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#1. All I can say is speak up; ask questions. Explain your concerns. It's the first step in feeling empowered to push forward with your own agenda. There is no reason to stifle yourself! Because as a wise man once told me: the best moments are the ones where you're you. - Author: Tan France
Naturally Tan quotes by Tan France
#2. I can't tan naturally. - Author: Jenny Eclair
Naturally Tan quotes by Jenny Eclair
#3. Her honey-blonde hair is strewn across her face as she sways her head. She's working a red sequined bikini separated by a tan, flat stomach, and a butterfly tattoo resting on her left hip. Her legs are clad in black fishnets that run into a pair of white-heeled boots - still a knockout. - Author: Kevin James Moore
Naturally Tan quotes by Kevin James Moore
#4. Because sometimes that is the only way to remember what is in your bones. You must peel off your skin, and that of your mother, and her mother. Until there is nothing. No scar, no skin, no flesh.
-An-mei - Author: Amy Tan
Naturally Tan quotes by Amy Tan
#5. So naturally, I caught myself making up personalities for him - you know, the way you do with pets and cute boys and famous people. What's that called? Anthropomorphism. You do it so that you feel like you can relate personally to whatever it is – your dog, or God or whatever. You do that so you can care about things, and so that life at least appears to make sense. And maybe you do it so you can feel like something cares about you.
The dangerous thing about doing that, Paul told me one time, is what you end up caring about isn't necessarily what's really there – just what you've decided is there.
Which may be very far from the truth. So you could very easily end up depending on a lie. Or a dream. - Author: Kristen D. Randle
Naturally Tan quotes by Kristen D. Randle
#6. Your life is what you see in front of you.
-An-mei - Author: Amy Tan
Naturally Tan quotes by Amy Tan
#7. She laughed out loud, a warm, knowing laughter that made me once again wonder about the secret ingredient in these women's lives. Whatever it was, I was clearly missing it. It was so much more than just self-confidence; it seemed to be the ability to love oneself, enthusiastically and unsparingly, body and soul, naturally followed by the assumption that every man on the planet is dying to get in on the act. - Author: Anne Fortier
Naturally Tan quotes by Anne Fortier
#8. An appreciation of words is so rare that everybody naturally thinks he possesses it, and this universal sentiment results in the misuse of a material whose beauty enriches the loving student beyond the dreams of avarice. - Author: Agnes Repplier
Naturally Tan quotes by Agnes Repplier
#9. They all chose Indian names for themselves. Teddy was Little Fox ("Naturally," Ursula said). Nancy was Little Wolf ("Honiahaka" in Cheyenne, Mrs. Shawcross said. She had a book she referred to). Mrs. Shawcross herself was Great White Eagle ("Oh, for heaven's sake," Sylvie said, "talk about hubris"). - Author: Kate Atkinson
Naturally Tan quotes by Kate Atkinson
#10. Putting forth the effort to succeed is (tan.ta.mount), tantamount to your success. - Author: Jon Jones
Naturally Tan quotes by Jon Jones
#11. As I get older, everything feels like it's fundamentally connected, and once you've accepted the idea that business is right, and the free market - though there's never really been one - is right, then everything else just follows naturally from there. - Author: Herbert
Naturally Tan quotes by Herbert
#12. Our goal at Home Theater Films is to inspire and entertain our audience. We want to make great movies that everyone can enjoy and elevate them with contemporary, relatable characters that naturally demonstrate their faith in real world situations. - Author: Corbin Bernsen
Naturally Tan quotes by Corbin Bernsen
#13. Great passions may give us a quickened sense of life, ecstasy and sorrow of love, the various forms of enthusiastic activity, disinterested or otherwise, which comes naturally to many of us. - Author: Walter Pater
Naturally Tan quotes by Walter Pater
#14. And thus it was a right old shambles as anyone could see. Call it Chaos, if you like, the state of affairs when Love went wrong. And everyone wanted to know who the culprit was, who had stolen what rightfully belonged to Hephaestus. And as Zeus was non-commital in the matter, Hera naturally suspected him as the culprit. But the Goddesses agreed that the baby when born, would naturally resemble his father. And thus, when Priapus was born, the culprit would be exposed. - Author: Nicholas Chong
Naturally Tan quotes by Nicholas Chong
#15. A lifetime of low calories has come naturally to the longest-lived people in the world ... in the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa. - Author: S. Jay Olshansky
Naturally Tan quotes by S. Jay Olshansky
#16. Brought up a Presbyterian, indoctrinated from the Catechism, and being naturally of an inquiring mind, I fell a ready prey to the logic of infidelity, as soon as I began to think for myself. But that which at first threatened to be the utter shipwreck of faith in God and the Bible was, under God's providence, over-ruled for good, and merely wrecked my confidence in human creed and systems of Bible misinterpretations. - Author: Charles Taze Russell
Naturally Tan quotes by Charles Taze Russell
#17. I see the world from the perspective of a 5'8" person, not someone who is 6'4". so naturally, I'm going to choose certain lens heights over and again ... Sometimes nature makes choices for you. - Author: Michael Mann
Naturally Tan quotes by Michael Mann
#18. Don't be too quick to draw conclusions from what happens to you; simply let it happen. Otherwise it will be too easy for you to look with blame ... at your past, which naturally has a share with everything that now meets you. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Naturally Tan quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#19. A girl can dazzle - just naturally! - Author: Paris Hilton
Naturally Tan quotes by Paris Hilton
#20. Regardless, you ask why I
did not greet you. Well, let us assume that I had acted as you suggest I
should. Upon your approach, you would have had me gush over you?"
"You would have me point out how stunning you appear in that gown?"
"I wouldn't complain."
"Mention how your dazzling eyes glisten in the fireworks like burning
"That would be nice."
"Expound on how your lips are so perfectly red that they could leave any
man breathless with wonder, yet drive him compose the most brilliant of
poetry each time he recalled the moment?"
"I'd be flattered for certain."
"And you claim you want these reactions from me?"
"I do."
"Well blast it, woman," Lightsong said, picking up his cup. "If I'm
stunned, dazzled, and breathless, then how the hell am I supposed to greet
you? By definition, won't I be struck dumb?"
She laughed. "Well, then, you've obviously found your tongue now."
"Surprisingly, it was in my mouth," he said. "I always forget to check
there. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Naturally Tan quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#21. Each of us can, by ployorgambit, most naturally gain the advantage. - Author: Stephen Potter
Naturally Tan quotes by Stephen Potter
Naturally Tan quotes by Various
#23. The detail adds an element of unexpected something. All fiction is false; what makes it convincing is that it runs alongside the truth. The real world has lots of incidental details, so a painting also has to have that element of imperfection and irregularity, those incidental details. - Author: Shaun Tan
Naturally Tan quotes by Shaun Tan
#24. If the spell was off, I'd have my heart eaten before I could turn around."
"Don't you want your heart eaten?" asked the fire. [ ... ]
"Naturally I don't," Sophie answered. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Naturally Tan quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#25. When the days become longer and there is more sunshine, the grass becomes fresh and, consequently, we feel very happy. On the other hand, in autumn, one leaf falls down and another leaf falls down. The beautiful plants become as if dead and we do not feel very happy. Why? I think it is because deep down our human nature likes construction, and does not like destruction. Naturally, every action which is destructive is against human nature. Constructiveness is the human way. Therefore, I think that in terms of basic human feeling, violence is not good. Non-violence is the only way. - Author: Dalai Lama
Naturally Tan quotes by Dalai Lama
#26. - The local prince had gotten a notion that the girl could spin straw into gold, the dwarf said. Brainless young idiot, but they're all like that. If she could spin straw into gold, why was she living in a hovel? Anyway, Gramps said he'd do her spinning for her in return for part of the gold and her firstborn child. She agreed, but naturally when the baby was born she didn't want to give him up. So Gramps agreed to a guessing game: if she could guess his name, she could keep the baby. Then he let her find out what his name was. She kept the baby and Gramps kept the gold, and everyone went home happy.

- I think I'm beginning to get the idea, Cimorene said. It's not just spinning straw into gold that's a family tradition, is it? It's the whole scheme.

The dwarf nodded sadly.
- Right the first time. Only I can never make it work properly. I can find plenty of girls who're supposed to spin straw into gold, and most of them suggest the guessing game, but I've never had even one who managed to guess my name.

- Oh, dear, said Cimorene.

- I even changed my name legally, so it would be easier, the dwarf said sadly. Herman isn't a difficult name to remember, is it? But no, the silly chits can't do it. So I end up with the baby as well as the gold, and babies eat and cry and need clothes, and the gold runs out, and I have to find another girl to spin gold for, and it happens all over again, and I end up with another baby. It isn't fair! - Author: Patricia C. Wrede
Naturally Tan quotes by Patricia C. Wrede
#27. Generally speaking, it is easier for a woman to feel and be in her body, so she is naturally closer to Being and potentially closer to enlightenment than a man. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
Naturally Tan quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#28. There may be a hundred thousand men in an army, who are all equally free; but they only are naturally most fit to be commanders or leaders, who most excel in the virtues required for the right performance of those offices. - Author: Algernon Sidney
Naturally Tan quotes by Algernon Sidney
#29. If you see yourself in everyone and everything, you will naturally strive for win/win scenarios in all aspects of life. If you wish well for others, you are manifesting success for your broader self. - Author: Russell Anthony Gibbs
Naturally Tan quotes by Russell Anthony Gibbs
#30. If you see what is small as it sees itself, and accept what is weak for what strength it has, and use what is dim for the light it gives then all will go well. This is called Acting Naturally. - Author: Laozi
Naturally Tan quotes by Laozi
#31. But he was so attuned to my every movement I was sure he was reading my mind. HE had no inhibitions, and whatever ones he discovered I had he'd pry away from me like little treasures. - Author: Amy Tan
Naturally Tan quotes by Amy Tan
#32. Just as a car parked on a hill will naturally roll backward when shifted into neutral, we will naturally go the wrong way if we shift our Christian lives into neutral and stop seeking to learn and grow as believers. - Author: Greg Laurie
Naturally Tan quotes by Greg Laurie
#33. We translated each other's meanings and I seemed to hear less than what was said, while my mother heard more. - Author: Amy Tan
Naturally Tan quotes by Amy Tan
#34. I think it just kind of comes naturally to me. I feel like I've been coached that way my whole life - to play dirty and to play mean. - Author: Jeremy Shockey
Naturally Tan quotes by Jeremy Shockey
#35. I think that when you consider the beauty of the world and you wonder how it came to be what it is, you are naturally overwhelmed with a feeling of awe, a feeling of admiration and you almost feel a desire to worship something. I feel this, I recognise that other scientists such as Carl Sagan feel this, Einstein felt it. We, all of us, share a kind of religious reverence for the beauties of the universe, for the complexity of life. For the sheer magnitude of the cosmos, the sheer magnitude of geological time. And it's tempting to translate that feeling of awe and worship into a desire to worship some particular thing, a person, an agent. You want to attribute it to a maker, to a creator. What science has now achieved is an emancipation from that impulse to attribute these things to a creator.
God Delusion debate Professor Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox - Author: Richard Dawkins
Naturally Tan quotes by Richard Dawkins
#36. Ugly women may be naturally quite as capricious as pretty ones; but as they are never petted and spoiled, and as no allowances are made for them, they soon find themselves obliged either to suppress their whims or to hide them. - Author: Anatole France
Naturally Tan quotes by Anatole France
#37. Awakened by the oppressive midday heat, Zach opened his eyes to see a small blue and tan lizard doing what looked like push-ups about a foot away from his face. - Author: Pamela Clare
Naturally Tan quotes by Pamela Clare
#38. I took classical piano for a couple of years, but I sort of lost interest - I couldn't read a note today if I tried. I still enjoy that stuff, and I think I naturally gravitate towards the classical licks; in fact, I know that I do. I gravitate towards the classical licks that I heard by famous old composers. - Author: Tom Scholz
Naturally Tan quotes by Tom Scholz

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