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Morfyd's care.
As she walked out of the cave she passed Annwyl walking in. The girl had her swords in one hand. The other hand held her ripped shirt and bindings over her ample breasts. Her brows angled down into a dark frown and she wouldn't even look at Morfyd as she passed.
"How did that talk go then?" Morfyd called over her shoulder.
"Shut. Up."
Morfyd laughed as she advanced into the glen toward the clearing where she could take off. She rounded a corner and came upon her brother, his chainmail shirt and sword in his big hand, heading toward the hidden entrance of his cave. She watched him as he passed and she noticed the long scratches across his back.
"How did that talk go then?" Morfyd called over her shoulder.
"Shut. Up."
Morfyd shook her head. If love always made you this pathetic, she wanted nothing to do with it. ~ G.A. Aiken
Newmiller Chainmail quotes by G.A. Aiken
I hoped she used protection when getting naked with him. Chainmail underneath a hazmat suit should be enough. ~ Ann Charles
Newmiller Chainmail quotes by Ann Charles
What sort of moths eat chainmail? ~ George R R Martin
Newmiller Chainmail quotes by George R R Martin
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