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#1. Rest, nature, books, music ... such is my idea of happiness. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Nature Books quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#2. A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one's neighbor - such is my idea of happiness. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Nature Books quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#3. Just as television didn't put an end to radio or the movies (to say nothing of books), I don't think e-books will put an end to hard copies, even for someone like me who loves technology and does not fetishize the physical medium of books. ~ Steven Pinker, author of The Lauguage Instinct, How the Mind Works The Blank Slate and The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature. - Author: Leah Price
Nature Books quotes by Leah Price
#4. Nature and books belong to all who see them. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nature Books quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#5. On July 2, McCandless finished reading Tolstoy's "Family Happiness", having marked several passages that moved him:
"He was right in saying that the only certain happiness in life is to live for others ...
I have lived through much, and now I think I have found what is needed for happiness. A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books , music, love for one's neighbor - such is my idea of happiness. And then, on top of all that, you for a mate, and children, perhaps - what more can the heart of a man desire?" ... - Author: Jon Krakauer
Nature Books quotes by Jon Krakauer
#6. Knight's disdain for Thoreau was bottomless - 'he had no deep insight into nature'... - Author: Michael Finkel
Nature Books quotes by Michael Finkel
#7. Where the slanting forest eaves,
Shingled tight with greenest leaves,
Sweep the scented meadow-sedge,
Let us snoop along the edge;
Let us pry in hidden nooks,
Laden with our nature books,
Scaring birds with happy cries,
Chloroforming butterflies,
Rooting up each woodland plant,
Pinning beetle, fly, and ant,
So we may identify
What we've ruined, by-and-by. - Author: Robert W. Chambers
Nature Books quotes by Robert W. Chambers
#8. What we call life is only talk of nature. - Author: Dejan Stojanovic
Nature Books quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#9. I'm not a collector. I don't keep letters, or books, or souvenirs. But I do keep one copy of each translation of my books into a foreign language. Have you ever seen a murder story printed in Singhalese? Wow! - Author: Rex Stout
Nature Books quotes by Rex Stout
#10. Growth of the soul is our goal, and there are many ways to encourage that growth, such as through love, nature, healing our wounds, forgiveness, and service. The soul grows well when giving and receiving love. I nourish my soul daily by loving others and being vulnerable to their love. Love is, after all, a verb, an action word, not a noun ... - Author: Joan Z. Borysenko
Nature Books quotes by Joan Z. Borysenko
#11. In the painting I saw, in the books I read, I recalled her, for she her had in many ways been the making of me. - Author: Vikram Seth
Nature Books quotes by Vikram Seth
#12. Note to self: don't throw things at girls. - Author: Emlyn Chand
Nature Books quotes by Emlyn Chand
#13. A classic is read not to enjoy but only to be boast about it. - Author: Aman Jassal
Nature Books quotes by Aman Jassal
#14. The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor. - Author: John Allen Paulos
Nature Books quotes by John Allen Paulos
#15. A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Nature Books quotes by C.S. Lewis
#16. Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Nature Books quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#17. Through its inborn faculty of hearing, poetry seeks the melody of nature amid the noise of the dictionary, then, picking it out like picking out a tune, it gives itself up to improvisation on that theme. - Author: Boris Pasternak
Nature Books quotes by Boris Pasternak
#18. They regarded our passage not at all, and by the afternoon I felt no more significant than an ant. I had never thought to be disdained by a tree. - Author: Robin Hobb
Nature Books quotes by Robin Hobb
#19. I am and have always been a strong proponent of public education. But by the virtue of its very nature - publicly funded schools cannot offer the type of spiritual education that Catholic schools have long provided. - Author: Mark Foley
Nature Books quotes by Mark Foley
#20. Dare to imagine. Dare to be.
Books are the seeds. Dreams are the soil.
The fruit of the harvest, a world reborn. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Nature Books quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#21. Jacqueline Rose was so wonderful in so many ways, and I was really blessed to be her daughter. Of all the things I am because of her - there's no question: I am a writer because of her love of books. - Author: M.J. Rose
Nature Books quotes by M.J. Rose
#22. Men of science, osteologists And surgeons, beat some poets, in respect For nature,-count nought common or unclean, Spend raptures upon perfect specimens Of indurated veins, distorted joints, Or beautiful new cases of curved spine; While we, we are shocked at nature's falling off, We dare to shrink back from her warts and blains. - Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Nature Books quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#23. I would predicate that in all great works of genius masculine and feminine elements in the personality find expression, whether this androgynous nature is played out sexually or not. - Author: May Sarton
Nature Books quotes by May Sarton
#24. There is a moonlight note in the Moonlight Sonata; there is a thunder note in an angry sky. - Author: Dejan Stojanovic
Nature Books quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#25. The young [Nazi] movement is in its nature and inner organization anti-parliamentarian; that is, it rejects ... a principle of majority rule in which the leader is degraded to the level of mere executant of other people's wills and opinion. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Nature Books quotes by Adolf Hitler
#26. Publishers vet books, and they do a good job keeping out the low quality. But they also miss some good quality. - Author: J.A. Konrath
Nature Books quotes by J.A. Konrath
#27. Authors write books for one, and only one, reason: because we like to torture people. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Nature Books quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#28. Our primitive ancestors learnt various behavioral characteristics like jealousy, possessiveness and aggression to ensure the survival of their wild love life in the harsh environment of Mother Nature. And all those behavioral responses eventually got engraved in our genetic blueprint. So, these are not the enemies in the path of a healthy relationship, rather when utilized properly they can even kindle the spark in a dying relationship. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Nature Books quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#29. I was born with the impression that what happened in books was much for reasonable, and interesting, and real, in some ways, than what happened in life. - Author: Anne Tyler
Nature Books quotes by Anne Tyler
#30. On Christmas morning when I was a child, my mother would leave a book wrapped at the foot of the bed, which was a hint that Santa had come. It was also her way of keeping us in bed a little longer before we went downstairs. So I've always associated books with happiness and gifts. And they are. I can't get enough of them. - Author: David McCullough
Nature Books quotes by David McCullough
#31. It is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power. - Author: Baron De Montesquieu
Nature Books quotes by Baron De Montesquieu
#32. As I read you I fell in love with the holes between your words and I loved you most on the days you could not love yourself. - Author: Jenim Dibie
Nature Books quotes by Jenim Dibie
#33. A hothouse flower trained to bloom out of season and in the wrong climate. I do not belong. - Author: Karen Levy
Nature Books quotes by Karen Levy
#34. She looked at me like I was stupid, the same look the girls in JC used to give me when I hadn't heard of the latest boy band, or turned up at Zouk wearing unfashionable clothes. - Author: Jeremy Tiang
Nature Books quotes by Jeremy Tiang
#35. That's the evergreen nature of a great song. They can be resurrected. They can be covered. They can find new relevance due to changing circumstances in history. - Author: John Legend
Nature Books quotes by John Legend
#36. Is it right to probe so deeply into Nature's secrets? The question must here be raised whether it will benefit mankind, or whether the knowledge will be harmful. - Author: Pierre Curie
Nature Books quotes by Pierre Curie
#37. Nature is a greater and more perfect art, the art of God; though, referred to herself, she is genius; and there is a similarity between her operations and man's art even in the details and trifles. When the overhanging pine drops into the water, by the sun and water, and the wind rubbing it against the shore, its boughs are worn into fantastic shapes, and white and smooth, as if turned in a lathe. Man's art has wisely imitated those forms into which all matter is most inclined to run, as foliage and fruit. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Nature Books quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#38. Children will often write, 'We love your books because there are no adults in them.' - Author: Jean Craighead George
Nature Books quotes by Jean Craighead George
#39. Books are written to take you places planes could never reach, so let your imagination soar. - Author: R.L. Stoll
Nature Books quotes by R.L. Stoll
#40. Despite her apparent freedom, her life consisted of endless hours spent waiting for a miracle, for true love, for an adventure with the same romantic ending she had seen in films and read about in books. A writer once said that it is not time that changes man, nor knowledge; the only thing that can change someone's mind is love. What nonsense!
The person who wrote that clearly knew only one side of the coin.
Love was undoubtedly one of the things capable of changing a person's whole life, from one moment to the next. But there was the other side of the coin, the second thing that could make a human being take a totally different course from the one he or she had planned; and that was called despair. Yes, perhaps love really could transform someone, but despair did the job more quickly. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Nature Books quotes by Paulo Coelho
#41. Yet perhaps even this view falls short of the truth. It is not simply that God has arbitrarily made us such that He is our only good. Rather, God is the only good of all creatures: and by necessity each must find its good in that kind and degree of the fruition of God which is proper to its nature. The kind and degree may vary with the creature's nature: but that there ever could be any other good is an atheistic dream.
... George Macdonald... represents God as saying to men, 'You must be strong with my strength and blessed with my blessedness for I have no other to give you.' That is the whole conclusion of the matter. God gives what He has, not what He has not: He gives the happiness that there is, not the happiness that is not. To be God - to be like God and to share His goodness in creaturely response - to be miserable - these are the only three alternatives. If we will not learn to eat the only food that the universe grows - the only food that any possible universe can ever grow - then we must starve eternally. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Nature Books quotes by C.S. Lewis
#42. I know a man who drives 600 yards to work. I know a woman who gets in her car to go a quarter of a mile to a college gymnasium to walk on a treadmill, then complains passionately about the difficulty of finding a parking space. When I asked her once why she didn't walk to the gym and do five minutes less on the treadmill, she looked at me as if I were being willfully provocative. 'Because I have a program for the treadmill,' she explained. 'It records my distance and speed, and I can adjust it for degree of difficulty.' It hadn't occurred to me how thoughtlessly deficient nature is in this regard. - Author: Bill Bryson
Nature Books quotes by Bill Bryson
#43. I get my best ideas in a thunderstorm. I have the power and majesty of nature on my side. - Author: Ralph Steadman
Nature Books quotes by Ralph Steadman
#44. When I'm not acting, I try to be normal, play golf, play hockey. It's funny because you're in this little bubble when you're working - you don't read books, you don't really keep up with the news, you're just living that life. - Author: Taylor Kitsch
Nature Books quotes by Taylor Kitsch
#45. I wanted solitude, but a treasure like that didn't exist in the city. I only found silence in Central Park, still littered with people of course, but the only place that held moments of calm. I breathed in that wonderful silence as my pace finally slowed, and nature delighted my senses. - Author: Lee Matthew Goldberg
Nature Books quotes by Lee Matthew Goldberg

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