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True love is being so in love that you run out of ways to say it. True love is having to google new and creative ways to say I love you because just saying it a thousand times a day isn't enough. ~ Sharon Swan
Motywy Google quotes by Sharon Swan
If you just do a Google search and type in 'smoking' or 'lung cancer', you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die. ~ Matthew Gray Gubler
Motywy Google quotes by Matthew Gray Gubler
We are certain that for every one of these rock stars we meet in our daily work, there are dozens or even hundreds more who are doing their best to unseat us from our perch. Maybe all of them will fail, but probably not. Probably, somewhere in a garage, dorm room, lab, or conference room, a brave business leader has gathered a small, dedicated team of smart creatives. Maybe she has a copy of our book, and is using our ideas to help her create a company that will eventually render Google irrelevant. Preposterous, right? Except that, given that no business wins forever, it is inevitable. Some would find this chilling. We find it inspiring. ~ Eric Schmidt
Motywy Google quotes by Eric Schmidt
It is not wrong to think that the traditional buying of a product has been replaced with an unwritten contract of shared values between a business and its customers. ~ David Amerland
Motywy Google quotes by David Amerland
When I joined Google, they asked me what title I wanted. I said, 'What about archduke?' They said, 'Well, that didn't meet our nomenclature. Why don't you be our Chief Internet Evangelist?' This was in 2005. ~ Vint Cerf
Motywy Google quotes by Vint Cerf
I have tried to be a leader. I have tried in my role of being one of the first women at Google, let alone the first woman to have a baby, to really try to set the tone that this is a great place to work for diversity reasons. ~ Susan Wojcicki
Motywy Google quotes by Susan Wojcicki
I think this is one of the greatest gifts of this era: Because of the Internet, we can start to type a question into Google and watch the question auto-fill. In that moment, we know someone else has asked that same question. The gift of realizing you're not alone is incredibly powerful. ~ Ze Frank
Motywy Google quotes by Ze Frank
I'm not big on looking up myself. I don't get Google alerts, and I don't look on blogs. ~ Khloe Kardashian
Motywy Google quotes by Khloe Kardashian
I find web browsing, checking multiple email accounts, and Google mapping rather tiresome on an iPhone - the iPhone's native interface, for all its supposed perfection, has all kinds of wrong baked in - and the screen is just far too small. ~ John Battelle
Motywy Google quotes by John Battelle
Click Perfect is a leading internet marketing training institute started by a Sharda University Student in 2012 as a leading Internet Marketing Training provider for Corporate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students we provide 100% Live project based practical training of SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter & Facebook PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Bloggging, Google Search Console, Email Marketing, WordPress CMS and more.. Our aim at is to teach marketers how to reach right target market with lower acquisition cost in the best way possible using killer digital marketing strategy. ~ Shamsher Khan
Motywy Google quotes by Shamsher Khan
I left Google after four years of working on Google Maps, search, and Google TV as a product marketing manager. I knew I wanted to do something on my own. ~ Brit Morin
Motywy Google quotes by Brit Morin
Think about how Google talks about its business. It certainly doesn't claim to be a monopoly. ~ Peter Thiel
Motywy Google quotes by Peter Thiel
If you think that leadership is deciding what you want and telling people to do it, I feel sorry for you. Reality is going kick your ass so far that not even Google will find you. The goal of this chapter is to help you become such a great leader that you'll appear on the first page of a Google search for leader. ~ Guy Kawasaki
Motywy Google quotes by Guy Kawasaki
I can read a lot of French newspapers with Google Translate and have them read quite comfortably. ~ Ethan Zuckerman
Motywy Google quotes by Ethan Zuckerman
Well, this was disappointing. I supposed I had jumped to a rather large conclusion, with the help of my research. It just went to show that Wikipedia was a liar and Google a whore. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Motywy Google quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Google was now my teacher.
I was a student of the world. ~ Vanessa Garden
Motywy Google quotes by Vanessa Garden
Once Google, Facebook and other algorithms become all-knowing oracles, they may well evolve into agents and finally into sovereigns. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Motywy Google quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
It's an internet meme," I said, matter-of-factly. "I'd tell you to Google it, but you've only got about five minutes to live and you're going to spend every one of those fighting for your life. ~ Robert J. Crane
Motywy Google quotes by Robert J. Crane
We can see every square metre of the planet on Google Earth. But there is no substitute for that sensory experience of going out into the world and discovering things for yourself. ~ Tim Cope
Motywy Google quotes by Tim Cope
Whenever I write a paragraph in English, I first check it with the Google Translator, and most often it says no language detected. ~ M.F. Moonzajer
Motywy Google quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
You're able to use a search engine, like Google or Bing or whatever. But those engines don't understand anything about pages that they give you; they essentially index the pages based on the words that you're searching, and then they intersect that with the words in your query, and they use some tricks to figure out which pages are more important than others. But they don't understand anything. ~ Stuart J. Russell
Motywy Google quotes by Stuart J. Russell
Google, Facebook, and other consumer web companies violate our privacy. But that's only because they have an ad-based business model. They can only make money by selling your data - and degrading the product experience with ads. ~ Jose Ferreira
Motywy Google quotes by Jose Ferreira
The sail unfurled on its own. The oars unlocked, pushed into the water and began to row by themselves. We sailed under starry skies, the waves calm and glittering, no land to be seen in any direction.
"The ship ... is self-driving." I noted.
Next to me, Njord popped into existence, looking no worse for being caught in the collapse of Aegir's hall.
He chuckled. "Well, yes, Magnus, of course the ship is self-driving. Were you trying to row it the old-fashioned way?"
I ignored my friends glaring at me. "Um, maybe."
"All you have to do is will the ship to take you where you want to go," Njord told me. "Nothing else is required."
I thought about all that time I'd spent with Percy Jackson learning bowlines and mizzenmasts, only to find out that the Viking gods had invented Google-boats. I bet the ship would even magically assist me if I needed to fall off the mast. ~ Rick Riordan
Motywy Google quotes by Rick Riordan
We're thrilled to join Google. With their support, Nest will be even better placed to build simple, thoughtful devices that make life easier at home, and that have a positive impact on the world. ~ Tony Fadell
Motywy Google quotes by Tony Fadell
We're all good when we want to be, otherwise we're fucking animals. There's no VIP room in reality, and there is no reality in this city. You can't Google the answers. People talke about being on the ride of your life - THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Whatever you need to know, you already know. Imagine what it is to be in another country, another landscape - heat, insects, fear. Imagine watching someone right in front of you trip on a wire, step on a mine, blow their body to shreds, in mid-sentences, mid-cigarette. Imagine yourself splattered with human flesh. Imagine talking to that boy for the five minutes when he is profoundly conscious of the fact that he is not goingt to make it home. Imagine the difference between that and being in upstate New York, drinking beer, trying to get laid, and spending the summer as lifeguard at Lake George. Imagine zipping your friends into body bags. Tell me why anyone ever thought this was a good idea. How could anyone not be angry? You'd have to be insane." --Nic Thompson ~ A.M. Homes
Motywy Google quotes by A.M. Homes
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Motywy Google quotes by Total Marketing250
I love Google. I was there for 13 years, and if you told me I'd be as happy anywhere else, I would've probably doubted it. But I am as happy, if not happier, at Yahoo. ~ Marissa Mayer
Motywy Google quotes by Marissa Mayer
The unknown is the most frightening and mysterious thing, especially in the modern world where we can practically Google anything and find out the back story. I think to have that element of mystery [in your movie], it almost creates a frustration that is closer to real life. ~ Larry Fessenden
Motywy Google quotes by Larry Fessenden
I Google "five star hotels, new york city" and scroll through the list. The Surrey - nah, too fussy. The Peninsula - just looked at that one last week. Anything Trump - no, thanks, too overdone. ~ Kristan Higgins
Motywy Google quotes by Kristan Higgins
Dragnet surveillance capitalists such as Facebook, Comcast, AT&T and Google, unfortunately, supply these manipulating forces with an endless supply of metadata for this information war against the American and European public. ~ James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
Motywy Google quotes by James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
Fred Vogelstein summed up iPhone's impact that day in his book Dogfight with a quote by Google engineer Chris DeSalvo: "We're going to have to start over. ~ Jacquie McNish
Motywy Google quotes by Jacquie McNish
I love to stalk. I love to stalk you real, real good. I took your name home after our date and we had the best Google session of my life. ~ Anyta Sunday
Motywy Google quotes by Anyta Sunday
For Google, the problem with being a free, abundant, and rather infinite set of services is that it's hard to create much of a stir about anything. There are so many major software service options under the 'more' menu on the Gmail page that they've had to go and add a final item called 'even more.' ~ Douglas Rushkoff
Motywy Google quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
That's all you've got for me?" I drew a long breath and let it out slowly. "You know. I might be able to get more clues from Google. ~ Jayde Scott
Motywy Google quotes by Jayde Scott
Google Apps for Education is a suite of applications intended to be helpful to higher level educational institutions, but in the long run, I think Google has a role to play in helping to assemble relevant content for classroom use. ~ Vint Cerf
Motywy Google quotes by Vint Cerf
If Google teaches you anything, it's that small ideas can be big. ~ Ben Silbermann
Motywy Google quotes by Ben Silbermann
I really try to avoid, you know, rolling out the history. The people are so important to me, and what happens to them, how they react, how things happen to them, this is what is important. I feel that if I can tell THAT story well, then people will go and Google the rest and fill in what they need to know. ~ Ru Freeman
Motywy Google quotes by Ru Freeman
I didn't know that there was such a thing as butter carving. But then, I poked around a little bit. A quick Google search will show you 55,000 images of butter carvings, and they're extraordinary. ~ Ty Burrell
Motywy Google quotes by Ty Burrell
Babies don't come with instruction booklets. You'd learn the same way we all do
you'd read up on dinosaurs, you'd Google backhoes and skidders. And you don't need a penis to go buy a baseball glove. ~ Jodi Picoult
Motywy Google quotes by Jodi Picoult
I think the most important word in this world is fuck, because every fucking individual is trying to find out someone they can fuck, either literally or not, go to university and students are more interested in who they can fuck, visit offices and people are showing who is more powerful to impress someone who lets them to fuck, talk to friends and if they are stupid enough to believe in god then they are marrying so they can fuck someone, if they are intelligent enough to not believe in fairy tales, still they are everyday visiting clubs, bars, parks to find someone to fuck, check google trends and you will find most people are looking for porn online, and those who aren't looking for fuck is because they are already fucking, there is this weird awkward race to fuck each other, and I am fucking tired of this. ~ Abdul Mueed
Motywy Google quotes by Abdul Mueed
Hey, that's weird," Chloe says. "You both have the same color eyes as Emma. I've never seen that before. I always thought it was because she's freakishly pasty. Ow! That's gonna leave a mark, Emma," she says, rubbing her freshly pinched biceps.
"Good, I hope it does," I snap. I want to ask them about their eyes-the color seems prettier set against the olive tone of Galen's skin-but Chloe has bludgeoned my chances of recovering from embarrassment. I'll have to be satisfied that my dad-and Google-were wrong all this time; my eye color just can't be that rare. Sure, my dad practiced medicine until the day he died two years ago. And sure, Google never let me down before. But who am I to argue with living, breathing proof that this eye color actually does exist? Nobody, that's who. Which is convenient, since I don't want to talk anymore. Don't want to force Galen into any more awkward conversations. Don't want to give Chloe any more opportunities to deepen the heat of my burning cheeks. I just want this moment of my life to be over.
I push past Chloe and snatch up the surfboard. To her good credit, she presses herself against the rail as I pass her again. I stop in front of Galen and his sister. "It was nice to meet you both. Sorry I ran into you. Let's go, Chloe."
Galen looks like he wants to say something, but I turn away. He's been a good sport, but I'm not interested in discussing swimmer safety-or being introduced to any more of his hostile relatives. Nothing h ~ Anna Banks
Motywy Google quotes by Anna Banks
I always urge people to do something different, so for instance find something that you have secretly always wanted to try like dancing or boot camps or boxing, and Google search and put your zip code in and find a location- a class or trainer that teaches that in your area. ~ Jackie Warner
Motywy Google quotes by Jackie Warner
If you think there is something wrong with Bipolar People you might want to Google the Famous Bipolar List. Everyone on it had something wrong with them but obviously for all the right reasons ~ Stanley Victor Paskavich
Motywy Google quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
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