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Dance design is not simply one element; it is that without which ballet cannot exist. As aria is to opera, words to poetry, color to painting, so sequence in steps - their syntax, idiom, vocabulary - are the stuff of stage dancing. ~ Lincoln Kirstein
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Lincoln Kirstein
My research suggests that men and women may speak different languages that they assume are the same, using similar words to encode disparate experiences of self and social relationships. Because these languages share an overlapping moral vocabulary, they contain a propensity for systematic mistranslation ... ~ Carol Gilligan
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Carol Gilligan
He takes his time breathing. He takes his time shifting in his seat. He takes his time studying my eyes, choosing his words, touching two fingers to his lips. He seems to have dominated the concept of time. Impatience is likely not a word in his vocabulary. "I've heard . . . stories. About you." Smiles. "I simply wanted to know if they were true. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Tahereh Mafi
Whispers of the Muse
The poet that truly strives to forge new meaning in his poem,
miraculously creates the vocabulary and imagery he needs to do so. ~ Beryl Dov
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Beryl Dov
I suppose that I inherited the same vocabulary and world view as most black Christians do, most Christians in general, to be sure. It was heterosexist in the sense that it took the heterosexual orientation as the norm from which to start as the given. And everything that fell outside of that was not acceptable. ~ Michael Eric Dyson
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Michael Eric Dyson
Don't imagine that the art of poetry is any simpler than the art of music, or that you can please the expert before you have spent at least as much effort on the art of verse as the average piano teacher spends on the art of music.
Be influenced by as many great artists as you can, but have the decency either to acknowledge the debt outright, or try to conceal it.
Don't allow "influence" to mean merely that you mop up the particular decorative vocabulary of some one or two poets who you happen to admire. ~ Ezra Pound
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Ezra Pound
Modernism, rebelling against the ornament of the 19th century, limited the vocabulary of the designer. Modernism emphasized straight lines, eliminating the expressive S curve. This made it harder to communicate emotions through design. ~ Eva Zeisel
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Eva Zeisel
Human language has a vocabulary suited to our daily needs and functions: the shape of any human language maps approximately to the needs and activities of our mundane lives. But few would deny that there is another dimension of human existence which transcends the mundane: call it the soul, the spirit: it is that part of the human frame which sees the shimmer of the numinous. ~ Julian Burnside
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Julian Burnside
I wish my genius ran to making automatons," he said. "I would invent one that would follow you around with a tray. It would wait patiently for you to look up from whatever you were doing, and as soon as you did, it would say, 'Lady Cambury, you must have something to eat.'"

She swallowed her bite of apple. "That would be extremely annoying."

"I do not consider that a detriment."

"I consider it a waste of a good automaton. I would modify your invention," she said, reaching for some cheese. "I'd dress my version up in my best silk and send it out to pay morning calls. Oh, how I hate making morning calls. It wouldn't need much of a vocabulary. 'Yes,' my automaton would say, 'this weather is dreadful, isn't it?' In fact, I think that's how I would do it. Whatever the other person says, it would answer, 'Yes, it most certainly is, isn't it?' My automaton would have perfect manners. ~ Courtney Milan
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Courtney Milan
Newspeak is the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year? ~ George Orwell
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by George Orwell
Our choice of words often reveal the depth of our knowledge … or ignorance … or that of our desire to be deemed knowledgeable. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Let us pray for ourselves, that we may not lose the word "concern" out of our Christian vocabulary. Let us pray for our nation. Let us pray for those who have never known Jesus Christ and redeeming love, for moral forces everywhere, for our national leaders. Let prayer be our passion. Let prayer be our practice. ~ Robert E.Lee
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Robert E.Lee
[The graffiti] had a sort of Christmassy look to it. The green paint tended to be short top to bottom but long front site to side. The red paint was fat and closed up. It sort of looked like garlands with red balls hanging down. There was even "Ho, ho, ho" if you skipped around a little and deleted an "e" on the last "ho". Our green painter had a limited vocabulary and occasionally mixed up a professional working woman with a garden implement. ~ Patricia Briggs
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Patricia Briggs
How to repulse a demon (an old problem)? The demons, especially if they are demons of language (and what else could they be?) are fought by language. Hence I can hope to exorcise the demonic word which is breathed into my ears (by myself) if I substitute for it (if I have the gifts of language for doing so) another, calmer word (I yield to euphemism). Thus: I imagined I had escaped from the crisis at last, when behold
favored by a long car trip
a flood of language sweeps me away, I keep tormenting myself with the thought, desire, regret, and rage of the other; and I add to these wounds the discouragement of having to acknowledge that I am falling back, relapsing; but the French vocabulary is a veritable pharmacopoeia (poison on one side, antidote on the other): no, this is not a relapse, only a last soubresaut, a final convulsion of the previous demon. ~ Roland Barthes
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Roland Barthes
Remember that the basic rule of vocabulary is to use the first word that comes to your mind, if it is appropriate and colourful. If you hesitate, and cogitate, you will come up with another word...but it probably won't be as good as your first one, or as close to what you really mean. ~ Stephen King
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Stephen King
When I was 3 or 4, I seemed to be bursting with music. They played Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra in the house, so I learned my vocabulary from song lyrics - I was literally singing before I was talking. ~ Dan Hill
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Dan Hill
There were lessons later on. These were going a lot better now she'd got rid of the reading books about bouncy balls and dogs called Spot. She'd got Gawain on to the military campaigns of General Tacticus, which were suitably bloodthirsty but, more importantly, considered too difficult for a child. As a result his vocabulary was doubling every week and he could already use words like 'disembowelled' in everyday conversation. After all, what was the point of teaching children to be children? They were naturally good at it. ~ Terry Pratchett
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Terry Pratchett
Our emotions are ever-changing and infinitely varied, but the words with which we describe them are fixed and rigid. Our life is like quicksilver, our vocabulary like steel. Sometimes a consummate poet succeeds in rendering the quality of life in words. For the rest of us, this is not possible. ~ Laura Huxley
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Laura Huxley
I'm not interested in anybody's guilt. Guilt is a luxury that we can no longer afford. I know you didn't do it, and I didn't do it either, but I am responsible for it because I am a man and a citizen of this country and you are responsible for it, too, for the very same reason ... Anyone who is trying to be conscious must begin to dismiss the vocabulary which we've used so long to cover it up, to lie about the way things are. ~ James Baldwin
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by James Baldwin
All the Arabic I know. Pshhhh. Besides, between the two of us combined we've got the vocabulary of at least a three-year-old', Miriam huffed. 'Between the two of us,' Lulu said, flourishing her hand, 'we are at least one whole terrorist. ~ Aminah Mae Safi
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Aminah Mae Safi
There is the buried language and there is the individual vocabulary, and the process of poetry is one of excavation and of self-discovery. Tonally the individual voice is a dialect; it shapes its own accent, its own vocabulary and melody in defiance of an imperial concept of language, the language of Ozymandias, libraries and dictionaries, law courts and critics, and churches, universities, political dogma, the diction of institutions. Poetry is an island that breaks away from the main. ~ Derek Walcott
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Derek Walcott
The phrase, "I love you" has become a part of a relationship's everyday vocabulary. It is said so much, nobody ever really means it. That's why, when I say "I love you," I mean it from the bottom of my heart. ~ Troy Bisson
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Troy Bisson
Many people are afraid to talk about race because it's so emotionally loaded. We don't have the vocabulary to talk about it. Every day, our vocabulary seems more and more inadequate. ~ Anna Deavere Smith
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
What role models do kids have nowadays?Some ridiculously overpaid footballer prone to childish tantrums?The morons in the Big Brother house,perhaps? Or maybe the various gun-toting rappers who regularly delight us with their expletive-ridden vocabulary and eccentric attitude to women? ~ Frank Chalk
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Frank Chalk
When adults interpret sensory integration problems as deliberate behavioral choices, things can spiral out of control quickly. If a child legitimately cannot find a way within his neurological capabilities to do something a parent or teacher is insisting on - and lacks any sort of useful vocabulary for explaining why he can't - there is very little option but to explode in fear and frustration. Understanding that a child is trying his best and needs help to overcome challenges is an important first step in helping kids with sensory integration disorder. ~ Terri Mauro
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Terri Mauro
Tell a story! Don't try to impress your reader with style or vocabulary or neatly turned phrases. Tell the story first! ~ Anne McCaffrey
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Anne McCaffrey
In God's vocabulary, 'lost' is an unnecessary adjective that is easily erased by the adjective 'found' if we would simply be brave enough to hand Him the eraser. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
He was telling an interesting anecdote full of exciting words like "encyclopedia" and "rhododendron". ~ A.A. Milne
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by A.A. Milne
Is there a vocabulary for this - one to make dailiness amplify and not diminish wonder? ~ Kaveh Akbar
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Kaveh Akbar
Your Majesty," Durzo said gravely. "A man of your stature's cursing vocabulary ought to extend beyond a tedious reiteration of the excreta that fills the void between his ears." - Durzo Blint ~ Brent Weeks
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Brent Weeks
It was astounding how a woman, when she struck marital gold, procured not just a new wardrobe and new friends but a new voice straight out of a 1930s gramophone (brittle, mono-stereo) and a vocabulary that reliably included laze, season, and terribly sorry. ~ Marisha Pessl
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Marisha Pessl
Okay is no longer a word in my vocabulary. ~ Victoria Aveyard
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Victoria Aveyard
It's very hard to get pretentious about beer. You can become knowledgeable and start to talk with a highfalutin' vocabulary. But you can only go so far with beer, and I've always liked that. ~ Fritz Maytag
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Fritz Maytag
I understood the therapists were trying to rebuild Paul's vocabulary, beginning wit the rudiments, but Paul found it taxing, boring, and disturbingly condescending. His loss of language didn't mean he was any less a grown-up with adult feelings, experiences, worries, and problems. [p. 144] ~ Diane Ackerman
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Diane Ackerman
They lay together in Seivarden's bunk - pressed close, the space was narrow. Ekalu angry - and terrified, heart rate elevated. Seivarden, between Ekalu and the wall, momentarily immobile with injured bewilderment. "It was a compliment!" Seivarden insisted. "The way provincial is an insult. Except what am I?" Seivarden, still shocked, didn't answer. "Every time you use that word, provincial, every time you make some remark about someone's low-class accent or unsophisticated vocabulary, you remind me that I'm provincial, that I'm low-class. That my accent and my vocabulary are hard work for me. When you laugh at your Amaats for rinsing their tea leaves you just remind me that cheap bricked tea tastes like home. And when you say things meant to compliment me, to tell me I'm not like any of that, it just reminds me that I don't belong here. And it's always something small but it's every day. ~ Ann Leckie
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Ann Leckie
Her heart was pounding hard, not with excitement but with fear. The head could tell the heart all that was eighteen years over, but in matters of emotion the heart had its own brilliant vocabulary. ~ Stephen King
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Stephen King
Looking back to [Christendom's] youth, we recall the emotional stirrings, the deep sense of Christian purpose, when a temple, say, challenged the existing social order... Where is our Christian duty, our Christian aim? We do not know, we cannot say. Yet our ignorance and silence are certainly not due to the fact that the welfare state has made Christian thinking out of date and irrelevant.

The reason we have nothing to say to the contemporary situation is that we have not been thinking about the contemporary situation. We stopped thinking about these things long ago. We stopped thinking Christianly outside the scope of personal morals and personal spirituality. We got into the habit of stepping out of our Christian garments whenever we stepped mentally into the field of social and political life. Becuase the subject was social or political, we left all of our well-tried and well-grounded Christian concepts behind us, and adopted the vocabulary of secularism. We put aside all talk of vocation, or God's providence, or man's spiritual destiny, and instead chattered with the rest about productivity, assembly line psychology, and deployment of personnel. ~ Harry Blamires
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Harry Blamires
Impossible' isn't in my vocabulary, said Serge. ~ Tim Dorsey
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Tim Dorsey
The people I know who SWEAR THE MOST tend to have the widest vocabularies. ~ Stephen Fry
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Stephen Fry
If we start speaking the Word of God and our vocabulary is in agreement with the Word of God, it activates the power of God and empowers the angels to encamp around us and to prepare the way for the destiny that God has for us. When we start speaking death, curses, or doubt, it empowers demons to respond and gives them the right to bring havoc into our lives, to strike us and steer us off God's path. Our victory is in being in harmony with God's Word. ~ Adam Thompson
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Adam Thompson
The worst part of it is you don't know if he's barking at an owl, the moon or a burglar!"
"That's one of the drawbacks of a limited vocabulary! ~ Charles M. Schulz
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by Charles M. Schulz
To what a degree this loose mode of classing and denominating objects has rendered the vocabulary of mental and moral philosophy unfit for the purposes of accurate thinking, is best known to whoever has most meditated on the present condition of those branches of knowledge. ~ John Stuart Mill
Nadsat Vocabulary quotes by John Stuart Mill
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