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A blind pursuit of cheap popularity has nothing to do with revolution.
[Political Report of the National Executive Committee to the forty-ninth A.N.C. National Conference, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 17 December 1994] ~ Nelson Mandela
Ndano Conference quotes by Nelson Mandela
Was Article 370 promised at the time of the signing of the IoA? If Article 370 is repealed, would J&K cease to be a part of India, as the National Conference and some separatist groups are claiming today? ~ Anonymous
Ndano Conference quotes by Anonymous
At the press conference for the film he impressed everyone with his complete sincerity and innocence. he said he had come to see the sea for the first time and marveled at how clean it was. someone told him that, in fact, it wasn't. 'when the world is emptied of human beings' he said, 'it will become so again ~ Werner Herzog
Ndano Conference quotes by Werner Herzog
Consciously or not, we feel and internalize what the space tells us about how to work. When you walk into most offices, the space tells you that it's meant for a group of people to work alone. Closed-off desks sprout off of lonely hallways, and in a few obligatory conference rooms a huge table ensures that people are safely separated from one another. ~ David Kelley
Ndano Conference quotes by David Kelley
If anybody normally has a 45 minute conference call about something, I'm 15 minutes late and then I'm out 15 minutes before everybody else, and I cut to the key information and I move on. I learned that from my dad and guys like Jason Blum, who know how to do that. ~ Mark Duplass
Ndano Conference quotes by Mark Duplass
This was shaping up to be the worst conference call of my life, even worse than that time I accidentally clogged the school toilet back in the first grade with my Boba Fett figure (I was pretending it was the Sarlaac pit). ~ Rick Gualtieri
Ndano Conference quotes by Rick Gualtieri
In 1919, at the Paris Peace Conference, Japan had put forward a proposal to guarantee racial equality at the League of Nations, but Woodrow Wilson overturned it in the face of majority support. ~ Pankaj Mishra
Ndano Conference quotes by Pankaj Mishra
Only the change on the international scene, the crisis in the gulf, and the strong, firm position of the United States against aggression between two Arab countries created realities that led to the Madrid Peace Conference. ~ Yitzhak Rabin
Ndano Conference quotes by Yitzhak Rabin
They changed the press conference, they are trying to change the time of the weigh-in. They are trying to mess with me, but what they don't realize is that they are only fueling me to bring more hurt. ~ David Haye
Ndano Conference quotes by David Haye
The tea partiers are a great addition. The tea partiers have invigorated a base that has been dormant for a long period of time. We're going to have a broad array of different views in our Republican conference, and I think it might be more interesting than any I've been in in a long time. ~ John McCain
Ndano Conference quotes by John McCain
Christ, Elizabeth! Get your head back in the game. You're here to do a job, not drool over a hunky Brit. In my hurry to put some distance between me and the sex god, my knees wobble. I clutch the edge of the conference table to keep from ~ Magda Alexander
Ndano Conference quotes by Magda Alexander
At a press conference yesterday NASA announced that 2005 was the hottest year on record. It is so hot, and global warming is so bad, if the presidential election were held today, Al Gore would still lose. ~ Jay Leno
Ndano Conference quotes by Jay Leno
Lucas attended a conference on rational expectations at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 1973. The day after the conference, I received a call from Pittsburgh. ~ Thomas J. Sargent
Ndano Conference quotes by Thomas J. Sargent
I think that it is a fallacy to suppose that helpful cooperation in the future will be assured by the attempted compulsion of an inflexible rule. Rather will such cooperation depend upon the fostering of firm friendships springing from an appreciation of community ideals, interests, and purposes, and such friendships are more likely to be promoted by freedom of conference than by the effort to create hard and fast engagements. ~ Charles Evans Hughes
Ndano Conference quotes by Charles Evans Hughes
Perhaps Communists had wormed their way so deeply into our government on both the working and planning levels that they were able to exercise an inordinate degree of power in shaping the course of America in the dangerous postwar era. I could not help wondering and worrying whether we were faced with open enemies across the conference table and hidden enemies who sat with us in our most secret councils. ~ Mark W. Clark
Ndano Conference quotes by Mark W. Clark
My dad saw my husband's boss at a conference, and he said to stop paying my husband until we produce children. ~ Jenna Bush
Ndano Conference quotes by Jenna Bush
She nodded a greeting and took a muffin and a cup of coffee. Then she left again. I took two muffins and an empty cup and a whole box of coffee. I figured I could prop it on the edge of the conference table with the spigot facing toward me. Refills as and when required. Like an alcoholic behind a bar. ~ Lee Child
Ndano Conference quotes by Lee Child
That means laying out a vision of the world that competes directly with the one on harrowing display at the Heartland conference and in so many other parts of our culture, one that resonates with the majority of people on the planet because it is true: That we are not apart from nature but of it. That acting collectively for a greater good is not suspect, and that such common projects of mutual aid are responsible for our species' greatest accomplishments. That greed must be disciplined and tempered by both rule and example. That poverty amidst plenty is unconscionable. ~ Naomi Klein
Ndano Conference quotes by Naomi Klein
People are typically more comfortable talking with others in their own environment; being asked to come to a conference room to help a leadership-heavy team evaluate work flow can evoke understandable anxiety and make them feel like they are on a witness stand. It is much more effective to go to them. ~ Karen Martin
Ndano Conference quotes by Karen   Martin
It's always better if you're next door. Ideas come up at the oddest times. They don't always come up in a conference call. ~ John Scott
Ndano Conference quotes by John Scott
The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: we gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes to live them. ~ Robert D. Hales
Ndano Conference quotes by Robert D. Hales
I did not agree..to having my article censored ... The published report of the conference gives my name as a participant, but you will not find in it the paper I read ... Scientists as a group are no more, and no less, influenced by emotional and irrational reactions than other people are. ~ John Yudkin
Ndano Conference quotes by John Yudkin
When no other schools in the Southeastern Conference or the former Southwestern Conference would award them athletic scholarships, African Americans had been recruited by and playing for Texas Western since the 1950s. ~ Solomon Ortiz
Ndano Conference quotes by Solomon Ortiz
By 1950, the slogan of he Mid-Century White House Conference on Children and Youth was "A healthy personality for every child. ~ Susan Cain
Ndano Conference quotes by Susan Cain
Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl; the Zionist Congress; the English Uganda proposition; the future world war; the peace conference where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created. ~ Max Nordau
Ndano Conference quotes by Max Nordau
I went to a mystery writers conference ... and I learned a lot not only from the faculty - and in the faculty we had forensic doctors, detectives, policemen, experts in guns, etc. - but from the questions of the students. ~ Isabel Allende
Ndano Conference quotes by Isabel Allende
I first heard the term "meta-novel" at a writer's conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The idea is that even though each book in a series stands alone, when read collectively they form one big ongoing novel about the main character. Each book represents its own arc: in book one of the series we meet the character and establish a meta-goal that will carry him through further books, in book two that meta-goal is tested, in book three - you get the picture. ~ Carolyn Wheat
Ndano Conference quotes by Carolyn Wheat
We have this kind of shibboleth which says: what wasn't reasoned into existence can't be reasoned out. The truth I think is rather much closer to this: that people are making desperate efforts, rather heroic efforts, to be reasonable, to have a coherent worldview, and when those efforts become too costly or too embarrassing ... dogma loses. ~ Sam Harris
Ndano Conference quotes by Sam Harris
Great," I said. "Another conference call. I have really got to start blocking your number. ~ Richelle Mead
Ndano Conference quotes by Richelle Mead
This is the culmination of a lot of people's vision. I think this is just another step towards making Central Michigan football among the elite programs in the Mid-American Conference. ~ Kevin Kelly
Ndano Conference quotes by Kevin Kelly
Now, for the love of Love and her soft hours,
Let's not confound the time with conference harsh. ~ William Shakespeare
Ndano Conference quotes by William Shakespeare
The theory behind AltConf is simple: it's worth being in town for WWDC, even if you don't have tickets, and if you're already there, you might as well go to the conference next door. The reality of what AltConf has become is an important addition to the very controlled stream of information Apple provides. Some of the industry's best speakers don't work at Apple, and some of the industry's most important topics aren't being discussed by Hair Force One. ~ Mike Lee
Ndano Conference quotes by Mike Lee
The following year, after I had prepared my draft, the Conference of the Interparliamentary Union at The Hague decided to set up a special commission to study the problem seriously. ~ Ludwig Quidde
Ndano Conference quotes by Ludwig Quidde
Common Core's become a one-size-fits-all program that simply doesn't make sense for our state," Jindal said at a news conference. ~ Anonymous
Ndano Conference quotes by Anonymous
Haven't I? - he thought. Haven't I thought of it since the first time I saw you? Haven't I thought of nothing else for two years? ...He sat motionless, looking at her. He heard the words he had never allowed himself to form, the words he had felt, known, yet had not faced, had hoped to destroy by never letting them be said within his own mind. Now it was as sudden and shocking as if he were saying it to her ...Since the first time I saw you ...Nothing but your body, that mouth of yours, and the way your eyes would look at me, if ...Through every sentence I ever said to you, through every conference you thought so safe, through the importance of all the issues we discussed ...You trusted me, didn't you? To recognize your greatness? To think of you as you deserved - as if you were a man? ...Don't you suppose I know how much I've betrayed? The only bright encounter of my life - the only person I respected - the best business man I know - my ally - my partner in a desperate battle ...The lowest of all desires - as my answer to the highest I've met ...Do you know what I am? I thought of it, because it should have been unthinkable. For that degrading need, which would never touch you, I have never wanted anyone but you ...I hadn't known what it was like, to want it, until I saw you for the first time. I had thought : Not I, I couldn't be broken by it ...Since then ...For two years ...With not a moments respite ...Do you know what it's like, to want it? Would you wish to hear what I ~ Ayn Rand
Ndano Conference quotes by Ayn Rand
I believe I have stumbled on at least one possibility: if you are compelled to tell others virtually everything you learn from God, you might be a teacher! My friends who have other spiritual gifts can learn something from God without feeling the overwhelming need to share it with everyone they know. Not me! The second I receive the least spiritual insight or learn anything at all about the practicality of Scripture slapped on the hot pavement of real life, I want to make the world's biggest conference call. ~ Beth Moore
Ndano Conference quotes by Beth Moore
Perhaps this is why not one of 800 sexologists attending a conference raised a hand when asked if they would trust a thin rubber sheath to protect them during intercourse with a known HIV-infected person. I don't blame them. They're not crazy, after all. Yet they're perfectly willing to tell your generation that "safe sex" is within reach and you can sleep around with impunity. It is a terrible lie. ~ James C. Dobson
Ndano Conference quotes by James C. Dobson
Tradition holds that Mary was engrossed in reading at the moment the angel made his annunciation. Christ formally announced the opening of his ministry by laying hold of a book. The central epiphany of the Restoration was the result of the reading habits of a young teenager, and Joseph's nephew, Joseph F., followed that same tradition, sitting in his room on the eve of General Conference, reading and reflecting "until the eyes of [his] understanding were opened. ~ John R. Rosenberg
Ndano Conference quotes by John R. Rosenberg
Witnessing at first-hand the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and wondering what went wrong, Andrew Charlton realised the truth of a colleague's words: "The world is split between those who want to save the planet and those who want to save themselves. ~ Andrew Charlton
Ndano Conference quotes by Andrew Charlton
I have always said that a conference was held for one reason only, to give everybody a chance to get sore at everybody else. Sometimes it takes two or three conferences to scare up a war, but generally one will do it. ~ Will Rogers
Ndano Conference quotes by Will Rogers
The Atlantic conference in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland is a dramatic moment in World War II history because for the first time, Roosevelt and Churchill are meeting face to face in this war. ~ Robert Dallek
Ndano Conference quotes by Robert Dallek
If you're in Australia and you're into technology, Yow! is a no-brainer, but I am going to sing their praises anyway. I've never been so humbled to meet another speaker, or so honored to be in the presence of an conference organizer, as I have been with Yow! It's not just impressive. It's a reason to go to Australia. ~ Mike Lee
Ndano Conference quotes by Mike Lee
When we get to the point, as we one day will, that both sides know that in any outbreak of general hostilities, regardless of the element of surprise, destruction will be both reciprocal and complete, possibly we will have sense enough to meet at the conference table with the understanding that the era of armaments has ended and the human race must conform its actions to this truth or die. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ndano Conference quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
The pope, speaking to participants at a drug enforcement conference in Rome, said that even limited steps to legalize recreational drugs "are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects." But he said the problems underlying drug use must be addressed, including inequality and the lack of opportunities for young people. ~ Anonymous
Ndano Conference quotes by Anonymous
Our supportfor assault weapons ban is very broad ... I think we've got all the police, we have all the mayors virtually - the conference of mayors, mayors against guns. We have medical experts, we have virtually dozens of religious organizations of every creed supporting us. We have just lists and lists. ~ Dianne Feinstein
Ndano Conference quotes by Dianne Feinstein
[About a conference on Systematic Biology] Many interesting statements were made that apply directly to the work of taxonomists. In some cases the interest lay in the value of the suggestion and sometimes in the obvious need for rebuttal. ~ Richard E. Blackwelder
Ndano Conference quotes by Richard E. Blackwelder
Everyone thought that the Spurs would run through us and everyone is talking about the Spurs vs. the Suns in the conference finals. This team has a lot of heart and a lot of pride. ~ Marcus Camby
Ndano Conference quotes by Marcus Camby
Very low. It's going to be one of the cast or crew, one of the people who worked with her, one of the people she pushed, insulted, threatened."
"Who pushed back." He got to his feet. "Celebrity murders," he muttered. "They'll probably make another goddamn vid." At Eve's stunned, slightly horrified expression, he smiled. "You could make book on it," he said. "Keep me updated. And don't be late for the media conference."
"Shit," Eve said when he'd gone out. "Shit. He could be right."
"Who'd play me in this one? I mean, it's really wild, isn't it? Somebody playing me investigating the murder of somebody who was playing me. And then there's - "
"Don't. You're giving me a headache. Get those runs done. ~ J.D. Robb
Ndano Conference quotes by J.D. Robb
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