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#1. Wallflowers
I fell in love with a wallflower and lost her
as soon as she started trending. - Author: Beryl Dov
Most Trending quotes by Beryl Dov
#2. I glance through the pages of all the top magazines every month just to see if there are any colors that are trending. I'll also go on Instagram and look at the 'popular' page to see what people are liking, what's cool. I'll check it at different times of the day; for example, if it's really late in L.A., you'll see a lot of posts in Asia. - Author: Michelle Phan
Most Trending quotes by Michelle Phan
#3. These days, in the world of apps and social media and … idiot friends, it is literally impossible to avoid spoilers.

If a character dies, it is gonna be the number one trending topic on Twitter, it is gonna be the top trending story on Facebook - and Reddit and Tumblr just turn into a completely uncensored memorial service of memes.

This happens all the time with sports results, but - I shit you not - I once got a notification from the BBC News app saying that a character in a show I was watching had just died! I thought that news notifications are supposed to be for impending natural disasters, not for just ruining my bloody afternoon. - Author: Dan Howell
Most Trending quotes by Dan Howell
#4. If we know where we are and something about how we got there, we might see where we are trending - and if the outcomes which lie naturally in our course are unacceptable, to make timely change. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Most Trending quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#5. Someone sent me a Facebook post that summed up the dynamic in which we were caught:
BERNIE: I think America should get a pony.
HILLARY: How will you pay for the pony? Where will the pony come from? How will you get Congress to agree to the pony?
BERNIE: Hillary thinks America doesn't deserve a pony.
BERNIE SUPPORTERS: Hillary hates ponies!
HILLARY: Actually, I love ponies.
BERNIE SUPPORTERS: She changed her position on ponies! #whichhillary #witchhillary
HEADLINE: 'Hillary Refuses to Give Every American a Pony"
DEBATE MODERATOR: Hillary, how do you feel when people say you lie about ponies?
WEBSITE HEADLINE: 'Congressional Inquiry into Clinton's Pony Lies'
TWITTER TRENDING: #ponygate - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Most Trending quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#6. For some reason, Greg Ginn from Black Flag is recording an Access: Hollywood episode in my bathroom, doing an interview with one of those interchangeable video host babes. He's talking about how an important part of making it as a punk rock musician is to buy a good condo at a low interest rate, and then list it on Airbnb when you're on tour. While he talks, he eats a loaf of garlic bread that has currywurst on it, which is a trending meme that week. - Author: Jon Konrath
Most Trending quotes by Jon Konrath
#7. Apparently our portmanteau is trending on Twitter." He let out a self-deprecating laugh. "I didn't even know what a portmanteau was before Jukebox Hero. It's a mashup of our names, like Brangelina or Robsten. No idea what ours is
what do our names make?" He considered this a for a moment before shaking his head.
"It's probably awful," he decided. "Could be worse, though; I hear the portmanteau for the main characters in The Hunger Games is ... well, their names are Peeta and Katniss. I'll let you guys figure that one out on your own. - Author: Andrea D. Smith
Most Trending quotes by Andrea D. Smith
#8. The White House New Media team circulates multiple highlights each day of what people are looking for online - Twitter trending topics, popular Google searches, etc. - and it gives us a sense of what's breaking through, what isn't, and a sanity check for what the larger online population cares about at any given time. - Author: Dan Pfeiffer
Most Trending quotes by Dan Pfeiffer
#9. The old stereotypes of fantasy and science fiction are dead. What was once considered foolish is now trending. Thank you internet age. - Author: Christian Warren Freed
Most Trending quotes by Christian Warren Freed
#10. First, his job approval ratings have been trending down for many months, a trend that has accelerated in recent weeks as the war on terrorism has been supplanted in the public's mind by corporate scandals, stock market declines, and a growing sense of economic insecurity. - Author: Thomas E. Mann
Most Trending quotes by Thomas E. Mann
#11. She. Spoke. To. Him. First. It was like winning the lottery, getting laid, and climbing the highest cliff all rolled into one. But he needed to play it cool, becase he was trending into lame-o land at a quick pace. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Most Trending quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#12. Look, cell phone geolocation data shows very few clustering anomalies for this hour and climate. And that's holding up pretty much across all major metro areas. It's gone down six percentage points since news of the Karachi workshop hit the Web, and it's trending downward. If people are protesting, they aren't doing it in the streets." He circled his finger over a few clusters of dots. "Some potential protest knots in Portland and Austin, but defiance-related tag cloud groupings in social media put us within the three-sigma rule - meaning roughly sixty-eight percent of the values lie within one standard deviation of the mean. - Author: Daniel Suarez
Most Trending quotes by Daniel Suarez
#13. With peer pressure and society pressure; career burdens and competitions; also comes the trending of all, 'Social Media Pressure. - Author: Somya Kedia
Most Trending quotes by Somya Kedia
#14. Analytics path has mainly come up to deliver the Best Data Science Training In Hyderabad to all the intended audience who are willing to make a career in trending technology.So join to learn Data Scientists Courses. - Author: AnalyticsPath
Most Trending quotes by AnalyticsPath
#15. We can also cling to the treasures of our faith and get rid of the things that are cluttering that. It is a time we are seeing some trending away from the things that were cluttering our faith. - Author: Shane Claiborne
Most Trending quotes by Shane Claiborne
#16. This may mean that the responsible, intellectual liberal, who uses birth control, can perceive cause and effect, and produces resources while acquiring wealth, is a dying breed. As long as resource availability is sufficient to support unlimited population growth, this will result in an ever increasing ideological divide within our populace. The K-selected individuals will remain relatively similar, though more advanced. However it is likely that the r-selected contingent of the populace will gradually become less industrious, less intelligent, less capable of controlling behavior to alter life outcomes, more envious, more prolific, and more entitled. Given how this is trending, the liberal of today may one day appear to be a trustworthy, responsible, and reasonable intellectual when compared to this future model. - Author: Anonymous Conservative
Most Trending quotes by Anonymous Conservative
#17. My stomach flipped. I stopped. This guy was trending in my mind big time. - Author: Luella Christie
Most Trending quotes by Luella Christie
#18. Alex was growing in prominence. I noticed him trending on Twitter from time to time, for telling his now millions of fans that U.S. scientists were covertly creating "man-fish hybrids," that atheists "worship Lucifer," and that the government puts secret chemicals in juice boxes to turn Americans gay: "After you're done drinking your little juices you're ready to put makeup on, wear a short skirt, put together a garden of roses or something." And - Author: Jon Ronson
Most Trending quotes by Jon Ronson
#19. And wasn't just that we lost all those jobs, it was that people didn't have anything to be good at anymore. There's only so good you can be about pushing a mop or emptying a bedpan. We're trending backwards as a nation, probably for the first time in history, and it's not the kids with the green hair and bones through their noses. Personally I don't care for it, but those things are inevitable. The real problem is the average citizen does not have a job he can be good at. You lose that, you lose the country. - Author: Philipp Meyer
Most Trending quotes by Philipp Meyer
#20. The communications of humanity obviously are trending towards that future point at which virtually all information will be spontaneously available and copyable at the individual level: beyond that, a vast transformation must occur - Author: Gene Youngblood
Most Trending quotes by Gene Youngblood
#21. I'm not good with blogs and social networks because those things come and go. By the time I am used to one thing, a new type of social media is already trending. - Author: Tao Okamoto
Most Trending quotes by Tao Okamoto
#22. At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Most Trending quotes by Aldous Huxley
#23. We came from some place and we are trending in a particular direction. Without memories, we do not know where we come from, and we cannot project our future trajectory. Without a keen awareness of our history, we cannot pose any meaningful hypothesis or engage in any useful speculation regarding the future of humankind. Without knowing where humankind came from and failing to contemplate where humankind is going, we could never touch upon a comprehensive understanding of the mythology and mystery of human nature. Such a spectacle would preclude us from comprehending what it truly means to be human. Melodious memories assist us to feel in our bones what being actually entails in its full aesthetic splendor. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Most Trending quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster

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