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Razor, calm down. Say hi to our new friends."
The gremlin, now perched on Keirran's arm, turned to stare at us with blazing green eyes and started crackling like a bad radio station.
"They can't understand you, Razor," Keiran said mildly. "English."
"Oh," said the gremlin. "Right." It grinned widely, baring a mouthful of sharp teeth that glowed neon-blue. "Hiiiiiiii. ~ Julie Kagawa
Neon Blue quotes by Julie Kagawa
How beautiful the sky looked, how blue and calm and deep! How brilliant and majestic was the setting sun! How tenderly shone the distant waters of the Danube! And fairer still were the purpling mountains stretching far away beyond the river, the convent, the mysterious gorges, the pine forests veiled in mist to their summits.
...There all was peace and happiness. 'I should wish for nothing, wish for nothing, for nothing in the world, if only I were there', thought Rostov. 'In myself alone and in that sunshine there is so much happiness'... ~ Leo Tolstoy
Neon Blue quotes by Leo Tolstoy
She never strayed far from him though, and if she looked around and didn't see him right away, he saw a look of panic in her blue eyes. ~ Trinity Faegen
Neon Blue quotes by Trinity Faegen
Oh, a wan cloud was drawn o'er the dim weeping dawn

As to Josie's side I returned at last,

And the heart in my breast for the girl I lov'd best

Was beating, ah, beating, how loud and fast!

While the doubts and the fears of the long aching years

Seem'd mingling their voices with the moaning flood:

Till full in my path, like a wild water wraith,

My true love's shadow lamenting stood.

But the sudden sun kiss'd the cold, cruel mist

Into dancing show'rs of diamond dew,

And the dark flowing stream laugh'd back to his beam,

And the lark soared aloft in the blue:

While no phantom of night but a form of delight

Ran with arms outspread to her darling boy,

And the girl I love best on my wild throbbing breast

Hid her thousand treasures with cry of joy. ~ Amy Harmon
Neon Blue quotes by Amy Harmon
A lot of folks, they got a little bit of shine to them. They don't even know it. But they always seem to show up with flowers when their wives are feelin blue with the monthlies, they do good on school tests they don't even study for, they got a good idea how people are feelin as soon as they walk into a room. ~ Stephen King
Neon Blue quotes by Stephen King
My Faith is Glory and Hope!
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Religion of Blue Circle
October 6, 2016 ~ Petra Hermans
Neon Blue quotes by Petra Hermans
She felt one thousand years old. She also felt like maybe she was a condescending brat. She wanted her bike. She wanted her friends, who were also one-thousand-year-old condescending brats. She wanted to live in a world where she was surrounded by one-thousand-year-old condescending brats. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Neon Blue quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
The Goth boy stares at me, and I give him a what-are-you-looking-at stare right back.

"I'm dead," he says in a dull monotone.

"Pardon me?" Adriana asks, but he keeps staring at me.

"You're dead, too. Look at your veins. They're blue." He points at my forearms where dark veins run their lengths. "You're rotting like me."

I glance to Adriana, hands clasped and praying that she won't leave me here.

Adriana's stopped crying now and squints at the boy before standing to pull closed the curtain that rings my cot. "Crazy," she says with an uncertain smile. "You're not rotting."

. . . ninety-nine, one hundred . "No," I reply. "But I will if you leave me here. ~ Michael F. Stewart
Neon Blue quotes by Michael F. Stewart
there's a part in the essay that kind of does this academic "Let's unpack the idea of Lynchian and what Lynchian means is something about the unbelievably grotesque existing in a kind of union with the unbelievably banal," and then it gives a series of scenarios about what -- what is and what isn't Lynchian. Jeffrey Dahmer was borderline Lynchian...what was Lynchian was having the actual food products next to the disembodied bits of the corpse. I guess the big one is, you know, a regular domestic murder is not Lynchian. But if the man -- if the police come to the scene and see the man standing over the body and the woman -- let's see, the woman's '50s bouffant is undisturbed and the man and the cops have this conversation about the fact that the man killed the woman because she persistently refused to buy, say, for instance, Jif peanut butter rather than Skippy, and how very, very important that is, and if the cops found themselves somehow agreeing that there were major differences between the brands and that a wife who didn't recognize those differences was deficient in her wifely duties, that would be Lynchian -- this weird confluence of very dark, surreal, violent stuff and absolute, almost Norman Rockwell, banal, American stuff, which is terrain he's been working for quite a while -- I mean, at least since -- at least since "Blue Velvet. ~ David Foster Wallace
Neon Blue quotes by David Foster Wallace
In 1498, Vasco da Gama the Portuguese navigator explored this eastern coast of Africa flanking the Indian Ocean. This led him to open a trade route to Asia and occupy Mozambique to the Portuguese colony. In 1840, it came under the control of the Sultan of Zanzibar and became a British protectorate in 1895, with Mombasa as its capital.

Nairobi, lying 300 miles to the northwest of Mombasa is the largest city in Kenya. It became the capital in 1907 and is the fastest growing urban area in the Republic having become independent of the United Kingdom on December 12, 1963 and declared a republic the following year on December 12, 1964.

Kenya is divided by the 38th meridian of longitude into two very different halves. The eastern half of Kenya slopes towards the coral-backed seashore of the Indian Ocean while the western side rises through a series of hills to the African Shear Zone or Central Rift. West of the Rift, the lowest part of a westward-sloping plateau contains Lake Victoria. This, the largest lake in Africa, receives most of its water from rain, the Kagera River and countless small streams. Its only outlet is the White Nile River which is part of the longest river on Earth. Combined, the Blue Nile and the White Nile, stretches 4,160 miles before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. ~ Captain Hank, "Seawater Three"
Neon Blue quotes by Captain Hank,
48. Imagine, for example, someone who fucks like a whore. Someone who seems good at it, professional. Someone you can still see fucking you, in the mirror, always in the mirror, crazy fucking about three feet away, in an apartment lit by blue light, never lit by daylight, this person is always fucking you from behind in blue light and you both always seem good at it, dedicated and lost unto it, as if there is no other activity on God's given earth your bodies know how to do except fuck and be fucked like this, in this dim blue light, in this mirror. What do you call someone who fucks this way? ~ Maggie Nelson
Neon Blue quotes by Maggie Nelson
History : You may only be a House of Royals
without any Historical Tricks to Regain it.
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
October 31, 2016 ~ Petra Hermans
Neon Blue quotes by Petra Hermans
To convey in any existing language how I miss you isn't possible. It would be like blue trying to describe the ocean. ~ Mary-Louise Parker
Neon Blue quotes by Mary-Louise Parker
We just wanted a perfect life, with perfect smiles and perfect blue skies, but instead, we ended up with the gloomy grey clouds and thunderstorms. ~ Shanora Williams
Neon Blue quotes by Shanora Williams
At the sound of her name, Lucia's blue eyes honed in on me. She cocked her head to the side as if puzzled. "Why me?" she wondered.
"Lucia, you exploded with power after Ehno was killed." I shot Ehno an apologetic look. "I felt your sorrow before I even knew something was wrong. It hit me like a freight train of boulders. You made the sky rain fireballs with red lightning. Need I say more? ~ Laura Kreitzer
Neon Blue quotes by Laura Kreitzer
For a strange second, none of them spoke.
Finally, Ronan said, "Jesus God, Sargent. Do you have stitches on your face? Bad. Ass. Put it here, you asshole."
With some relief, Blue lifted her fist and bumped it against his. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Neon Blue quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
And on it flows. I long to lie down quietly by the banks of a blue lake and die ... and when I'm dead for my body to be consumed by birds and beasts, leaving only the bone of my brow for Xu ... like Alexander, loyal to an everlasting love. ~ Qiu Miaojin
Neon Blue quotes by Qiu Miaojin
And deep down, she felt like maybe she didn't deserve it-that she belonged with the petty thieves and guys who drank Pabst Blue Ribbon for breakfast ~ Jennifer McMahon
Neon Blue quotes by Jennifer McMahon
I sometimes think my vision of the sea is the clearest thing I own. I pick it up, exile that I am, like the purple 'lucky stones' I used to collect with a white ring all the way round, or the shell of a blue mussel with its rainbowy angel's fingernail interior; and in one wash of memory the colors deepen and gleam, the early world draws breath. ~ Sylvia Plath
Neon Blue quotes by Sylvia Plath
I love being me," I said, crouching down - ready with a towel because his lips were already blue with cold. "Because I have you. ~ Maggie Leffler
Neon Blue quotes by Maggie Leffler
Blue." It was Ronan's voice, for the first time, and everyone, even Helen, twisted their head towards him. His head was cocked in a way that Gansey recognized as dangerous. Something in his eyes was sharp as he stared at Blue. He asked, "Do you know Gansey?" ...
Blue looked defensive under their stares. She said reluctantly. "Only his name."
With his fingers loosely together, elbows on his knees, Ronan leaned forward across Adam to be closer to Blue. He could be unbelievably threatening.
"And how is it," he asked," you came to know Gansey's name? ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Neon Blue quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
The blue whale was so magnificent and her song so beautiful, that Becca's heart swelled. She felt Marco's hand tighten on hers and knew he felt the same way. She turned to him, but Marco wasn't looking at the whale anymore, he was looking at her. He was still holding her hand and was floating close to her now. ~ Jennifer Donnelly
Neon Blue quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
I often think to myself, at the end of an interesting life it's maybe not such a bad thing to spend your last days with your friends sitting by the blue, blue ocean reliving the story of your life while sitting in the dangerous sun. ~ Baz Luhrmann
Neon Blue quotes by Baz Luhrmann
Roses are read, violets are blue; I'm using my hand, but I'm thinking of you. ~ L.A. Casey
Neon Blue quotes by L.A. Casey
His eyes are the perfect shade of cobalt, blue like a blossoming bruise, clear and deep and decided. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Neon Blue quotes by Tahereh Mafi
I'm not particularly keen on writing which exhaustively describes the physical characteristics of the people in the story and what they're wearing… I can always get a J. Crew catalogue… …So spare me, if you please, the hero's 'sharply intelligent blue eyes' and 'outthrust determined chin'. ~ Stephen King
Neon Blue quotes by Stephen King
He began to stand around the gate and expect things. What things? She didn't know exactly. Her breath was gusty and short. She knew things that nobody ever told her. For instance, the words of the trees and the wind.. She knew the world was a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether. She knew that God tore down the old world every evening and built a new one by sun-up. It was wonderful to see it take form with the sun and emerge from the gray dust of its making. ~ Zora Neale Hurston
Neon Blue quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. ~ Stephen Hawking
Neon Blue quotes by Stephen Hawking
The blues will be blue, and the jealousies green, but when love picks its color it demands to be seen. ~ Garth Brooks
Neon Blue quotes by Garth Brooks
He turned then and those blue eyes met hers from across the sea of people. Her stomach bottomed out. Damn it. She couldn't be attracted to the arrogant ass.
Somehow repeating herself wasn't helping. ~ Billi Jean
Neon Blue quotes by Billi Jean
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Jan 7 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Re: Really?
On the Tumblr-you mean creeksecrets? .....
But I really don't think I'm wrong.
Jacques a dit. Right?

So, Yeah, I've been careless. I guess I left a trail of clues. and I shouldn't be surprised that Blue put them together. Maybe I kind of wanted him to.

Jacques a dit is "Simon Says" in French, by the way, And it's obviously not as clever as I thought it was. ~ Becky Albertalli
Neon Blue quotes by Becky Albertalli
It is terrifyingly beautiful," Julia said softly.
"Nature at its most beautiful and most lethal. It is like standing on the edge of one of those lakes in Switzerland, so blue and so calm and so deep and so dangerous. You have the overwhelming urge to plunge in, even though you know the cold will kill you. This desert - your desert - it makes me want to walk into it and keep walking. You probably think I'm being ridiculously fanciful."
"I would not have put it in those words, but they are exactly how I feel about Qaryma. Terrifyingly beautiful. ~ Marguerite Kaye
Neon Blue quotes by Marguerite Kaye
The heel of Montgomery's boot tapped nervously against the floor, as if he knew he was a bad liar. "I can't say how he'll take the news at first. He can be unpredictable, but in the end he'll be glad you came." He leaned forward, blue eyes simmering. His boot tapped faster. "I'm glad you came. ~ Megan Shepherd
Neon Blue quotes by Megan Shepherd
If you look up at the sky after falling down the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me ... I'm alive. ~ Aya Kito
Neon Blue quotes by Aya Kito
You keep making these dirty promises. I'm starting to think you're all talk. ~ Melissa Blue
Neon Blue quotes by Melissa Blue
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