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#1. So maybe we never would have realized we were so compatible if we hadn't been trading song lyrics and movie dialogue. That's textbook trivia right there."
Mindy looks unconvinced. "But that's how *everybody* gets together. They find some dumb thing they both know a little about that they can talk about until the waiter brings dinner. According to you, there probably isn't a marriage or a relationship or a friendship anywhere today that wasn't jump-started by trivia."
"I think that's exactly right," I agree. "To trivia. - Author: Ken Jennings
Movie Dialogue quotes by Ken Jennings
#2. Desi, Desi, Desi what am I going to do with you? (Kyrian)
Don't you dare take that flippant tone with me! (Desiderius)
Why ever not? (Kyrian)
Because I am not some scared little Daimon to run cringing from you. I am your worst nightmare. (Desiderius)
Must you resort to cliches? C'mon, Desidisastrous, couldn't you think of anything more original than that B-movie dialogue staple? (Kyrian) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Movie Dialogue quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#3. you have to leave something behind to go forward
-Newton's Third Law of Motion - Author: Greg Keyes
Movie Dialogue quotes by Greg Keyes
#4. Movie dialogue is movie dialogue. It can sound real, but no one speaks that way. - Author: Brian Helgeland
Movie Dialogue quotes by Brian Helgeland
#5. I never considered myself a movie star, and I didn't want to become a movie star, because as soon as you do, you throw away that possibility of playing character. You really do. All of a sudden you're just an entity, you know? - Author: Sam Shepard
Movie Dialogue quotes by Sam Shepard
#6. Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same things through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Movie Dialogue quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#7. I wanted to make sure that I did one movie in my career that mothers hug me for. - Author: Adam Sandler
Movie Dialogue quotes by Adam Sandler
#8. I dream for a living. Once a month the sky falls on my head, I come to, and I see another movie I want to make. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Movie Dialogue quotes by Steven Spielberg
#9. The Chinese Government and I myself have always attached great importance to China-U.S. relations. In the new historic era, I look forward to working together with you to continuously strengthen dialogue and exchanges between our two countries. - Author: Hu Jintao
Movie Dialogue quotes by Hu Jintao
#10. The look he gave me ... My stomach quivered in that exact same way when I watched Before Sunset, yearning for a guy to know me so deeply and truly, we were only really complete when we were together. That I could talk, go on wild tangents, make obtuse references, and he would divine my meaning before I knew what I was trying to say myself. Erik had fallen asleep next to me on the couch, complaining later that the movie was "just people talking." He had no idea that this movie could have been a love letter written for me. - Author: Justina Chen
Movie Dialogue quotes by Justina Chen
#11. I think the first thing I consider is whether I like the script. Once that is done, the next thing I look for is my part in the movie. Many a times you come across good offers, but the part they are offering might not be challenging. So, I don't take up that film. - Author: Rani Mukerji
Movie Dialogue quotes by Rani Mukerji
#12. No matter how dire a situation may be, I can always find the humor in it somewhere. If I was ever in a horror movie I would be the goofy one who doesn't seem to know quite what's going on but survives to the end with witty one-liners. - Author: A.J. Rose
Movie Dialogue quotes by A.J. Rose
#13. You just make the best movie you can and hope for the best, because you don't have any control over what happens with the movie, whether the movie is misinterpreted. - Author: Gregg Araki
Movie Dialogue quotes by Gregg Araki
#14. I'm delighted by how Nobody's Fool turned out. It was a rare movie. - Author: Richard Russo
Movie Dialogue quotes by Richard Russo
#15. My favorite - my very favorite movie, which I suppose is a bit of a guilty pleasure in that it's like, you know, every scene, you know, pushes every button, is 'True Romance' directed by Tony Scott with Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater, and it's a fantastic, fantastic film, very violent, very romantic. - Author: Caterina Scorsone
Movie Dialogue quotes by Caterina Scorsone
#16. Shit, oh dear! Leave it to the government to turn a pandemic into an epic horror movie. The - Author: P. Mark DeBryan
Movie Dialogue quotes by P. Mark DeBryan
#17. We didn't care if we were well-liked as long as the movies were good. We served the movie - that was our master at Miramax. In our second incarnation, the movie is still the master but we're getting the same results in more subtle ways. - Author: Harvey Weinstein
Movie Dialogue quotes by Harvey Weinstein
#18. Obviously, it's some kind of freely commanded modality in the psyche with which we can have a relationship if we will but evolve a control language and a dialogue. And it remains mysterious. - Author: Terence McKenna
Movie Dialogue quotes by Terence McKenna
#19. I love hanging out with my friends; I love to run. I box. I'm a huge movie buff. - Author: Brittany Snow
Movie Dialogue quotes by Brittany Snow
#20. The first day I start shooting, I start having a recurring nightmare that every single night that I am lying in bed, and there is a film crew surrounding the bed, waiting for me to tell them what to do, and I don't quite know what movie I am supposed to be making. - Author: Peter Jackson
Movie Dialogue quotes by Peter Jackson
#21. Don't give me any money, don't give me any people, but give freedom, and I'll give you a movie that looks gigantic. - Author: Robert Rodriguez
Movie Dialogue quotes by Robert Rodriguez
#22. You have a movie and it proves itself and then certain things happen. - Author: Barry Levinson
Movie Dialogue quotes by Barry Levinson
#23. I could experience vulnerability if I just constantly gave myself away without ever taking time out once a day or a couple times a day or whatever it is I need to restore, whether it's more sleep, or whether it's going to see a movie or writing something new. - Author: Jason Mraz
Movie Dialogue quotes by Jason Mraz
#24. I'm not the type of person who goes through all this effort for a movie, and then doesn't care if anybody sees it. I want them to see it, and I want them to see it on the big screen. - Author: Andy Garcia
Movie Dialogue quotes by Andy Garcia
#25. There's never really been a real hood Christmas movie. - Author: Ice Cube
Movie Dialogue quotes by Ice Cube
#26. The words "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" which I saw on an Italian movie poster, are perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies - Author: Pauline Kael
Movie Dialogue quotes by Pauline Kael
#27. Every single frame, every single shot in the movie, has a digital effect. - Author: Rick McCallum
Movie Dialogue quotes by Rick McCallum
#28. My big fight is not in the movie and I don't understand that decision but I know he's right about it, whatever it is. Quentin did not hire me because I'm a kung fu expert; he hired me because he liked to listen to me talk. - Author: David Carradine
Movie Dialogue quotes by David Carradine
#29. In 'There's Something About Mary' and 'Dumb & Dumber,' I ended up improvising quite a bit of my scenes, and later I didn't even remember what I'd said because I just winged it. When I went and saw the movie, I was as stunned as everyone else was. - Author: Harland Williams
Movie Dialogue quotes by Harland Williams
#30. You think all teenagers care about are musicians and movie stars?
Spend some time in Wisconsin.
We'll blow your socks off. - Author: Joan Bauer
Movie Dialogue quotes by Joan Bauer
#31. Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest. - Author: Anne Rice
Movie Dialogue quotes by Anne Rice
#32. And then came the pain. First in her leg, as if something had sunk its teeth into it. A huge beast, a dog, maybe. It locked its jaws onto her limb and tore at the muscles with its teeth. She screamed, that was all she could do, scream. She could not describe the feeling of having her body ripped apart. She remembered her father's despair, his face as he leaned over her bed, and his words: What is it, tell me, what is it? As she writhed in pain, soaked in her own sweat, Don Guillermo, her kind, good father, waited for her to tell him. For an explanation. A meaningful verbalization of this horror, so that he could understand what was happening to his child. Otherwise, how could he help her? Because her frenzied cries were not enough. Pain needs to be articulated, communicated. It needs a kind of dialogue. It needs words. But only screams and shrieks of pain escaped from the child's lips. - Author: Slavenka Drakulic
Movie Dialogue quotes by Slavenka Drakulic
#33. It's too bad about 'Dark of the Sun.' It was really about Tshombe. When I read the script, I thought it was going to be a political movie, and I thought we might even have a hassle. But the director simplified it to brutality and bad taste. - Author: Jim Brown
Movie Dialogue quotes by Jim Brown
#34. I love movies that are challenging to me both physically and emotionally and that I have to take a lot of time leading up to it to get into that headspace and live in that headspace throughout the course of the production. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
Movie Dialogue quotes by Mark Wahlberg
#35. The difference is that we have the hardest and most painful evidence that there was a Holocaust. But, for the global warming scenario that is causing such hysteria, we have only a movie made by a politician and mathematical models whose results change drastically when you change a few of the arbitrarily selected variables. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Movie Dialogue quotes by Thomas Sowell
#36. I wanted to be a politician and a movie star. But I was born a writer. If you're born that, you can't change it. You're going to do it whether you want to or not. - Author: Gore Vidal
Movie Dialogue quotes by Gore Vidal
#37. I like actors that are good with pantomime and that can transmit a lot by their presence and attitude more than through their dialogue. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
Movie Dialogue quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#38. I'm a film guy. I love it. When I read the screenplay, I knew that there would be no HD camera that could achieve the look that I wanted for this film. I wanted it to be dirty, and 16mm provides all of that with the look and the grain. That's what I worked for, and that's what I wanted, and that's how I'd seen the movie in my mind. - Author: Deon Taylor
Movie Dialogue quotes by Deon Taylor
#39. - Question. Would you die for me?
- Yes.
- That's too easy. Will you... Would you live for me? ... Hmm?
- Yes.
- Careful! Do not say this oath thoughtlessly! ... Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. You want this?
- I do.
- Say it. Say it. Say it! Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty...
- Please?!
- Mm, God, you're so... good!
― Joker & Harley Quinn - Author: Suicide Squad (2016 Movie Directed By David Ayer)
Movie Dialogue quotes by Suicide Squad (2016 Movie Directed By David Ayer)
#40. Working on a soap opera is such good training for the novice actor. No rehearsal, 120 pages of dialogue per week, and one take to get the scene right. No room for error. - Author: Dylan Bruce
Movie Dialogue quotes by Dylan Bruce
#41. The result is a picture that represents so much of what I want and rarely get from a movie - a couple of hours filled with characters who are as exciting as the people I know in real life. - Author: Gene Siskel
Movie Dialogue quotes by Gene Siskel
#42. That was when I learned that, in America, you don't reveal the ending of the movie, and if you do, you will be scorned and made to apologize profusely for having committed the sin of Spoiling the End. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
Movie Dialogue quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#43. I really don't go out at all; I just stay at home and watch movies and skateboard around the house. - Author: Michael Angarano
Movie Dialogue quotes by Michael Angarano
#44. Sometimes they come to you and it's a small role, so it's about the experience and the journey and mixing with people you know you will learn from. Or sometimes it's a scene in a movie that you think, 'I just have to play this person.' - Author: Naomi Watts
Movie Dialogue quotes by Naomi Watts
#45. Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right. - Author: Jane Goodall
Movie Dialogue quotes by Jane Goodall
#46. When you add up the minutes you spend actually making a movie - the amount of time you spend actually doing your thing in front of a camera - it just isn't that much. But it's everything. - Author: Norman Reedus
Movie Dialogue quotes by Norman Reedus
#47. Was there happiness at the end [of the movie], they wanted to know.
If someone were to ask me today whether the story of Hassan, Sohrab, and me ends with happiness, I wouldn't know what to say.
Does anybody's?
After all, life is not a Hindi movie. Zendagi migzara, Afghans like to say: Life goes on, undmindful of beginning, en, kamyab, nah-kam, crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
Movie Dialogue quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#48. When people say "What do you want people to get from this movie?" I say, "Well, it depends on what they bring to it." I don't try to decide what people should get from it or why. I don't do a part for those kinds of reasons. - Author: Denzel Washington
Movie Dialogue quotes by Denzel Washington
#49. When I was in Boy Scouts, back in the day, we'd tell stories around the campfire. That's why I love movies. It's literally you and your friends, telling stories around a campfire, whatever they may be. - Author: Jon M. Chu
Movie Dialogue quotes by Jon M. Chu
#50. I'm sure part of the baggage that I bring having played a lot of villains is also pertinent to the movie [ Before I Go To Sleep], because I'm sure people look at me and think, "Oh, I'm not sure I trust him or not." - Author: Mark Strong
Movie Dialogue quotes by Mark Strong

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