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I Know not everyone will like me, but this is who I am So if you don't like it, Tough! ~ Britney Spears
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Britney Spears
I will not like everyone, not everyone will like me, and that is OK. ~ Gudjon Bergmann
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
highway wildflowers swaying like the ocean. queen anne's lace like doilies for a tea party never attended. this is a conversation between two parts of yourself. the fever will break soon, but until then i'll be untangling you from the knots in my windblown hair. i smell like a wet forest, like long grass covered in sequins. i called your name but was drowned out by the thunder. i remember you murmuring, "please," while you took my shirt off. i remember you and the airy "please" when you pulled me toward you by my legs. i remember "pleeease" while i learned how to let go. i remember your divine "please." chanting it as if it'd draw a demon out of hiding. "please, please, please." and i screamed, "yes. ~ Taylor Rhodes
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Taylor Rhodes
Love does not cost anything. Kind words and deeds do not cost anything. The real beauty of the world is equal for everyone to see. It was given by God equally to all, without restrictions.

Everyone, was given a beautiful vehicle in which to express love to others. Feelings are free to express and give to ourselves and each other through our willingness to give and care.

What is complicated about this... Why have we made others feel they have to climb mountains and swim oceans in order to make a difference.

All we need to understand my friends, is that human life was given equally to us all, not partially but in totality.

The sun was given to all. It does not shine on the few. So, just has nature is indifferent to our station or situation, we need to know that we are all equal. We need to focus on the things that are constant and not place our values on things that can be blown away with the next, great, wind.

Value life in what ever house it dwells. For when it comes time that we are all stripped to bare bones before the divine and facing eternity, we will understand that the only law we were meant to follow, was to love ourselves and each other. Nothing more...nothing less. ~ Carla Jo Masterson
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Carla Jo Masterson
Not everyone can be Gandhi, but each of us has the power to make sure our own lives count - and it's those millions of lives that will ultimately build a better world. ~ Jeffrey Skoll
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Jeffrey Skoll
Yet it is true - skin can mean a great deal. Mine means that any man may strike me in a public place and never fear the consequences. It means that my friends do not always like to be seen with me in the street. It means that no matter how many books I read, or languages I master, I will never be anything but a curiosity - like a talking pig or a mathematical horse. ~ Susanna Clarke
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Susanna Clarke
The little box that was given to me was by no means unique. I'd heard of prayer boxes, and I knew what they were for.
... Any scrap of paper will do, anywhere, anytime of the day or night. The important part, in a world of fractured thoughts, hurried moments, and scattershot prayers, is to take the time to think through, to write down, to clarify in your own mind the things you're asking for, the things you're grateful for, the things your're troubled about, the hopes you've been nurturing.
And then?
Put them in the box and ...
Let. Them. Go.
That's what trust is. It's letting go of the worry. It's the way of peace and also the way of God. such a hard road to travel for people like me, who are worriers. When I'm writing a story, I control the whole universe. In life ... not so much. Actually, not at all. Things happen that I hadn't anticipated and wouldn't choose and can't change. That's the tough part. ~ Lisa Wingate
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Lisa Wingate

It was just a Morris Mini
Made in 1959
It was old and rather tatty
But what mattered, it was mine
But it wasn't just a motor car
It meant the world to me
It gave me liberation
'Twas the thing that set me free
I felt the need to name it
And then "Millie" came to mind
Back then it was a grannie's name
The oddest I could find
Amelia was christened
And it seemed to suit her well
The only car that had a name
As far as I could tell
I simply drove it everywhere
And it never missed a beat
Despite her ragged edges
She would not admit defeat
But slowly I grew older
And I felt the need for more
And Millie lost her lustre
She just wasn't like before
My wife now has a Mini
That is more than twice as fast
But it's somehow lost the magic
Of that old one of the past
The one thing I insist on
That will always be the same
Yes, I'm sure you've guessed it
It has got the same old name. ~ Robbie Franklin
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Robbie Franklin
When you work with a legend as I do, it's wonderful. There's so many things I've learned working with Keith. He's so patient, not only with me, but with everyone in our crew and with the audience and with the game. He has a style that is so easy and will never be copied. ~ Dan Fouts
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Dan Fouts
Naturally, I said. You're always the same person. You don't change from one milieu to another. You're honest and open. You could get along anywhere with any group or class or race. But most people aren't that way. Most people are conscious of race, color, religion, nationality, and so on. To me all peoples are mysterious when I look at them closely. I can detect their differences much easier than their kinship. In fact, I like the distinctions which separate them just as much as I like what unites them. I think it's foolish to pretend that we're all pretty much the same. Only the great, the truly distinctive individuals, resemble one another. Brotherhood doesn't start at the bottom, but at the top. The nearer we get to God the more we resemble one another. At the bottom it's like a rubbish pile … that's to say, from a distance it all seems like so much rubbish, but when you get nearer you perceive that this so-called rubbish is composed of a million-billion different particles. And yet, no matter how different one bit of rubbish is from another, the real difference only asserts itself when you look at something which is not rubbish. Even if the elements which compose the universe can be broken down into one vital substance … well, I don't know what I was going to say exactly … maybe this … that as long as there is life there will be differentiation, values, hierarchies. Life is always making pyramidal structures, in every realm. If you're at the bottom you stress the sameness ~ Henry Miller
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Henry Miller
Today I had to meet a man I haven't seen for ten years. And all that time I had thought I was remembering him well- how he looked and spoke and the sort of things he said. The first five minutes of the real man shattered the image completely. Not that he had changed. On the contrary. I kept on thinking, "Yes, of course, of course. I'd forgotten that he thought that- or disliked this, or knew so-and-so- or jerked his head back that way." I had known all these things once and I recognized them the moment I met them again. But they had all faded out of my mental picture of him, and when they were all replaced by his actual presence the total effect was quite astonishingly different from the image I had carried about with me for those ten years. How can I hope that this will not happen to my memory of H.? That it is not happening already? Slowly, quietly, like snow-flakes- like the small flakes that come when it is going to snow all night- little flakes of me, my impressions, my selections, are settling down on the image of her. The real shape will be quite hidden in the end. Ten minutes- ten seconds- of the real H. would correct all this. And yet, even if those ten seconds were allowed me, one second later the little flakes would begin to fall again. The rough, sharp, cleansing tang of her otherness is gone. ~ C.S. Lewis
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by C.S. Lewis
Sittin' in a café in dark glasses sippin' coffee dunkin' doughnuts while it's sunny thinking guns guns guns and I've got pockets full of bullets and a suitcase full of money and a fuckin' awful headache and a police rifle that fires dummies and I'm listening to Barney because she really wants to tell me all the fifty million reasons why she's feelin' fuckin' funny and she wants to kill her mummy and she wants me to kill her daddy but there really is no logic to the way we're spending Sunday because we don't know where we're going and we've been drinking since last Monday and Booga's sharpening sticks and he's looking like a monkey and I'm waiting for my tank and I know it will look chumly because Dobson is my man and he's part of my fuckin' family and when I see him next I'm gonna buy him half a shandy. ~ Alan C. Martin
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Alan C. Martin
I still can't believe that someone as hot as you has validation issues but I also know that being a very sensitive person on this planet is painful and some of us are built like sieves, or have holes where any external validation just pours right through and we never get full, and I also know it's ultimately an inside job anyway and no amount of external validation will ever be enough (though damn it can feel good in the moment, and it sort of makes me mad at god, actually, like, okay god, you built me like this so teach me how to validate myself in a way that feels as good as when a boy does it or the Internet does it, because there is always a cost when a boy does it or when the Internet does it): a love story. ~ Melissa Broder
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Melissa Broder
I like to keep people around me like the guys I have on the road with me, three of them were childhood friends of mine when I was growing up in Scotland. They don't look at me any different than when we were in primary school. So it's good to keep people like that around you. I think if you surround yourself with good honest people, they will tell you what to hear when you need to hear it. ~ Johnny Reid
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Johnny Reid
The greatest challenge of the next 50 years, I believe, will be to create dignified work for everyone ... not through handouts and charity, but through market forces. ~ Leila Janah
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Leila Janah
I have three boys. And I wanted to make sure it connected with them and then those guys who grew up like me, in environments like me.And then I knew something about science that your New York Times reader would be interested in. So I was thinking about it in multiple ways: I'll connect with the people who grew up like me first, and then the New York Times reader will be interested in the science because it's so good and they want to be "in the know." ~ Carl Hart
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Carl Hart
I'm not the perfect girl but I am worth your time I am a girl who will care, love, and hold u no matter what ... I can be anything u want me 2 be I will change everything just to have a chance with u because how could someone like me get a guy like u ~ Sereana Crowley
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Sereana Crowley
GOD: I own you like I own the caves.
THE OCEAN: Not a chance. No comparison.
GOD: I made you. I could tame you.
THE OCEAN: At one time, maybe. But not now.
GOD: I will come to you, freeze you, break you.
THE OCEAN: I will spread myself like wings. I am a billion tiny feathers. You have no idea what's happened to me. ~ Dave Eggers
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Dave Eggers
They say that true love always brings with it great and generous acts. Sometimes, amazing things happen to people and nobody knows about it. Nobody knows or cares. Someday many years from now in the faraway future, I will look back and say, "That year when I was in seventh grade, I knew a boy named Henderson Elliot, and what he did for me was extraordinary and who he was and how he won my heart was nothing short of incredible."
Some people in peril don't get saved, like Marty Hoey or my mom, and some people in peril do get saved, like me. Maybe it was because Henderson bought a chunk of a falling star, a gold-flecked quiet and ever-hopeful star. I hold it now tightly in my palm. ~ Phoebe Stone
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Phoebe Stone
So, are you telling me we're lost?"
"Not yet," Eli said.
"But you have no idea where we are."
"Not really."
"That means 'lost' in my book," Sam said. "What's the difference between having no idea where we are and being lost?"
"Having no idea where we are on the lake is one thing, but if I can get a clue about which direction is which, then I will know which way to go," Eli said.
"Still sounds like lost to me," Sam muttered. ~ Edward Eliyahu Truitt
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Edward Eliyahu Truitt
Was that pity? I think it was. No wonder, I even pity myself. Will the pity make her love me? Make her take me home with her and look after me like the plant? Fucking bastard smug plant. ~ Rhona Cameron
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Rhona Cameron
The whole world is pressing in on me, like a weight on my chest, slowly pushing me down and down. And there's nothing between me and this weight but my flimsy skin. It's not enough. It won't protect me. It doesn't keep anything out. The outside will keep pressing in until my ribs are crushed, and then my organs, my heart and liver and stomach ... ~ Natalie Standiford
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Natalie Standiford
What are you doing?'Helen put her hand over his to stop him from shifting.
'I'm going inside to talk to your dad. I don't want him to feel like he can't trust me with his daughter.'
'Lucas, I swear to whatever god you think is holy that I will get out of this car and walk to school if you go inside and talk to my dad.'
Lucas smiled and shifted back into first, driving away from her house. 'Who told you the gods were holy? ~ Josephine Angelini
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Josephine Angelini
Never mind Phil and the violets just now, Anne," said Gilbert quietly, taking her hand in a clasp from which she could not free it. "There is something I want to say to you." "Oh, don't say it," cried Anne, pleadingly. "Don't - PLEASE, Gilbert." "I must. Things can't go on like this any longer. Anne, I love you. You know I do. I - I can't tell you how much. Will you promise me that some day you'll be my wife?" "I - I can't," said Anne miserably. "Oh, Gilbert - you - you've spoiled everything." "Don't you care for me at all?" Gilbert asked after a very dreadful pause, during which Anne had not dared to look up. "Not - not in that way. I do care a great deal for you as a friend. But I don't love you, Gilbert." "But can't you give me some hope that you will - yet?" "No, I can't," exclaimed Anne desperately. "I never, never can love you - in that way - Gilbert. You must never speak of this to me again." There ~ L.M. Montgomery
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by L.M. Montgomery
True Socialism, in which everyone is truly equal, does not just resemble a prison - it is a prison. It can not exist unless it is surrounded by high walls, by watchtowers and by guard-dogs, for people always want to escape from any socialist regime, just as they do from a prison. If you continue your attempts to establish a model society you will need to build walls around it. You will be forced to do so sooner or later by the flood of refugees.. ~ Viktor Suvorov
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Viktor Suvorov
Do you see why I avoid humans, ma cherie? They are silly, exasperating creatures.
You like him.You can't hide it from me, even if you try to hide it from yourself. Invite him home.
Not for all the trees on this earth.
I want to meet him.
Savannah. She was up to no good, he was certain of it. Gregori's hand went to the back of his neck, massaging deeply. What I should do is scare the holy hell out of him so he will get over this nonsense.
"So,are you?" Gary asked.
"Am I what?" Gregori was distracted. Why had he ever talked to this fool in the first place? Because Savannah was making him crazy. Savannah had made him do something dumb. He had read Gary's mind and found him to be an interesting, likeable person.
Don't blame me. She sounded innocent. ~ Christine Feehan
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Christine Feehan
The End"
It is time for me to go, mother; I am going.
When in the paling darkness of the lonely dawn you stretch out your arms for your baby in the bed, I shall say, "Baby is not there!" - mother, I am going.
I shall become a delicate draught of air and caress you; and I shall be ripples in the water when you bathe, and kiss you and kiss you again.
In the gusty night when the rain patters on the leaves you will hear my whisper in your bed, and my laughter will flash with the lightning through the open window into your room.
If you lie awake, thinking of your baby till late into the night, I shall sing to you from the stars, "Sleep, mother, sleep."
On the straying moonbeams I shall steal over your bed, and lie upon your bosom while you sleep.
I shall become a dream, and through the little opening of your eyelids I shall slip into the depths of your sleep; and when you wake up and look round startled, like a twinkling firefly I shall flit out into the darkness.
When, on the great festival of puja, the neighbours' children come and play about the house, I shall melt into the music of the flute and throb in your heart all day.
Dear auntie will come with puja-presents and will ask, "Where is our baby, sister?" Mother, you will tell her softly, "He is in the pupils of my eyes, he is in my body and in my soul. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
To me, the songs I play are milestones of my past. Playing one will recall that time period for me, but I don't have the desire to recall it - at least not now.
But I know I can't stay away from it forever. Never playing again would be like choosing not to remember - or to feel.
And that is not the type of creature I am. ~ J.P. Cianci
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by J.P. Cianci
You asked, why are the poor poor. I was struck by that."
"What I can't see - what I really can't see - is why everyone doesn't ask themselves that, all the time . How can these people bear to go to church and then go about in the streets and see what is there for everyone to see - and get told what the Bible says about the poor - and go on riding in carriages, and choosing neckties and hats - and eating huge beefsteaks - I can't see it."
"I have brought a book for you to read. I think probably you should not let it be seen in your home. But I think it will speak to you. ~ A.S. Byatt
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by A.S. Byatt
However, what Article VI [of the U.S. Constitution] does not do, and was never intended to do, is deny me the right to say, as loudly as I may choose, that I will on no account vote for a smirking hick like Mike Huckabee, who is an unusually stupid primate but who does not have the elementary intelligence to recognize the fact that this is what he is. ~ Mike Huckabee
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Mike Huckabee
You drive me insane June. You're the scariest, most clever, bravest person I know, and sometimes I can't catch my breath because I'm trying so hard to keep up. There will never be another like you. You realize that, don't you? Billions of people will come and go in this world, but there will never be another like you. ~ Marie Lu
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Marie Lu
But it is the nature of narcissistic entitlement to see the situation from only one very subjective point of view that says "My feelings and needs are all that matter, and whatever I want, I should get." Mutuality and reciprocity are entirely alien concepts, because others exist only to agree, obey, flatter, and comfort – in short, to anticipate and meet my every need. If you cannot make yourself useful in meeting my need, you are of no value and will most likely be treated accordingly, and if you defy my will, prepare to feel my wrath. Hell hath no fury like the Narcissist denied.

Narcissists hold these unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves uniquely special. In social situations, you will talk about them or what they are interested in because they are more important, more knowledgeable, or more captivating than anyone else. Any other subject is boring and won't hold interest, and, in their eyes, they most certainly have a right to be entertained. In personal relationships, their sense of entitlement means that you must attend to their needs but they are under no obligation to listen to or understand you. If you insist that they do, you are "being difficult" or challenging their rights. How dare you put yourself before me? they seem to (or may actually) ask. And if they have real power over you, they feel entitled to use you as they see fit and you must not question their authority. A ~ Sandy Hotchkiss
Not Everyone Will Like Me quotes by Sandy Hotchkiss
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