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I don't think I believe in any god," Merla said. "I think we make our own destiny. I think religion is superstition. Does that shock you?"
Agata shook her head and smiled. "If the Goddess is kind, then she will allow you your doubts, and embrace believers and unbelievers alike. If she is not, then the witches are mistaken, and we should not be worshipping her anyway. ~ Duncan Harper
Mrozowicz Agata quotes by Duncan Harper
No, Ernie, says Agata, there's no plot, we're only women talking. ~ Miriam Toews
Mrozowicz Agata quotes by Miriam Toews
Hoffland, as it was called, was, next to Moda Polska (simply "Polish Fashion") one of the rare examples of the quasi-private, though officially nationalized fashion companies in Poland. Both have survived communism, and Hoff kept designing well into the 90s. You could be sure, that if Hoff wrote about a new style for wearing a shawl in her column, the same afternoon there would already be dozens of girls on the streets trying to copy this style. Her flagship idea was blackening the "coffin shoes" (i.e. light, paper shoes, used as footwear for the deceased) which when colored black could pass as elegant "ballerinas". ~ Agata Pyzik
Mrozowicz Agata quotes by Agata Pyzik
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