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Jen leaned around Sally and glared at her two best friends. "What are you two betting on?"
"Good grief. What, does she have eagle ears or something?"
"No you dork. Your whisper is just you talking in normal volume but making your voice raspy. Really, you sound more like a chick who's been smoking for thirty years." Jen shrugged. "I'm just throwing that out there. You can take it and apply it at your leisure."
Fane was chuckling at Jen's words when Jacque elbowed him, causing him to cough.
"You don't get to laugh, wolf-man." Jacque turned back to Jen. "Thank you for that observation, Sherlock. ~ Quinn Loftis
Nfl Betting quotes by Quinn Loftis
I went out there to play my game for the fun of it and never based my career around records. ~ Jerry Rice
Nfl Betting quotes by Jerry Rice
The lawyer refused to tell me my brother's name, and my colleagues started a betting pool. The leading candidate: John Travolta. I secretly hoped for a literary descendant of Henry James - someone more talented than I: someone brilliant without even trying. ~ Mona Simpson
Nfl Betting quotes by Mona Simpson
Once the war began, the government could do anything 'necessary' to win it; so it was with the 'final solution of the Jewish problem,' which the Nazis always talked about but never dared undertake, not even the Nazis, until war and its 'necessities' gave them the knowledge that they could get away with it. The people abroad who thought that war against Hitler would help the Jews were wrong. And the people in Germany who, once the war had begun, still thought of complaining, protesting, resisting, were betting on Germany's losing the war. It was a long bet. Not many made it. ~ Milton Mayer
Nfl Betting quotes by Milton Mayer
God has brought me this far. He has laid out a phenomenal path for me. And I can't do anything but thank him. ~ Colin Kaepernick
Nfl Betting quotes by Colin Kaepernick
I Play When I Want to Play. ~ Randy Moss
Nfl Betting quotes by Randy Moss
We are clearly betting on tablets being both content consumption and production devices. ~ Shantanu Narayen
Nfl Betting quotes by Shantanu Narayen
There's only about 6 inches that turns that halo into a noose. ~ Bobby Bowden
Nfl Betting quotes by Bobby Bowden
Jesus said, "I am the way [to heaven]." I'm betting that he's not a liar. I'm betting that he told the truth. ~ Rick Warren
Nfl Betting quotes by Rick Warren
Actually I feel I'm a better player; more mentally. I guess you get better with age people say. You have a lot more wisdom. ~ Darrelle Revis
Nfl Betting quotes by Darrelle Revis
I didn't play in the NFL, and I didn't play defensive line. But football, at the fundamental level, is football. It's about motivating people and getting the best out of them. ~ Brendan Daly
Nfl Betting quotes by Brendan Daly
There's times when you catch a ball and really didn't even see that ball. You're like, 'That couldn't have been all me.' ~ Calvin Johnson
Nfl Betting quotes by Calvin Johnson
I don't teach kids to be No. 1. Organizations and people that tell you you have to be No. 1; that's not it. You don't have to be No. 1. What I teach is to be as good as you can be. Use what you have and be as good as you can be. That's all you can do, anyway. ~ Jim Brown
Nfl Betting quotes by Jim Brown
The problem with the focus on speculators, as was demonstrated during the financial crisis, is that it tends to divert attention from the real villains. During the financial crisis, the villains were the actions of the banks, not the speculators betting on bank share prices. ~ Gary Weiss
Nfl Betting quotes by Gary Weiss
I have to continue to be a great leader and contribute in any way that I can, and get guys to follow suit. That's how you turn a team around. ~ Adrian Peterson
Nfl Betting quotes by Adrian Peterson
As much as I enjoy TV, I've always loved radio. And I love doing the NFL games, the Monday night games, on radio. Because you are the game. I really enjoyed calling basketball and hockey on the radio, but the presentation is more specific - you're talking all the time. ~ Marv Albert
Nfl Betting quotes by Marv Albert
After several years in the league, when a player becomes a vested veteran in the NFL, they play under a different set of rules. For instance, if you cut a vested veteran mid-season and they don't get picked up by another team, you owe them the remainder of their salary. ~ Brendan Daly
Nfl Betting quotes by Brendan Daly
I never really lost a game in my career, sometimes I just ran out of time. ~ Bobby Layne
Nfl Betting quotes by Bobby Layne
Michelle Tafoya - best NFL sideline reporter - period. She is always prepared and professional. ~ Megan Alexander
Nfl Betting quotes by Megan Alexander
Fortunately for me, I came out of ray misadventures with drugs and alcohol with my life, health, and soul pretty much intact. I know many who didn't. It's not harmless. I've lost many friends to that way of life. Some have died. Some have simply fried their hard drives for the rest of time or live in a perpetual chemical fog. I'm betting not one of them would say, It was worth it. ~ Rainn Wilson
Nfl Betting quotes by Rainn Wilson
I want to be recognized as the best-no doubt about it. When they say all-pro middle linebacker, I want them to mean Butkus! ~ Dick Butkus
Nfl Betting quotes by Dick Butkus
Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills Live stream NFL 2013 Online FULL COVERAGE HD Video >>>> ~ LALTIPA
Nfl Betting quotes by LALTIPA
The art world is never going to be popular like the NFL, but more people are buying art and I think that's cushioning, to a great extent, our art-market cycles. ~ Larry Gagosian
Nfl Betting quotes by Larry Gagosian
At this point, I think if you're being silent, you're making a choice and taking a side. ~ Michael Bennett
Nfl Betting quotes by Michael Bennett
Was it a risky move? Yes, but at that moment, the reason why I came out is I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal. Maybe I was naive. Maybe I thought it was 2014, and people will understand that there's gay NFL players. There's gay athletes everywhere. But I was clearly wrong. It was a huge deal. ~ Michael Sam
Nfl Betting quotes by Michael Sam
If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win football games for you. ~ Paul Bryant
Nfl Betting quotes by Paul Bryant
A better ending could not have been scripted. Of course, if we had won, that would have been better. ~ Bobby Bowden
Nfl Betting quotes by Bobby Bowden
I think that's something that investment banks have worried about for a long time and are continuing to worry about, but it's not an easy solution when you have lots of people betting the company's money, how do you really allocate those risks? How do you make sure that the people that take the risks are feeling the risks in an appropriate kind of fashion? ~ Robert F. Engle
Nfl Betting quotes by Robert F. Engle
I'm most proud of the fact I carried myself on and off the field consistently for what the NFL stands for. ~ Will Shields
Nfl Betting quotes by Will Shields
Choosing friends based on how much money they have is like betting on a horse because you like its saddle. ~ Stephen Smoke
Nfl Betting quotes by Stephen Smoke
Few people get to earn a living at what they like to do and there are hazards in any profession. Football is something I was made for. I gave the game all I could for as long as I could. I guess my only regret was that my career was too short. ~ Dick Butkus
Nfl Betting quotes by Dick Butkus
My general rule, which I have followed throughout my coaching career, is that everyone doesn't necessarily get treated the same way, because I'm not sure that's possible. But everyone has to be treated fairly. Moreover, they have to know and trust that they will be treated fairly. Dennis Green, NFL Coach There's nothing worse than the feeling of wishing you had another chance at a play because you weren't ready. Every athlete has those feelings to mull over, and over, and over ... Don't even expose yourself to the possibility of being caught off-guard. ~ Karch Kiraly
Nfl Betting quotes by Karch Kiraly
If I drop dead tomorrow, at least I'll know I died in good health. ~ Bum Phillips
Nfl Betting quotes by Bum Phillips
If a betting game among a certain number of participants I played long enough, eventually one player will have all the money. If there is any skill involved, it will accelerate the process of concentrating all the stakes in a few hands. Something like this happens in the market. There is a persistent overall tendency for equity to flow from the many to the few. In the long run, the majority loses. The implication for the trader is that to win you have to act like the minority. If you bring normal human habits and tendencies to trading, you'll gravitate toward the majority and inevitably lose. ~ William Eckhardt
Nfl Betting quotes by William Eckhardt
Making it to the NFL is a huge accomplishment. Making it in the NFL is a huge accomplishment, but I haven't done that yet. No matter how many games we've played, it's still hard to figure out when you've made it in the NFL. ~ Robert Griffin III
Nfl Betting quotes by Robert Griffin III
My character at 'Mel's diner' was involved in betting on the horses and all that. ~ Vic Tayback
Nfl Betting quotes by Vic Tayback
I won't feel that I failed. I'll be a little disappointed in the NFL ... ~ Chris Kluwe
Nfl Betting quotes by Chris Kluwe
Your body, the only one you will ever have, is the foundation of your life. And it's either an anchor limiting your freedom and potential or a source of radiant energy, vitality and joy, elevating your life and the lives of those around you. It's your choice ... will yours be a source of strength, from which you will impact the world, or an obstacle, preventing you from your dreams and desires? ... As my friend, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway is fond of saying,'If you're going to bother setting a goal, aim high!' ... My advice to you, aim high; aim for strength. ~ Shawn Phillips
Nfl Betting quotes by Shawn Phillips
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