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#1. The basic idea of a portfolio life is that instead of thinking of your work as a monolithic activity, what if you chose to see it as the complex group of interests, passions, and activities it is? - Author: Jeff Goins
Munayyer Group quotes by Jeff Goins
#2. I love making people sing. I love group singing, sacred harp singing, choral singing, recordings of people singing sea shanties, work songs, prison songs - how people just sang to get through things. - Author: Matana Roberts
Munayyer Group quotes by Matana Roberts
#3. Members of every major street gang, outlaw biker, and domestic extremist group have been found in a number of military branches. - Author: Carter F. Smith
Munayyer Group quotes by Carter F. Smith
#4. I honor the sanctity of all religions - I'm not here to put them down. But the only religion that I personally embrace is the religion of kindness. There are many paths to God. What really bothers me - and what I think is the height of arrogance and stupidity - is when one group believes their way is the only way. That really gets my dander up. - Author: Leslie Jordan
Munayyer Group quotes by Leslie Jordan
#5. It has been said that "to enthuse" means "to fill with spirit," and that spirit of enthusiasm is awaiting release or manifestation. Enthusiasm can be harnessed and activated. It can be transferred from one person to another. The energy of enthusiasm is similar to a radio signal that carries around the world. It can be transmitted and received; and when enthusiasm is shared by a group of people, it can be potentiated to a higher degree of power. - Author: John Templeton
Munayyer Group quotes by John Templeton
#6. Scenius." Under this model, great ideas are often birthed by a group of creative individuals - artists, curators, thinkers, theorists, and other tastemakers - who make up an "ecology of talent. - Author: Austin Kleon
Munayyer Group quotes by Austin Kleon
#7. As I saw it, our mandate was to foster a culture that would seek to keep our sightlines clear, even as we accepted that we were often trying to engage with and fix what we could not see. My hope was to make this culture so vigorous that it would survive when Pixar's founding members were long gone, enabling the company to continue producing original films that made money, yes, but also contributed positively to the world. That sounds like a lofty goal, but it was there for all of us from the beginning. We were blessed with a remarkable group of employees who valued change, risk, and the unknown and who wanted to rethink how we create. How could we enable the talents of these people, keep them happy, and not let the inevitable complexities that come with any collaborative endeavor undo us along the way? That was the job I assigned myself - and the one that still animates me to this day. - Author: Ed Catmull
Munayyer Group quotes by Ed Catmull
#8. THEY COULDN'T just leave well enough alone, could they? Those colorful-scrub-covered assholes insisted on dragging everyone out of their rooms, even the most antisocial bastard in the group - a title Riley held with pride. - Author: Kade Boehme
Munayyer Group quotes by Kade Boehme
#9. There's something about being with a group of people who become like family that must be needed in society. - Author: Jacqueline Bisset
Munayyer Group quotes by Jacqueline Bisset
#10. But this must not be confused with our usual ideas of the practice of "unselfishness," which is the effort to identify with others and their needs while still under the strong illusion of being no more than a skin-contained ego. Such "unselfishness" is apt to be a highly refined egotism, comparable to the in-group which plays the game of "we're-more-tolerant-than-you." The Vedanta was not originally moralistic; it did not urge people to ape the saints without sharing their real motivations, or to ape motivations without sharing the knowledge which sparks them. - Author: Alan W. Watts
Munayyer Group quotes by Alan W. Watts
#11. I have been in the speculative game ever since I was fourteen. It is all I have ever done. I think I know what I am talking about. And the conclusion that I have reached after nearly thirty years of constant trading, both on a shoestring and with millions of dollars back of me, is this: A man may beat a stock or a group at a certain time, but no man living can beat the stock market! A man may make money out of individual deals in cotton or grain, but no man can beat the cotton market or the grain market. It's like the track. A man may beat a horse race, but he cannot beat horse racing. - Author: Jesse Livermore
Munayyer Group quotes by Jesse Livermore
#12. I think my worst nightmare is standing up in front of a group of people. - Author: Emma Caulfield
Munayyer Group quotes by Emma Caulfield
#13. Wyatt avoided the petty gunfights and headed to a saloon and rigged up a bunch of Molotov cocktails. Her firebombs against members of Tom and Vik's posse had destroyed the scenario's promise of so many wonderful gun duels. She'd killed most of their group, too, and shown everyone that she wasn't getting promoted only because of her programming skills. Her dislike of fighting had paradoxically turned her into a lethal killing machine. - Author: S.J. Kincaid
Munayyer Group quotes by S.J. Kincaid
#14. I don't feel as if I belong to an age group. - Author: Quentin Blake
Munayyer Group quotes by Quentin Blake
#15. Imagine you are a member of a tour visiting Greece. The group goes to the Parthenon. It is a bore. Few people even bother to look - it looked better in the brochure. So people take half a look, mostly take pictures, remark on serious erosion by acid rain. You are puzzled. Why should one of the glories and fonts of Western civilization, viewed under pleasant conditions - good weather, good hotel room, good food, good guide - be a bore?
Now imagine under what set of circumstances a viewing of the Parthenon would not be a bore. For example, you are a NATO colonel defending Greece against a Soviet assault. You are in a bunker in downtown Athens, binoculars propped up on sandbags. It is dawn. A medium-range missile attack is under way. Half a million Greeks are dead. Two missiles bracket the Parthenon. The next will surely be a hit. Between columns of smoke, a ray of golden light catches the portico.
Are you bored? Can you see the Parthenon?
Explain. - Author: Walker Percy
Munayyer Group quotes by Walker Percy
#16. While every group has certain economic interests identical with those of all groups, every group has also, as we shall see, interests antagonistic to those of all other groups. While certain public policies would in the long run benefit everybody, other policies would benefit one group only at the expense of all other groups. The group that would benefit by such policies, having such a direct interest in them, will argue for them plausibly and persistently. It will hire the best buyable minds to devote their whole time to presenting its case. And it will finally either convince the general public that its case is sound, or so befuddle it that clear thinking on the subject becomes next to impossible. - Author: Henry Hazlitt
Munayyer Group quotes by Henry Hazlitt
#17. The only problems I sometimes have is if I ask for a piece for a group show, if I ask for a piece - I would like to put it into a show, sometimes the collectors get possessive about it and don't want to let something happen. Say you get full credit, you know. You give them your name, the catalog and it always enhances the value of the piece, you know, the more shows it is in, blah, blah, blah. - Author: Robert Barry
Munayyer Group quotes by Robert Barry
#18. I suspect we could have done the whole thing on acid ... except for some of the people; there were faces and bodies in that group who would have been absolutely unendurable on acid. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Munayyer Group quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#19. It's good to deal with a group that knows how to nod. So many these days
are halfhearted at best. - Author: Peter J. Story
Munayyer Group quotes by Peter J. Story
#20. The only way we succeed as a group is not simply following directions, but in keeping each other accountable for our actions. - Author: A.J. Darkholme
Munayyer Group quotes by A.J. Darkholme
#21. There is a group of entrepreneurs pushing the envelope, government officials that are making significant changes despite the odds, and visionary writers, academics, and colleagues whose work confirms, amplifies, and stretches my own thinking. - Author: Robin Chase
Munayyer Group quotes by Robin Chase
#22. There's a whole group of Christians who believe the individual is more important, but in the end I don't think that's what Christ was talking about. - Author: Lewis Black
Munayyer Group quotes by Lewis Black
#23. cross-national studies show that the U.S. poverty rate, which stands persistently above 12 percent, is not only the highest poverty rate of any advanced industrial nation, but is more than twice the average for that group.
Pursuing the American Dream, 9, 276 - Author: Calvin C. Jillson
Munayyer Group quotes by Calvin C. Jillson
#24. verybody has an imagination. There's the construction worker who can close his eyes and imagine a Hawaiian vacation. There's the corporate executive with visions of that next big promotion. There's the stay-at-home mother and her perfectly built "cabana boy" who will sweep her off her feet. For a small group of us, we've been fortunate enough to be able to use our imaginations to make a living. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
Munayyer Group quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#25. A social epidemic, Mavens are data banks. They provide the message. Connectors are social glue: they spread it. But there is also a select group of people - Salesmen - with the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing, and they are as critical to the tipping of word-of-mouth epidemics as the other two groups. Who - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Munayyer Group quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#26. To go from working with a group of people in a sketch-comedy show on a small network, where it was all about just creating funny stuff, to being on a network show, and the pressures of that, and getting to know the new people who were involved in it. There was a learning curve for me. But it was an education. - Author: Ken Marino
Munayyer Group quotes by Ken Marino
#27. I belong to a group of men who fly alone. There is only one seat in the cockpit of a fighter airplane. There is no space alotted for another pilot to tune the radios in the weather or make the calls to air traffic control centers or to help with the emergency procedures or to call off the airspeed down final approach. There is no one else to break the solitude of a long cross-country flight. There is no one else to make decisions. - Author: Richard Bach
Munayyer Group quotes by Richard Bach
#28. The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team. - Author: Simon Sinek
Munayyer Group quotes by Simon Sinek
#29. Any group is weaker than a man alone unless they are perfectly trained to work together. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Munayyer Group quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#30. We're a tight group, baseball people, and our lives tend to touch like paper dolls. To some of us, that is frightening. - Author: T.T. Monday
Munayyer Group quotes by T.T. Monday
#31. The earth community, the Life Community, is not the property of any one religion or group or part of the world; it is the Commons that embraces us all, our planetary home. And it needs us as never before. It calls to us to become, not heroes but community builders, builders of home, gatherers and embracers, bearers of hospitality, keepers of the shared space that nurtures us all. It calls us not to go forth and come back laden with honors but to honor where we are, who we are, and from that place to reach out to connect to and honor each other in the community of life. - Author: David Spangler
Munayyer Group quotes by David Spangler
#32. At the heart of 'CBS News' is a group of inspiring, enterprising people led by the outstanding team of David Rhodes and Jeff Fager. - Author: Steve Capus
Munayyer Group quotes by Steve Capus
#33. I saw a group of women standing by a station wagon. There were seven of them, pushing cartons and shopping bags over the open tailgate into the rear of the car. Celery stalks and boxes of Gleem stuck out of the bags. I took the camera from my lap, raised it to my eye, leaned out the window a bit, and trained it on the ladies as if I were shooting. One of them saw me and immediately nudged her companion but without taking her eyes off the camera. They waved. One by one the others reacted. They all smiled and waved. They seemed supremely happy. Maybe they sensed that they were waving at themselves, waving in the hope that someday if evidence is demanded of their passage through time, demanded by their own doubts, a moment might be recalled when they stood in a dazzling plaza in the sun and were registered on the transparent plastic ribbon; and thirty years away, on that day when proof is needed, it could be hoped that their film is being projected on a screen somewhere, and there they stand, verified, in chemical reincarnation, waving at their own old age, smiling their reassurance to the decades, a race of eternal pilgrims in a marketplace in the dusty sunlight, seven arms extended in a fabulous salute to the forgetfulness of being. What better proof (if proof is ever needed) that they have truly been alive? Their happiness, I think, was made of this, the anticipation of incontestable evidence, and had nothing to do with the present moment, which would pass with all the others - Author: Don DeLillo
Munayyer Group quotes by Don DeLillo
#34. A group needs enemies, because without enemies its identity cannot continue to be defined. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
Munayyer Group quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#35. We must understand that the local church isn't a country club or a casual self-help group. It is God's holy temple, a congregation of redeemed saints and priests who are consecrated to God. It is God's lighthouse in a dark world. It is the pillar and support of the truth. - Author: Alexander Strauch
Munayyer Group quotes by Alexander Strauch
#36. To reject any vast group of one's cultural ancestors in the cause of some current theory is not just arrogance; it's posthumous mass murder. It's the same kind of thinking that makes genocide possible. The masses (albeit the dead masses) and the pathetic little lives they lived are irrelevant compared to this greater purpose we have at hand. Write them out of the record. They never existed.
One could not judge things by the brief span of one's own lifetime. That was at the core of modern arrogance: only my lifetime counts. My lifetime is 'forever.' Time before it and time after it do not exist. Everything of importance must come to pass in my lifetime. This is what drives the frenzy for change. - Author: Tony Hendra
Munayyer Group quotes by Tony Hendra
#37. Times were changing in the world of id. They had finally fired Jason, narrowing the group to Carmack, Romero, Adrian, and Tom. But something else was in the air. The Reagan-Bush era was finally coming to a close and a new spirit rising. It began in Seattle, where a sloppily dressed grunge rock trio called Nirvana ousted Michael Jackson from the top of the pop charts with their album Nevermind. Soon grunge and hip-hop were dominating the world with more brutal and honest views. Id was braced to do for games what those artists had done for music: overthrow the status quo. Games until this point had been ruled by their own equivalent of pop, in the form of Mario and Pac-Man. Unlike music, the software industry had never experienced anything as rebellious as Wolfenstein 3-D. The - Author: David Kushner
Munayyer Group quotes by David Kushner
#38. Uh-oh," Will muttered. "This is going to be ... interesting."
It turned out the creative genius behind the movie was Will's dad - the god Apollo, which meant this was not going to be a typical orientation flick. No, as we soon found out, Apollo had written, directed, produced, hosted and starred in ... a variety show.
For those of you who don't know what a variety show is, imagine a talent show on steroids, complete with canned laughter, pre-recorded applause, and an extra-large helping of hokeyness. For the next hour, we cringe-watched as Apollo and our demigod predecessors performed in song-and-dance numbers, recited poetry, acted in comedy sketches and harmonized in a musical group called the Lyre Choir. Naturally, Apollo featured prominently in most of the acts. The one of him hula-hooping shirtless while satyrs capered around with long rainbow ribbons on sticks ... you can't unsee that kind of thing. - Author: Rick Riordan
Munayyer Group quotes by Rick Riordan
#39. I have heard an argument that transgender people oppress transsexual people because we are trying to tear down the categories of male and female. But isn't this the same reactionary argument used against transmen and transwomen by those who argue that any challenges to assigned birth sex threaten the categories of man and woman? Transgender people are not dismantling the categories of man and woman. We are opening up a world of possibilities in addition. Each of us has a right to our identities. To claim one group of downtrodden people is oppressing another by their self-identification is to swing your guns away from those who really do oppress us, and to aim them at those who are already under siege. - Author: Leslie Feinberg
Munayyer Group quotes by Leslie Feinberg
#40. Since the Kingstonfirst BID started in January 2005, retailers have enjoyed three years of impressive sales growth, which has taken many of us to the top of our peer group. The BID period has also seen Kingston rise to 12th place according to Experian, and 13th place according to the Javelin Venuescore, in their respective retail super leagues of UK town and city centres. I am confident the platform that our BID provides will allow us to continue to maintain Kingston as the place that people love to shop and visit. - Author: David Barford
Munayyer Group quotes by David Barford
#41. They love 3-D. It's fun to watch a movie in 3-D with your children or with a group of children because you see the kids in front of you from time to time reaching up. You see little hands reaching up to grab things that they think are right there. I think it's remarkable and it does obviously, literally, add another dimension to the movie. - Author: Steve Carell
Munayyer Group quotes by Steve Carell
#42. We deserve to have our wrongdoing represented as much as our heroism, because when we refuse wrongdoing as a possibility for a group of people, we refuse their humanity. - Author: Carmen Maria Machado
Munayyer Group quotes by Carmen Maria Machado
#43. No one religion is right for everyone, and no religion - whether it be Wicca, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism - is more valid than any other. Religious diversity is something that needs not only to be tolerated, but also celebrated. The good that religion was designed to teach and maintain inevitably turns to harm when one religious group claims superiority over another or tries to deny others of their constitutional right to believe in and worship the god or goddess of their choice. - Author: Gerina Dunwich
Munayyer Group quotes by Gerina Dunwich
#44. The gravest threat faced by the world is of an extremist group getting hold of nuclear weapons or materials. - Author: Mohamed ElBaradei
Munayyer Group quotes by Mohamed ElBaradei
#45. When the Goldman Sachs saleswoman called Mike Burry and told him that her firm would be happy to sell him credit default swaps in $100 million chunks, Burry guessed, rightly, that Goldman wasn't ultimately on the other side of his bets. Goldman would never be so stupid as to make huge naked bets that millions of insolvent Americans would repay their home loans. He didn't know who, or why, or how much, but he knew that some giant corporate entity with a triple-A rating was out there selling credit default swaps on subprime mortgage bonds. Only a triple-A-rated corporation could assume such risk, no money down, and no questions asked. Burry was right about this, too, but it would be three years before he knew it. The party on the other side of his bet against subprime mortgage bonds was the triple-A-rated insurance company AIG - American International Group, Inc. - Author: Michael Lewis
Munayyer Group quotes by Michael Lewis

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