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#1. It's pleasanter to work in the country, where you can wander out among the trees. But I don't get as much work done. In the city you don't want to leave the room because there's all that chaos going on. - Author: Stephen Sondheim
Muck City quotes by Stephen Sondheim
#2. few people in the streets he's passing, and a pedestrian or two on the walkways of the overpasses - they give lie to the impression that he has somehow wandered into a Lovecrafty tale of doomed cities, ancient evils, and monsters with unpronounceable names. Here, ganged around a bus stop with a sign reading KENMORE SQUARE CITY CENTER, he sees waitresses, nurses, city employees, their faces naked and puffed with sleep. - Author: Stephen King
Muck City quotes by Stephen King
#3. We can't escape ourselves, Tag. Here, there, half-way across the world, or in a psych ward in Salt Lake City. I'm Moses and you're Tag. And that part never changes. So either we figure it out here or we figure it out there. But we still gotta deal. And death won't change that. - Author: Amy Harmon
Muck City quotes by Amy Harmon
#4. In my own shire, if I was sad
Homely comforters I had:
The earth, because my heart was sore,
Sorrowed for the son she bore;
And standing hills, long to remain,
Shared their short-lived comrade's pain.
And bound for the same bourn as I,
On every road I wandered by,
Trod beside me, close and dear,
The beautiful and death-struck year:
Whether in the woodland brown
I heard the beechnut rustle down,
And saw the purple crocus pale
Flower about the autumn dale;
Or littering far the fields of May
Lady-smocks a-bleaching lay,
And like a skylit water stood
The bluebells in the azured wood.

Yonder, lightening other loads,
The season range the country roads,
But here in London streets I ken
No such helpmates, only men;
And these are not in plight to bear,
If they would, another's care.
They have enough as 'tis: I see
In many an eye that measures me
The mortal sickness of a mind
Too unhappy to be kind.
Undone with misery, all they can
Is to hate their fellow man;
And till they drop they needs must still
Look at you and wish you ill. - Author: A.E. Housman
Muck City quotes by A.E. Housman
#5. For those who pass it without entering, the city is one thing; it is another for those who are trapped by it and never leave. There is the city where you arrive for the first time; and there is another city which you leave never to return. Each deserves a different name; perhaps I have already spoken of Irene under other names; perhaps I have spoken only of Irene. - Author: Italo Calvino
Muck City quotes by Italo Calvino
#6. Up until now, I believed the nuclear threat to the U.S. from Iran was limited to the ability of terrorists to penetrate the borders or port security to deliver a device to a major city ... While that threat should continue to be a grave concern for every American, these tests by Iran demonstrate just how devious the fanatical mullahs in Tehran are. We are facing a clever and unscrupulous adversary in Iran that could bring America to its knees. - Author: Joseph Farah
Muck City quotes by Joseph Farah
#7. All ancient philosophers, poets, and moralists agree that love is a striving, an aspiration of the "lower" toward the "higher," the "unformed" toward the "formed," ... "appearance" towards "essence," "ignorance" towards "knowledge," a "mean between fullness and privation," as Plato says in the Symposium. ... The universe is a great chain of dynamic spiritual entities, of forms of being ranging from the "prima materia" up to man - a chain in which the lower always strives for and is attracted by the higher, which never turns back but aspires upward in its turn. This process continues up to the deity, which itself does not love, but represents the eternally unmoving and unifying goal of all these aspirations of love. Too little attention has been given to the peculiar relation between this idea of love and the principle of the "agon," the ambitious contest for the goal, which dominated Greek life in all its aspects - from the Gymnasium and the games to dialectics and the political life of the Greek city states. Even the objects try to surpass each other in a race for victory, in a cosmic "agon" for the deity. Here the prize that will crown the victor is extreme: it is a participation in the essence, knowledge, and abundance of "being." Love is only the dynamic principle, immanent in the universe, which sets in motion this great "agon" of all things for the deity.
Let us compare this with the Christian conception. In that conception there takes place what might be called a - Author: Max Scheler
Muck City quotes by Max Scheler
#8. Over everything - up through the wreckage of the city, in gutters, along the riverbanks, tangled among tiles and tin roofing, climbing on charred tree trunks - was a blanket of fresh, vivid, lush, optimistic green; the verdancy rose even from the foundations of ruined houses. Weeds already hid the ashes, and wild flowers were in bloom among the city's bones. The bomb had not only left the underground organs of the plants intact; it had stimulated them. - Author: John Hersey
Muck City quotes by John Hersey
#9. I was born in Suzhou, a city not very far from Shanghai. It's a very interesting town - there is a long artist's tradition there, especially during the Ming and Ching dynasties, which produced many, many scholars and painters and so forth. That's where my family lived for 600, 700 years. - Author: I.M. Pei
Muck City quotes by I.M. Pei
#10. She doesn't quite chop his head off. She makes a Pez dispenser out of him. - Author: Frank Miller
Muck City quotes by Frank Miller
#11. In New York City, when they develop something, they never use the old buildings. It's so wasteful. Why not use what's there? - Author: Nellie McKay
Muck City quotes by Nellie McKay
#12. Kansas City Lightning succeeds as few biographies of jazz musicians have ... This book is a magnificent achievement; I could hardly put it down. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
Muck City quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#13. you said,
"your bones belong in museums"
i said,
"when you kiss me,
fireworks electrocute my spine"
my mother is dying and doesn't play piano anymore,
i tell my mailman about how he should try pecan pie,
when at the supermarket, i always forget about eggs,

i've started collecting paintings,
i go to little art shows all around New York City
and introduce myself as "Rose"
when strange boys stare at my lips, i kiss
i chew poetry and forget to leave tips,
i order wine and leave flowers at graveyards
that don't have any,
when my father calls, i do not answer

everything you say reminds me of brown tangerines,
i want to spill this poem inside of you

i work as a stewardess and the first thing they
teach you is how to respond when someone asks
you to take off your underwear

i wish i could say "sure thing fella, let me wrap it
around your throat until you turn purple"

but instead it's "if there's anything else, please let me

and so when you called, the only thing i could say was
if there's anything else,
please let me
know - Author: Irynka
Muck City quotes by Irynka
#14. I grew up in suburban New York City and London, England, where my dad was working. - Author: J. C. Chandor
Muck City quotes by J. C. Chandor
#15. In this makeshift place Willie Dunne discovered a peace of sorts. Yes the wild guns struck their great notes in the distance like the bells of a horrific city. Hearts asleep in the shires of England close upon the sea must heard them too. But he fell down between the boards of memory and sleep like a penny in an old floor. But he fell down between the boards of memory and sleep like a penny in an old floor. He lay there in the dust of nowhere, sunken and alone. - Author: Sebastian Barry
Muck City quotes by Sebastian Barry
#16. Before these buildings were buildings, they were just the skeletons of them. Before they were skeletons, they were cross-beams and girders. Metal and glass and concrete. And before that, they were construction plans. Before that, architectural plans. And before that, just an idea someone had for the making of a city. - Author: Nicola Yoon
Muck City quotes by Nicola Yoon
#17. You wish to rule the Dreaming City; you must excel in all its ways. Play with me, a single game of Lo Shen. If you best me, I will go into seclusion as you ask, and you will ascend to the Tower without the slightest argument, and without battle. No one will contest you, and you will rule as well as you are able. If you lose, however, you must disband your army, and take the vows of one of our Towers, enter it as a novice, and pledge yourself to our City for the rest of your days. In the Anointed City, this is the way disputes are settled. If you would rule us, you must behave as one of us. Show me that you are the rightful Papess. Show me that you exceed us in all things."
Ragnhild seemed to laugh, but no sound issued from her rosy mouth. Her eyes glittered like snowflakes catching the sun. "You cannot be serious. A single game to decide five hundred years of history?"
"Were it not that once my predecessor harmed you, I would simply kill you where you stand. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Muck City quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#18. Getting us to cities was supposed to be the final, necessary step in our assimilation, absorption, erasure, the completion of a five-hundred-year-old genocidal campaign. But the city made us new, and we made it ours. We didn't get lost amid the sprawl of tall buildings, the stream of anonymous masses, the ceaseless din of traffic. We found one another, started up Indian Centers, brought out our families and powwows, our dances, our songs, our beadwork. We bought and rented homes, slept on the streets, under freeways; we went to school, joined the armed forces, populated Indian bars in the Fruitvale in Oakland and in the Mission in San Francisco. We lived in boxcar villages in Richmond. We made art and we made babies and we made way for our people to go back and forth between reservation and city. We did not move to cities to die. The sidewalks and streets, the concrete, absorbed our heaviness. The glass, metal, rubber, and wires, the speed, the hurtling masses - the city took us in. - Author: Tommy Orange
Muck City quotes by Tommy Orange
#19. The extreme geniality of San Francisco's economic, intellectual and political climate makes it the most varied and challenging city in the United States. - Author: James A. Michener
Muck City quotes by James A. Michener
#20. I have the best job in the world. I wake up every morning energized at the thought of running Rio de Janeiro, the most exciting city on the planet. - Author: Eduardo Paes
Muck City quotes by Eduardo Paes
#21. They were learning that New York had another life, too - subterranean, like almost everything that was human in the city - a life of writers meeting in restaurants at lunchtime or in coffee houses after business hours to talk of work just started or magazines unpublished, and even to lay modest plans for the future. Modestly they were beginning to write poems worth the trouble of reading to their friends over coffee cups. Modestly they were rebelling once more. - Author: Malcolm Cowley
Muck City quotes by Malcolm Cowley
#22. The work directed against mosquitoes carrying yellow fever had an equally good effect upon malaria, especially when anti-anopheles work was extended to the suburbs of the city. Before the year 1901 Havana had yearly from 300 to 500 deaths from malaria, rising as high in 1898 as 1,900 deaths. Since 1901 there has been a steady decrease in the malaria death rate until 1912, when there were only four deaths. Four deaths from malaria in a city in the tropics the size of Havana, about 300,000 population, means the extinction of malaria in that city. - Author: William Crawford Gorgas
Muck City quotes by William Crawford Gorgas
#23. City life is no life for a country man; for such a man that life is a kind of damnation in itself. - Author: Stephen King
Muck City quotes by Stephen King
#24. Los Angeles is a very special city. It's a great ethnic mix, a great cultural mix. - Author: Gustavo Dudamel
Muck City quotes by Gustavo Dudamel
#25. Allowing ourselves to become pure point of view, we hang in midair over the city. What we see now is a gigantic metropolis waking up. Commuter trains of many colors move in all directions, transporting people from place to place. Each of those under transport is a human being with a different face and mind, and at the same time each is a nameless part of the collective identity. Each is simultaneously a self-contained whole and a mere part. Handling this dualism of theirs skillfully and advantageously, they perform their morning rituals with deftness and precision: brushing teeth, shaving, tying neckties, applying lipstick. They check the morning news on TV, exchange words with their families, eat, defecate. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Muck City quotes by Haruki Murakami
#26. Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. - Author: Doug Larson
Muck City quotes by Doug Larson
#27. Migration is often accompanied by a feeling of unavoidable disorientation, and the circumstances of 1947 would have pronounced this feeling. In most cases, it would have created an involuntary distance between where one was born before the Partition and where one moved to after it, stretching out their identity sparsely over the expanse of this distance. As a result, somewhere in between the original city of their birth and the adopted city of residence, would lay their essence – strangely malleable. - Author: Aanchal Malhotra
Muck City quotes by Aanchal Malhotra
#28. It simply feels right to me to blend the glittery delights of New York City with a largely raw vegan diet - with the soul-deep conviction that animals are not ours to eat, wear, exploit or experiment on. - Author: Victoria Moran
Muck City quotes by Victoria Moran
#29. My theory was that a city without a newspaper is a city without a soul. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
Muck City quotes by Luis A. Ferre
#30. It seemed to her the window was a great eye looking out over the city and the harbour and a strip of the gulf under ice. The new silence and emptiness was not entirely a loss; it was something of a relief. Aunt Gerda felt like a balloon, untied, soaring off its own way. But, she thought, it's a balloon that's bouncing against the ceiling and can't get free.
She understood that this was no way to live; human beings are not built to float. She needed an earthly anchor of meaning and care so she didn't get lost in the confusion. - Author: Tove Jansson
Muck City quotes by Tove Jansson
#31. When I was in college at the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied international relations and French, I studied abroad in Paris for a semester. I think when you're there, you can't help but be immersed in fashion because it's such a part of the city. - Author: Stacey Bendet
Muck City quotes by Stacey Bendet
#32. Baron Louis de Rothschild, one of the wealthiest Jewish men in Vienna, tried to leave the city. The Nazis stopped him at the airport and put him in prison, and whatever they did to him there convinced him that he ought to sign over everything to the Nazi regime. Then they let him leave. The SS took over the Rothschild Palace on Prinz Eugenstrasse and renamed it the Center for Jewish Emigration. - Author: Edith Hahn Beer
Muck City quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#33. I look out on that view. The water, the bridge, the lights. Manhattan on the water, shimmering like a promise. I think about how much life the city holds, how much heartbreak, how much love. I think about everything I have lost there, this fading island before me. - Author: Rebecca Serle
Muck City quotes by Rebecca Serle
#34. I don't really get involved in it, the whole thing. I understand how important this city is and what I mean to this city and what our team means to this city, but I don't get caught up in it. I just try to go out and play my game. I try to lead the best way I can, and if I can put my team and my franchise in a position to win the title, I'm grateful for that. - Author: LeBron James
Muck City quotes by LeBron James

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