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Diamond being the toughest thing on the face of earth is still the most prettiest object; pretty is not always being honeyed. ~ Priyansh Shah
Most Prettiest quotes by Priyansh Shah
Diamond being the toughest thing known to us is also the most prettiest object ~ Peiyansh Shah
Most Prettiest quotes by Peiyansh Shah
I wondered why, in all of the time that Jax and I had spent together, he hadn't tried to kiss me. He never even brought it up. I wasn't the prettiest girl in school - no butt, no boobs, just a beanpole with a mop of dark hair - but I had nice skin and he'd told me once that I had pretty eyes. Actually, he'd said they were weird and so big, he felt like he could dive in and swim around in them. So maybe "pretty" wasn't the right word . . . ~ Renee Carlino
Most Prettiest quotes by Renee Carlino
It is a common phenomenon that just the prettiest girls find it so difficult to get a man. ~ Heinrich Heine
Most Prettiest quotes by Heinrich Heine
So, Kurt Cobain kills himself at 27 and becomes a legend. People like that are one in a million. I'm just a normal human being. I agonize and suffer, but I also laugh all the time. People all die someday and disappear as if they never existed, but that's natural. I though I wasn't afraid of dying. No, NOBODY is actually afraid of dying itself. The pain of suffering lasts for an instant. What truly agonizes me... Is the thought of your crying face from far far across the entire galaxy. You were always prettiest when you smiled. ~ Inio Asano
Most Prettiest quotes by Inio Asano
The Golf Hall of Fame is full of players with unusual looking swings. Some of the prettiest swings you've ever seen in your life are made on the far end of the public driving range by guys who couldn't break an egg with a baseball bat. ~ Peter Jacobsen
Most Prettiest quotes by Peter Jacobsen
So the king went all through the crowd with his hat swabbing his eyes, and blessing the people and praising them and thanking them for being so good to the poor pirates away off there; and every little while the prettiest kind of girls, with the tears running down their cheeks, would up and ask him would he let them kiss him for to remember him by; and he always done it; and some of them he hugged and kissed as many as five or six times - and he was invited to stay a week; and everybody wanted him to live in their houses, and said they'd think it was an honor; but he said as this was the last day of the camp-meeting he couldn't do no good, and besides he was in a sweat to get to the Indian Ocean right off and go to work on the pirates. When ~ Mark Twain
Most Prettiest quotes by Mark Twain
She was pretty, possibly not the prettiest woman in the audience, but pretty in a very particular, indefinable way that couldn't be put into words, like a line of poetry whose ultimate meaning, if such a thing exists in a line of poetry, continually escapes the translator. ~ Jose Saramago
Most Prettiest quotes by Jose Saramago
My mother was the prettiest woman in the town. He was a bit older than her. They made me. And he split. ~ Pierce Brosnan
Most Prettiest quotes by Pierce Brosnan
Lucien had taught him that fear was good; fear was an ally; that every lawyer was afraid when he stood before a new jury and presented his case. It was okay to be afraid - just don't show it. Jurors would not follow the lawyer with the quickest tongue or prettiest words. They would not follow the sharpest dresser. They would not follow a clown or court jester. They would not follow a lawyer who preached the loudest or fought the hardest. Lucien had convinced him that jurors followed the lawyer who told the truth, regardless of his looks, words, or superficial abilities. A lawyer had to be himself in the courtroom, and if he was afraid, so be it. The jurors were afraid too. ~ John Grisham
Most Prettiest quotes by John Grisham
People have tried to put me in a box my whole life. I'm too tall. I'm too pretty. Too Miss USA. Wonder Woman. Prettiest woman in the world. And all of that. It doesn't matter because I've gone my own way and have tried to approach my career from a gut level, doing what I thought was right. ~ Lynda Carter
Most Prettiest quotes by Lynda Carter
If they named him Tate, we could call him Tater Tot," I muse.
Two red blotches appear on Kitty's cheeks, and just like that, she looks as young as I always picture her in my head: a little kid. "I don't want them to have another baby. If they have a baby, I'll be in the middle. I'll be nothing."
"Hey!" I object. "I'm in the middle now!"
"Margot's oldest and smartest, and you're the prettiest." I'm the prettiest?? Kitty thinks I'm the prettiest? I try not to look too happy, because she's still talking. ~ Jenny Han
Most Prettiest quotes by Jenny Han
The fairy- again, Wendy assumed- was an angry tinkling ball of light with the prettiest girl imaginable inside. Diminutive but... solid, with a scandalous lack of decorous dress. All she wore was a ragged green shift which barely covered her hips and thighs and breasts and was gathered dangerously over only one shoulder. This was both shocking and delightful; it made the tiny creature resemble statues of ancient nymphs and nereids Wendy had seen. Her hair was even done up in classical style, a goddess-like bun of hair so golden it glowed. Tiny pointed ears curved their way through the few dangling tresses. Her eyes were enormous and not even remotely human: they were far apart and glaring.
The crowning glory was, of course, a pair of delicate iridescent wings sprouting from her back. Their shape was somewhere between butterfly and dragonfly. They were clear as glass and thin as onion skin. ~ Liz Braswell
Most Prettiest quotes by Liz Braswell
You are the prettiest pilot I ever saw.'
'Hey.' Grayson walked forward. 'Do you see me standing here in a tux? Get in line. ~ Jennifer Echols
Most Prettiest quotes by Jennifer Echols
FRANTASTICA: You Know Who says you look fabulous, darlink. ;)

SERAFINA67: ONG Voldemort has been eyeing me up?

FRANTASTICA: Well, you are looking a little bit Slytherin now. Tom Felton will not be able to resist.

SERAFINA67: Eeeee sekrit crush! Why are evil people always the prettiest?

PATCHWORKBOY: MWAHAHAHAHAHA! *twirls moustache evilly* ~ Susie Day
Most Prettiest quotes by Susie Day
When she walked him out to his truck, she held his hand for a few minutes. The girl moved really slowly, and he liked that. One of these days he was going to get his arms around her, kiss her. She had to be about the prettiest girl at school. Maybe the world. He'd ~ Robyn Carr
Most Prettiest quotes by Robyn Carr
I think that terriers are not really the prettiest dogs, but they're scrappy and they're loyal, and they get it done, you know what I mean? ~ Michael Raymond-James
Most Prettiest quotes by Michael Raymond-James
The prettiest people do the ugliest things. ~ Kanye West
Most Prettiest quotes by Kanye West
And god help you if you are an ugly girl course too pretty is also your doom cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room and god help you if you are a pheonix and you dare to rise up from the ash a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying back ~ Ani DiFranco
Most Prettiest quotes by Ani DiFranco
My friend has never been to a picture show, nor does she intend to: "I'd rather hear you tell the story, Buddy. That way I can imagine it more. Besides, a person my age shouldn't squander their eyes. When the Lord comes, let me see him clear." In addition to never having seen a movie, she has never: eaten in a restaurant, traveled more than five miles from home, received or sent a telegram, read anything except funny papers and the Bible, worn cosmetics, cursed, wished someone harm, told a lie on purpose, let a hungry dog go hungry. Here are a few things she has done, does do: killed with a hoe the biggest rattlesnake ever seen in this county (sixteen rattles), dip snuff (secretly), tame hummingbirds (just try it) till they balance on her finger, tell ghost stories (we both believe in ghosts) so tingling they chill you in July, talk to herself, take walks in the rain, grow the prettiest japonicas in town, know the recipe for every sort of oldtime Indian cure, including a magical wart remover. ~ Truman Capote
Most Prettiest quotes by Truman Capote
I may not be the skinniest, smartest, prettiest,or happiest. But I am myself. Being myself, is being perfect. Just as everyone else being themselves is being perfect. ~ Anna Glazebrook
Most Prettiest quotes by Anna Glazebrook
I make jokes about it, but it's the truth that I kind of patterned my look after the town tramp. I didn't know what she was, just this woman who was blond and piled her hair up, wore high heels and tight skirts, and, boy, she was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. Momma used to say, "Aw, she's just trash," and I thought, That's what I want to be when I grow up. Trash. ~ Dolly Parton
Most Prettiest quotes by Dolly Parton
I'm so distracted by my musings, I miss her speaking my name, and for a bit, I don't say anything at all.
"Oh well, it'll grow back," she says, embarrassment flushing beneath her cheeks. "Wearing a hat for the next six months won't be so bad."
I force the gravel from my throat. "Beautiful."
Ellie's eyes flick back to mine. "What?"
I hold her gaze, my tone deliberate and sure. "You look beautiful, Ellie."
Her smile is small and seeking. "Really?"
I don't take my eyes off her. I wouldn't - even if I could. "Prettiest lass I've ever seen. ~ Emma Chase
Most Prettiest quotes by Emma Chase
What do you need me to do to prove it? I'll do anything, my lady! Send me on whatever quest you will! Wouldst thou have me fetch thee the prettiest rose from the farthest reaches of the east? I shall! Bring thee an ancient sparkling treasure from cursed ruins? Absolutely! Slay a dragon? Oh, wait, did that one already…. ~ Liz Braswell
Most Prettiest quotes by Liz Braswell
Your grandfather were a quiet and secret man he had been ripped from his home in Tipperary and transported to the prisons of Van Diemen's Land I do not know what was done to him he never spoke of it. When they had finished with their tortures they set him free and he crossed the sea to the colony of Victoria. He were by this time 30 yr. of age red headed and freckled with his eyes always slitted against the sun. My da had sworn an oath to evermore avoid the attentions of the law so when he saw the streets of Melbourne was crawling with policemen worse than flies he walked 28 mi. to the township of Donnybrook and then or soon thereafter he seen my mother. Ellen Quinn were 18 yr. old she were dark haired and slender the prettiest figure on a horse he ever saw but your grandma was like a snare laid out by God for Red Kelly. She were a Quinn and the police would never leave the Quinns alone. ~ Peter Carey
Most Prettiest quotes by Peter Carey
What's going on here? Have you turned another one then?"
"Oh my God please don't say that," I groan. "And especially don't say that to John."
"Because you make me sound like a fucking wizard from Harry Potter."
He smirks. "Bet you've got the biggest and prettiest wand baby. ~ Lily Morton
Most Prettiest quotes by Lily Morton
Honey, the devil paints the prettiest masks. Some of us learn that the hard way, but don't blame yourself. I did that for years, and no good ever comes of it. ~ Dannika Dark
Most Prettiest quotes by Dannika Dark
You okay?" he says, touching my cheek. His hand cradles the side of my head, his long fingers slipping through my hair. He smiles and holds my head in place as he kisses me. Heat spreads through me slowly.And fear, buzzing like an alarm in my chest.
His lips still on mine,he pushes the jacket from my shoulders.I flinch when I hear it drop,and push him back,my eyes burning. I don't know why I feel this way. I didn't feel like this when he kissed me on the train.I press my palms to my face,covering my eyes.
"What? What's wrong?"
I shake my head.
"Don't tell me it's nothing." His voice is cold.He grabs my arm. "Hey. Look at me."
I take my hands from my face and lift my eyes to his.The hurt in his eyes and the anger in his clenched jaw surprise me.
"Sometimes I wonder," I say,as calmly as I can, "what's in it for you. This...whatever it is."
"What's in it for me," he repeats. He steps back,shaking his head. "You're an idiot,Tris."
"I am not an idiot," I say. "Which is why I know that it's a little weird that,of all the girls you could have chosen,you chose me.So if you're just looking,you know...that..."
"What? Sex?" He scowls at me. "You know, if that was all I wanted, you probably wouldn't be the first person I would go to."
I feel like he just punched me in the stomach. Of course I'm not the first person he would go to-not the first, not the prettiest,not desirable. I press my hands to my abdomen and look away, fightin ~ Veronica Roth
Most Prettiest quotes by Veronica Roth
I asked the boy who wept what it felt like, crystal meth, the prettiest name for a drug besides heroin. Crystal methamphetamine. His head fell back. He closed his eyes, then opened them. 'Come on, you know . . . you're just high as fuck.' Then in a dramatic whisper: 'Everything goes silent like a midnight of the mind. ~ Hannah Lillith Assadi
Most Prettiest quotes by Hannah Lillith Assadi
Patriarchy, it turns out, is prettiest when it's on fire, ~ Laurie Penny
Most Prettiest quotes by Laurie Penny
You know, the Chinese don't like to be photographed because they believe that a part of their life is being taken away by the photographer. And in a way, they're right. The photographer is trying to get the prettiest moment of a life in his camera. ~ Bert Stern
Most Prettiest quotes by Bert Stern
The girls with prettiest smiles seem to tell saddest stories ~ Demi Lovato
Most Prettiest quotes by Demi Lovato
The prettiest of them all is a girl who is pretty on the inside. ~ Arthur Golden
Most Prettiest quotes by Arthur Golden
And it took cutting back the prettiest parts of myself to finally realize that this shell does not define me. For I am so much more than flesh and bone that case the beautiful tragedies of my heart and mind. ~ Becca Lee
Most Prettiest quotes by Becca Lee
I stole looks. First was her hair, long and loopy and pulled back.
Second, she has the prettiest face, oopen-like and up-looking.
Third time I looked she was studying that satellite and I saw her eyes, deep brown, almost black. She has these little scars on her chin.
I like that.
When a lady isn't perfect, she's a lot more perfect, I believe.
- Mack ~ Paul Griffin
Most Prettiest quotes by Paul Griffin
Violinists' hands aren't the prettiest because of our nails and what our hands have to go through. ~ Lindsey Stirling
Most Prettiest quotes by Lindsey Stirling
God mark thee to His grace! Thou was the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed. And might I live to see thee married once, I have my wish. ~ William Shakespeare
Most Prettiest quotes by William Shakespeare
Fucking gorgeous man. And the best part? The way he looked at me. Like I was the prettiest girl in the room.
"Hey, baby."
The man was a poet.
I was too. ~ Alice Clayton
Most Prettiest quotes by Alice Clayton
Powerful men tire of their toys easily. And the novelty of a pet doesn't last forever. After a while even the prettiest things become ordinary. ~ Kate Jarvik Birch
Most Prettiest quotes by Kate Jarvik Birch
FAIR river! in thy bright, clear flow Of crystal, wandering water, Thou art an emblem of the glow Of beauty - the unhidden heart - The playful maziness of art In old Alberto's daughter; But when within thy wave she looks - Which glistens then, and trembles - Why, then, the prettiest of brooks Her worshipper resembles; For in his heart, as in thy stream, Her image deeply lies - His heart which trembles at the beam Of her soul-searching eyes. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Most Prettiest quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
Why, they took nouns that were signs of things which gave evidence of wealth, - housekeepers, under-gardeners, extent of glass, valuable lace, diamonds, and all such things; and each one formed her speech so as to bring them all in, in the prettiest accidental manner possible. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Most Prettiest quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
If this stains my teeth orange - " said Zoya.
"It will," interrupted Genya, "but I promise to put your teeth back whiter than they were before. I may even fix those weird incisors of yours."
"There is nothing wrong with my teeth."
"Not at all," said Genya soothingly. "You're the prettiest walrus I know. I'm just amazed you haven't sawed through your lower lip."
"Keep your hands off me, Tailor," Zoya grumbled, "or I'll poke your other eye out. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Most Prettiest quotes by Leigh Bardugo
What lady do you think prettiest?" Said Sallie.
"Which do you like the best?"
"Jo, of course."
"What silly questions you ask!" and Jo gave a disdainful shrug as the rest laughed at Laurie's matter-of-fact tone ~ Louisa May Alcott
Most Prettiest quotes by Louisa May Alcott
To be feared of a thing and yet to do it, is what makes the prettiest kind of a man. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Most Prettiest quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
If the Baudelaire orphans had been stalks of celery, they would not have been small children in great distress, and if they had been lucky, Carmelita Spats would have not approached their table at this particular moment and delivered another unfortunate message.
"Hello, you cakesniffers," she said, "although judging from the baby brat you're more like saladsniffers. I have another message for you from Coach Genghis. I get to be his Special Messenger because I'm the cutest, prettiest, nicest little girl in the whole school."
"If you were really the nicest person in the whole school," Isadora said, "you wouldn't make fun of a sleeping infant. But never mind, what is the message?"
"It's actually the same as last time," Carmelita said, "but I'll repeat it in case you're too stupid to remember. The three Baudelaire orphans are to report to the front lawn tonight, immediately after dinner."
"What?" Klaus asked.
"Are you deaf as well as cakesniffy?"
Carmelita asked. ~ Lemony Snicket
Most Prettiest quotes by Lemony Snicket
My relationship with my body is like that of an egomaniac with a self-esteem problem. mostly i think about myself and how much i suck. but there are rare moments when i walk around for hours and think i look amazing. either i feel great about myself or i've decided some guy is checking me out. then i catch a side view of myself in a store window or a department store mirror and i'm plunged into despair. if i could always life in a place with no mirrors or disapproving glances, i would think i was the prettiest girl around. ~ Liza Palmer
Most Prettiest quotes by Liza Palmer
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