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#1. If you could meet any character from literature, who would it be?

I would not want characters to come to my world. They'd lose their special qualities, the perfect amount of what I should know about them. On the other hand, I could go to theirs because they would not have any preconceptions of who I was. I'd like to hang out with the Cheshire cat, learn how to disappear, and speak in smart illogic. He would look exactly like his pen-and-ink illustration by Tenniel. I'd be rendered in pen and ink, too. That would be required for entering a pen-and-ink world with its particular dimensional strangeness. - Author: Amy Tan
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Amy Tan
#2. Goes to show you can't judge a fish by the hook in it's mouth. - Author: Erin R. Bedford
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Erin R. Bedford
#3. Of course, ignoble idiocy seems to be an epidemic around these parts." Cheshire began to fade away. "So he shall not be alone. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Marissa Meyer
#4. To the royal guards of this realm, we are all victims in-waiting. - Author: Cheshire Cat
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cheshire Cat
#5. I grew up in Yorkshire, and once or twice a year, we'd travel over the Pennines to see my cousins in Cheshire. - Author: Anthony Browne
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Anthony Browne
#6. The Queen is dead and gone. Well, at least she's gone ... for now. Long live Alice! Long live Wonderland. - Author: Cheshire Cat
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cheshire Cat
#7. Osbert Mulliner was simply unequal to the task of tackling cavemen. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#8. She heard a little popping noise then like something had broken in the space between them.

Cheshire frowned. "That was not very fun of you at all, Alice. I've so enjoyed your adventures."

"Yes, but they are my adventures," Alice said. - Author: Christina Henry
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Christina Henry
#9. I am not crazy my reality is just diffrent than yours - Author: Cheshire Cat
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cheshire Cat
#10. There are too many coy books full of talking animals, whimsical children, and condescending adults. (Some of the most famous animals in the world have talked, but they talked real talk and they weren't called silly names like Doody and Mooloo. They were called names like The Cheshire Cat and they asked sensible questions like "Did you say pig, or fig?") - Author: Katharine Sergeant Angell White
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Katharine Sergeant Angell White
#11. 1 Pardon this highly unusual footnote, but I must break the Narrator's "fourth wall" to explain that this story will be "tricksy" in more than one way. Kitty Cheshire does not like being narrated. She seems to be aware of my watching her, and she resists. At times her thoughts and feelings squirm away from my inspection. I shall do my best, however, to narrate a completely true story about Ever After's most elusive character. - Author: Shannon Hale
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Shannon Hale
#12. Alice: I didn't know that cheshire cats grinned. In fact, I didn't know that cats could grin.
Duchess: They can, and most of 'em do. - Author: Rod Espinosa
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Rod Espinosa
#13. I suppose what I mean is, I never felt like I was part of a gang. No, that's the wrong word. Part of a MOVEMENT! That's it. It feels like there's a swirling, shining wind of change sweeping right at you, sweeping over everyone, and you're inside it. It feels like there is something that transcends you, that goes beyond whatever you are, that is great and whole and good. Great, because when it all comes together it's so much more than all its individual pieces. Whole because you're part of it and if you weren't, then both you and it would be diminished. Good because at its core is pure talent and skill, like you know you'll never have yourself. - Author: Simon Cheshire
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Simon Cheshire
#14. I work at the deli counter. Have to give people their succulent, chemical-ridden salami and whatnot.'

I pictured Miles in a dark room, standing at a butcher's block with a large knife in one hand, a blood cow's leg steadied under the other, a huge Cheshire grin spreading over his face--

'I bet the customers love you,' I said. - Author: Francesca Zappia
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Francesca Zappia
#15. I'm a full grown man and I'm not tall enough to ride a rollercoaster. So I will sit on the teacups, eat my tea and biscuits and reminisce with the cheshire cat who lives in my head. Oh hello Mr. Cheshire, lovely weather this morning. Mr. Cheshire? Oh my god. - Author: Thom Yorke
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Thom Yorke
#16. Now, what am I to do with this creature when I get it home?" when it grunted again, so violently, that she looked down into its face in some alarm. This time there could be no mistake about it: it was neither more nor less than a pig, and she felt that it would be quite absurd for her to carry it any further. | So she set the little creature down, and felt quite relieved to see it trot away quietly into the wood. "If it had grown up," she said to herself, "it would have made a dreadfully ugly child: but it makes a rather handsome pig, I think." And she began thinking over other children she knew, who might do very well as pigs, and was just saying to herself, "if one only knew the right way to change them--" when she was a little startled by seeing the Cheshire Cat sitting on a bough of a tree a few yards off. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Lewis Carroll
#17. In Wonderland, the madder something is, the better it works," the Cheshire cat said. "Which is of course, why you fit in very well. - Author: Melanie Karsak
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Melanie Karsak
#18. I write to keep the characters in my head from driving me crazy. - Author: Alexandra A. Cheshire
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Alexandra A. Cheshire
#19. Besides, if you ever did eat some bad food, I could still find a use for you. I've always wanted a cat-drawn carriage."
Cheshire opened one eye, his pupil slitted and unamused.
"I would dangle balls of yarn and fish bones out in front to keep you moving."
He stopped purring long enough to say, "You are not as cute as you think you are, Lady Pinkerton. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Marissa Meyer
#20. I do not understand how you know you only have one life if you have never died, because if you have never died, then you cannot possibly know if you would go on living a second life, or go on living no more lives. - Author: Cassandra Kemper
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cassandra Kemper
#21. The Dream I Dream For You, My Child
I hope you search for four-leaf clovers,
grin back at Cheshire moons,
breathe in the springtime breezes,
and dance with summer loons.
I hope you gaze in wide-eyed wonder
at the buzzing firefly
and rest beneath the sunlit trees
as butterflies fly by.
I hope you gather simple treasures
of pebbles, twigs, and leaves
and marvel at the fragile web
the tiny spider weaves.
I hope you read poetry and fairy tales
and sing silly, made-up songs,
and pretend to be a superhero
righting this world's wrongs.
I hope your days are filled with magic
and your nights with happy dreams,
and you grow up knowing that happiness
is found in simple things.
The dream I dream for you, my child,
as you discover, learn, and grow,
is that you find these simple joys
wherever in life you go. - Author: L.R. Knost
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by L.R. Knost
#22. Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Parry of 2nd Battalion the Cheshire Regiment at once requisitioned 'extra attractive women' from the cantonment magistrate at Amballa, arguing that he had only six women for 400 men. - Author: Richard Holmes
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Richard Holmes
#23. Jane sneezed three hundred dollars' worth of coke into the air.

Krishna's black eyes seem to have mirrors in them. She glances at me with a smile as big as the Cheshire Cat's. - Author: Anthea Carson
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Anthea Carson
#24. I do love irony. It's so ... complicated and coincidental. - Author: Cassandra Kemper
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cassandra Kemper
#25. One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. 'Which road do I take?' she asked. 'Where do you want to go?' was his response. 'I don't know,' Alice answered. 'Then,' said the cat, 'it doesn't matter. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Lewis Carroll
#26. Alice didn't think that proved it at all; however, she went on: 'And how do you know that you're mad?'
'To begin with,' said the Cat, 'a dog's not mad. You grant that?'
'I suppose so,' said Alice.
'Well then,' the Cat went on, 'you see, a dog growls when it's angry, and wags its tail when it's pleased. Now I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore I'm mad.'
'I call it purring, not growling,' said Alice. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Lewis Carroll
#27. Mind my words, Cheshire, I will have you banished from this kingdom if you tempt me."
"An empty threat from an empty girl."
She rounded on him, teeth flashing. "I am not empty. I am full to the brim with murder and revenge. I am overflowing and I do not think you wish for me to overflow on to you."
"There was a time" – Cheshire yawned – "when you overflowed with whimsy and icing sugar. I liked that Catherine better. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Marissa Meyer
#28. Alice: Where Should I go?
Cheshire Cat: That depends, where do you want to end up? - Author: Lewis Carroll
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Lewis Carroll
#29. When Sebastian, cearly delighted to be treated like one of the guys, didn't move, Alex bared his teeth. "Depeche-toi!"
Sebastian depeched. Alex turned back, all Cheshire cat smile.
"No," I said.
"No what?"
"No,you are not going to teach me all the cool words so I can go to Chamonix and be conversational."
"Good." He leaned in so I could see the faint dusting of freckles on his nose and smell spearmint gum. "Chamonix is so 1990s. Everyone who is anyone goes to Courchevel these days."
I turned on my heel and started to walk off.
"Jeez. Ella." He loped after me. "What if your problem? Conversational, my ass. Talking to you is like dancing around a fire in paper shoes."
I stopped. "What is that supposed to mean?"
"It's an expression my Ukranian babushka likes. I'll explain it at our first turtoring session."
I scowled at his shirt. This one had what looked like a guy riding a dolphin instead of the ubiquitos alligator or polo player. "There isn't going to be a tutoring session."
"Winslow seems to think otherwise."
"Wouldn't be the first thing she's wrong about," I muttered.
He gave an impressive sigh. The dolphin lurched, but the little guy on it held tight. "You don't want to fail French, do you? That would be a serious admission of weakness from an Italian girl."
I almost smiled. Instead, I announced. "Fuhgeddaboudit. I'll buy a 'Teach Your Poodle French in Ten Easy Lessons' online. Problem solved, and Winslo - Author: Melissa Jensen
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Melissa Jensen
#30. You know ... it always seems obvious to outsiders when someone is doing something wrong, but when your mind is in the midst of evil, it is easy to be manipulated by crueller instincts. - Author: Cassandra Kemper
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Cassandra Kemper
#31. To the pure geometer the radius of curvature is an incidental characteristic - like the grin of the Cheshire cat. To the physicist it is an indispensable characteristic. It would be going too far to say that to the physicist the cat is merely incidental to the grin. Physics is concerned with interrelatedness such as the interrelatedness of cats and grins. In this case the "cat without a grin" and the "grin without a cat" are equally set aside as purely mathematical phantasies. - Author: Arthur Eddington
Mulliner Cheshire quotes by Arthur Eddington

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