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#1. When you think of somebody all the time it means one of two things - either you hate their guts or you like them a lot. - Author: Phillip Gwynne
Nukkin Ya quotes by Phillip Gwynne
#2. There's no a lot of laughs in an underworld. This one used to be called Limbo, ya ken, 'cause the door was verra low. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Nukkin Ya quotes by Terry Pratchett
#3. Yeah, I'll believe that the day you give up your lip balm."
I gasped. "Never. Without it my lips feel naked and alone." (Charity Rising) - Author: DeAnna Kinney
Nukkin Ya quotes by DeAnna Kinney
#4. All because I fell in love with a madman. - Author: Carrie Butler
Nukkin Ya quotes by Carrie Butler
#5. Believe in your dreams for that is what makes you magical. - Author: Deborah Sue Crews
Nukkin Ya quotes by Deborah Sue Crews
#6. Forever. He carved the word into his soul. Kiera was his forever, deformity or no deformity. - Author: Christine Fonseca
Nukkin Ya quotes by Christine Fonseca
#7. I like performers who I know are for real. You can tell, man, there's an intensity about their stuff. You can tell right away they're real people, ya know? - Author: Alan Vega
Nukkin Ya quotes by Alan Vega
#8. Natalie, who was the author of a series of wildly successful Hunger Games meets Gossip Girl YA books about a clique of girls at a postapocalyptic prep school who have to simultaneously fight for popularity and for the survival of the planet - hadn - Author: Doree Shafrir
Nukkin Ya quotes by Doree Shafrir
#9. Answer me one thing," she says in a rigidly controlled voice. "Do you love Logan?"
Perhaps I should lie, but in that moment, after what I've just witnessed, I'm incapable of expressing anything but the truth of what's in my heart. "With all my heart," I sob. - Author: Siobhan Davis
Nukkin Ya quotes by Siobhan Davis
#10. They wanna know why, I'm so fly, a girl asked me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye I'm looking nothing like ya poppa, I wouldn't give a chick ten cents, to put cheese on a whopper. - Author: Big L
Nukkin Ya quotes by Big L
#11. It was duck apocalypse! - Author: Kenneth Logan
Nukkin Ya quotes by Kenneth Logan
#12. I know what you mean", she said. "Families can seem so normal and boring from the inside that you don't know you're different until someone else makes you feel different. - Author: Kate Scelsa
Nukkin Ya quotes by Kate Scelsa
#13. I'm looking to make a miracle - Author: Dana Reinhardt
Nukkin Ya quotes by Dana Reinhardt
#14. I will say I love competing, and I was in a great era of playing with young Phil Mickelson and older Greg Norman and Nick Price. I don't know if YA Title could throw the ball these days, but you can play golf for a long, long time. - Author: Fred Couples
Nukkin Ya quotes by Fred Couples
#15. But I like my big Afro. I also liked when my hair was longer and relaxed. I'm happy to have choices. They're mine to make - Author: Nicola Yoon
Nukkin Ya quotes by Nicola Yoon
#16. Hey hey its Brooke im 12 and having trouble my teacher told me to get on here sooo yaaa see ya soon pic uplaodin soon!!!!!!!!!!!! - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Nukkin Ya quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#17. Kneel!" he ordered.
My head raised in defiance, I stepped forward. "I am Princess Andrea de Montemaior. I will kneel to no one," I said to the shadows inside. - Author: Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
Nukkin Ya quotes by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
#18. In that far away land, night never came and day never broke. It was the place where tears did not fall and worries did not exist ... until the nightmares began. - Author: Nely Cab
Nukkin Ya quotes by Nely Cab
#19. At the sound of her name, Lucia's blue eyes honed in on me. She cocked her head to the side as if puzzled. "Why me?" she wondered.
"Lucia, you exploded with power after Ehno was killed." I shot Ehno an apologetic look. "I felt your sorrow before I even knew something was wrong. It hit me like a freight train of boulders. You made the sky rain fireballs with red lightning. Need I say more? - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Nukkin Ya quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#20. What are you doing?" Nine Eleven asked, noticing Seth trying to look around him. He followed Seth's gaze. "Oh."
He turned back around and handed Seth a wry smile. "So what are you going to do about her, Seth? Create a love spell that will bend her to your will and make her your sex slave?"
"Is that how you get dates?" Seth asked. - Author: Charlie Fey
Nukkin Ya quotes by Charlie Fey
#21. All that guides me is fear,
And all that finds me is loss
Death defines which paths I cross
It is within the shadows that I stumble
And I am desperate without a voice
Here I am threatened by the resolve that you are
my soul
But if my lies are the path that I have to wander
because there is no choice
Will you love me still?
In the darkness of the night when I wish to do
nothing more than take flight?
Will you hold me to this plane and ease the
suffering and pain?
When all you know is the truth
And all they see is the lies
Will I be the one you find, or the one you leave
Alone may be the only home I shall find - Author: Cassandra Giovanni
Nukkin Ya quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#22. Hi, I'm Justin." Then, unable to help myself, I shot Peyton a sly grin and added," Or, as someone people like to call me, "Baseball Stud. - Author: Rachel Harris
Nukkin Ya quotes by Rachel Harris
#23. You grimy as birds shittin' on the top of ya Fords. - Author: Curtis Jackson
Nukkin Ya quotes by Curtis Jackson
#24. Note to self: don't throw things at girls. - Author: Emlyn Chand
Nukkin Ya quotes by Emlyn Chand
#25. I got this big fear of doing smoking jokes in my act and showing up five years from now goin' [puts mic to his neck and speaks as if he had a mechanical larynx] 'good evening everybody,
remember me, smoking's bad. [puts cigarette to neck and mimics smoking it] Eeww. You ever seen somebody do that? I've seen someone do that. Let me tell you something - if you're smoking out
of a hole in your neck [mimics it again] I'd think about quitting. And that's just me, ya know. - Author: Bill Hicks
Nukkin Ya quotes by Bill Hicks
#26. I could feel his hand on my waist, his arms around me, feel the rise and fall of his chest next to mine as I held my breath, and wished the sun would drop out of the sky. - Author: Kenneth Logan
Nukkin Ya quotes by Kenneth Logan
#27. I'd like ta kiss ya, but I just washed my hair. - Author: Bette Davis
Nukkin Ya quotes by Bette Davis
#28. Captain Phasma. Remember me?" He moved his weapon slightly. "Here's my blaster, ya still wanna inspect it?" Phasma held on to her dignity. "Yes, I remember you. FN-2187." Finn shook his head curtly. "Not anymore. My name is Finn. A real name for a real person. And I'm in charge now. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
Nukkin Ya quotes by Alan Dean Foster
#29. If you believe in gravity, you already believe in something higher than yourself. - Author: Chelsey Philpot
Nukkin Ya quotes by Chelsey Philpot
#30. Next to the first Henry and Meg, Henry had written, "Promise?"
Well, that genie's out of the bottle and there's no stuffing her back in. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Nukkin Ya quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#31. I was so close to her that I could lean down just a bit...her lips were so close...I could lean down and kiss those full pink lips. I heard her heartbeat speeding up in her chest and it almost shattered any control that I had. - Author: Amanda Leigh
Nukkin Ya quotes by Amanda Leigh
#32. Three stupid pieces of chocolate can't mean a lifetime away from the people I love." Tears streamed down my face, and my body trembled. "I don't want to forget what I have here."
"I won't let that happen to you."
"I want it. The candy," I whispered, ashamed to admit it out loud and scared to death because the ache in my stomach was a hunger I'd never felt before. "Even though I know what it is, I can't stop thinking about it. - Author: Cherie Colyer
Nukkin Ya quotes by Cherie Colyer
#33. And don't forget to enjoy simple stuff like...being alive, which in itself is amazing news. For me, personally, it means I'm not dead, and I'm a fan of that. Optimism can start small, ya know? - Author: Chad Eastham
Nukkin Ya quotes by Chad Eastham
#34. Love ya" is the coward's way of saying "I love you. - Author: Donald Margulies
Nukkin Ya quotes by Donald Margulies
#35. Chaol," he said, looking over his shoulder. Dorian's eyes were frozen, his jaw clenched. "Treat her well. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Nukkin Ya quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#36. they ask ya 'what was the high point?' The hall of fame, sellin' all those records, pullin' Sherry outta the hat? It was all great. But the first time the four of us made that sound, our sound, when everything dropped away and all there was, was the music...that was the best - Author: Frankie Valli
Nukkin Ya quotes by Frankie Valli
#37. The fire crackled. On Jutaire, without oxygen, the fire is different. Fed by different air. Maybe it wishes it were orange, for it sputters and reaches up to the sky with angry fists of blue and purple. It still doesn't know we can't all get what we want. - Author: Hafsah Faizal
Nukkin Ya quotes by Hafsah Faizal
#38. Anybody else think that was weird?' Shane asked as they got into the car. Eve sent him an exasperated glance; the three of them were, of course, in the backseat. Amelie had the front, with Michael.
'Ya think? In general, or in particular?'
'Weird that we got through the entire thing, and I didn't have to hit anybody.'
There was a moment of silence. Michael said, as he started the car, 'You're right, Shane. That is strange. - Author: Rachel Caine
Nukkin Ya quotes by Rachel Caine
#39. No Finn, ya ding-dong!
-Princess Bubblegum - Author: Paige Moss
Nukkin Ya quotes by Paige Moss
#40. ...although I wonder whether it wouldn't be more accurate to say, 'Once given, I can never be taken back.'"
"That would imply we give our hearts away willingly, and I am not sure that is the case. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Nukkin Ya quotes by Marissa Meyer
#41. Shut the front door!" Jenna exclaimed.
Andrew disappeared into the foyer, and when he returned, his eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. "The door is shut? - Author: Laura Kreitzer
Nukkin Ya quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#42. If you guys wanted to blend in, you shouldn't have send Dimples here. The way some of the women are staring at him, I might end up having to protect him instead. -Relentless - Author: Karen Lynch
Nukkin Ya quotes by Karen Lynch
#43. It figured. On the morning I'd been discharged from the psych ward, I was beginning to lose my mind. - Author: Melanie Karsak
Nukkin Ya quotes by Melanie Karsak
#44. Then what of Savette? She's still too full of magic. What about Rakturan? Your comrades will happily kill him if you don't stop them. What about Hubric? Did you not swear to him? None of us can do everything, spider. Crushing yourself under responsibilities that aren't yours is not wise. - Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Nukkin Ya quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#45. I never mastered anything. I am damaged. Broken. And I always will be. - Author: Christine Fonseca
Nukkin Ya quotes by Christine Fonseca

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