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#1. Here's what we're
gonna do," he says,
"we're gonna pick up
those rocks right there,
and we're gonna
smash out the windows
of that cop car… - Author: Hosho McCreesh
Msm quotes by Hosho McCreesh
#2. ‪Whatever Mainstream Media focuses on, BEWARE. Whatever Mainstream Media ignores, FOCUS.‬ - Author: Sotero M Lopez II
Msm quotes by Sotero M Lopez II
#3. Yet, if I were to adhere to my mom's advice, I would have had to drop out of school years ago (since a lot of folks in our inequitable education system refuse to love us), quit engaging public health offices (because I walked in as a human in need of medical services and walked out as a patient whose subjective world was mad invisible by research lingo: "MSM," otherwise known as "men who have sex with men'), sleep in my bed all damn day (knowing it is more likely that I would be stopped by police when walking to the store in Camden or Bed-Stuy while rocking a fitted cap and carrying books than my white male neighbors would be while walking around in ski masks in the middle of summer and dropping a dime bag on the ground in front of a walking police and his dog)... - Author: Kiese Laymon
Msm quotes by Kiese Laymon
#4. And after he drives away your
buddy says, "A fucking
Jaguar? Seriously?"

"Honestly," you say,
"he deserved to have his
fence smashed up
just for that. - Author: Hosho McCreesh
Msm quotes by Hosho McCreesh
#5. Stop worrying about the 'dumbing down' of our language by bloggers, tweeters, cableheads and MSM thumbsuckers engaged in a 'race to the bottom' of the page by little minds confined to little words. - Author: William Safire
Msm quotes by William Safire
#6. Trump's supporters are the most likely group to ignore or despise the MSM. Hillary's supporters, with their complete control of the MSM echo-chamber, ironically sabotaged their own cause. Their minds were filled with not just images of the wondrous utopia Hillary would bring forth, but also with horrifying visions of the nightmare of Trump's victory. They effectively supplemented the Trump side's visualizations. As Adams remarked after the election: As - Author: James J. O'Meara
Msm quotes by James J. O'Meara
#7. Memos are never good things in the world of education - or maybe anywhere. If nothing else, they're usually dull, and repetitive, and, as Max always put it, TLTR - too long to read. Max had banished memos entirely before I even arrived - replacing them with IOMs - instead of meetings. These were basically ... memos. But Max enforced a strict, 100-word length, limited them to Fridays (when we were "almost free"), and emphasized that he was only sending them so we could avoid a MSM - a meeting that should've been a memo. - Author: Katherine Center
Msm quotes by Katherine Center
#8. He didn't say
he was a lawyer...
I said he was."

And the cop says
"Uh… - Author: Hosho McCreesh
Msm quotes by Hosho McCreesh
#9. Riiiight," you interrupt,
"I was just checking
to make sure that
what me and my friend do
was actually none of your
business… - Author: Hosho McCreesh
Msm quotes by Hosho McCreesh
#10. Reince has produced a fully funded, superbly staffed and technologically advanced strategy to position the GOP to win in '14 and '16, and he has done so via an inclusive outreach to all branches of the party while staying out of the bunker and in the MSM on a 24/7 basis. The Republicans cannot ask for more from the RNC than they have gotten and the political battlefield is as well prepared as it has been since 2004 as a result. - Author: Hugh Hewitt
Msm quotes by Hugh Hewitt

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