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#1. Certainly not every good program is object-oriented, and not every object-oriented program is good. - Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Object Oriented quotes by Bjarne Stroustrup
#2. I invented the term 'Object-Oriented', and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind. - Author: Alan Kay
Object Oriented quotes by Alan Kay
#3. Object-oriented programming had boldly promised "to model the world." Well, the world is a scary place where bad things happen for no apparent reason, and in this narrow sense I concede that OO does model the world. - Author: Dave Fancher
Object Oriented quotes by Dave Fancher
#4. Object-oriented programming aficionados think that everything is an object ... this [isn't] so. There are things that are objects. Things that have state and change their state are objects. And then there are things that are not objects. A binary search is not an object. It is an algorithm - Author: Alexander Stepanov
Object Oriented quotes by Alexander Stepanov
#5. Shipping first time code is like going into debt. A little debt speeds development so long as it is paid back promptly with a rewrite. The danger occurs when the debt is not repaid. Every minute spent on not-quite-right code counts as interest on that debt. Entire engineering organizations can be brought to a standstill under the debt load of an unconsolidated implementation, object-oriented or otherwise. - Author: Ward Cunningham
Object Oriented quotes by Ward Cunningham
#6. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and PostgreSQL let you create user-defined types (UDTs). The simplest UDT is a standard or built-in data type (CHARACTER, INTEGER, and so on) with additional check and other constraints. You can define the data type marital_status, for example, as a single-character CHARACTER data type that allows only the values S, M, W, D, or NULL (for single, married, widowed, divorced, or unknown). More-complex UDTs are similar to classes in object-oriented programming languages such as Java or Python. You can define a UDT once and use it in multiple tables, rather than repeat its definition in each table in which it's used. Search your DBMS documentation for user-defined type. UDTs are created in standard SQL with the statement CREATE TYPE. - Author: Chris Fehily
Object Oriented quotes by Chris Fehily
#7. Another trick in software is to avoid rewriting the software by using a piece that's already been written, so called component approach which the latest term for this in the most advanced form is what's called Object Oriented Programming. - Author: Bill Gates
Object Oriented quotes by Bill Gates
#8. I was impressed by the scene in Apollo 13 where the astronauts request confirmation of their calculations and several people at Mission Control dive for their slide rules. For several months after that, my standard response to statements like "We must implement multi-processor object-oriented Java-based client-server technologies immediately!" was "You know, FORTRAN and slide rules put men on the moon and got them back safely multiple times."
Tended to shut them up, at least for a moment. - Author: Matt Roberts
Object Oriented quotes by Matt Roberts
#9. Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software - Author: Erich Gamma
Object Oriented quotes by Erich Gamma
#10. Code without tests is bad code. It doesn't matter how well written it is; it doesn't matter how pretty or object-oriented or well-encapsulated it is. With tests, we can change the behavior of our code quickly and verifiably. Without them, we really don't know if our code is getting better or worse. - Author: Michael C. Feathers
Object Oriented quotes by Michael C. Feathers
#11. Every dependency is like a little dot of glue that causes your class to stick to the things it touches. - Author: Sandi Metz
Object Oriented quotes by Sandi Metz
#12. For me, the concept of design is more than object-oriented; it encompasses the design of processes, systems and institutions as well. Increasingly, we need to think about designing the types of institutions we need to get things done in this rapidly accelerating world. - Author: John Seely Brown
Object Oriented quotes by John Seely Brown
#13. I don't predict the demise of object-oriented programming, by the way. Though I don't think it has much to offer good programmers, except in certain specialized domains, it is irresistible to large organizations. Object-oriented programming offers a sustainable way to write spaghetti code. It lets you accrete programs as a series of patches. Large organizations always tend to develop software this way, and I expect this to be as true in a hundred years as it is today. - Author: Paul Graham
Object Oriented quotes by Paul Graham
#14. Object-oriented programming offers a sustainable way to write spaghetti code. It lets you accrete programs as a series of patches. - Author: Paul Graham
Object Oriented quotes by Paul Graham
#15. But while you can always write 'spaghetti code' in a procedural language, object-oriented languages used poorly can add meatballs to your spaghetti. - Author: Andrew Hunt
Object Oriented quotes by Andrew Hunt
#16. The problem with object-oriented languages is they've got all this implicit environment that they carry around with them. You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle. - Author: Joe Armstrong
Object Oriented quotes by Joe Armstrong
#17. PHP as an object oriented programming language should be judged by how well it does the job, not on a preconceived notion of what a scripting language should or shouldn't do. - Author: Peter Lavin
Object Oriented quotes by Peter Lavin
#18. Superstition is the irrational belief that an object or behavior has the power to influence an outcome, when there's no logical connection between them. Most of us aren't superstitious - but most of us are a 'littlestitious.' - Author: Gretchen Rubin
Object Oriented quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#19. My primary object is to defend and advance a principle in which I see the only possible relief from much that enthralls and degrades and distorts, turning light to darkness and good to evil, rather than to gage a philosopher or weigh a philosophy. Yet the examination I propose must lead to a decisive judgment upon both. - Author: Henry George
Object Oriented quotes by Henry George
#20. The Christian Constitutional Society, its object is first: The support of the Christian religion. Second: The support of the United States. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Object Oriented quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#21. four hundred years before us, four hundred years after we're gone - it'll never strike anybody the same way and the great majority of people it'll never strike in any deep way at all but - a really great painting is fluid enough to work its way into the mind and heart through all kinds of different angles, in ways that are unique and very particular. Yours, yours. I was painted for you. And - oh, I don't know, stop me if I'm rambling…" passing a hand over his forehead.… "but Welty himself used to talk about fateful objects. Every dealer and antiquaire recognizes them. The pieces that occur and recur. Maybe for someone else, not a dealer, it wouldn't be an object. It'd be a city, a color, a time of day. The nail where your fate is liable to catch and snag. - Author: Donna Tartt
Object Oriented quotes by Donna Tartt
#22. Fear is an irrational emotion that floats from object to object like a helium balloon that you touch with your fingertips. - Author: James Lee Burke
Object Oriented quotes by James Lee Burke
#23. There's also a lot of random stuff about poetry, flowers and lute music, plus kissing and cuddling (lots of this), wearing similar outfits, talking incessantly about the current object of devotion, and generally losing one's faculties. - Author: Joanne Harris
Object Oriented quotes by Joanne Harris
#24. All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are. - Author: H.L. Mencken
Object Oriented quotes by H.L. Mencken
#25. Let temporal things serve thy use, but the eternal be the object of thy desire. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Object Oriented quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#26. We emphasize the transcendent worth of the human person. We insist that the human person must never be treated as an object; he must always be considered the subject. That is the basis for our teaching, the absolute standard. - Author: Pope John Paul II
Object Oriented quotes by Pope John Paul II
#27. The fighter is to be always single-minded with one object in view: to fight, looking neither backward nor sidewise. To go straight forward in order to crush the enemy is all that is necessary for him. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
Object Oriented quotes by D.T. Suzuki
#28. General relativity then establishes that objects move toward regions where time elapses more slowly; in a sense, all objects "want" to age as slowly as possible. From an Einsteinian perspective, that explains why an object falls when you let go of it. - Author: Brian Greene
Object Oriented quotes by Brian Greene
#29. In this regard, the pure Ego or pure Self is virtually identical with what the Hindus call Atman (or the pure Witness that itself is never witnessed - is never an object - but contains all objects in itself). - Author: Ken Wilber
Object Oriented quotes by Ken Wilber
#30. Yesterday one has wished, to-day one attains the madly longed-for object, and to-morrow one will blush to think that one ever desired it. - Author: Ivan Goncharov
Object Oriented quotes by Ivan Goncharov
#31. I am a collection of thoughts and memories and likes and dislikes. I am the things that have happened to me and the sum of everything I've ever done. I am the clothes I wear on my back. I am every place and every person and every object I have ever come across. I am a bag of bones stuck to a very large rock spinning a thousand miles an hour. - Author: Macaulay Culkin
Object Oriented quotes by Macaulay Culkin
#32. Our systems, perhaps, are nothing more than an unconscious apology for our faults, a gigantic scaffolding whose object is to hide from us our favorite sin. - Author: Henri Frederic Amiel
Object Oriented quotes by Henri Frederic Amiel
#33. To find health should be the object of the doctor. Any one can find disease. - Author: Andrew Taylor Still
Object Oriented quotes by Andrew Taylor Still
#34. That people will object very much to seeing a predator killing its prey, and yet, in the news, will accept showing shots of people shooting one another. - Author: David Attenborough
Object Oriented quotes by David Attenborough
#35. The very forces of matter, in their blind advance, impose their own limits. That is why it is useless to
want to reverse the advance of technology. The age of the spinning-wheel is over and the dream of a
civilization of artisans is vain. The machine is bad only in the way that it is now employed. Its benefits
must be accepted even if its ravages are rejected. The truck, driven day and night, does not humiliate its
driver, who knows it inside out and treats it with affection and efficiency. The real and inhuman excess
lies in the division of labor. But by dint of this excess, a day comes when a machine capable of a hundred
operations, operated by one man, creates one sole object. This man, on a different scale, will have
partially rediscovered the power of creation which he possessed in the days of the artisan. The anonymous
producer then more nearly approaches the creator. It is not certain, naturally, that industrial excess will
immediately embark on this path. But it already demonstrates, by the way it functions, the necessity for
moderation and gives rise to reflections on the proper way to organize this moderation. Either this value
of limitation will be realized, or contemporary excesses will only find their principle and peace in
universal destruction. - Author: Albert Camus
Object Oriented quotes by Albert Camus
#36. Now love doesn't stop at death - or if it does, it's a pretty poor sort of love! In fact, grief could almost be defined as the form love takes when the object of love has been removed; it is love embracing an empty space, love kissing thin air and feeling the pain of nothingness. But there is no reason at all why love should discontinue the practice of holding the beloved in prayer before God. - Author: N. T. Wright
Object Oriented quotes by N. T. Wright
#37. The phosphorous smell which is developed when electricity (to speak the profane language) is passing from the points of a conductor into air, or when lightning happens to fall upon some terrestrial object, or when water is electrolysed, has been engaging my attention the last couple of years, and induced me to make many attempts at clearing up that mysterious phenomenon. Though baffled for a long time, at last, I think, I have succeeded so far as to have got the clue which will lead to the discovery of the true cause of the smell in question. - Author: Christian Friedrich Schonbein
Object Oriented quotes by Christian Friedrich Schonbein
#38. So then, men may let their great powers lie dormant, while they employ their mean and petty powers on mean and petty objects; but it is physically impossible to employ a great power, except on a great object. - Author: John Ruskin
Object Oriented quotes by John Ruskin
#39. Creativity is a magic wand that works two ways. When you set it in action and seek to create something, it does not just brings into existence that object or work, it also raises in your heart a dream, a hope, and a will to achieve that creation. And when all else seems lost and steeped in hopelessness, the magic of creativity can still keep you going. For when all else seem dark, an urge to create something would still give you an aim to look forward to. And if you just take hold of this urge, it will take hold of you and see you through even the darkest times. Like it did to me. - Author: Jyoti Arora
Object Oriented quotes by Jyoti Arora
#40. Arriving at the store, she walked up and down the aisles handling any object her fancy favored. What a wonderful feeling to pick something up, hold it for a moment, feel its contour, run her hand over its surface and then replace it carefully. Her nickel gave her this privilege. If a floor-walker asked whether she intended buying anything, she could say, yes, buy it and show him a thing or two. Money was a wonderful thing, she decided. - Author: Betty Smith
Object Oriented quotes by Betty Smith
#41. Children should be encouraged to search out in nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings, and to trace in the Bible the similitudes drawn from nature. They should search out, both in nature and in Holy Writ, every object representing Christ, and those also that He employed in illustrating truth. Thus may they learn to see Him in tree and vine, in lily and rose, in sun and star. They may learn to hear His voice in the song of birds, in the sighing of the trees, in the rolling thunder, and in the music of the sea. And every object in nature will repeat to them His precious lessons. - Author: Ellen G. White
Object Oriented quotes by Ellen G. White
#42. OBSOLETE, adj. No longer used by the timid. Said chiefly of words. A word which some lexicographer has marked obsolete is ever thereafter an object of dread and loathing to the fool writer ... - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Object Oriented quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#43. A devotee has no agenda of his own. For him, the object of devotion is everything. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
Object Oriented quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
#44. But isn't desire always the same, whether the object is present or absent? Isn't the object always absent? - Author: Roland Barthes
Object Oriented quotes by Roland Barthes
#45. Deconstruction seeks neither to reframe art with some perfect, apt and truthful new frame, nor simply to maintain the illusion of some pure and simple absence of a frame. Rather it shows that the frame is, in a sense, also inside the painting. For the frame is what "produces" the object of art, is what sets it off as an object of art - an aesthetic object. Thus the frame is essential to the work of art; in the work of art. Paint a $5,000 abstract painting on a railroad boxcar and nobody will pay a cent for it. Take a torch, remove the panel of the boxcar, install it in a gallery, and it will be worth $5,000. It will be art because it is now framed by the gallery. But at the same moment that the frame encloses the work in its own protected enclosure, making it a work of art, it becomes merely ornamental - external to the work of art. Thus is the frame central or marginal? Is the frame inside the work of art, essential to it, or outside the work of art, extrinsic to it? - Author: James N. Powell
Object Oriented quotes by James N. Powell
#46. Take hold of objects by their centres, not by their lines of contour ... The contour accentuated uniformly and beyond proportion, destroys plasticity, bringing forward those parts of an object which are always most distant from the eye - namely its outlines. - Author: Eugene Delacroix
Object Oriented quotes by Eugene Delacroix
#47. No matter what someone else has done, it still matters how we treat people. It matters to our humanity that we treat offenders according to standards that we recognize as just. Justice is not revenge - it's deciding for a solution that is oriented towards peace, peace being the harder but more human way of reacting to injury. That is the very basis of the idea of rights. - Author: Judith Butler
Object Oriented quotes by Judith Butler
#48. If we see an object as a bowl, it may inhibit seeing it as craft, just as seeing it as craft might inhibit seeing it as art. See first; name later. - Author: Walter Darby Bannard
Object Oriented quotes by Walter Darby Bannard
#49. Whether we think of, or speak to, God, whether we act or suffer for him, all is prayer, when we have no other object than his love, and the desire of pleasing him. - Author: John Wesley
Object Oriented quotes by John Wesley
#50. It is strange how close the past is, even when you imagine it to be so far away. Strange how it can just jump out of a sentence and hit you. Strange how every object or word can house a ghost. - Author: Matt Haig
Object Oriented quotes by Matt Haig
#51. The central fire is desire, and all the powers of our being are given us to see, to fight for, and to win the object of our desire. Quench that fire and man turns to ashes. - Author: Basil W. Maturin
Object Oriented quotes by Basil W. Maturin
#52. People never cease to project on to God their individual and collective obsessions, so that they can appropriate and make use of him. But they ought to understand that God cannot be apprehended from without, as if he were an object, for with him there is no outside nor can the Creator be set side by side with the creature. - Author: Olivier Clement
Object Oriented quotes by Olivier Clement

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