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#1. Give me the D. You know you want to. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Naughty Romance quotes by Sarina Bowen
#2. Grant kissed my neck that I offered up like a willing victim in True Blood. Take me ... Bite me. Lick me. Oh this was madness! Glorious, wonderful madness!
From: A New Addiction - Author: Valerie Alexander
Naughty Romance quotes by Valerie Alexander
#3. Mmmm, I love the way you taste. The sweet way you melt in my mouth. - Author: Annalise Delaney
Naughty Romance quotes by Annalise Delaney
#4. I should warn you, I'm a quick study and drip with good luck."

"Well baby, I should warn you. When I get done with you today, you'll be dripping all right, but it won't be with luck. - Author: Annalise Delaney
Naughty Romance quotes by Annalise Delaney
#5. ...You would be 'my boy', belonging to me alone, and I'd be faithful to you."
"Homecoming - Author: Keegan Kennedy
Naughty Romance quotes by Keegan Kennedy
#6. I know who I am and I know what I need."

"What is it you need, Holly? - Author: Annalise Delaney
Naughty Romance quotes by Annalise Delaney
#7. In the present day, when popular literature is running into the low levels of life, and luxuriating on the vices and follies of mankind; and when the universal pursuit of gain is trampling down the early growth of poetic feeling, and wearing out the verdure of the soul, I question whether it would not be of service for the reader occasionally to turn to these records of prouder times and loftier modes of thinking; and to steep himself to the very lips in old Spanish romance. - Author: Washington Irving
Naughty Romance quotes by Washington Irving
#8. Stumbling closer, I held up the manuscript, the pages flapping frantically in the wind. "I take it this is a murder mystery? You killed the ex-fiancée and thanked her in the dedication? Mighty dignified of you, I must say."

"Nah. It's a horror novel. But yeah, the bimbo dies in the end. Bob Hall says it's going to be a bestseller, so I figured I owed her some thanks for the inspiration." He edged a few feet closer, his smile spread from ear to ear. The glimmer in his eyes flickered toward the ocean, breaking our connection. He hung his head, licked his lips, then returned his eyes to mine, restoring the connection with an intense smolder. "Are you gonna get over here, or what?"

Letting out a soft chuckle, the tears began to blind me. "Make me. - Author: Rachael Wade
Naughty Romance quotes by Rachael Wade
#9. She looked at him, his soft brown eyes and tall form, and contemplated raising herself on her toes and kissing his ear, or his cheek ...
Instead, impulsively before leaving, she reached up and smoothed his mussed hair.
Mr. Bradford beamed. - Author: Heather Dixon
Naughty Romance quotes by Heather Dixon
#10. The romance of your child's childhood may be the last romance you can give up. - Author: Adam Gopnik
Naughty Romance quotes by Adam Gopnik
#11. The blues are intent and watchful. "You're trying to get me to change my mind, aren't you?"
"Lilah, I constantly hope that you are going to change your mind, but I know you well enough to know that you won't."
I just nod at him. - Author: Anna Bloom
Naughty Romance quotes by Anna Bloom
#12. Scientist say that music can change the speed of a heartbeat. They failed to add: so can a text message. - Author: Holly Smale
Naughty Romance quotes by Holly Smale
#13. Embrace each other with love, smiles and warm hug. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Naughty Romance quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#14. Doubt undermines the truth your heart senses." ...
"Search your heart," she whispered. "The answers are there, waiting. You have to be brave enough to see them. - Author: Donna Grant
Naughty Romance quotes by Donna Grant
#15. Light swallows darkness. Compassion eats fear. And life is romance as well as science. - Author: David Paul Kirkpatrick
Naughty Romance quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
#16. He gently sucked on my lower lip, biting it carefully with his teeth. It sent tingles all over my body and I had to hold on to his strong shoulders, firm under my fingers. I opened my mouth and tugged once on his lip ring. What happened next was the best sound I had ever heard before. He groaned so deeply that I couldn't keep my answering moan quiet. - Author: Stephanie Witter
Naughty Romance quotes by Stephanie Witter
#17. Especially her father was watching with much attention to ensure that Emma didn't have "too much" of leisure time (or even happy emotions) in her life; that's why she was sometimes truly missing it and didn't have much of anything interesting going on, being surrounded mostly by depressing boredom of everlasting routine duties she was fulfilling daily, being a responsible and hardworking person since early ages. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Naughty Romance quotes by Sahara Sanders
#18. Biting a plump bottom lip, I stare into endless irises open and poised over my own. Sliding my hand up her thigh, under her gown, I pull her closer with the hand cupping her hipbone, releasing the growl of a king caught in delight. - Author: Poppet
Naughty Romance quotes by Poppet
#19. One week, you can have a real heavy romance 'Chuck' episode, and the next week it can be some kind of murdery mystery. It's not like doing a procedural. - Author: Robert Duncan McNeill
Naughty Romance quotes by Robert Duncan McNeill
#20. Beth is the kind of girl you want to stuff into a trunk, wrapped in plastic" - Shane Carver (Quote from: The Carver's Magic) - Author: B.L. Brooklyn
Naughty Romance quotes by B.L. Brooklyn
#21. Love Rocks The De La Cruz's World - Author: P.T. Macias
Naughty Romance quotes by P.T. Macias
#22. My goal is that Julie and Brody do not become the other's half. They should be two wholes that become a greater one. That is the only way to overcome evil in the end. - Author: Melissa D. Ellis
Naughty Romance quotes by Melissa D. Ellis
#23. Nothing in her world aligns to the surreality of her dreams. She can feel his presence, his warmth, his depth of intent pressing against her. - Author: Truth Devour
Naughty Romance quotes by Truth Devour
#24. I'm Captain Logan MacKenzie. I received every last one of your missives, and despite your best attempts to kill me, I am verra much alive."
He propped a finger under her chin, tilting her face to his. So she would be certain to hear and believe his words.
"Madaline Eloise Gracechurch ... I've come here to marry you. - Author: Tessa Dare
Naughty Romance quotes by Tessa Dare
#25. I've tried to deny it even to myself...
My heart and soul are filled with you. - Author: Shelly Thacker
Naughty Romance quotes by Shelly Thacker
#26. Sometimes an angel is found in the dark. - Author: K. Webster
Naughty Romance quotes by K. Webster
#27. I won't marry you," she repeated.
"Why not? You were eager enough to fuck me."
Anna winced. "I do wish you would stop using that word."
Edward swung around and assumed a hideously sarcastic expression. "Would you prefer swive? Tup? Dance the buttock jig? - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Naughty Romance quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#28. I have named you queen.
There are taller than you, taller.
There are purer than you, purer.
There are lovelier than you, lovelier.
But you are the queen.
When you go through the streets
No one recognizes you.
No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
At the carpet of red gold
That you tread as you pass,
The nonexistent carpet.
And when you appear
All the rivers sound
In my body, bells
Shake the sky,
And a hymn fills the world.
Only you and I,
Only you and I, my love,
Listen to it. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Naughty Romance quotes by Pablo Neruda
#29. Fine. Fine. Let's try. You asked why bad things happen to good people. Well, the simple answer is, there are no bad things and there are no good people. Nothing bad ever happens to anyone and people are neither good nor bad. A person is nothing. A person does not exist. There are no people. - Author: Dorothy Gravelle
Naughty Romance quotes by Dorothy Gravelle
#30. She has her eyes closed, looking lost to the song and completely oblivious to what's happening around her, or at how she's affecting everyone in the room. I wonder if she's aware of how amazing she is? - Author: A.R. Von
Naughty Romance quotes by A.R. Von
#31. Yes, romance novels are extreme. The situations are turned up to eleven and everyone is beautiful without dieting or exercise and the sex is always amazing, but when I strip all that away what I get is that all of this" - Sasha motions to everything around us, and I'm assuming she means the world and our existence and not this particular Mexican restaurant - "that all of this is nothing without love. - Author: Liza Palmer
Naughty Romance quotes by Liza Palmer
#32. Those fine eyes of hers had a disconcertingly direct gaze, and very often twinkled in a manner disturbing to male egotism. She had common-sense too, and what man wanted the plainly matter-of-fact, when he could enjoy instead Sophia's delicious folly? - Author: Georgette Heyer
Naughty Romance quotes by Georgette Heyer
#33. I'd always be watching her. And she knew now that she belonged to me. Every breath she took, every step she made, every smile she faked, I'd always be there, watching her, waiting for her. - Author: Jaimie Roberts
Naughty Romance quotes by Jaimie Roberts
#34. He covered her hands with his. "Why the hurry?"
"Seriously?" She stared at him, her jaw dropping. "I'm on fire! If we wait one more minute, I'm certain the sheets will spontaneously combust. I won't be held responsible if your house burns down because you wanted to waste time on foreplay. - Author: Elle James
Naughty Romance quotes by Elle James
#35. I studied painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake ... I've had many lovers and still have romances. I am very spoiled. All my life, I've had too many admirers. - Author: Gina Lollobrigida
Naughty Romance quotes by Gina Lollobrigida
#36. True love can beat any storm no matter how rough the sea is, true love sails through it - Author: Janki Hemani
Naughty Romance quotes by Janki Hemani
#37. When you want something you can't have, it's like a strong magnet. It can come to control you. - Author: Geraldine Solon
Naughty Romance quotes by Geraldine Solon
#38. I want to run, to flee, to wake from this never-ending nightmare. But my body is frozen, my heart numb. Jagged pieces of the puzzle scatter across the corners of my mind, and fitting them together is futile. Threads of truth are still missing, exposing the gaps between what's real and what's fabricated. - Author: Kristen Luciani
Naughty Romance quotes by Kristen Luciani
#39. Not all demons are born to the dark. And not all angels seek the light. Sometimes our circumstance demands a fusion of both. There is no good and evil. Only the time spent between both heaven and hell, where we find our peace. And love. Even the vilest of monsters deserve to be loved. - Author: Trisha Wolfe
Naughty Romance quotes by Trisha Wolfe
#40. Is that sex talk?" she asked uncertainly.
"It is."
"Why don't you just say sex then? It's always chalice and appetite and artifice with you. I never know what the hell you're saying. - Author: R. Lee Smith
Naughty Romance quotes by R. Lee Smith
#41. She didn't even want to think of how hellish it would be if all the MacGregors made her feel like this one did, all hot and shaky. She'd have to move to the Arctic Circle before the month was out just to cool off. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
Naughty Romance quotes by Michelle M. Pillow
#42. Like two lost souls, we fall asleep in each other's arms, hoping to find ourselves once again. - Author: Jalpa Williby
Naughty Romance quotes by Jalpa Williby
#43. It would be nice to report she lived happily ever after till the end of her days. But such cheap, cop-out one-liners belong to other uncomplicated fairy tales. - Author: Jennifer Silverwood
Naughty Romance quotes by Jennifer Silverwood
#44. Rest is highly overrated," she said as she rained tiny kisses all over his throat and chest. - Author: Samantha Chase
Naughty Romance quotes by Samantha Chase
#45. Tis no use fighting with the lass," Niall said wearily. "You will lose the battle, Gunnolf. No matter what it is about."
Gunnolf shook his head, then helped Niall to stand, and with his arm around his waist, he helped him out of the cottage. "I tell you, she is the one for you. - Author: Terry Spear
Naughty Romance quotes by Terry Spear
#46. But she woke up just then, and in the moonlight covered herself with a blanket. She smiled at him drowsily and called him "Yero, my hero," and that melted his heart. - Author: Gregory Maguire
Naughty Romance quotes by Gregory Maguire
#47. My heart might very well beat itself from my chest," she whispered, "and 'tis difficult to breathe."
"How odd." Passion thickened his voice. "I seem to be suffering the same symptoms. Does anything else plague you?"
"A terrible weakness," she whispered shakily. "If you let me go, I am not entirely certain I shall be able to stand."
He buried his face in her neck. "Then I shall never let you go. - Author: Jo Grafford
Naughty Romance quotes by Jo Grafford
#48. Being amongst rough lives and confusion does not make you less, it only makes your beauty shine out more clearly. - Author: Sharon Sant
Naughty Romance quotes by Sharon Sant
#49. If the Alpha female wolf was there, then they were plotting a search party. Great - Author: Lia Davis
Naughty Romance quotes by Lia Davis
#50. Regrets are about decisions that you know you should have done different. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Naughty Romance quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#51. Thais believed that in defeat the downtrodden, courageous soul would rise with the fiercest determination for victory. That is when the true spirit of warriors shined through and soared. A new day would dawn and with it a renewed hope would rise above the blood and the ash, strengthening even the weakest and igniting a birth of revolution. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
Naughty Romance quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#52. The creature was weeping, and who could blame it, as hideous and abject and lonely as it was? But its tears, Hannah perceived suddenly, didn't just spring from wretchedness. They were also tears of relief, because it was alive, because it had survived another day. How could anything be grateful for such an existence? And yet, this creature was, and when it saw itself and knew that it wanted to live in spite of everything, it wept even harder, sobbing inconsolably until it was depleted. - Author: Hillary Jordan
Naughty Romance quotes by Hillary Jordan
#53. They'd apparently decided to end a dedicated, seven-year relationship over honey walnut shrimp. - Author: Poem Schway
Naughty Romance quotes by Poem Schway
#54. I did exactly what you told me to do, Nick. Didn't you tell me to just write the stupid book already? And that even doing the worst thing on the planet had to count for something? Well I can't think of anything worse than what I'm about to do, which is why I think you deserve an explanation. And maybe after you read it you'll realize why I don't have the hope that you have. The truth is this: We begin and end alone. - Author: Matthew J. Hefti
Naughty Romance quotes by Matthew J. Hefti
#55. We danced on broken glasses,
painting a bloody masterpiece on the floor.
The painful it got, the harder we danced.
We didn't care about scars because it was us, dancing on broken glasses - with each other. - Author: J.A. ANUM
Naughty Romance quotes by J.A. ANUM

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