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I'm still playing 'GTA;' the online multiplayer is just fantastic. 'Titanfall,' if you can actually get on, is really good, and I just finished the 'Left Behind DLC,' which again, it's one of those games where you put the controller down once you finish and just need to take a break! ~ Troy Baker
Multiplayer quotes by Troy Baker
People talk about games and loneliness - it's a lonely activity. I didn't understand that. 'Gears of War' was the first multiplayer game for me that I enjoyed. But I wasn't sad. I liked being alone. I liked playing games by myself. I had lots of companionship at the house. ~ Tim Schafer
Multiplayer quotes by Tim Schafer
Before I became a full-time writer, I worked in tech support in those giant cubicle farms you see. I was surrounded by people who played video games all the time - sometimes actually in the call centers, playing online multiplayer games. I saw friends of mine who began to feel that going online was more compelling to them than real life. ~ Ernest Cline
Multiplayer quotes by Ernest Cline
Mad Lib Elegy"

There are starving children left on your plate.
There are injuries without brains.
Migrant workers spend 23 hours a day
removing tiny seeds from mixtures
they cannot afford to smoke
and cannot afford not to smoke.
Entire nations are ignorant of the basic facts
of hair removal and therefore resent
our efforts to depilate unsightly problem areas.
Imprisonment increases life expectancy.
Finish your children. Adopt an injury.
'I'm going to my car. When I get back,
I'm shooting everybody.'
[line omitted in memory of_______]

70% of pound animals will be euthanized.
94% of pound animals would be euthanized
if given the choice. The mind may be trained
to relieve itself on paper. A pill
for your safety, a pill for her pleasure.
Neighbors are bothered by loud laughter
but not by loud weeping.
Massively multiplayer zombie-infection web-games
are all the rage among lifers.
The world is a rare case of selective asymmetry.
The capitol is redolent of burnt monk.
'I'm going to my car. When I get back
I'm shooting everybody.'
[line omitted in memory of _______]

There are two kinds of people in the world:
those that condemn parking lots as monstrosities,
'the ruines of a broken World,' and those
that respond to their majesty emotionally.
70% of the planet is covered in parking lots ~ Ben Lerner
Multiplayer quotes by Ben Lerner
I don't think 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' sells 25 million plus copies and makes of a billion dollars because of their great storytelling. It's the multiplayer aspect of that type of game, where people get together to shoot each other and have fun. And it's very much gameplay; it's like 'Gran Turismo' or one of these racing games. ~ Nolan North
Multiplayer quotes by Nolan North
Its one of the traditional multiplayer game which indians have played from a long time. You can learn Indian rummy game in very short time period. ~ Indian Rummy
Multiplayer quotes by Indian Rummy
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Multiplayer quotes by Power Up
I don't even make multiplayer games much, so dealing with multiple characters is something new for me - or, rather, something I've had to recall from my days as a roleplaying adventure designer where the party was everything! ~ Warren Spector
Multiplayer quotes by Warren Spector
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