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I heard precious little questioning of the preposterous logic by which the president and vice president had conflated Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. It was as if the nation had decided to suspend the normal rigors of logical analysis while we pursued war against a noun (terror) and a nation (Iraq) that had absolutely nothing to do with the attack we were seeking to avenge. ~ Al Gore
Musab Bin quotes by Al Gore
For the record, there were no framed pictures of me around our house, and the only class portrait Dad had ever ordered was the one from Sparta Elementary in which I'd sat, knees glued together, in front of a background that looked like Yosemite, sporting pink overalls and a lazy eye. "This is classic," Dad said. "That they shamelessly send me an order form so I can pay $69.95 for prints large and small of a photo in which my daughter looks as if she just suffered a great blow to her head - it just shows you, we are simply strapped to a motorized assembly line moving through this country. We're supposed to pay out, shut up or get tossed in the rejects bin. ~ Marisha Pessl
Musab Bin quotes by Marisha Pessl
In the half-century of his life, a tick on the Doomsday clock, he had borne witness to the most unbelievable technological advances. He had started off listening to an old Bush radio in the corner of the living room and now he had a phone in his hand on which he could pretend to throw a scrunched-up piece of paper into a waste bin. The world had waited a long time for that. ~ Kate Atkinson
Musab Bin quotes by Kate Atkinson
Gorillas would be less scary with bunny ears. Actually, what isn't less scary with bunny ears? Osama Bin Laden with bunny ears. Ha! So cute. ~ Dana Gould
Musab Bin quotes by Dana Gould
[The damage in New York was] greater than expected. ~ Osama Bin Laden
Musab Bin quotes by Osama Bin Laden
Be an enzyme - a catalyst for change. As a slogan, I don't know if that's ever going to be right up there with Ich Bin Ein Berliner, or "I Have A Dream," but there's a lot of truth to it. ~ Pierre Omidyar
Musab Bin quotes by Pierre Omidyar
Did you hear this? They say now Osama bin Laden and his buddy Mullah Omar have left Afghanistan dressed as women. They dressed up as women and went across the border into Pakistan. I think they're going to make a movie about it. They're going to call it 'Some like it Jihad.' ~ David Letterman
Musab Bin quotes by David Letterman
In my childhood there was every year at my old home, Roxborough, or, as it is called in Irish, Cregroostha, a great sheep-shearing that lasted many days. On the last evening there was always a dance for the shearers and their helpers, and two pipers used to sit on chairs placed on a corn-bin to make music for the dance. ~ Lady Gregory
Musab Bin quotes by Lady Gregory
The tall white lillies were reeling in the moonlight, and the air was charged with perfume, as with a presence. Mrs. Morel gasped slightly in fear. She touched the big, pallid flowers on their petals, then shivered. They seemed to be stretching in the moonlight. She put her hand into one white bin: the gold scarcely showed on her fingers by moonlight. She bent down to look at the binful of yellow pollen; but it only appeared dusky. The she drank a deep draught of the scent. It almost made her dizzy. ~ D.H. Lawrence
Musab Bin quotes by D.H. Lawrence
In a time where the world is becoming personalized, when the mobile phone, the burger, everything has its own personal identity, how should we perceive ourselves and how should we perceive others? ~ Al-Mayassa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Musab Bin quotes by Al-Mayassa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Until we respect bin Laden, we are going to die in numbers that are probably unnecessary. ~ Michael Scheuer
Musab Bin quotes by Michael Scheuer
Because of you, in Afghanistan we've broken the momentum of the Taliban. Because of you, we've begun a transition to the Afghans that will allow us to bring our troops home from there. And around the globe, as we draw down in Iraq, we have gone after al Qaeda so that terrorists who threaten America will have no safe haven, and Osama bin Laden will never again walk the face of this Earth. ~ Barack Obama
Musab Bin quotes by Barack Obama
Our vision is sharp, our goals are clear, our resources are huge, our will is strong and we stand tall, ready to face the challenges ahead. ~ Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Musab Bin quotes by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
If you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologise! ~ Muhamad Bin Ali
Musab Bin quotes by Muhamad Bin Ali
Obama killed Osama. Yes, President Barack Obama gets to crow about the killing of Osama bin Laden. ~ Mark McKinnon
Musab Bin quotes by Mark McKinnon
We have evidence that a number of Bahrainis who oppose our government are being trained in Syria. I have seen the files and we have notified the Syrian authorities, but they deny any involvement. ~ Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
Musab Bin quotes by Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
There isn't a clear goal in sight. Osama bin Laden's organization has spun out from him and is now probably independent of him. There will be others who will appear and reappear. This is why we need a much more precise, a much more defined, a much more patiently constructed campaign, as well as one that surveys not just the terrorists' presence but the root causes of terrorism, which are ascertainable. ~ Edward Said
Musab Bin quotes by Edward Said
In 2003, a lot of us were saying, 'Where is the link between Saddam and bin Laden What does Iraq have to do with 911 Which is why it drives me crazy to hear all these Democrats saying, 'We were misled.' It makes me want to shout, 'F
you, you weren't misled.' You were afraid of being called unpatriotic. ~ George Clooney
Musab Bin quotes by George Clooney
Afghanistan is where much of the al Qaeda journey began. It is the main site where Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their cohort rose to prominence fighting the Soviets in the 1980s. Afghan territory holds special significance to the group, which is committed to retaking it and re-establishing it as the base of a global movement. ~ Jack Keane
Musab Bin quotes by Jack Keane
Sectarian divide has created a schism in our society that is a major challenge. As monarch of all Bahrainis, it pains me to see many harmed by the actions of a few. And yet I am optimistic and have faith in our people. We all realize that now is the time to strike a balance between stability and gradual reform. ~ Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
Musab Bin quotes by Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
Thinking people, when disaster strikes, make it their priority to look for its causes, in order to prevent it happening again. ~ Osama Bin Laden
Musab Bin quotes by Osama Bin Laden

Transfixed to the, by the, on the congruities, who is herself a vanishing point coming to closure - dusky flutter - trilling away like a watchdog on drugged sop, channeling her mother and grandmother who've engraved on her locket phrases in script: "glide on a blade" and "rustling precedes the shuck." This is not my teeming fate, my rind, my roiling ellipsis or valedictory spray of myrrh. Always it's morning, afternoon or evening - the loot of hours - a magic sack grasping vacuum but heavy in the hand, and from which, together, we pull a swarm of telepathic bees, melons beached in a green bin, a lithograph of the city from its crumbling ramparts, crackled pitchers and the mouth of a cave. Perhaps this is my open weave, my phantom rialto or plume of light. We bow to each other in the mash of flickering things. We are completely surrounded. ~ Aaron Shurin
Musab Bin quotes by Aaron Shurin
I saw a doctor. I went in case there were any remnants of the summer inside me - sticky, slender fish bones that needed to be scraped into the bin. He was dismissive of my concerns and said my body would have let me know by now. Did I have what was known as female intuition? I said I'd had my feminine intuition somewhat scrambled in the past. ~ Olivia Sudjic
Musab Bin quotes by Olivia Sudjic
What's this thing?" The boss looked at the package with rolling eyes.

"We don't know. It was left in the bin outside."

"We answered a call on the desk phone and we were told to go look outside in the bin, the voice said."

The boss looked at the shit standing by the chair.

"You answering calls now? Thought you two should be working along side Ritterman?" He looked at Ritterman.

"I told them to man the phone." Said Ritterman.

" Ritterman. These two are new detectives who need experience. I said take `em with you, always."

"First they need to learn the basics of handling strange objects." Ritterman held up his hands.

"Don't do anything without a pair of these." He waived his hands like a singer on stage. The two shit heads looked embarrassed.

"Anyway, what? Who's gonna open this and find out what's inside? Ritterman?" Asked the boss.

"Boss, maybe we should hand it over to forensic first and they can test it for substance. Before any of us get some horrible shit on our hands. ~ Sean P. Durham
Musab Bin quotes by Sean P. Durham
It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia is the most extremist of the Muslim States. It finances the infamous Madrassas (schools) that preach a litany of hate and turn out thousands of fanatical Islamic zealots. It indirectly provides the funding and its' citizens provide most of the fighters for Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda organization. It supports, financially and by other means, the Palestinian terrorists and other Muslim anti-Western groups throughout the world. ~ James Byron Bissett
Musab Bin quotes by James Byron Bissett
If Allah created you for this world, He would have created you without death. ~ Habib Umar Bin Hafiz
Musab Bin quotes by Habib Umar Bin Hafiz
We will not accept in our country even a single soldier who will attack Muslims or Arabs. ~ Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
Musab Bin quotes by Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
Osama bin Laden is going after us to get us out of the region, so he can deal with the regimes that he sees in the region, or replace them with purists. ~ Brent Scowcroft
Musab Bin quotes by Brent Scowcroft
Try to achieve the impossible and direct your people to ways of achieving it. ~ Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Musab Bin quotes by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
A Lion Overpowered

Sheikh Abu Masood bin Abi Bakr Harimi (r.a) reports that there was a very great Saint by the name of Sheikh Ahmed Jaam (r.a) He used to travel on a lion wherever he went. In every city that he visited, it was his habit to ask the people of the city to send one cow for his lion's meal. Once, he went to a certain city and requested from the Saint of that city a cow for his lion. The Saint sent the cow to him and said, "If you ever go to Baghdad, your lion will receive a welcome invitation."

Sheikh Ahmed Jaam (r.a) then journeyed to Baghdad Shareef. On arriving in Baghdad, he sent one of his disciples to al-Ghawth al-A'zam (r.a) and commanded that a cow be sent to him, as a meal for his lion. The great Ghawth was already aware of his coming. He had already arranged for a cow to be kept for the lion. On the command of Sheikh Ahmed Jaam (r.a) Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a) sent one of his disciples with a cow to him. As the disciple took the cow with him, a weak and old stray dog which used to sit outside the home of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a) followed the disciple. The disciple presented the cow to Sheikh Ahmed Jaam (r.a) who in turn signalled the lion to commence feeding. As the lion ran towards the cow, this stray dog pounced on the lion. It caught the lion by its throat and killed the lion by tearing open its stomach. The dog then dragged the lion and threw it before al-Ghawth al-A'zam (r.a)

On seeing this, Sheikh Ahm ~ Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani
Musab Bin quotes by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani
Free men do not forfeit their security, contrary to Bush's claim that we hate freedom. If so, then let him explain to us why we don't strike Sweden, for example. ~ Osama Bin Laden
Musab Bin quotes by Osama Bin Laden
May Allah guide us to the good of the kingdom of Bahrain and its loyal people. ~ Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
Musab Bin quotes by Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
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