Michael Crichton
Yet man does recognise himself [as an animal]. But I ask you and the whole world for a generic differentia between man and ape which conforms to the principles of natural history, I certainly know of none ... If I were to call man ape or vice versa, I should bring down all the theologians on my head. But perhaps I should still do it according to the rules of science. ~ Carl Linnaeus
Ol Man quotes by Carl Linnaeus
I could never fall in love just for money. I like my co-stars, and they are a bunch of good-looking men. But I've dated an actor. My dream man has to be a lot more than just good looking and rich! ~ Sonam Kapoor
Ol Man quotes by Sonam Kapoor
Every man must decide for himself whether he shall master his world or be mastered by it. ~ James Cash Penney
Ol Man quotes by James Cash Penney
When a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Ol Man quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him, and in that I am his pupil. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ol Man quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
We cannot escape our destiny, nor should we try to do so. The leadership of the free world was thrust upon us two centuries ago in that little hall of Philadelphia. In the days following World War II, when the economic strength and power of America was all that stood between the world and the return to the dark ages, Pope Pius XII said, 'The American people have a great genius for splendid and unselfish actions. Into the hands of America God has placed the destinies of an afflicted mankind.' We are indeed, and we are today, the last best hope of man on earth. ~ Ronald Reagan
Ol Man quotes by Ronald Reagan
The saying of Protagoras is like the views we have mentioned; he said that man is the measure of all things, meaning simply that that which seems to each man assuredly is. If this is so, it follows that the same thing both is and is not, and is bad and good, and that the contents of all other opposite statements are true, because often a particular thing appears beautiful to some and ugly to others, and that which appears to each man is the measure ~ Aristotle.
Ol Man quotes by Aristotle.
Unless he obeys, a man cannot believe. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Ol Man quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
I remember the pain I felt, and wonder why a man who was such an accomplished liar had to tell the truth that day. ~ Toni Maguire
Ol Man quotes by Toni Maguire
A fairly young, intelligent-looking man with long hair asked me whether filming or being filmed could do harm, whether it could destroy a person. In my heart the answer was yes, but I said no. ~ Werner Herzog
Ol Man quotes by Werner Herzog
If a sense of duty tortures a man, it also enables him to achieve prodigies. ~ H.L. Mencken
Ol Man quotes by H.L. Mencken
One time I dropped a fly ball in Milwaukee and, after the game, the writers asked me what happened. I told them, 'Well, I was looking up and a UFO flew right across. It was weird. I never saw anything like that in my life.' Man, I was only joking and they wrote it up and put it in the paper. ~ Jesse Barfield
Ol Man quotes by Jesse Barfield
Now I see in that laughter a good deal of desperation and sadness. About to leave the haven of our separate universities and be thrown out onto the brutal free-spinning of the world, as we walked arm in arm through the snow, we carried with us, if only unconsciously, the knowledge that it would be our last holiday together; and we drank and laughed and sneered with the resolute sadness of men who knew that tomorrow we'd be trying to free our own mortgaged Buicks from our own snowlocked drives. That is what most of us ended up doing. I didn't; but I don't question that my friends were right and I wrong, that they were happy and I not, that theirs was the hard and mine the easy way. What always saddened me on confronting them was the surety that had I been foolish enough to bring up "old times," none would have allowed himself a memory of sticking his finger into the vaporous and flaky air and shouting, "Shovel, you f*cking dummies!" A self-destructively romantic man, I accepted our jeering defiance as a pact; forever. ~ Frederick Exley
Ol Man quotes by Frederick Exley
His terror became his companion. When it seemed to diminish, or grow easier to bear, he forced himself to remember the details of what he had said and done so that his fears returned, redoubled. His previous life, which had been without fear, he now dismissed as an illusion since he had come to believe that only in fear could the truth be found. When he woke from sleep without anxiety, he asked himself, What is wrong? What is missing? And then his door opened slowly, and a child put its head around and gazed at him: there are wheels, Ned thought, wheels within wheels. The curtains were now always closed, for the sun horrified him: he was reminded of a film he had seen some time before, and how the brightness of the noonday light had struck the water where a man, in danger of drowning, was struggling for his life. ~ Peter Ackroyd
Ol Man quotes by Peter Ackroyd
Modern man is conditioned to expect instant gratification, but any success or triumph realized quickly, with only marginal effort, is necessarily shallow. Meaningful achievement takes time, hard work, persistence, patience, proper intent and self-awareness. The path to success is punctuated by failure, consolidation, and renewed effort. ~ Mark Twight
Ol Man quotes by Mark Twight
The soul that is within me no man can degrade. ~ Frederick Douglass
Ol Man quotes by Frederick Douglass
A man only has the right to look down at another when he helps him to lift himself up. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Ol Man quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
They tell us that plants are not like man immortal, but are perishable-soul -less. I think that is something that we know exactly nothing about. ~ John Muir
Ol Man quotes by John Muir
I would no more quarrel with a man because of his religion than I would because of his art. ~ Mary Baker Eddy
Ol Man quotes by Mary Baker Eddy
It was a rare man who didn't mind having a woman dump all her problems and insecurities in his lap. ~ Sherryl Woods
Ol Man quotes by Sherryl Woods
Ah, ladies and gentlemen, a man lives a sad life when he cannot take anything or anyone seriously. ~ Milan Kundera
Ol Man quotes by Milan Kundera
Noal nodded to one of the corridors 'These corridors are narrow. Good choke points. A man could stand there and only have to fight one or two at a time. He'd last maybe a few minutes ...
'Thom, you're in no shape to fight. Mat, you're the one who's luck can find a way out. Neither of you can stay, but I can. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Ol Man quotes by Brandon Sanderson
Man has been going through three kinds of wars. One is with nature; another is with other people and third is with himself. ~ Santosh Kalwar
Ol Man quotes by Santosh Kalwar
Our weaponry was not dropped onto our laps one morning. It is not manna from Sinai's skies. Since Agincourt, the White man has refined & evolved the gunpowder sciences until our modern armies may field muskets by the tens of thousands! Aha!' you will ask, yes, 'But why us Aryans? Why not the Unipeds of Ur or the Mandrakes of Mauritius?' Because, Preacher, of all the world's races, our love - or rather our rapacity - for treasure, gold, spices & dominion, oh, most of all, sweet dominion, is the keenest, the hungriest, the most unscrupulous! This rapacity yes, powers our Progress; for ends infernal or divine I know not. Nor do you know, sir. Nor do I overly care. I feel only gratitude that my Maker cast me on the winning side. ~ David Mitchell
Ol Man quotes by David Mitchell
Life is best spent in alleviating pain, assuaging distress, and promoting peace and joy. The service of man is more valuable than what you call "service to God." God has no need of your service. Pleas man, you please God. ~ Sathya Sai Baba
Ol Man quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work ... The real arena is corrupt and bloody. ~ Saul Alinsky
Ol Man quotes by Saul Alinsky
Truth came home one day, naked and wounded, having been beaten and cursed by the people who did not wish to hear, while his brother Falsehood went dressed in the brightest garments and feasted with every household.
"What shall I do?" cried Truth to the gods. "No man wishes to hear me and all beat me and throw things at me; look, I am covered with dung."
"You are naked" said the goddess Maat, sympathetically. "No naked one can command respect. Therefore take these robes and you will walk without fear and all men will sit at your feet to hear your stories." And she dressed Truth in Fable's garments, and he was welcome at every house. ~ Kerry Greenwood
Ol Man quotes by Kerry Greenwood
I'd been to New York enough to know that it wasn't always easy to find a place to walk a dog in the middle of Manhattan, so I headed to the hotel's bell stand to look for some guidance. "Where can I find some grass around here?" I asked. The porter paused for a second, as he seemed to size me up. Then he replied: "Hey man, you're in the middle of Times Square. You can buy it from just about anyone out there." That was pretty funny. Dakota, I've a feeling we're not in Plano anymore, I thought. ~ Mike Lingenfelter
Ol Man quotes by Mike Lingenfelter
But I believe we all fall in love for some esoteric and simple reason: the first time a man comes to your rescue, the way he holds you when you kiss, his smile that has you endlessly daydreaming. I'm not sure the reason you fall is as important as the fact that you have indeed fallen. ~ David Cristofano
Ol Man quotes by David Cristofano
Every living body continuously eliminates feces, it rejects what is not serviceable to the assimilating organism: what man despises, what arouses his disgust, what he calls evil, are excrements. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Ol Man quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
I've often thought a blind man could find his way through London simply by gauging the changes in innuendo: mild through Trafalgar Square, less veiled towards the river. ~ Louis Bayard
Ol Man quotes by Louis Bayard
As long as a man feels that he is the most important thing in the world he cannot really appreciate the world around him. ~ Carlos Castaneda
Ol Man quotes by Carlos Castaneda
We found that human cultures pass through phases, each culture in its own time. As the culture ages and begins to lose its objectives, conflict arises within it between those who wish to cast it off and set up a new culture-pattern, and those who wish to retain the old with as little change as possible. "At this point, a great danger appears. The conflict within threatens to engulf the society in self-war, group against group. The vital traditions may be lost - not merely altered or reformed, but completely destroyed in this period of chaos and anarchy. We have found many such examples in the history of mankind. "It is necessary for this hatred within the culture to be directed outward, toward an external group, so that the culture itself may survive its crisis. War is the result. War, to a logical mind, is absurd. But in terms of human needs, it plays a vital role. And it will continue to until Man has grown up enough so that no hatred lies within him. ~ Philip K. Dick
Ol Man quotes by Philip K. Dick
Every man today is the result of his thoughts yesterday. ~ Bruce Lee
Ol Man quotes by Bruce Lee
Ron Howard is as good a person as you could want to work with on film. He never lost his cool. He's the most easygoing, lovely man, but he's got this enormous intelligence and a wonderful humanity. ~ Christine Baranski
Ol Man quotes by Christine Baranski
The suit does not represent the businessman anymore. Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both. ~ Donatella Versace
Ol Man quotes by Donatella Versace
Andy said something about angels aren't suitable superheroes, especially English ones. That was all it took and Calista ripped into him. She went on and on about angels and what we've done for the Earth and humanity since the dawn of Creation. Andy snapped back that having wings doesn't make you all that great, and she's nothing more than a molting light flitting around in the sky like a wannabe Tinker Belle. Calista slammed her hand down on the granite, smashed it to bits, and called him a small man who she could crush just as easily. I think he peed his pants! ~ Ashlan Thomas
Ol Man quotes by Ashlan Thomas
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