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#1. It will be impossible for us to maintain the health of the organism called the earth unless we feel and care for other organisms as we do for ourselves - and unless we take action. - Author: Ilchi Lee
Natural Helath quotes by Ilchi Lee
#2. Fracking ensures that the age of oil-and it's princely hydrocarbon cousin, the natural gas molecule-will not end because we have run out of fossil fuels. But it may end because burning these wonderful fuels puts the planet farther down a path we don't want to head down - Author: Russell Gold
Natural Helath quotes by Russell Gold
#3. Look at all of the great strengths of America: entrepreneurialship, work ethic, natural resources, a democracy, a transparency, a willingness to be critical. Around the world, they look at us, and they say, "Why are you criticizing yourself? Why are you people arguing during the political process to elect a president or somebody else?" That's the great strength of this country. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
Natural Helath quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#4. There are plenty of risks when we encourage "investment" or commoditization of natural resources, as power dynamics may mean that poor people (who are often marginalized and have less power) are sidelined by more powerful interests when money is involved. - Author: Helene D. Gayle
Natural Helath quotes by Helene D. Gayle
#5. Art is not tame, and Nature is not wild, in the ordinary sense. A perfect work of man's art would also be wild or natural in a good sense. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Natural Helath quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#6. To this motive which encourages me is added another which made up my mind: after I have upheld, according to my natural intelligence, the side of truth, no matter what success I have, there is a prize which I cannot fail to win. I will find it in the depths of my heart. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Natural Helath quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#7. It's so natural you just fall into it and you find your way. It's terrifying and exciting, and brilliant. - Author: Gavin Rossdale
Natural Helath quotes by Gavin Rossdale
#8. It was like looking for a Natural Blonde at Hugh Hefner's - Author: Aimee Duffy
Natural Helath quotes by Aimee Duffy
#9. A lifetime can be spent in a Magellanic voyage around the trunk of a single tree. - Author: Edward O. Wilson
Natural Helath quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#10. Here we must distinguish between society and culture. A society can be interested in a man or woman only as a political or economic entity; a culture is interested in more. Culture means literally "to cultivate" or "to care for." Cultures care for their peoples as natural, spiritual beings and not simply as workers or consumers. - Author: Laurence Boldt
Natural Helath quotes by Laurence Boldt
#11. I walked out of the condos onto the flat lithesome beach this morning, and took a walk in my swimming trunks and no shirt on. And I thought that one natural effect of life is to cover you in a thin layer of . . . what? A film? A residue or skin of all the things you've done and been and said and erred at? I'm not sure. But you are under it, and for a long time, and only rarely do you know it, except that for some unexpected reason or opportunity you come out--for an hour or even a moment--and you suddenly feel pretty good. And in that magical instant you realize how long it's been since you felt just that way. Have you been ill, you ask. Is life itself an illness or a syndrome? Who knows? We've all felt that way, I'm confident, since there's no way that I could feel what hundreds of millions of other citizens haven't.

Only suddenly, then, you are out of it--that film, that skin of life--as when you were a kid. And you think: this must've been the way it was once in my life, though you didn't know it then, and don't really even remember it--a feeling of wind on your cheeks and your arms, of being released, let loose, of being the light-floater. And since that is not how it has been for a long time, you want, this time, to make it last, this glistening one moment, this cool air, this new living, so that you can preserve a feeling of it, inasmuch as when it comes again it may just be too late. You may just be too old. And in truth, of course, this may be the last time - Author: Richard Ford
Natural Helath quotes by Richard Ford
#12. Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm. - Author: Earl Nightingale
Natural Helath quotes by Earl Nightingale
#13. All organisms vary. It is in the highest degree improbable that any given variety should have exactly the same relations to surrounding conditions as the parent stock. In that case it is either better fitted (when the variation may be called useful), or worse fitted, to cope with them. If better, it will tend to supplant the parent stock; if worse, it will tend to be extinguished by the parent stock.

If (as is hardly conceivable) the new variety is so perfectly adapted to the conditions that no improvement upon it is possible, - it will persist, because, though it does not cease to vary, the varieties will be inferior to itself.

If, as is more probable, the new variety is by no means perfectly adapted to its conditions, but only fairly well adapted to them, it will persist, so long as none of the varieties which it throws off are better adapted than itself.

On the other hand, as soon as it varies in a useful way, i.e. when the variation is such as to adapt it more perfectly to its conditions, the fresh variety will tend to supplant the former. - Author: Thomas Henry Huxley
Natural Helath quotes by Thomas Henry Huxley
#14. I believe that the most important thing for a couple of any sort, to realize in their relationship with each other (and please allow me to share this with you), is that neither are a limited source. You see, the idea of the soul is that it is eternal and that it continually receives from an Eternal Source. So the idea in any relationship is never really what you can get from it; but the idea is what you can give to the other, what you can put into it. Withdrawing from eternity - and depositing into the physical realm. Of course, as you both give, you are also both receiving from one another, thus a beautiful relationship is formed and maintained. It's that certain flow that needs to be encouraged and allowed. I say "allowed" because it's natural, however, it's usually not "allowed" because our human faculties are taught and bombarded by stupid ideas in magazines that relationships are all about what one can get from it; it's never about giving! So in a nutshell, the idea is to give because you know that you are receiving from an Everlasting Source, but to also remain graceful and eager enough to also receive gratefully from the other. And this is how eternal relationships are born. We are all conduits of eternity and we happen to meet another conduit whom we feel we belong with, then we share what we receive from eternity and receive what the other has to share. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Natural Helath quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#15. In truth, our concepts 'natural' and 'unnatural' are taken not from biology, but from Christian theology. The - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Natural Helath quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#16. I decided to start embracing and wearing my natural hair, but there was only one problem; I didn't know what to do with it or how to style it. Growing up, all I knew was my relaxed, processed hair, so I had to go through this learning phase. - Author: Kimberly Elise
Natural Helath quotes by Kimberly Elise
#17. You can't eat goat," Buck said. "It ain't natural. If God had wanted us to eat goat, he wouldn't've made it taste like shit. - Author: Django Wexler
Natural Helath quotes by Django Wexler
#18. I don't pass judgment on anybody, but personally, I prefer a more natural look. I think it's helping my longevity in my career because I'm playing my age. - Author: Andie MacDowell
Natural Helath quotes by Andie MacDowell
#19. If you think about it, for any kind of content on the web, the natural price per unit of these things should be under a dollar. - Author: Scott McCloud
Natural Helath quotes by Scott McCloud
#20. I think there's a natural system in your own head about how much violence the scene warrants. It's not an intellectual process, it's an instinctive process. - Author: Guy Ritchie
Natural Helath quotes by Guy Ritchie
#21. What surprised him most, however, was the logic of his wings. They seemed so natural on that completely human organism that he couldn't understand why other men didn't have them too. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Natural Helath quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#22. Purge, emerge and flourish. It's natural. - Author: Tim Johnson
Natural Helath quotes by Tim Johnson
#23. Lay not the blame on me, O sailor, but on the winds. By nature I am as calm and safe as the land itself, but the winds fall upon me with their gusts and gales, and lash me into a fury that is not natural to me. - Author: Aesop
Natural Helath quotes by Aesop
#24. Struggle of power is natural in human because with power their individuality prevails over others. - Author: Zaman Ali
Natural Helath quotes by Zaman Ali
#25. That so many of them were African American, many of them my grandmother's age, struck me as simply a part of the natural order of things: growing up in Hampton, the face of science was brown like mine. My - Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
Natural Helath quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#26. He had carefully avoided her out of the natural cowardice that characterizes the stronger sex. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
Natural Helath quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#27. Evolution has no long-term goal. There is no long-distance target, no final perfection to serve as a criterion for selection, although human vanity cherishes the absurd notion that our species is the final goal of evolution. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Natural Helath quotes by Richard Dawkins
#28. The only constitutional exception to the power of making treaties is, that it shall not change the Constitution. ... On natural principles, a treaty, which should manifestly betray or sacrifice primary interests of the state, would be null. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Natural Helath quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#29. I like doing things that are different, unexpected, and where I feel that either the role feels like a natural fit for me or it's a really big swing that I don't know if I'm going to connect on. - Author: Rob Lowe
Natural Helath quotes by Rob Lowe
#30. A tulip doesn't strive to impress anyone. It doesn't struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn't have to. It is different. And there's room in the garden for every flower. You didn't have to struggle to make your face different than anyone else's on earth. It just is. You are unique because you were created that way. Look at little children in kindergarten. They're all different without trying to be. As long as they're unselfconsciously being themselves, they can't help but shine. It's only later, when children are taught to compete, to strive to be better than others, that their natural light becomes distorted. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Natural Helath quotes by Marianne Williamson
#31. Arbitrary power is but the first natural step from anarchy, or the savage life. - Author: Jonathan Swift
Natural Helath quotes by Jonathan Swift
#32. The Moon is a ball of left-over debris from a cosmic collision that took place more than four billion years ago. A Mars-sized asteroid - one of the countless planetesimals that were frantically churning our solar system into existence - hit the infant Earth, bequeathing it a very large natural satellite. - Author: Seth Shostak
Natural Helath quotes by Seth Shostak
#33. Chaler, who had finished his ale, left the cup where it was, making no effort to procure more, indicating that he was capable of what the natural philosopher calls "learning behaviour," which turn of phrase pleases us so much that we cannot resist making use of it. - Author: Steven Brust
Natural Helath quotes by Steven Brust
#34. Uniformity, in its motives, its goals, its far-ranging consequences, is the natural enemy of poetry, not to mention the enemy of trees, the soil, the exemplary life therein. - Author: C.D. Wright
Natural Helath quotes by C.D. Wright
#35. I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever: that, considering numbers, nature, and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference! The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in such a contest. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Natural Helath quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#36. They weren't happy, and neither of them had touched the chicken or the ale
and yet they weren't unhappy either. There was an unmistakable air of natural intimacy about the picture and anybody would have said that they were conspiring together. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Natural Helath quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#37. As Mayor of San Francisco, I will work hard to ensure that, in the event of natural or man-made disasters, San Franciscans are prepared and our City is protected. - Author: Gavin Newsom
Natural Helath quotes by Gavin Newsom
#38. Do you know who W.H. Auden was, Mr. Iscariot? W.H. Auden was a poet who once said, "God may reduce you on Judgement Day to tears of shame reciting by heart the poems you would have written had your life been good" ... She was my poem, Mr. Iscariot. Her and the kids. But mostly her. You cashed in for silver, Mr. Iscariot. But me? Me ... I threw away gold. That's a fact. That's a natural fact. - Author: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Natural Helath quotes by Stephen Adly Guirgis
#39. I don't believe man is a woman's natural enemy. Perhaps his lawyer is. - Author: Shana Alexander
Natural Helath quotes by Shana Alexander
#40. It seems like I have more in common - or hit it off better - with rappers than fools that are in rock music. It was always natural for me. - Author: Travis Barker
Natural Helath quotes by Travis Barker
#41. Making the solution seem so completely inevitable and obvious, so uncontrived and natural - it's so hard! - Author: Jonathan Ive
Natural Helath quotes by Jonathan Ive

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